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MCB had the pleasure of getting to know IAMDYNAMITE, currently on tour with Sum 41.  The self described "Energy Rock" duo took some time away to hang with us before their show at Royal Oak Music Theater.  IAMDYNAMITE are Chris Martin and Chris Phillips, and hail from Michigan, so they were excited to be back here and see what has changed and enjoy the familiar.  Though they have been making music together since high school and have released videos and a short EP, their first full-length album SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC was just released this summer. 

Jacob and I took the guys over to UHF to do some bin searching and find out some more about what inspires IAMDYNAMITE.  Chris Phillips, drummer and vocalist, told me that one day, we will be able to find an IAMDYNAMITE vinyl in the bin, but for now, he is working on his growing record collection and continuing to stay inspired by other musicians out there.  He is a true MUSIC lover and is passionate about the raw theory of composition and instruments, not using computer effects, loops or samples.  Both Chris' described their musical process as taking bits and pieces of inspiration and putting them together but still staying innovative and original.  They said it was kind of obvious at times to tell what each of them are listening to at the moment based on where their creative energy is flowing, but in the end the collaboration fits and works.  

We definitely wanted to know more about their video "Where Will We Go" which Chris Martin gave us some insight about the 'making of'

To see how they made "Where Will We Go" go here:  

It was cool to hear that Sum 41 fans are still going strong, from the older fans who are still seeing shows, to the new fans who are still teenagers rocking out to the latest as well as the classics.  Chris and Chris will be keeping us posted on when we can find some vinyl, but for now - We wish our new friends IAMDYNAMITE the best on their tour.  Make sure you catch these guys out on the road, or when they return home to the Mitten.