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The Lincolns UK - Belmont Bar - Sat July 5th

The Lincolns UK
Saturday July 5th 2008

The Lincolns UK will be mounting their triumphant return to the stage.
Come and check out one of detroit's coolest duos with guests Kinetic Stereokids and Stereoluxx.

Belmont Bar
Hamtramck MI

Less Than Jake - ROMT - Tues July 1st

Less Than Jake plays a show at The Royal Oak Music Theatre opening for Goldfinger this Tuesday - MCB's Brett Lawrence will be onsite for some photos!

Less Than Jake
Tuesday July 1st 2008

Royal Oak Music Theatre
318 W. Fourth St.
Downtown Royal Oak


this week sucked...

it is going to rain like crazy this weekend so I am breaking out my old school metallica zorlac skateboard and doing some rain skating...should be fun - just like the old days
thats it - no free stuff - nothing else to say - enjoy the weekend!

The Decks - Northern Lights Lounge - Sat June 28th

Jam Samich - CROFOOT - Fri June 27th

Friday June 27th, 2008

Four Finger Five and Inhail.

There is a limited number of presale tickets available for this show through our website.
Presale tickets are $8 or $10 at the door.

1 South Saginaw
Pontiac, MI 48342
All ages show!
$8 in advance or $10 @ the door.
Doors @ 8pm • Music starts @ 9pmz

We are not kidding around! - FREE ROTHBURY TICKETS!

Second ticket is gone !

Check out these bands if you are heading to Rothbury Festival:

Beth Orton will be back in the US for the 1st time in 2 years playing a few US gigs including an acoustic performance at Rothbury Festival - check her out here

Also check out:

Uncle Boogie Pants:
Sweet Japonic:
Adam Ezra Group:

They all won a slot at Rothbury from

The Rothbury Festival happening next week over on the west side of the state is at The Double JJ Ranch - the lineup is pretty impressive and warrants the ticket price for sure
($250 for a weekend pass)
we were offered 2 single tickets for the readers
we are splitting these up to the 1st and 2nd readers who request them....

good luck.

DWIFF Opening Ceremonies Review by Bill Ketelhut

Wild At Heart
"In Your Eyes" - best song in a movie (Say Anything, 1989). I have always loved the scene where John Cusack trying to impress the girl, Ione Skye, by playing the song over the old beat box. I got thinking of this movie this weekend after meeting a truly beautiful woman who unfortunately is in a relationship. If my life was a movie, I could pull some stunt like this and win her affection. Yet experience tells me doing this would more likely result in getting arrested (Billy Gets Arrested, 1913) or at least a restraining order.

In the meantime, I have the DWIFF this weekend to keep myself occupied. I went to the opening reception yesterday at the Rec Center during what I thought was a major storm (best weather sequence - Wizard Of Oz, 1939) as I was watching the dust swirl over I-75 and packages of foam blow across like some weird obstacle course.

The reception was nice featuring hor d'erves by Andiamo's Restaurants and chocolate covered strawberries from the melting pot (best chocolate moment - Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, 1971). I took some time to pick on my photographer (best movie about a photographer - Blow Up, 1966) and drink some wine (best movie about wine - Sideways, 2004).

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano gave a little talk about the benefits of the festival here in the Detroit area (best film about Detroit - Robocop, 1987) by creating a positive environment for filmmakers thus hoping to create more jobs in the area for caterers and other jobs that films will bring in like the recent filming of Prayers For Bobby starring Sigourney Weaver here in the area (best Sigourney Weaver film - Alien, 1979).

I got to talk to one resident historian/filmmaker Sharon Sexton about her new documentary "Black Bottom And Paradise Valley: The Forgotten Legend" which looks at some areas in Detroit known for segregation. Black Bottom was an area near Gratiot and Vernor Highway which became a major African-American community until it was demolished in the 1960's and Paradise valley was an entertianment district which contains jazz clubs and night clubs where such luminaries as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Count Bassie played.

The film will be shown on Friday, June 27th at 9PM so make sure to check out for ticket info and learn something about the exciting past of the Detroit area you may not be familiar with.Of course, there are many other fine films this weekend such as the new Jonathan Winters documentary "Certifiably Jonathan" where he tries to get one of his painting in the Museum Of Modern Art, the family film "Flyboys" which involves two kids who discover a mysterious airplane which they sneak into and come to find out they have foiled a heist and many others. I am looking forward to seeing "Minotauro" where a mother's vision of the future sees one of her sons betray her and "Helldrivers" about a traveling band of stunt drivers.

There are plenty of choices for everyone, so make sure to check out the schedules and support this inaugural film festival.In the meantime, I am heading out to the Buick Open (best golf movie - Caddyshack, 1980) and don't forget you can go to the Stars And Stripes Festival today and see the statue of Dave from the new Eddie Murphy film "Meet Dave" (besy Murphy film - 48 Hours, 1982).



FRIDAY JULY 4th!!!!!!!!
aw yeah come ball outta control wit the AT family :
=first gig ever, Cleveland synth MONSTERZ THE SQUID -
METAL DUNGEON+ a dance troupe, License to Grill with Roach & Olzone BBQin', and hopefully a WALTER CARSON lecture, and others TBA!!!!
1345 Division
Detroit, MI 48207
FRIDAY July 4th 2008

Hamtramck Hustle - Veterens Park - Sat June 28th 2pm

Dead Last C.C. presents:

Saturday June 28th 2008

Registration noon-2pm
Show 2pm-6

Veterans Park
Joseph Campau (just south of Jacob)
Hamtramck, MI, 48212

Pre-1968 homebuilt Hot Rods, Kustoms and Pre-1975 Bikes.


Featuring DJ Skeeter

Contact info and Pre-registration

$20 Registration fee, Includes 2 passes to the after party

Spectators Free

Afterparty at the Painted Lady Lounge featuring Casket Bastards and and others

SUGAR SMACK - Luna Lounge - Friday June 27th





1815 main st.

at 12mile




Second Self - Stars & Stripes Festival - Sat June 28th

There are bunch of great local bands playing sets at the Stars & Stripes Festival this weekend in Mt Clemens but one to catch for sure is Saturday @ 4:30pm on the budweiser stage is
In case you missed them Tuesday night - they had an impromtu 4 song set over at 5th Avenue in RO which was the 1st time they played together in like 15 years - catch them in Mt Clemens and keep your fingers crossed that they start playing around town again soon.

