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Warm-Up Show Review: Millionaires/Ajax the Crofoot, June 29

The Mickey Avalon show Friday, June 29th at the Crofoot, was an absolute blast of beats, raps and debauchery, so much so, us good folks at MCB are providing a couple of posts to cover it all. Before we get to the main event, Mickey Avalon, which will be posted later this week, here’s my take on the warm-up acts AJAX and Millionaires.

AJAX is a local hip hop artist that is full of energy and a free spirit for rhymes about drugs and getting the ladies. Never staying in one place more than a second AJAX roamed around the stage letting loose competent rap flows that made me wonder why I hadn’t heard of him before now. I spoke with AJAX before the show as he explained how much fun it was to be on the same bill with Mickey Avalon and Millionaires. Adding something more to his show, he had a crazy costumed guy running around the stage throwing out glow sticks, stickers and more stuff to the crowd.

People can say what they want about Millionaires, but all you will hear from me is high praise for sister’s Melissa and Allison. This was my third time seeing Millionaires and they’ve come a long ways in developing what is now their identity as girls who like look fantastic and party hard. Their recently released mixtape, “Your Girl Does Party…” is available for free and is full of new songs by Millionaires that they performed live.

Other praise needs to go out to the DJ Doc Swift and DJ Hook, who played in between sets and each of them was a DJ for Millionaires and Mickey Avalon. Their sets had a little bit of all good stuff from dub-step, electro and hip hop. Also, for 2 DJs that haven’t performed together previously their interaction and trade-offs were flawless.

Here’s more photos of Millionaires and Ajax from the show:

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(photos in story by Kevin Stoney)