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THIS SAT: 323East Presents Glass, Cinders & Thorns Curated by April Segedi, Artists Reception from 6-11p

323East Gallery
Join Us This Saturday, Nov. 17th 7-11pm for Glass, Cinders & Thorns

323 East 4th Street  Royal Oak, MI 48067

Glass Cinders Thorns
323East Presents Glass, Cinders & Thorns curated by April Segedi. 

There will always be those who interpret folklore and fairy tales as journeys - specifically that journey that everyone of us must take between innocence and self-awareness. It is a very modern interpretation, employing as it does such terms as metaphor, analogy, and symbolism. Female artists have proven especially sympathetic to this interpretation over the years. For them, the dark forest, the enchanted cottage, the princess in the tower, and (of course) the predatory wolf all belie the experience of becoming a woman in a world that is either indifferent or hostile.

In 2009, 323East invited a small army of talented ladies to give visual meaning to this intriguing theme. The result was an exceptionally noteworthy exhibit entitled Glass, Cinder & Thorns. It's now 2012 and a reprise showcase will shortly be put into place at the Royal Oak gallery. Glass, Cinder & Thorns II, however, will also strive to see if there is a genuine uniformity in the feminist take on these matters. Artists treasure their individuality and female artists (perhaps) value it even more than their male counterparts. The works you see, therefore, will offer up unique and often contradicting views of the subject matter. Cinderella, after all, was not always in sweet accord with her siblings. And roses are not real roses without the presence of thorns.

Artists reception November 17th from 6-11p
On display through Dec 17th
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A Little Story - Kelly Vivanco

"A Little Story" - Kelly Vivanco

Participaing artists:
Audrey Pongracz 
Edith Lebeau
DeEtta Harris
Jenna Colby 
Megan Frau
Rudy Fig
Sheri DeBow
Sandi Calistro
Jen Beaudoin
Maria Finna
Kelly Vivanco
Emily Slade
Amy Earles
Samantha Banks
Jana Brike
Bethany Shorb
Caitlin Hackett
Erica Williams
Shojono Tomo
Lacey Bryant
Sienna Freeman
Lady Orlando
Kelly McKernan
Jenn Mann
Hsiao Ron Cheng
Christine Benjamin
Lori Watson
Keri Mortimer
Sasha Walker