Summer Gets Fresh Party - OSLO - Fri June 27th 9:30pm

Summer Gets Fresh Party

BY BURN RUBBER (royal oak's killer kicks store)

Friday June 27th 2008

OSLO - 1456 Woodward Ave. Detroit MI 48226

18 to chill // // 21 to spill




Sketches from Derek Ecker - 8 Days in June Festival

Patterns and structures
Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the magnificent Max Fisher Building for the 8 Days In June Music Festival. I was only able to make it to the fourth day of the festival, which was the Patterns, and Structure series that was homage to the minimalist movement.
I have to admit that I was a little surprised as to what the show had in store for me. By no means am I classical music aficionado, I honestly can’t tell the difference between Bach and Beethoven but I am a fan of the symphonic sound. Today’s popular music everything is so structured and based on formula which consists of the chorus, backbeat and the bridge which brings it all together. Listen to a song halfway through even for the first time and more often than not you can sing the rest. So I look at the symphony as something like an unpredictable journey, sewn together with melodies and tempos, which are ever changing throughout any given orchestrated score. Patterns and Structures was nothing of which I was familiar with in regards to the Classical music I’ve been exposed to.
Even though the title of the event concisely put into context the essence of the entire show I was still surprised as to what was in store. Pattern and Structures was just that a repeated 10 second splice of music played over and over again for about twenty minutes, even the potent beverages I guzzled down could not phase out the predictability as to what was coming next. Which totally makes sense since after all this show was presented as homage to the minimalist movement, which was known for being just that minimal.
So all though I may sound like I totally disliked the show which in some respects was true, I wasn’t hanging at the edge of my seat constantly wanting more. I did however enjoy Steve Reich’s Different Trains, which had such a ghostly quality to it. Tom Allen the host of The 8 Days Of June Music Festival told the story of how as a child growing up Steve Reich was constantly traveling across the United States visiting both of his parents who were divorced. Now on his train rides, which took place during the Second World War, he couldn’t help but think about the Jewish prisoners of the concentration camps who were also often transported by train in most cases to the destination of their demise.
So from his thoughts about the prisoner’s travels and his along the rail line, he composed this score, which included actual recordings of Holocaust survivors and trains howling whistles, and the rumble of the trains as the traveled along the rails.In my opinion that score made the entire two and a half hour minimalist show worth it.
The only thing that upsets me is that I was able to record the whole show except that Different Trains score because some public resources lady working at the Max Fisher building made me turn off my recorder.

Persons of Interest / Art Installations from BASK & TES ONE - CPOP Gallery Detroit - Sat June 28th 7pm

"PERSONS OF INTEREST" - The Agitprop art of BASK and TES ONE

The message is now the medium

Post-pop urban art guerillas, BASK and TES ONE make their first Detroit appearance in over 4 years at ©POP Gallery with a subversive opening reception, Saturday, June 28 at 7PM.

"Persons Of Interest" will showcase both the artist's individual works as well as collaborative installations in which we find Bask and TES ONE producing large, two-man visual mash-ups, combining graffiti, stencil, found items, paint and computer graphics.

Their disparate styles are evident, yet never encroach upon, or obfuscate their final work.The combination of styles, both steeped in the graffiti and urban art aesthetic, amplify and contrast both artists’ strengths, creating a visual dialogue that works on several levels. BASK and TES ONE seem to work almost like a band.

They rock it loud with equal parts passion and technique. Stripped down and built back up again, BASK's childlike icons swim in textured color and provide the rhythm and backbeat, while TES ONE provides contrast, tight craftsmanship and swirling flourishes, like a lead guitarist.

Working alone or in collaboration, theirs is the urban visual equivalent of a kind of proletariat punk rock. BASK (born Ales Bask Hostomsky in Prague in 1978) returned to his adopted American home, St. Petersburg, Florida four years ago after his 3-year stint in Detroit, which garnered him 3 successful exhibitions at ©POP and brought him into regional and national prominence. In Tampa he re-connected with old friend and fellow agitpropist, TES ONE (neĆ© Leon Bedore) whose retro-art nouveau sensibility imbues his urban landscapes and figurative work with a cool craftsmanship that borders on elegant.

Delivering subtle, yet subversive messages in a minimalist palette, TES ONE, like BASK, has his roots in graffiti and urban art, but his use of technology (even his signature is a bastardization of a computer "On Switch" icon) and a solid knowledge of the link between art nouveau, psychedelia and advertising is evident in his tight lines and geometric swaths of low-key color and high-contrast shading. It’s as if Alphonse Mucha or Gustav Klimt came back with an iMac and stencil kit.

While BASK remains obsessed and critical of the mass media's visual manipulation of consumers through advertising and popular entertainment, his Orwellian paranoia has been somewhat supplanted by more personal and individual issues. As he approaches 30, his work seems more influenced by psychological rather than sociological effects of post-modernism and how it relates to a 21st Century American artist. Conversely, as BASK uses discarded technology as his canvases, TES ONE embraces technology in the application of his imagery itself.

In their collaborations, this unique symbiosis works extremely well, as evidenced in their co-installation applied literally onto the Tampa Municipal Art Museum in 2007.

or in this article on their contribution to San Francisco's Hotel Des Arts

Successful co-exhibits in Dallas, Monterey, Seattle and Atlanta over the last two years have brought well-deserved national attention to both of these former self-professed art-vandals .

“Persons Of Interest” runs through mid-August at ©POP

©POP Gallery
4160 Woodward
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 833-9901

Photos - Langhorne Slim - Crofoot June 2008

If Langhorne Slim was a Cage Fighter he'd enter the ring with Rage Against the Machine playing, "That would be intimidating".

I am a firm believer that a live show is the best introduction to a band and Larnghorne Slim and the War Eagles underline that thought. I was fortunate enough to see Langhorne Slim perform at the Crofooot in Pontiac last Friday in the Pike room. In the main stage there was a NAASF fight going on (if you haven't been to one it's basically a cage fight where it's not enough to pin a man you need to keep punching him in the head ???) and I have to admit most of our interview time was spent watching these fights and wondering why would a person do that?

Do a google search for Langhorne Slim and you will quickly realize you are dealing with someone who is poetic, passionate and gives one hell of a performance. The Pike room was packed with longtime fans from Bonnaroo and beyond with most of the crowd singing along and cheering.

