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Monster Drawing Rally at MOCAD December 7th 8 pm to midnight

Monster Drawing Rally
4454 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48201
    • 8:00pm to midnight

  • Part performance, part laboratory, part art bazaar, the Monster Drawing Rally is an incredible opportunity to watch all your favorite local artists at work creating original drawings and then buy them for $40!

    Tickets are $10 at the door. Proceeds from the event provide direct support for MOCAD’s programs. Monster Drawing Rally is founded by San Francisco's Southern Exposure. This event is sponsored by French Paper and Utrecht. >>CHECK OUT THIS ROSTER OF ARTISTS>>

    Mary Fortuna, Brian Barr, Cody VanderKaa
    y, Kelly Darke, Allison Graw, Bernadette Witzack, Melanie Manos, Imre Molnar, Justin Rose, SLAW, Marcelyn Bennett Carpenter, Eric Willis , Tom Carey, Stephen Masgig, Gary Eleinko, Shauna Ruttan, Colin Darke, Senghor Reid, Vincent Cocciolone, Megan Heeres, Corrie Baldauf, Derek Reitzel, Katherine D Maurer, Alisha Wessler, Sean Hages, Bryon Fitzpatrick, Yvette Rock, Fred Ellison, Christopher Batten, Monika Szydlowski, Lynne Avadenka , Genevieve Mihalko, Jeremy Wheeler, Eric Willis, Maurice Greenia, Jr., Doug Spalding, Alice V. Schneider, Courtney Spivak, Hubert Massey, jimbo Easter, Erica Bertram, Gary Schwartz, Jerome Ferretti, Sean Bieri, Jennifer Gariepy, Annette Barbara, Kristin Beaver, Laura Beyer, Wendy Rossi, Mike Ross, Lyman Woodard, Emily Movsesian, Marianne Audrey Burrows, Donald Kilpatrick, Jeff Arcel, Nickolaus Bosse, Shayg0o, Elise Mesner, MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO, Chris Pottinger, BJ Misevich, Mïïgun Rotary, Claire D'Aoust, Megan O'Connell , Leon Johnson, Andrew Krieger, Janet Hamrick, Tiff Massey, Gwen Joy