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Book Reviews of Don't Be a Schwoe, Have an Abominably Good Day, Ronnie Raven Recycles, and The Evil Mailbox and The Super Burrito

"Snazzy is as Snazzy Does!"
Gwen Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. 
Life experience is her subject matter which is translated in a lyrical/mythical fashion.
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    In Have an Abominably Good Day Eric T. Krackow crafts a story about friendship and love involving an iconic winter creature... the abominable snowman! In the story the two main characters siblings Billy and Hannah are separated while playing outside in the snow. They had a snowball fight which was too turbulent for Hannah.  Soon Hannah is lost in the forest where she encounters Abe the Abominable Snowman. Abe is feeling melancholy himself. Quickly they become intrigued with each other, become friends, and bond. Abe returns Hannah to her home and her brother. Shocked and delighted Billy thanks Abe and proclaims him to be a good friend. Children will delight in this fun and spirited tale and will love the heartfelt illustrations. The pages look like freshly drawn color pencil drawings. This is printed wonderfully.  This book is suitable for ages 6 -12 years.

     Don't Be a Schwoe  is written and illustrated by Barbara E. Mauzy. This is an excellent tool in teaching racial tolerance to children. The words rhyme and are clever. This book reminds me of Dr. Seuss. In the story the creatures which are called come in different shapes and sizes, but all the creatures have purple fur. When a creature is born with red fur the plot intensifies.  The creatures are anxious about the difference but by end of the tale all is harmonious. "Don't Be a Schwoe" becomes a humorous anthem for being accepting variety in others.  This is a highly original book with a wonderful and significant message. The pages look like freshly drawn color pencil drawings in this collection too. This book is suitable for grades preschool through 3.

   Ronnie Raven Recycles is a tale about growing up and taking responsibility for oneself  is masterfully told by K.I. Al-Ghani and illustrated by Haitham Al-Ghani.  This book is about finding your own path and caring about the environment.  In the story a young raven named Ronnie is ready to leave the family nest and at first tries to fashion his own nest out of human trash. He sees how easy it is to do it this way. Soon other birds are copying his idea and this is problematic. By the end of the book children will understand about recycling and caring about the environment. The fun and direct writing style paired with the vivid and expressive illustrations will enchant all ages. This book is suitable for grades K-3

    The Evil Mailbox and The Super Burrito is written by eleven year old Garry Wagner-Robertson and illustrated by his mother Connie Wagner.  In this story a lonely scientist brings a mailbox to life and meatloaf is taken over by alien lifeforms. Initially the mailbox was supposed to create friends ranging from evil to nutso to amigo to a good friend. Then the mailbox goes haywire while the scientist is enjoying a chili dog. At this point food becomes a fun and central focus to the story. This is a tale that will be remembered due to its imaginative characters and unusual plot twists. Who ever expected to see talking meatloaf in a junkyard or forest!? This book is suitable for grades 2-5.

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