The energy from the band and the crowed was great with Langhorne Slim playing three encore songs and me still not wanting it to end. When I asked Langhorne Slim what keeps him going he replied "Someone got mad at me once long ago and said I would always be an opening act. That stays with you".

I suggest you go see them play now at a small venue while you can still shake hands and have your picture taken with the band. Soon, very soon they will be selling out stadiums.

Oh and what does Langhorne Slim think of the music scene in Detroit?
"It's very good".

-- Amy Palomar

More DWIFF information....

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival Schedule Released
Spotlights shine on Detroit and Windsor

The Detroit Windsor International Film Festival takes place from June 26–29.

The schedule of events is as follows:

Movie Screenings and Synopsis also attached for Detroit, Windsor, Cineflow Tech Fair and Children’s Festival

The Michigan Film Office is pleased to sponsor a wine and cheese reception for the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival. Thursday June 26th from 5:30 to 7:30, atop the Beaubian East Garage at the Renaissance Center from 5:30 to 7:30. Emory King, former chairman of the Michigan Film Advisory Council, Robert Ficano, County Executive of Wayne County, Janet Lockwood, Michigan Film Office. John Kelly, director of the Festival, will speak. Tickets $20

Detroit Institute of the Arts Unbeatable Harold premiere at the Detroit Institute of the Arts, starring Michigan native Gordon Michaels, Golden Globe Winner Dylan McDermott and veteran actor Henry Winkler, on June 26th at 7:30 pm hosted by J. Lauri Filmworks. The world premiere of Unbeatable Harold and VIP after-party are open to the public. Premiere Tickets $12.50, VIP Reception $100

Detroit Public Library host the children’s portion of the Film Festival on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm in the Friends Auditorium. East Lansing Children’s Film Festival provided the programming designed to share with children the diversity of independent cinema. The children’s portion is free to the public, please register at

Wayne State University, College of Creative Studies screenings are being held on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 and 9 pm.

University of Windsor screenings will be Saturday, June 28th at 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm

Oullette Park and the Windsor International Film Festival will host a riverside screening on Saturday June 28th beginning at 9:30 pm

Detroit Institute of Arts screenings will be on Saturday, June 28th at 7pm and 9:30 pm.

Scarab Club screening will be only on Friday, June 27th at 7 pm

Final Submissions from the 48 film challenge will be screened at College of Creative Studies on Sunday, June 29th starting at 4pm.

Tickets for all screenings are $8 general admission and $6 student or senior unless otherwise noted

The Cineflow Techfair will be held at College for Creative Studies on Friday, 27th and Saturday, 28th in the Ford Hall. workshops and presentations of film technologies and practices from 10 am to 6 pm

The Festival culminates with the awards ceremony at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Sunday, June 29th beginning at 5 pm in the Kresge Hall for wine and hors d'eurves to recognize the winners of the festival. Tickets are available for $50 per person.

The Inaugural Year of the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival starting on Thursday June 26th is packed with activities and movies for everyone from 1 to 100

NXNE Videos / Photos / Review from Sue Static & Peter Schorn

Still pics on the way!

by Sue Static

For the past fourteen years, the second week of June has seen music industry biz kids; aspiring bands and music fans make their yearly trek to Toronto for the North by Northeast Music & Film Festival and Conference. Canada’s answer to Austin’s venerable South by Southwest, NXNE also provides a music conference with music showcases and networking parties and an indie film festival. The festival has become a great place to check out new artists and films and also learn something in the process.

This year's festival was the best one yet and drew a record number of attendees and bands. I’ve been attending the festival since the second year of its existence and it has become an annual destination of mine. The showcases feature indie and veteran bands from across Canada, select cities in the U.S. and from around the globe. At NXNE one can see up and coming bands from around the world including Japan, London and Australia all in one weekend! This year even went beyond featuring bands from Israel and India! All styles of music from rock, punk, metal, rockabilly, worldbeat, electronic to singer-songwriters are represented at showcases around town. Detroit was represented this year by one of our top electronic artists; CARJACK; the hip hop posse the Platinum Pied Pipers, and Ann Arbor hip hop master Yoshi all showcased at the festival.

This year’s theme was “Music Takes Over” and featured the usual music industry conferences during the day with seminars on various topics such as management, touring, selling your music online and record deals along with a Demo Derby, where bands submit their demos for music industry critique. While most of the panelists are from the Canadian music industry and the topics have a definite Canadian music angle, there is still a lot of information that U.S. bands can find interesting and useful. The majority of the information is geared toward newbies in the business, but with all the new technology out there and the ever changing musical climate, even veterans of the business can take home an idea or two or be reaffirmed that they are on the right path.

Promotion is another good aspect of NXNE and business cards, flyers, magazines and demo CDs are tossed about the conference site hoping to get read and heard.
The happening outdoor festivities this year were centered at the NXNE Indie Music Market, an outdoor stage and marketplace in Downtown's Yonge-Dundas Square for bands to sell their merchandise outside of the festival. It featured live performances from many bands throughout the day and evening hours. New additions to the festival this year was outdoor stages located throughout the city and outside of town at the Pearson Airport where many bands played throughout the weekend.

One recurring highlight of the festival is the celebrity interviews. In previous years, guest interviews have included music icons such as John Lydon of the Sex Pistols and PIL fame and David Johansen from the New York Dolls. This year was no exception, with not one but four music icons taking the hot seat. These interviews featured electronic music pioneer- Thomas Dolby, The Stranglers’ frontman Hugh Cornwall, who also performed a musical set and screened his film “Blueprint” at the film festival. The Hip Hop scene was also represented by the legendary spinmaster Fab Five Freddy and Sheek Louch. The keynote speaker this year was longtime BBC broadcaster Bob Harris.

With so much music-related stuff to see and hear, there is never enough time to attend the film festival portion of the event that runs concurrent to the seminars and showcases. This year featured rock documentaries, indie music films and videos at downtown theaters. The films are as varied as the music program is and also gives much needed exposure to the filmmakers. The many various films this year included: “Global Metal”, a documentary on the metal scene around the world; “Agile, Mobile, Hostile”, a film about the notorious Andre Williams; and “Rolling Like A Stone”, a film of a party the Rolling Stones attended and probably don’t remember back in 1965 in Sweden.

