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Album Review: Little People “We Are But Hunks of Wood”

Like the album title which makes little literal sense but sounds nice, Little People is actually just one person, Laurent Clerc, a UK electronic musician.  Making sense though is probably beside the point, because the focus I get from listening to Little People is on creating music that can be enjoyed on a number of different levels. Little People’s music is a blend of downtempo electronica with strings, some guitar and a dash of bleeps that create pleasantly dense melodies. Most of the tracks are sans vocals with the exception of the excellent “Wonderland” which features the vocals of January Tuesday, an artist I’ll have to investigate further.  Whether its background music on a long drive or more intently listened to, working with your brain on making little mind movies to go along with its cinematic tracks, “We Are But Hunks of Wood” holds up on repeat. (Youth & Progress Recording)