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FREE TICKETS: Amanda Palmer - St Andrews Hall Detroit Tues 11/13-

MCB will in full force at the upcoming Amanda Palmer show 
at St Andrews Hall next week on Tuesday 11/13
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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra released Theater Is Evil, September 11 on Palmer’s own 8ft. records. Offering another taste of the album, the band has released “The Killing Type, a brutal love song lead by a thrumming baseline and Palmer’s signature storytelling lyrics, which build to a frantic climax. 

Developing new interactive technologies with a variety of collaborators, the band plans to crowd-source everything from musicians to family photos and other personal artifacts, placing the audience members’ voices and bodies directly into the performance. Producer, production designer, and theatrical director for the THEATRE IS EVIL tour as well as the band’s drummer, Michael McQuilken explains: “I find Amanda's hyper-inclusive relationship with her audience to be hugely inspiring.  Her fans aren't distant observers, they're family. So I've been working on ways to make the fans and their contributions the primary motivation for all of our production decisions. Each new audience will have an experience unique to them. You'll have to come to the show to find out more.”

From book swaps in bathrooms to an orchestra of local strings and horns sourced through the internet, Palmer is excited to take on the challenge. “It's Rocky-Horror-meets-Scavenger-Hunt-meets-Interactive-Art-Happening... just my cup of tea,” she explains. “It’ll take a ton of work to rehearse a whole new set of folks every afternoon, but it's a great way to feel connected to the city we're in.”

This tour will be the first opportunity for audiences to experience Amanda Palmer live with her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra. “Everyone in the band has a super-power on stage,” says Palmer. “Our drummer is a director, our guitarist is a sound designer and a horn arranger, and our bassist is a classical conductor. And we're ALL theater geeks, so the whole band is like a massive transformer robot that can be a slamming rock band and also be an emotional avant-garde musical.”