Naturally, the main attraction of the festival is the musical performances and the many venues that hosted showcases over the weekend. Toronto is an ideal city for club hopping with its safe and reliable mass transit system - you can cab, subway, trolley or better yet, walk to many of the clubs. Some of the clubs are side-by-side or within a block of each other so you hardly ever miss the start of a show. The good news is almost all the sets start on time, the bad news is that the small venues are sometimes so packed you can’t get in, but rather than wasting time standing in line, you can find more music a short walk away. This year the showcases were extended at most clubs until 4 a.m.!

After attending so many years, I've got showcasing down to a science: You pick your target bands based on the guide's description, recommendations or familiarity - or in some instances, if they have a cool band name - and area of clubs and schedule each time slot. If you find a band isn’t worthy of staying, you just go on to the next nearby club because you just may stumble into something special.

Thursday night turned out to be the most happening night this year, starting off at the Big Bop music complex which houses three clubs in one; the Kathedral/Reverb/Holy Joes. While the metalheads lined up outside the Kathedral this night, I chose to go upstairs to Reverb where U.K. popstars Mad Staring Eyes had the crowd moving with their “mysterious” pop tunes. Their bandaged faces were reminiscent of the 70s’ Canadian punk legend Nash the Slash, but their sound was new wave pop rock. Holy Joe’s, the intimate room upstairs showcased STAND, a pleasant folk rock act from Dublin, Ireland. Back down to Reverb, the band Monotonix from Tel Aviv, Israel were raising quite a ruckus as they set up off the stage in the middle of the dance floor and preceded to drag audience members into their spectacle to be part of the show.

Over at the legendary Toronto venue El Mocambo, Kids in the Hall star Dave Foley introduced the Canadian band the New Odds (formerly the Odds of "It Falls Apart" semi-fame) from Vancouver. Meanwhile, upstairs, The Vestaloynes from Toronto were definite crowd pleasers with their refreshing sense of humor and marching band uniform style, playing music that sounded like a cross between The Animals and The Hives. We headed down the street to The Silver Dollar for the buzz band of the festival, Semi-Precious Weapons; these NY glam rockers put on a fine rock n’ roll spectacle. Finally, we stuck around for Toronto’s own hard rock act, Diemonds, who failed to capture our attention after witnessing the Weapons explosive set.

Friday night was hindered by some bad weather with on-again-off-again thunderstorms that made it rough for club-hopping. In this case, the Big Bop complex was the best bet for seeing as many bands in one place without having to go outside. Unfortunately, the weather made it unbearably hot to stay at Holy Joe’s. Caught the end of the set by Beth In Battle Mode from GET CITY before Detroit’s own Carjack hit the stage. Carjack's electronic robo-rock and outrageous antics had this eclectic artist not only taking over the stage but the entire room! At first the audience didn’t know what to expect but their curiosity overtook them and Lo-Fi Bri kept them captivated the entire set. The only thing missing from this performance were his robots that were left at home for border crossing reasons. Carjack definitely showed them a taste of what Detroit electro-rock is all about. Returning to down to the Silver Dollar for a late night set by The Hoa Hoa’s from Toronto and caught the tail end of hard rockers Bionic’s set at the El Mo before calling it a night.

On Saturday night, took a break from the musical activities to indulge in something completely different. NXNE was offering extras this year to festival goers. One of these extras was free entry into the musical “Evil Dead: The Musical.” Being a fan of the film and musicals made this a must see and it was quite an enjoyable excursion. Highly recommended for fans of the movie if you get a chance to see it - GO!

Back to the music action later that night with a showcase of Australian bands at the Rancho Relaxo that gave you a sample of the rockin’ world down under. Finally we ended the night with what we could see of the band called KAKKMADDAFAKKA from Norway that was rocking the packed house upstairs at Sneaky Dees. The streets were jumping with festival goers late into the night on Saturday with everyone trying to catch every last drop of NXNE. Caught the last TBA band at Silver Dollar who we didn’t get a name but it didn’t really matter as around that time we wouldn’t have remembered anyway!

While there are more music conferences and festivals than ever around the country and many feature the same program of music seminars and showcases, NXNE stands out among them. I’ve been to many of the others over the years, but this is the one that I keep eagerly going back to year-after-year knowing that odds are something exceptional may be discovered. If you are interested in taking a cool trip to a nice city, having a good time, seeing some cool music, doing some networking and perhaps learning a thing or two about the music business, then you should definitely check it out. If you are in a band or a rabid music fan, consider taking a trip to Canada for next year’s NXNE which is June 11-14, 2009. Music submission deadline is January 31, 2009 and registrations, which include all of the festivities, are taken until the festival begins. Showcase only wristbands are also available to purchase at locations throughout the weekend.

Check it out at


Live Music @ Gusoline Alley Tonight!!!

Raise a pint to Glasgow Joe Tinney who will be playing tonight for your listening pleasure at Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak

7pm -donations only



blue moon in june 2 - CAID - Sat June 28th

5141 Rosa Parks
Dietroit MI
Get on over to the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit for the 2nd Annual Blue Moon in June Festival where you will a plethora of killer detroit bands playing all night long for a paltry $2 starting at 5pm this saturday .... our pick for the evening ?? DUENDE!
Long time favorites of MCB - DUENDE! gets the nod today simply for having the awesome blue photo readily available off the myspace page - perfect fit for the post.

Breast FEST III- Belmont Bar - Sat June 28th

Saturday June 28th 2008

The Belmont
10215 Jos Campau
Hamtramck, Michigan 48201

"Join us this Saturday at The Belmont Bar, Hamtramck for 'Breast Fest III'
Benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Los Minstrels Del Diablo
Jesus and The Devil
Toxic Shock Syndrome

Only $5 cover
ages 21+

"Perspectives" - Michigan Dance Project

A collaborative project shot on location in the D with myself, photographer Ken Hornak, and a group of amazing dancers from Michigan Dance Project

The Michigan Dance Project (MDP), a non-profit contemporary dance company founded in 2006 by Kathy King, is committed to strengthening the dance community throughout Michigan. The purpose of MDP is to provide a professional atmosphere for dancers to experience artistic growth in performance, choreography and technique and to offer Michigan dancers greater career opportunities. By offering regular rehearsals, frequent master classes and unique performances, MDP is creating excitement about professional dance within our community."

