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Identity Festival is Friday!

Friday is the Identity Festival and even if you are all danced out from the Global Dance Festival you still are going to want to muster up whatever energy you can and make your way to the Elektricity Festival Grounds. There are too many acts to list but the headliners include: Eric Prydz, Excision and Audrey Napolean, and if you didn’t know yet, JDEVIL (Jonathan Davis from Korn) may even be there (but it doesn't look like it). Plus a number of our local DJs will also be DJing or spinning or turning various knobs.

Last year ID Fest was at GTE as an over-bloated affair that honestly wasn’t well attended. I’m expecting Elektricity Festival Grounds (or Phoenix Center) to be the perfect site for the show, with a relaxed atmosphere and I’m also predicting perfect weather. I haven’t seen a list of set times of even a layout of the stages (are there 3 or 4?), but I do know you want to leave early because the start time is 2pm. MCB will be there talking to artists and taking photos of the people gettin’ down to the sound. Tickets are still available but you’ll need to tap that ATM a little harder as they start around $40. (Or you can try and win tickets from MCB - see here!) There are after parties at both Crofoot and Elektricity so be prepared for another late summer night. 

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