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Ras G/ Guilty Simpson/ Mr. Dibiase.. And more at the Tv Lounge

Another Blisswave Productions show gone right, with performances by our local underground artist Guilty Simpson, and special appearance by  Brainfeeder (Discovered by none other than Steve Ellison of Flying Lotus) LA's phenomenal experimental beat artists Ras G, Dibiase, and more!

Saw an appearance of Shigeto popping in to watch the action, Ghostly International's local artist.

TV Lounge was full of hip hop beat heads and smoke clouds in the air. We set up the camera as good as we could, if you ever been to the TV Lounge for a show you know there isn't much lighting, but we decided to get what we could and got lots of bits of new beats out and the illest stuff you could find from LA. 

MR.DIBIASE's  set was taking me back to my childhood, from Nintendo to urban classic beats of the late 90s early 2000s. I never got sick of anything he played, he started to warp a lot of sounds together to create some cut up of mixes.

The crowd became ecstatic once Guilty Simpson appeared behind the booth. We heard lots of good classics by him with very exciting beats being played behind him.

Guilty rapped to some new beats as well, and we captured some of that.

Ras G's opening really enchanted everyone, caught everyone's attention all at once. Near the end of the set, the speakers couldn't handle his positive vibrational beats and it decided to kick mid set.

Fortunately we got to hear most of the set before that happened.

Met a really interesting and very important being that night while shooting, and that would be the promoter from BWP. I am working towards going to more of his shows and reviewing as much as possible.

I'd have to say if he doesn't agree with me on this one, I'd call him modest, but he is changing the way Detroit hears music and making a difference in this city with these shows. Showing local fans and artists alike how to listen and enjoy the magic of music and share the love for hip hop. 

These shows have been blowing my mind as of late,

I mentioned earlier on City Secrets that Samiyam had a party, well BWP brought you that.

So thank them, most of all. If not for this crew, we wouldn't be having any of these great artists perform these low key parties, that set off the weekend and gets your night going.

Very fortunate for us, they allowed free admission to anyone with a wrist band that got in, it was at the Russell Industrial and even more music was being played there. 

Stick around more for these shows, they're worth checking out. It could end up being your new favorite spot to find good hip hop live at a very low price.

I'd like to say thanks to BWP and the artists for the amazing show, and I will continue to support your shows!

Video up very soon! Stay tuned.