Photos from MCB's George Petersmarck

FREE TICKETS: Eli Paperboy Reed - Crofoot - Thur June 26th

Free pair of tickets to the 1st emailer to check the coolest kat to play the crofoot in a while
hit us up at motorcityblog (a) earthlink . net

Eli Paperboy Reed
Thursday June 26th 2008

Crofoot Pike Room
1 Saginaw St.
Pontiac MI

Buy tickets here

MIXO - PJ's Lager House - Wed June 25th

Mixo Presents "Beats 2 Rhymez"
Wednesday, June 25th 2008

1254 Michigan Ave
Corktown, Detroit

FREE 21+
$6 for 18-20

"Mixo of Rhyme Asylum is what the world of hiphop is missing. This live and entertaining individual is ready and able to usher in a new era of hiphop music. Mixo was born and raised in Detroit and has come up through the local trenches of underground hiphop. He has competed in countless freestyle competitions and remains undefeated to this day by looking back to the time when lyrics, not the hook, were the key to a hit song. Mixo will be hosting this "Beats 2 Rhymez" the last Wednesday of every month this summer at the Lager House."

Wild at Heart - Monday June 23rd 2008

Wild At Heart - Monday June 23rd 2008

George Carlin. I was fortunate to see Carlin perform live back in mid-80’s when still in High School. It was one of two comedy shows my parents took me to back then (the other was Rodney Dangerfield) and it is still the best comedy show I have ever seen.
His comedy was always invocative and cerebral whether it was his Seven Dirty Words or his comparison of the sports of Baseball and Football (my personal favorite). He was the first host of Saturday Night Live and I remember him in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This morning I played “Ice Box Man” on my show and even something as mundane as what’s in your fridge turns into a verbal masterpiece of cerebral satire. He will be missed.
We are in full swing now into the festival season with the coming of River Days. I was down there Friday and Saturday taking in some of the bands. Rick Springfield and the Verve Pipe put on fun shows and show that irrelevance can be fun whether it is Rick walking through the audience getting American Idol rejects to sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” or the Verve Pipe singing Supertramp songs.
Rock is supposed to be fun and they make it so. Michelle Branch and Taproot also put on good sets. I’m looking forward to Dave Mason tonight who is a great solo musician and ex-member of the supergroup Traffic. Also, if you like the Stray Cats style of music, check out local favs Twistin’ Tarantulas at 6:30 at the Compuware stage.
If you get a chance to get down to the Riverfront today, make sure to give yourself enough time and get there early. I also recommend taking in a tour of the Highlander Sea, esp if you have never been on a tall ship before. I always love the feel of the older boats and recommend it. This ship built in 1924 is stationed out of Port Huron and served for almost 50 years as a Boston Harbor pilot ship.
Don’t forget the fireworks are tonight so get downtown early if you want a nice spot.
Also, when the big storm came through, I took cover in the RenCen waiting for it to clear. While there, I decided to take in a the Incredible Hulk movie which I must recommend (Kung Fu Panda had sold out). This film basically fixes a lot of the mistakes of the first film such as bringing a better villain (Tim Roth rules), a better dynamic with Thunderbolt and Betty Ross and some really cool Banner moments in South America as a fugitive (notice music cues taken from the original TV series). Also, it is nice seeing Lou Ferigno in a cameo (he also does the Hulk voice).
Speaking of Marvel superheroes, I talked to John Nelson this morning on my show and we talked about the Iron Man movie. John won an Oscar for The Gladiator and the U of M graduate also worked on Terminator 2, the Matrix sequels and I, Robot. He will be giving a talk after a special 7PM screening at the DIA of the Iron Man film so if you love the magic of movies, you might want to look into getting tickets (just go to
Being a music man I was not surprised but concerned by this news headline "High fuel prices put brakes on indie band tours". This means that unless the prices of gas goes down, a lot fewer bands will be touring the smaller venues and festival scenes which are some of my favorite shows. However, I can understand when a lot of these bands basically play for gas money and count on merch sales to even try to turn a profit. So when a small band comes to town, get out there and support them by buying merch.
To help out, you can win tickets for the Maria Taylor/Johnathan Rice show at the Magic Stick from Wild Bill between 8-10AM this Thursday 26th on
I will also be giving away tickets for Less Than Jake/Goldfinger on Mon, June 30th between 8-10AM. That is my little part of helping you guys and gals save money out there.
Well, I a getting ready to head downtown. Next week, I will talk about video games and who know what else.
I also hope to see some people at the Buick Open. Take care and see you next week.
-Wild Bill Hetelkut

Best of Detroit Party by Hour Detroit - MGM Grand - Thur June 26th

***MCB does not usually talk smack about much but we cannot let this one go....this party was terrible - it was so jammed (oversold according to our sources) we seriously could not get a drink for nearly an hour because there were not enough bars to serve the hoards of drinkers - it was like trying to get a beer at Gusoline at 1:45am the entire hour and half we stayed....We left the party to get a drink at the bar inside MGM Grand Casino. Good cause...bad party.
Should be called Not The Best of Detroit Party
(my wife dragged me to this party - happy to help a great fundraiser but for the $250 I spent on tickets-parking tip - and the food/drinks I had to purchase at MGM Grand I would have rather just sent a check to Karmanos - AT LEAST GIVE ME BEER WHILE THE SARDINES AROUND ME ARE FIGHTING OVER THE LAST SUSHI PLATE)

To order tickets directly from Hour Detroit call 248-691-1800 ext: 100

General Admittance: $75 ($85 at the door)VIP: **SOLD OUT**

Mercedes-Benz presents Hour Detroit's Best of Detroit Party.

Thursday, June 26, 2008 at the MGM Grand Detroit.

Proceeds to benefit the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Participants include Andiamo, Beans & Cornbread, Better Made Snack Foods, Beverly Hills Grill, Blossoms, Buddy's Pizza, Chen Chow, Figo Salon, Forte Belanger, Garden Fresh Gourmet, Goodnight Gracie Jazz & Martini Bar, Holiday Market, Jules R. Schubot Jewlers, Katerini Bocci Designs, Kona Grill, Michigan & Wine Council, Mitchell's Fish Market, Mon Jin Lau, Musashi Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar, National Coney Island, One Source Talent, P.F. Chang's, Pegasus Taverna, Phoenicia, Priya Indian Cuisine, Red Coat Tavern, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Saks Fifth Avenue, SaltWater, Slows Bar BQ, Small Plates, Tapper's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, The Capital Grille, The Lark, The Whitney, Todd's Room, V, Vinotecca, Woodward Avenue Brewery, Zoup! and more...

