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Derby Preview with the Captain of the Grand Prix Madonnas

Detroit Pistoffs vs. Grand Prix Madonnas
The 2012-2013 Home Season is starting off with a REMATCH of last year's championship bout! 

Saturday, November 17th
Doors at 6:00pm, first whistle at 7:00pm.
The Masonic Temple
500 Temple Street, Detroit, MI 48201

Tickets will also be $15 at the door. Up to two children 12 and under are admitted free with each adult admission.

Afterparty at Mercury Burger Bar!

Spanish Ass'assin, captain of the Grand Prix Madonnas, gave us the update on her team:
Detroit Area Dork: Why did GPM get so many draft picks when the team came in second place?
Spanish Ass'assin: We had a high turnover on skaters this year, so our numbers were very low going into the season. We also went into the draft knowing that one of our vets was going to miss our first bout so we needed to make sure we had enough skaters training with us from the beginning to solidify a strong base. I was actually worried that we were going to start the season with only 12 or so skaters. The absolute minimum allowed to play with is 10 and no team actually wants to have to do that.

D: What players aren't returning this season, and what vacancies did that leave in the team's overall skill-set?
S: Hooligal and Ash Hole moved to Montreal! We always wish our teammates the best in their life endeavors but they will both be missed this year. Hooligal was with us from the beginning and she brought a long line of strategy knowledge and big booty blocking that made our walls rock solid. She was also a very aggressive offensive blocker that helped our jammers, which is a huge loss for any team. Ash was an up and coming jammer for us and I was looking forward to her new skill development with her new skates. She loves the sport and I’m sure she will do great wherever she plays.Jenn and Tonic retired and was also with us from the GPM start. She was a solid blocker and a focused wall player who always looked for her girls on the track. Good walls is what dominates defensive derby these days and that natural instinct is something that I hope our new girls develop just as well.

Mean Josie Greene chose the C-Team route that I think more and more skaters will start to do as they get farther into their derby careers. Josie was battling her booming career and a long time back injury. She obviously put a lot of time and energy into the team as a co-captain and she was very organized and patient. She also was a huge blocking asset that will be greatly missed. Heck, she could even pull out a surprise lead jammer when we needed it!Yoko Razy went class C this year so she will be back! I have high hopes for her return as a jammer and a blocker. She is a naturally smart blocker and knows where to be and that’s something you can’t always teach. I miss her already, actually, and we haven’t played yet!

D: What factors led you to make your draft choices?
S: We needed to bump up our numbers and lost a lot of vets so trading for RockEm was a no brainer. We really needed to fill some of the void with an experienced skater so we are thankful for that. Plus she has always wanted to be a GPM so we were happy to finally get her. As for the rookies, we ended up with skaters that the team wanted based on skills, attitude and how we thought they would mesh with our setup. And so far so good!

D:What do you think GPM should have done differently in the last (championship) bout?
S:Honestly, after watching the bout footage, I cannot say the team did anything wrong in specific. We were controlling most of the jams in the first half and there are some key jams that just got away from us and the Pistoffs really capitalized on. Staying out of the penalty box is going to be our biggest goal this year and I believe the team that does that the best, will have the most success.