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Saturday: Adam Faucett at PJ's Lager House

Adam Faucett
w/ The Weeks, and Slumlord Radio
Saturday, December 3rd, at PJ's Lager House
$5, 9PM

Drawing comparisons from Townes Van Zandt to Tim Buckley to Otis Redding, Arkansas born and bred Adam Faucett is most known for his powerful, almost operatic voice and intricate finger-picking. The Arkansas native's sound has been described by The Arkansas Times as "somewhere between Otis Redding's soul shout and Cat Power's swampy poeticism".

Faucett's newest release "More Like  A Temple" marks a further evolution of Adam's "southern soul swamp opera" sound. Love and Sweet Maureen come on like Otis Redding sitting in on a Pavement single. Morphine is a haunted morning-after reflection with a guitar hook that stays with you until the next morning. The swamp rock foreshadowing of Gator, the space folk of Saturday,  and the Zeppelin vs. White Stripes riffs of Do What I Say present Faucett as part folk crooner, part celestial traveler, part Arkie rock hero - all parts in sharp control of their faculties as writer, storyteller, singer, composer, and guitarist.

Noel Night, Midtown Detroit, Dec 3

Midtown will play fine holiday hostess to the 39th annual Noel Night, this Saturday night, December 3rd from 5 to 9:30pm. Many venues from art galleries, to shops, to churches, to museums will be hosting a wide variety of special exhibitions, performances, and holiday-themed festivities. It's an amazing night to bundle up and walk door-to-door to see what your local neighborhood has to offer. Maybe create some holiday crafts at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while taking a horse drawn carriage ride at the Park Shelton, or maybe do some holiday shopping for unique works of art by local artists at the Detroit Artists Market.

Some of the highlights include the Blind Boys of Alabama at the First Congregational Church (7:45 pm), Beethoven 7 plus Branford Maralis at the Max M. Fisher Music Center (8pm), and a special one night only opening of the Detroit Science Center (with free admission). A full list of exhibits can be found here.

It is a pretty remarkable night with unique surprises around every corner and every nook and cranny of the city. Definitely something for everyone!

Stirling's Rock n' Roll Birthday Party - Friday 12/09/11 at EL CLUB Detroit


Some of Detroit's finest rockers are getting together to celebrate local music/club promoter/rock aficionado Stirlings’ birthday. Stirling has been the driving force behind many area nightclubs throughout the years. He first started hosting modern dance parties in the '80s at the legendary dance clubs Todd's, The Leidernacht (now the City Club), The Majestic Theatre and The Warehouse. He later moved on to promote live music at The Sardine Bar, 313.jac/Jacoby's, and the park stage at Cityfest. He continues to be a strong advocate of Detroit talent by introducing new up and coming artists to local audiences. The annual party is one event that will showcase some stellar Detroit performers.

This promises to be a great night of local music. Performing will be some of Stirling's favorites. Local rockers Rocket 455 will headline the night, songstress Audra Kubat, a solo performance by Eddie Baranek of The Sights, and sets by Kenny Tudrick, newcomer Ian Link and a special appearance by songwriter Doop Duprie of Doop & The Inside Outlaws will be featured.

The rock n' roll party is on Friday, Dec. 9, doors at 8 and showtime is at 9pm at EL CLUB located at 4114 West Vernor Highway in southwest Detroit. 313-841-0400. $7 cover charge and 21 and over are welcome.

CASTING CALL: Survivor - MJR Westland - Wed 12/7/11

WWJ-TV is hosting a CASTING CALL for the hit CBS Reality Show, Survivor!

Interested competitors, ages 18 and older, are invited to audition at the open call on

December 7th at MJR Westland Grand Digital Cinema 16 in Westland.

Who: WWJ-TV – CBS Detroit

What: Survivor Casting Call

When: 4-7pm, Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Where: MJR Westland Grand Digital Cinema 16

6800 N. Wayne Rd., Westland, MI

WWJ-TV is looking for local adventurers, ages 18 and up, to represent Detroit on an upcoming season of Survivor on CBS. The TV station will hold an open casting call at the new MJR Westland Grand Digital Cinema 16 in Westland on Wednesday, December 7th, from 4pm until 7pm. This is currently the only Call scheduled in Michigan, and is only one of three confirmed December Casting Calls nationwide.

