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Drive Tour: Anoraak, College, Electric Youth, Pike Room, Fri, Jul 27

It wasn't until just about a month ago I saw the movie Drive and while I liked the baddass imagery and occasional action, what I really dug was the music. A very 80's inspired synth overload soundtrack that recalled To Live and Die in LA and Mannequin. 

This Friday the vibe of Drive comes to the Pike Room courtesy of Electric Youth, Anoraak and Electric Youth. Anoraak doesn't appear in the movie but they certainly could have, as their "Night Drive You" release is a prime example of excellent synth-pop. College which is more of a DJ/synth act from France has produced a number of synthy dance tracks, including "A Real Hero" from the movie and performed with the last band on the bill Electric Youth. Electric Youth, a duo from Canada, have a singer that looks like she walked right off the "Saved By the Bell" set, did a little Time Warp gig and picked up a microphone.

Since indie-synthy goodness is my thing you know I'll be there.

Michigan's newest music festival !!