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Reviews: A Week in Review by Lewis and Snark

Social Media Day at Motor City Casino, June 30th

We checked out the "Detroit 2.0" social media day at the Sound Board hidden within the Motor City Casino. We managed to get there just in time to watch the rest of the Motor City Crew scurry off to do an interview with the individuals responsible for the event as we were waiting in the security line.

We tried to find them, really, but to no avail.  Instead, we hit the bar and the buffet.  I had a Buffalo Bloody Mary.  I should've taken a picture of that thing, I'm almost positive there was bleu cheese dressing in there!  As evidenced by the drink offerings, people were having a good time. There was a live radio broadcast, DJ's playing music, scavenger hunt, free stuff, and plenty of food.  If you have a technology fetish or think that your tweets can change the world, make sure you show up to this thing next year.

 Conveyor and The Juliets at PJ's Lager House, Corktown

We made it down to PJ's Lager House for a show on Monday night.  We had previously been to the Lager House for a catfish sandwich and drinks, but not a show.  It’s a good venue space; especially on Monday nights when it isn't crazy packed.  If you are timing arrival times in the future, the Lager House seems to start late.  The Juliets closed the show and didn't go on till around 1.

Conveyor, a Gainesville, Florida to Brooklyn transplant, was the touring act on the bill.  I almost had to bail on the show when I realized they were likely Gator fans, but I forced my anger deep down inside of me and showed up anyway.  They played a good show, nothing crazy, but I enjoyed it.

Conveyor (you can't tell here, but the lead singer has a great head of hair)

The Juliets

If you ever plan on going to the Lager House on Monday, remember it is ping-pong night.  There are some serious guys running around in there, bumping into people, and ping pong balls flying all over the place.

Jamaican Queens, The Juliets, and Team Ethic at Woodruff's

We ventured out to Ypsilanti on Friday the 6th to check out a show at Woodruff's.  Before the show we stopped in to The Wurst Bar.  We love that place! The red chandeliers could go, but all drafts for $2 on a Friday night is awesome and the food was delicious.  After spending a considerable amount of time drinking Founder's and Shorts it was difficult to drag ourselves down the street for the show (the 90 degree heat at 10pm didn’t help matters).

His Opinion…

Woodruff's is a cool little place.   Jamaican Queens, who we have seen previously, was good.  I would recommend trying to see them soon.  They seem to be playing a lot right now and have it dialed in. Plus, the cover for the shows I have seen has never been over $5.  The Juliets, whom we saw at PJ's were next.  They sounded quite a bit better from their show on Monday.  I'm not sure whether the difference was them or me, but I was more into it.  Team Ethic, who released a full-length album, was headlining.  I would see them again.  I went through the album on Bandcamp and they have a couple of tracks on there that I am still humming, but for some reason they were losing me in between those songs.

Jamaican Queens

Her Opinion…

I liked Woodruff’s as well.  There’s enough interior brick to make any yupster’s little heart sing and fantasize about loft living.  There’s also a huge stone fireplace in the middle of the space. This completely repelled me at the time since I was schvitzing uncontrollably.  However, in the winter it must be amazing. 

Jamaican Queens was the first band we saw.  These guys must be exhausted from all the shows they have been playing. If they are getting fatigued from their numerous performances they sure aren’t showing it.  The sound this band produces is very interesting and a really nice change.  The lead singer has an almost David Bowie-esque voice, especially when hitting the high notes and seems to
have an endless amount of energy.

The Juliets followed, playing a very strong set.  If you haven’t heard the Juliets, the band is composed of a lead singer who also plays the keyboard and guitar, a lead guitarist, a violinist, cellist, and drummer.  With so many instruments the band produces a richly textured sound that vacillates between the heavy, Russian staccato sound of the song Hey Stars to a lighter more upbeat sound in the song It’s Simple.  The band currently has two albums out, both of which can be purchased on the band’s Facebook page for a nominal fee.  I recommend buying both albums and seeing them as soon as they get back from their brief New York tour.

Team Ethic did a good job, considering that the performance at Woodruff’s was their first album release.  This band is solid, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop in the future.
The Juliets

Team Ethic

Preview: Obama Effect

We wanted to preview an event we will be attending on Friday July 13th, the premier of a movie called The Obama Effect at AMC Theaters.  The film is the directorial debut from Charles S. Dutton and stars Katt Williams (as some sort of crazy republican), Vanessa Bell Calloway, Meagan Good, and Zab Judah.

I originally thought it was a documentary, but after watching the trailer I realize it a comedy/drama.  I chuckled at the preview at least.  We will let you know how it is, or maybe see you there.  I just need to figure out where the hell a movie theater is around here.

Lewis and Snark!
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