Each applicant attending the Survivor Casting Call will need to bring a signed video release form, along with a valid United States driver's license or passport. Each person will be videotaped by WWJ-TV and will have one minute to explain why they should be a contestant on Survivor. Video Release Form and Eligibility Requirements can be found at

MCB PICK OF THE WEEK: Margaret Dollrod - New Dodge Lounge - Sat 12/3

Bootsey X & the Lovemasters
Circus Boy

New Dodge Lounge
Hamtramck USA

Saturday December 3rd 2011

MCB meets the 100 Millionth Chevy Small Block Engine

MCB was invited to participate in the 100 Millionth Small Block Engine Build yesterday so we made the trek out to Wixom Powertrain to be a part of history. How could we pass this up? Sure this event could be considered a bit out of our "coverage" zone but this was a historic milestone and we were geared to actually be part of the build of this emblem of General Motors.

After check-in and badge collection we were escorted through the plant to the build location. An impressive number of reporters and photographers were on cue documenting the multi-member build off of number 100,000,000. Each person (with instruction from the GM Engineers) was able to attach/assemble a few of the engine components piece by piece. As each of the "stages" was completed the engine was moved on the next stage and the process continued until the build was complete.

While we watched we heard some back and forth that this engine was going to be donated to The Henry Ford for historical viewing but to me that seems a bit over the top. Not that it isn't justified or that it doesn't belong (although it is The Henry Ford btw) but rather the chevy small block has always been the engine of the regular guy and #100M shouldn't be setup in a glass case but rather tossed into the last remaining EV1 currently on display at The Warren Tech Center, painted cherry bomb red or GM Blue and raced down Gratiot every summer.   #100M was 638-horsepower supercharged LS9 small block – the power behind the 205-mph Corvette ZR1 – which is hand-built at GM’s Performance Build Center and surely would make a nice upgrade to the original game changer of electric transportation.

After tightening a few nuts and bolts ourselves we had to cut it short (because we have real jobs) and skip the presentation and interviews with "subject matter experts" who would have dropped lines like “The small block is the engine that brought high-performance to the people,” or how "Current small blocks engines feature all-aluminum cylinder block and heads in car and many truck applications to help save weight and contribute to greater fuel economy." which is kind of bummer because all the GM Techs at the build looked like they REALLY liked their jobs.

So on the ride back to Detroit I called one "subject matter expert" I knew who would give me the lowdown on the chevy small pops.

Growing up I was surrounded by cars and engines and hot rods and beaters. My old man was a motor pool foreman for a large trucking company and always helping out other people at home with their car troubles. After the infamous "kid burns hand on '72 Challenger side pipes" the Dodge was history and we had Chevy's from that point on. But enough about the "switch" and more about the chevy small block which my dad says "was always the easiest to work on in the garage. It didn't cost as much to rebuild or swap blocks/parts between cars or trucks because they worked with most the models. Once in while you would have to switch the dipstick (like any fast girl that runs the streets) or a fuel pump location." states the old man. He goes on to talk about many things but I think that says it all.

Plus we think the chevy small block isn't getting enough name recognition Everyone knows what a HEMI is but I don't think most realize that the chevy small block engine has touched their lives in one way or another. The numbers go beyond counting the numerous car models that it was utilized over nearly 60 years. Add to that a host of watercraft manufacturers, commerical / construction applications so it is surprising #100M hasn't come sooner than late 2011.
Congrats to GM and thanks for hitting up the MCB to help build this milestone #100,000,000!

UPCOMING EVENT: Rock and Rummage Holiday Shopping Show(s)- Dec. 9 and 10

Feel free to skip the mall this year and find something truly special as The Painted Lady Lounge in Hamtramck hosts the "Rock and Rummage Holiday Shopping Show" on Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10.

Rock and Rummage, Detroit's long standing Rock and Roll inspired traveling flea market, promises to deliver the coolest one of a kind items your liable to run across this holiday season. .

This event will include numerous Detroit area Rock and Rummage vendors selling a vast array of items including records, vintage items, jewelry, clothing, books, retro collectibles, handmade goods, posters, DVD's, and many one of a kind treasures. Each night of the two day event will feature a variety of different vendors.

