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Show Review: Pretty Lights, Compuware Arena Sat. Nov. 17

Pretty Lights

This is the second show I have seen at Compuware Arena, normally a place to see no-frills prep hockey, transformed into a concert hall capable of holding over 3,000 and a massive sound system. While the place isn’t built for great acoustics, similar to past shows at the old Silverdome, it’s like hearing a performance in a large tin can. The advantages are a large open main floor and lots of open space. Give credit to the folks at Crofoot and the rest of the promoters for successfully pulling off a show of this scale with competent security, EMS crew and an overall successful way providing a safety buffer and still letting thousands of kids have a great time.
Paul Basic
Paul Basic, the first DJ to perform, played a set of hip hop electronic music that served mostly as background music as the crowd milled about staking a space on the main floor or trolling around for friends. TOKiMONSTA, an Asian female DJ, came on next and played a more diverse set that pulled from several genres, she also used the mic quite a bit to let the crowd know she was really enjoying herself.


Pretty Lights aka Derek Smith took the stage about 10:30pm and that was when the stage show really began. Pretty Lights stage set was a dazzling display thousands of lights, a huge background of ever-changing scenes and spotlights shooting out above the crowd.  His set was largely his original tracks that blazed a path of searing electronic overtures with the crowd moving along to it like a tribal war dance.  Like most of the audience I was completely won over by Pretty Lights genuine enthusiasm for sharing his music. This was my first time seeing him and his performance stands out as among the best of the many electronic artists I have seen over the past few years.  

Like all the electronic shows I go to, the crowd was a score of fashionistas and I got plenty of snapshots in this slideshow as evidence that the revolution is indeed in full swing:

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