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Revolution: Late Night at the Fabergé Gala Celebration by DC-in-Detroit

DC is a longtime contributor to the MCB.
She can be reached at [at]

Revolution: Late Night at the Fabergé Gala Celebration
Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012 – Monday, January 21, 2013
Please enjoy this $5 off coupon for the exhibition for your own visit and to share with friends and family. Discount available through November 21, 2012.

No one throws a party like the DIA. Of course, no one in the world could have a better décor.

One of my favorite things to do in the city is a late-night DIA party. Even if one sets aside the (free) booze and (free) fantastic specialty bite-size chow, and even forgets for a moment the gorgeous decorating, customized lighting, themed galleries, top-notch staff, and live music/dancing -- even if, for SOME reason, we ignore all of that for a second, what we're left with is virtually private access to one of the most stunning special exhibits, from the House of Fabergé. The largest such collection in the United States.

That, alone, is worth going to this sort of event, for me. Consistently, the DIA Gala fundraiser events have allowed me, before the party even starts, to take my time in the Special Exhibits wing. (See also: Avedon) This is especially wonderful for the Fabergé exhibit, because so many of the objects are tiny little bits with exquisite detail. The darkened galleries and pinlights are a perfectly moody backdrop for artworks that are as complex as the histories behind them.

And then, there's the party.

MCB was invited to join the DIA for the after-dinner party to celebrate the exhibit. As with previous galas, upon arrival, we were personally escorted upstairs to the Special Exhibits gallery, with its own bar set up for a little pre-wander champagne. After taking our time and fogging up the glass of the exhibit cases -- I can never get close enough to these things, I want to see every tiny detail -- it was back downstairs to stroll through the beautifully-lighted, Russian-themed halls. Black-jacketed waitstaff offered chocolate caviar, vodka glacé, and white Russians by the pitcher. As a clumsy young devushka myself, I particularly appreciated the white-gloved attendants on hand to help revelers on the marble staircases.

Having made our tour through the bars -- I mean, the halls -- my plus-one and I settled in at one of my favorite places in all of Detroit, the balloon-festooned Kresge Court. Moments after my latest champagne, I noticed some uniformed fellas off to the left of the stage area, and got very happy.

Easy to see why dancing has long been a display of reproductive fitness, ja?

You missed the party -- don't make that mistake again! But there's still plenty of time to see the Fabergé exhibit, through January.