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Rock Your Shin Off: A Benefit for Marshall Vore

Who's up for some old news? Like, a few weeks old? Well July 8th wasn't that long ago but it certainly wasn't yesterday. On the other hand, you can never run into something about the Eagles of Death Metal too late. Yes, I said EAGLES OF DEATH METAL. Ok, how about Boots Electric Band AND Eagles in one night, at the same place? Yes, this totally happened. Why, Kelli, are you just NOW writing about this? That list continues grow, but the point is I'm sharing it now. 

 July 8th, a warm Sunday night in Silverlake, CA at the Echoplex is where lucky attendees got to see the entirety of Eagles of Death Metal prissy prance in tight pants again. THE RUMORS WERE TRUE. Quote me on them. It was supposed to be a surprise but anyone who knows anyone already knew about it. And if you didn't, well, they don't like you. This show was a benefit put together for Marshall Vore of Olin and the Moon who broke his leg. Their was a raffle and a few auctions to raise more money for him. The auction consisted of a few dudes and chicks (yes, seriously) and some cool artwork by Tuesday Cross (Jesse's lady and bassist) and other artists. It was originally supposed to be headlined by the Boots Electric Band but then EODM decided to surprise the others not in the know with a pretty solid performance afterward. Shame on those who left early...the place was nearly emptied by almost half after the Boots set. Shit outta luck for you guys! I was a special night. You can never have too much Jesse Hughes on the same stage in the same night, and the Castillo brothers on drums was a real treat for the ears. 

It was really cool to see EODM again and feels as though they never took a break. They played a week or two prior to that in Long Beach at Alex's Bar for the Ink & Iron tattoo festival. I knew they'd be back. They always come back. And they've still got it. DUH. I hope they make it back to the D so you guys can shake your wee-wee again soon too.