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Derby Preview with the Captain of the Pistoffs

Detroit Pistoffs vs. Grand Prix Madonnas
The 2012-2013 Home Season is starting off with a REMATCH of last year's championship bout! 

Saturday, November 17th
Doors at 6:00pm, first whistle at 7:00pm.
The Masonic Temple
500 Temple Street, Detroit, MI 48201

Tickets will also be $15 at the door. Up to two children 12 and under are admitted free with each adult admission.

Afterparty at Mercury Burger Bar!

I had a chance to catch up with Kraken Whips, captain of the Detroit Pistoffs to find out how the team has changed since the championship bout back in June:
Detroit Area Dork: What players aren't returning this season, and what vacancies did that leave in the team's overall skill-set?
Kraken Whips: The players that are not returning this season are Brewsie Siouxx #303, and The Golden Cruel # 24kt (our mid season draft pick last season). Brewsie is taking a bit of time off and focusing on being Co-Committee Head of Games, and a Detroit Derby Girls A Travel Team member for this season. She has a knack for making some seriously awesome offensive actions so her talents will be missed, and hopefully she'll return next season. Goulda is traveling around the world right now, and we expect she will return next season as well. On the flip side of all that, Bully Mammoth #7 is coming back this season, and she should be back on the track come December 8th for our bout against D Funk. 

D: What factors led you to make your draft choice of Mag Pie?

K: Mag Pie is hilarious, she's really fun to have around. I see little of myself in her, with her skating background being as minimal as mine was, and how determined she is to succeed. So she was a obvious choice for the Detroit Pistoffs. 

D: If your team could have made a 2nd draft pick, who would it have been?
K: As you know I think everything happens for a reason and we didn't really have a 2nd choice picked out, we went into the draft knowing who we wanted and got exactly who we wanted and we were done. As a Captain, you already sort of know who is gonna get picked up right away, and then you have to determine if those choices are going to be a good fit for your teams personality, not just their skating skills. Mag Pie just fit the Pistoffs like a freshly combed mustache.