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Free Streaming: The 1975 - Sex EP

Hailing from Manchester, The 1975 have been playing together for over a decade, beginning in their preteens taking them to now, their early 20’s. Both their debut EP Facedown and now the latest Sex, combine their enthusiasm for pop, rock, electronica and contemporary production techniques with the innovation that only a band accustomed to playing together can pull off. 
Sex picks up where Facedown left off and continues to tell a densely spare tale of love and loneliness. It's hard to tell if the young lads (who are not even close to being old enough to experience the year of their namsake) are a rock band with a shine to electronic ambience or an electronic band that likes the feel of guitars in hand. Nevertheless, the product has a distinctly British rock
quality to it, almost like a mix of Joy Division and Arctic Monkeys. Or maybe The Verve meets Kaiser Chiefs? The title track rocks and pops the hardest and is the obvious feature of the album, nestled between mood setters that build up the tension, and slowly release after the climax.
Check out a free stream of the Sex EP and pick it up on itunes if you dig it.