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Review: OFF! @ St. Andrews Hall.

OFF 10
This was an old-school punk rock show at it's finest. Angst, anger, political outrage, and most of all knowledge. Keith Morris had many things to say. At the heart of it all was, use your voice, speak up, voice your opinion. Exercise your rights as american citizens, vote. If you choose not to, don't do it because you're lazy, do it as a choice. It's you right as an american. He wants us to be informed.
OFF 14
He was political, but when it came down to it, he and the band were musicians. They put on a fine, no scratch that. It was ass kicking. The energy was high, the music was tight, they were strutting around with swagger. They got everyone moving, head bobbing, fist pumping and moshing. No one left bloody, which is a good thing, but everyone that wanted to moshed.
It was cool to see a good mix of old punks mixed with young turks. There was a mix of mohawks, plaid and safety pins, along with skinny jeans and t-shirts, baggy jeans and hoodies. Old school and new school mingling. There was no posers, no posturing about whose era was better.
OFF 12
OFF! is bringing old school punk to the kids, inspiring them to carry on the traditions and styles, but stay true to themselves. The future looks bright as the next generations is poised to be the voice of the disenfranchised.

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