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SHOW REVIEW: Mickey Avalon at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac

Mickey Avalon played the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac on Friday, June 29 and MCB was there to make every effort to fully capture the experience.

Mickey Avalon-11

If you’re familiar with Mickey Avalon you probably came across him by word of mouth. Or, more literally, the dirty words that flow from Mickey Avalon’s mouth. Mickey Avalon is a rap artist from California who has a bit of notoriety for taking sorted stories from his life and rapping about them in hilarious songs of debauchery on his 2 albums, his 2006 debut self-titled album and this year’s recently released “Loaded.”

Mickey Avalon-18

Knowing what we know about Mickey, it was appropriate that on this tour he’s the poster boy for Jagermeister, as they sponsored the tour and supplied a steady supply of alcohol on stage. The warm up acts AJAX and Millionaires did their own great job getting the crowd excited for MA (you can read about them in this post). But, when Mickey Avalon took the stage donning a gestapo hat along with a dancer at his side visually expressing Mickey's wordplay, the stage became his pulpit and he let the fans know that life on the shady side is indeed shady as well as a whole lot of fun.

Mickey Avalon-4
Mickey Avalon-12

Mickey took little time between songs for small talk and easily slipped from one song into the next with the help of his DJ. The crowd often chanted along with words and the catchy choruses of his songs. Highlights included some of his new songs from ”Loaded” including “Girlfriend,” “I’m Hot”, and "Dance" as well as his older classics like “Waiting To Die” and “Jane Fonda”. His dancer provided most of the shows visual entertainment as she made several outfit changes as well as dancing and undressing along to the music. She held her own (literally) with plenty of flirting with Mickey and the crowd and she even performed on a trampoline during the song "Drugs".

 The crowd seemed to be waiting for Mickey's encore song “My Dick” because as soon as it started the crowd’s shouting of the rap engulfed Mickey’s own lines. Mickey hasn’t made many trips to our side of town, in fact this may have been his first, however, from the crowd’s reaction and his performance I think it is safe bet he’ll be back soon.


Mickey Avalon-30

After his performance Mickey was gracious enough to take time in his busy schedule (he had a strip club after party appearance to make later that night) to talk to MCB. Mickey Avalon is the real deal which was quite evident backstage. He talked candidly with us and was more than happy to sign items for the few lucky fans who made it back there.

Our discussion with Mickey as well as highlights of the show captured on film by Casey Schwochow can be viewed below....

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Enjoy these photos taken at the show by Kevin Soney...


Enjoy these photos taken at the show by Mikel O.D. Pfeiffer...

Review: Mikel O.D. Pfeiffer and Casey Schwochow
Photos: Kevin Soney, Mikel O.D. Pfeiffer, and Rachel Lazere
Video: Casey Schwochow