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Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Been having a fun week. Had a cracked wisdom tooth removed last week and still trying to eat out of one side of my mouth. I haven't really done that much but I did catch the new James Bond movie today after work and I must say it is incredible.

There has been a lot of talk of it being the best Bond movie ever and I agree it is up there. Nothing will ever replace the wonder of "Dr No" or "Goldfinger" but this installment of Craig's Bond brings in a personal note like my favorite scripted movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Sam Mendes of "American Beauty" seems the perfect choice for bringing that personal touch to the action in this installment.

Javier Bardem is one of the best Bond villains who really brings the movie home with a very personal final battle at Bond's family estate. From his first screen moments, he just radiates a menace that while seemingly light-hearted is also intensely evil. His presence makes the film as well as Craig's broken down yet resistant Bond that truly captures that Fleming flavor.

While not officially reviewing this film, I must say it is an awesome addition to the Bond lore and worth watching. From the opening teaser with Bond getting shot, through the attack on MI6, M's struggle to defend the need for old-fashioned spy work in front of the government (a big theme throughout the movie), to Bond worrying about losing a step and the final fight, this film brings everything you want in a Bond film and some stuff you have never seen in a Bond film and wonder why not. I'd give it a solid A.

Here are a few concerts to check out for the days you don't see the new "Skyfall" movie

Tuesday (11/13) – Amanda Palmer @ St Andrews Hall, Bob Dylan @ Fox Theatre

Wednesday (11/14) – Richie Hawtin and Kevin Saunderson @ Necto (Ann Arbor), Motion City Soundtrack @ St Andrews Hall

Thursday (11/15) – Big Sugar @ Magic Bag

Friday (11/16) – Macpodz @ Tangent Gallery (Detroit)

Saturday (11/17) – Citizen Cope @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor and Rogue Satellites @ PJ’s Lager House, St Thomas Boys Academy @ the Ritz (Warren), Lonestar @ Andiamo Celebrity Showroom (Warren)

Sunday (11/18) – Carolina Chocolate Drops @ the Ark, Roger Hodgson (of Supertramp) @ Caesars Windsor)