VIP 6-Midnight:

Ignite VIP Lounge featuring DJ Stacey Pullen 6-7 PM

The Capital Grille VIP Lounge (Inside the main event) 7-Midnight

Main Event 7-Midnight

7-8 PM

Colton Weatherston

Katerina Bocci & Roma Sposa fashion show

9-10 PM

Boogie Dynomite

Linda Dresner fashion show

8-11 PM

DJ Powdrblu


Killer Flamingo's

Made in Detroit fashion show

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival - Detroit/Windsor - Thurs-Sun June 26th-29th

The 1st Annual Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

Visit for a complete listing of the film screenings.

MCB's pick for Best of Festival:

Sometimes in Life
Friday June 27th, 7:00 pm

The Scarab Club
217 Farnsworth Detroit, MI 48202

Sometimes in Life - Directed by Anthony Vallone - Feature Film, 84 Minutes

Featuring music from two-time Grammy winner Ozomatli, Modest Mouse, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Amp Fiddler, Jamie McCarthy, Cetan Clawson and more

“Sometimes in Life” is the story of an unlikely friendship between Jill and Rob. Jill finds herself torn between focusing on her budding fashion career and feeling insecure about her relationship with her flirtatious girlfriend. Rob, a 30-something who’s not-so-cultured, just lost his father and he finds himself doing some soul searching on his slacker lifestyle. When these two unexpectedly meet and form an unlikely friendship, they realize that they’ve both lost their way. But can they help each other get back on track or just further off course?

This is a Detroit Windsor International Film Festival premiere.

Tickets to the premiere are $15 and include a pre-screening director’s reception and networking party beginning at 7 pm, an art exhibit from J B H Mareydt, complimentary beer and wine, and complimentary appetizers from Union Street.

21 and over.


MCB-VIDEO & Photos - SNAKEOUT - Small's Bar June 2008

Snakeout played an opening set for Speedball over at Small's Bar
Photos-Paul Hitz / Video-KR

see more of Snakeout at Theatre Bizarre and rare dates at Small's in the future
September 5th for sure

Photos - JSB Squad / The Alignment / Emily Rose June 2008

MCB's Ross Sandelius was down to catch the JSB Squad The Alignment and Emily Rose last night and snagged some shots while the band bought his beer! - Thanks guys!


Photos from Ali Eskidarian / Peter Murphy

thanks to Amy Palomar for the great shots

CD RELEASE SHOW from JSB Squad - Magic Stick - Fri June 20th

check these guys out if you have a chance tonight
One of our roaming photographers (Ross) will be heading over there for sure so check back over the weekend for some great photos of detroit's newest band
the band asked us to offer up a couple copies of the new records
all you have to do is ask for it with an email wishing us a great weekend!
2 copies available - cheers!

Funy As Hell - Satori Circus - TWO PERFORMANCE WEEKEND

'FUNY AS HELL' @ 210 Campbell, Suite: D, Rochester MI
Doors / 8:30p…Performance / 9p2 Performances Only!!

June 20th (Fri.) & 21st (Sat.)
Limited Seating
Minimum Donation $10 !!!

A baptism under fire"A love for the absurd, SATORI CIRCUS is a singularly uncanny theatre-going experience that's a little bit Performance Art and a little bit Rock Opera." - Metro Times


GRINDHOUSE - Main Art Theatre - Fri/Sat June 20/21st MIDNIGHT


RIVERAMA - Stone House Bar Detroit - Sat June 21st

The usual specs:
10:00 PM

The Stone House
19803 Ralston St.
Detroit, Michigan 48203


MCB-VIDEO - Ali Eskandarian @ ROMT - June 2008

Big thanks to Ali for putting on a great show and the interview - MCB

Worldwide SketchCrawl Detroit - Cafe 1923 - Sat June 21st

Worldwide Sketchcrawl #19
Meet at 12 Noon Saturday June 21st 2008
Cafe 1923
Hamtramck MI 48212.
The idea of SketchCrawl is that of a global drawing marathon: taking a day to journal and draw all that is around you. Bring your sketchbook and join Hatch as we take part in this international event, going out on the town to draw.
Anyone can participate
Any level of ability is welcome
Any age!


Stickers and stuff from Label Network

MCB just a new batch of cool stickers from our good ol' pals at Label Network

These guys kick out the jams man when it comes to all that kind of sticky stuff you need for the shows...make sure to check them out and mention MCB for a healthy 0% discount.
or on myspace

FREE WRISTBAND: Anberlin - Vans Warped Tour - Comerica Park - July


Anberlin are back with New Surrender, their new album, scheduled to release September 30th on Universal Republic. After working for years exclusively with longtime producer/friend Aaron Sprinkle this time around the band decided to enlist legendary producer Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, New Found Glory) to capture their sound.

Although the album won't be available until the end of September, Anberlin can be found all summer long on the main stage of this year's Vans Warped Tour, where they will be showcasing some of the new material. Available exclusively on the tour - a USB wristband that will be used as an exclusive pre-order for their Universal Republic debut.

The retail price on tour will be $15.00 and it will bring fans 4 exclusive tracks containing remixes and alternate versions of material from both old & new albums. The content includes “Breaking (Alternate Acoustic Remix)," "Hello Alone (Remix)," "Unwinding Cable Car (Remix)” and “Feel Good Drag (Remix).”

Anberlin will also send out surprise content to fans who buy the wristband via email once they register online after purchase. The wristband will also contain a link in which the purchaser can redeem a unique pin number that will enable fans to enter their email address and receive a full album download of New Surrender on street date.

