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Live Photos & Review: The Sadies at Shubas Chicago by VonEcker / Chelsea Schneider

Written By: Derek Von Ecker 
Pics by: Chelsea Schneider

The Sadies paid a little extended visit to Chicago this past weekend and played at Shubas on Chicago north side, and MCB decided see what the guys had in store for the Windy City. The band hailing from Toronto didn’t sound like anything out of Canada I’ve ever heard, with they’re surfer guitar riffs, rockabilly style and country spirit. It was more like Americana confetti for the ears.

The boys played an awesome set filled with high energy that really got the crowds attention. Their music reminded me of something that would end up playing in the background during the opening credits of a Tarantino movie. The Sadiess were some extremely talented musicians and I loved the fact that they rock out with a stand up bass, and even broke out a fiddle at one point. After the amazing show at Shubas, the crowd poured out of the stage area and were only left with bar tabs. A moment of sadness came over me, until I over heard that The Sadies where playing again in two days downtown at Millennium Park which revived my spirits.

So needless to say MCB had a Sadies extended weekend, which started out in a bar jamming to some awesome Canadian surfer guitar, and ended in a park reliving those same riffs on a blanket drinking beer from home under the stars.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Von Ecker has been painting and showcasing his work for the last 10 years.  The CCS Alumni now works and resides in Chicago and on occasion attends events to report, review and create custom artwork for MCB