June 20 - Pomona, CA - Fairplex
June 21 - San Francisco, CA - Pier 30/32
June 22 - Ventura, CA - Seaside Park
June 25 - Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Wireless Pavilion
June 26 - Las Cruces, NM - New Mexico State University
June 28 - Salt Lake City, UT - Utah State Fairpark
June 29 - Denver, CO - Invesco Field at Mile High
July 1 - Maryland Heights, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
July 2 - Bonner Springs, KS - Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone
July 3 - Dallas, TX - Centre
July 5 - Selma, TX - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
July 6 - Houston, TX - The Showgrounds
July 9 - Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheatre
July 10 - Orlando, FL - Central Florida Fairgrounds
July 11 - St. Petersburg, FL - Vinoy Park
July 12 - Miami, FL - Bicentennial Park
July 13 - Elkton, FL - St. John’s County Fairgrounds
July 14 - Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
July 15 - Virginia Beach, VA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
July 16 - Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion
July 17 - Cleveland, OH - Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre
July 18 - Detroit, MI - Comercia Park
July 19 - Toronto, ON - Downsview Park
July 20 - Montreal QC - Parc Jean Drapeau
July 23 - Mansfield, MA - Tweeter Center
July 24 - Darien Center, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
July 25 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center
July 26 - Uniondale, NY - Nassau Coliseum
July 27 - Scranton, PA - Toyota Pavilion
July 28 - Englishtown, NJ - Raceway Park
July 29 - Burgettstown, PA - Post-Gazette Pavilion
July 30 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
July 31 - Noblesville, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center
August 1 - Milwaukee, WI - Marcus Amphitheatre
August 2 - Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
August 3 - Shakopee, MN - Canterbury Park
August 5 - Saskatoon, SK - Credit Union Centre
August 6 - Calgary, AB - Race City Speedway
August 8 - Nampa, ID - Idaho Center
August 9 - Quincy, WA - Gorge Amphitheatre
August 10 - Saint Helens, OR - Columbia Meadows
August 13 - Fresno, CA - Save Mart Center
August 14 - Chula Vista, CA - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
August 15 - Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre
August 16 - Maryville, CA - Sleep Train Amphitheatre
August 17 - Carson, CA - The Home Depot Center***
For more ANBERLIN, please visit:

Counting Crows coming to Detroit - 8/29 @ DTE

Plus we got a freebie for you if you email us now!! (1st emailer)

To celebrate the launch of Counting Crows summer tour, the band is calling all Counting Crows fans and artists to help create their summer tour poster!

One lucky winner will have their poster design printed and sold on tour.

Entrants will create and submit an original tour poster design that captures the sound and energy of Counting Crows. You must submit your entry by July 1st, 2008.

There are just three simple rules:
1) The poster must be 18"x24" portrait or landscape.

2) Your artwork must be at least 300 DPI and be transmitted through the internet (Files must be jpeg or gif and must be less than 10MB in size)

3) Any graphic elements you use cannot be copyrighted.

Please send your entries to along with your name and, of course, your email address.
Happy designing!
7/25 - Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater - Virginia Beach, VA*
7/26 - Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain - Scranton, PA*
7/28 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte - Charlotte, NC*
7/29 - Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC*
7/31 - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater - Wantagh, NY*
8/2 - Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts - Boston, MA*
8/5 - Hersheypark Stadium & Star Pavilion - Hershey, PA*
8/7 - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ*
8/9 - Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ*
8/12 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY*
8/13 - Bethel Woods Center for The Arts - Bethel, NY*
8/15 - New England Dodge Music Center - Hartford, CT*
8/16 - Nissan Pavilion - Washington, DC*
8/18 - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center - Buffalo, NY*
8/19 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, ON*
8/21 - Post-Gazette Pavilion - Pittsburgh, PA*
8/22 - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre - Chicago, IL*
8/23 - Marcus Amphitheater - Milwaukee, WI*
8/28 - Verizon Wireless Music Center Indianapolis - Indianapolis, IN+
8/29 - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Detroit, MI+
8/30 - Riverbend Music Center - Cincinnati, OH+
9/5 - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - Houston, TX+
9/6 - Center - Dallas, TX+
9/9 - Journal Pavilion - Albuquerque, NM+
9/10 - Cricket Wireless Pavilion - Phoenix, AZ+
9/12 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA+
9/13 - Coors Amphitheatre - San Diego, CA+
9/17 - Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View - Mountain View, CA+
9/18 - Sleep Train Pavilion - Concord, CA+
9/20 - Amphitheater at Clark County - Ridgefield, WA+
9/21 - White River Amphitheatre - Seattle, WA+
9/24 - Coors Amphitheatre at Fiddler's Green - Denver, CO+
9/26 - Starlight Theatre - Kansas City, MO+
9/27 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis - St. Louis, MO+
9/30 - Verizon Wireless Music Center Birmingham - Birmingham, AL+
10/1 - Lakewood Amphitheatre - Atlanta, GA+
10/3 - Ford Amphitheatre - Tampa, FL+
10/4 - Cruzan Amphitheatre - W. Palm Beach, FL+
* lineup includes Sara Bareilles
+lineup includes Augustana

WILD AT HEART - Thursday June 19th 2008

As we mentioned below Bill Hetelkut will be adding some "blog" to this anti-blog with not only his interviews/reviews but a weekly column called Wild at Heart....enjoy!
This guy gets in with EVERYONE for interviews and scores (with the ladies as well)
Todays entry will give you an idea of the man behind the words. - Enough said.

MCB Management

Wild At Heart - Thursday June 19th 2008

Cyndi Lauper! OK, since I figured this was my first blog on this site, I thought I would start off by putting forth my favorite performer. Most people reading this will think I am crazy for saying that, but who cares. I remember back to 1983 when my radio alarm clock went off and I heard “Girls Just want To Have Fun” for the first time.

I had never heard a song that excited me so much (at the time, I was still into KISS, Blondie and Sha-Na-Na and just started watching Solid Gold with acts like Styx and Laura Branigan). Anyway, I loved her multi-octave voice which could belt out danceable songs or show true beauty with ballads like “All Through The Night”.

I loved that she got involved in wrestling which was my favorite sport at the time. What really impressed me was a lot of people were worried that she would lose fans because of that connection, but she didn’t care. She did it because she liked it and knew her true fans would support her. It was the fly-by-night fans which would fall by the wayside. That carried on later when she ditched her big label and went independent.

This was not a woman to be trifled with and she marched to her own drummer. She just released her newest album “Bring Ya To The Brink” (her third in the past 3 years) which is a little more dance oriented than I would like but is a big hit in Japan where Cyndi is one of the few American megastars over there (they seem to get what she is all about).

Recently, she was at Pine Knob for the 2nd annual True Colors Tour which featured the B-52’s, Tegan And Sara, Rosie O’Donnell, the White Tie Affair and the Cliks. The tour promotes tolerance which we can definitely use in today’s world. Most of the acts on tour with her are know for being openly gay or bi-sexual, Cyndi is actually straight though her sister is openly gay and a big role model to Cyndi. This and a chance meeting of Matthew Sheppard’s mom (a gay man brutally killed by ignorant idiots) ignited the sparks that got Cyndi involved in these bigger issues and I really applaud her commitment. Not many musical stars would put themselves in front of an issue like this (she also signs at numerous Gay Pride events) and have the guts to pull it off so well.

Enough about Cyndi for now but I will say I will someday get that interview with her.

Oh yeah, the Cliks ( a really cool rocking band from Toronto that you should check out and have been on the True Colors tour the past two years and also toured with the Cult. Don’t let the fact that Lucas used to be a woman freak you out as to not give this deserving band a chance.

My pet peeve for the week comes from the fact that I do a radio show 8-10AM on WXOU 88.3FM ( and we cover a lot of shows in the area or do ticket giveaways. It bugs me that we could get a table for Peter Murphy or the Detour Festival but 93.9

The River did. Now I will listen to them occasionally and I am good friends with half of their street teamers, but when was the last time they ever played a Peter Murphy or Bauhaus song? Besides Sloan, have they played any of the bands on Detour (I have played about 16 of them)? Sure, put the River at Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews, but local college stations should be able to get tables at the alternative rock shows since we play the music and commercial radio doesn’t.

What would happen if I called the River and asked for music by local artists Serenity Court or Friendly Foes? Probably, “we’re sorry, we don’t play them, would you like to make another request”. I played them both on my last show. Local music rocks! I don’t care that they are at these shows, but I hope that college stations can also get in on the opportunities.

Speaking of Detour, I really enjoyed the Saturday show at the CAID and the later shows at the Majestic complex. I caught 22 of the 26 acts and with 2 exceptions, really enjoyed them all. The bands that I really enjoyed were the Silent Years, Serenity Court, Great Lakes Myth Society (my favorite local band), Golden Dogs, Nice Device and F*ke Blood.

The more I go to festivals and shows like this, the more I realize how rich the local music scene is and should be enjoyed. I hope there is a Detour II.

A brief observation: it is really cool to be watching a night show at Pine Knob, such as Stevie Nicks, and see lighting strikes in the distance. I’m just glad they stayed in the distance and allowed for a good show.Looking forward to the River Days festival this weekend!

Some of my local music recommendations include on Friday = Nadir-Distorted Soul (one of the hottest local bands), Broadzilla (the great female hard rock band) & the Robin Horlock Band (good pop/rock sound) and Saturday = Loba Aku (a wonderful local jazz musician who has graced my show twice).

Of the bigger acts, make sure to check out the Verve Pipe who are from Michigan and one of the great alternative bands out there.

Don’t forget there will also be the tall ships which are always cool to see.

Also, don’t forget about the 13th Annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn for an opportunity to get a truly cultural experience. I went last year and had a great time.Starting next week this should be coming out on Mondays, enjoy your weekend.

Ryan Cabrera - CROFOOT Pontiac - Thur June 19th

Ryan Cabrera
Thursday June 19th 2008

Crofoot Pontiac
1 Saginaw St.
Pontiac MI

MCB's newest contributor, Bill Ketelhut will be onsite to interview Ryan and provide us with a review of the show - Look for a weekly column from Bill starting next week and check him out on Oakland University's College Radio Station 88.3FM WXOU

555 Gallery Weekend

Interprative Dance Competition @ 555 Gallery Detroit
with LiveMusic from The Scorpions - Vampire Squid- Louisville,KY


Hair-Loss Chronicles- Mary Laredo Herbeck
Reception : Sat 6/21, 7- 9:30pm 7/12/08

555 Gallery
4884 Grand River Ave ·
PO Box 8173 ·
Detroit, Michigan 48208 ·
(313) 894-4202

Thur & Fri 6pm - 8pm.
Saturday 12-6:00 pm.

Alley Cat Detroit - Mean Streets of Detroit -

Alley Cat Detroit

Detroit Spokespeople presents:

Pedal Pushin'
Saturday June 21st 2008 (rain date: June22)
Registration starts at 9am, the group will depart at 10am sharp.
There will be a waiver that must be signed.

The race will begin at Wheel House Detroit located on the river walk at the carousel (in back of the Renaissance center) and parking will be available.

Bike rentals will be available from Wheel House Detroit, the all new bike shop that also offers complete bike repair, basic tune-ups and wheel truing, etc.

If you need any work done or parts for your bike
call Wheel House Detroit @ (313) 656-2453


Wednesday June 25th - 8:00pm
Race Starts @ Hart Plaza

7:30 is a good time so you can get signed in and all that good stuff


MCB-VIDEOS - New Detroit Music - MOCAD /// Empty Arms - Old Miami

MCB stopped in at MOCAD to see New Detroit Music as part of the 8 Days in June Festival - this was our 4th stop of the night - we then moved on to The Old Miami as part of our "Mixing of Cultures" series (5 yr study) to check out 3 punks bands shred the night away is one of the bands called Empty Arms from Flint



FRIDAY JULY 11 - 5pm - ???

$5 in Advance, $10 day of, or $5 with student id.

Phonotropic is built on three elements: fresh new music, stunning visual art, and cheap drinks.
Phonotropic’s Wicked Awesome Barbequed Musical Safari...YESSS!!!
is a one day extravaganza featuring 10 bands, 7 DJs, and more than 5 visual artists....

Manna and Quail
Allan James and The Cold Wave
Daniel Zott
Silent Violet
The Codgers
Millions of Brazilians
Chromos on Clouds
and more!

DJ Handsome Sam
Ice Cold Chrissy
Dan DeMaggio
Jeff Milo
The Musikselektor
Gad Kassian Mikel O.D.
DJ Dinosaur George

Jeremy Hansen- painting
Michelle Lieberman- painting
Mark Bommarito- sculpture
Man Dude Guy Bro - installation Jef Bourgeau-Video and more!

2 DAY Still Point 3rd Unannual Art Show - Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple - Fir/Sat June 20/21

2 DAY Still Point 3rd Unannual Art Show
June 20th,7-10pm & June 21st,12-5pm, 2008

Friday, June 20th, 7-10pmwith Poetry in the Yard at 9pm

ARTISTS: Diana Alva, Robert Bielat, Brahana, DMC, Anzen Melanie Davenport,KongsaengChris Everson, George Graveldinger, Maugre', Robert Hansen, Kelley Henley,Mary LaredoHerbeck, Tom Humes, Robert Hyde, John Jakary, M80, Eric Mesko, RichardRappleye, Julie Russell Smith, Vito Valdez, Carla Washington, Jean Wilson,Marilyn Zimmerman, and more


All welcome! Artists include Still Point members, invited guests and juriedartists.

Poetry reading opening night from 9-10pm under the stars (weatherpermitting).