You'll witness vendors tables chock full of all those goodies that you enjoyed as a kid. You'll be
transported in a nostalgic time machine back to your childhood. You will also witness tables
offering a showcase of local talented makers and the materials they bring to life.
At the "Rock and Rummage Holiday Shopping show" you most likely will find something that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.
Skip the big box middle man stores this holiday season and help support the local creative's. Chances are you'll come shopping and leave smiling.

The Painted Lady Lounge is located at 2930 Jacob Street Hamtramck, MI 48212

Shopping commences at 9 PM.
The event is free and is for persons 18 and over.
For more information please visit


Girl in a Coma @ The Magic Stick

There must be something in the water in Texas. For most of my life, bands from Texas have held sway over me. Girl in a Coma is no different.
When I got this assignment, I did some research and liked what I heard. It's got the punk sound. It's got the Texas sound too. It's got some twang, Telecaster hanging low. That sound you really can't put your finger on, but the southwest Texas sound was there. I had another show to go to, but as I was packing up, I heard a familiar riff. I finished packing up my gear as it played, paying it no mind.
As I threw my camera bag over my shoulder, it hit me. George Harrison's "As My Guitar Guitar Gentle Weeps." I was captured. It rang out true. How could I leave, NOW?
I stood there, enthralled, cursing that I had to leave. Wishing, that I could stay, to listen to the rest of the show. Hoping that this song wouldn't end, swaying to the music, cursing that my friend was releasing his cd tonight. Thinking of the time when, Girl in a Coma, would return.

You owe it to yourself to see, Girl in a Coma, when they come back to Detroit or a town near you.
Here are some photos from the show.

FREE TICKETS: Bear Lake - Magic Stick Detroit - Friday 12/2

We wanted to bring to your attention a talented band by the name of Bear Lake who have offered up a pair of tickets to check them out on Friday December 2nd 2011

Green Light Go and Grand Circus Media will be presenting Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, with Bear Lake and The Juliets. 

 The show will be at The Magic Stick, 4120 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI.  All ages are welcome and the doors open at 9:00 p.m. Its $10 to get in unless you score the freebies - email for your shot at the tix



Glassblowing and Holiday Cheer!

"Holiday Celebrations in Glass"- Glassblowing studio to open doors for show and sale featuring Michigan Made collectible glass.

December 3rd & 4th weekend sale will feature Michigan Made glass products and live glassblowing demonstrations.

         Artists at the Glass Academy open their studio doors in celebration of the Holidays, showcasing live glassblowing demonstrations and unique hand crafted glass for sale in Dearborn, MI. "Holiday Celebrations in Glass" takes place December 3rd & 4th from 10-6pm. Admission is free for all ages show with featuring many mid-range items from $14-$150 along with options for custom orders. The show takes place at the Glass Academy,, located at 25331 Trowbridge, near Gulley Road and Michigan Avenue in West Dearborn.

 "New this year will be our signature Snowman. 

This was a big hit last year during our live glassblowing demonstrations when he first appeared," comments Louis Sanchez, one of the glassblowing team members. 

 "We have created many new looks with him this season that everyone should come to see!"

 Other items for sale this season will include our customers favorites; signature jewel tone ornaments, glistening candy canes, colorful bowls, and fancy ornament stands. 

 Lisa Neitzer comments on why she comes to the show and sale at the Glass Academy;  "I love the look on people's faces when they open that unique gift you have found for them here.  The one-of-a-kind, hand-made artwork at the Glass Academy is just the perfect place to find the right gift year after year.  In fact, we love the candy canes so much, we are making a tradition of those as gifts each year.  The many varieties they have to choose from are so beautiful you just have to buy multiples!!"

 "I like watching all the jolly people there; everyone is having such a good time." Exclaims Lucy, a 12yr. old regular that likes to attend the studio shows.  

"I also like to watch the artists when they making the snowmen. 

Each one is different and has it's own special expression!"

For those who like a more intimate setting, a special preview party will be held on December 1st, from 6-8pm with seasonal foods, first viewing of the decorated Holiday studio, and live music.  Tickets are $50 and can be purchased on-line or by phone.  For more information about the show, "Holiday Celebrations in Glass," visit or call the studio at 313-561-4527.

About the Glass Academy

            The Glass Academy is Michigan's only state certified Proprietary Trade School teaching the glass arts with state-of-the-art glass equipment, a gallery, dining area, and free secure parking.  It is also the working studio of Furnace Design Studio.

An original hand crafted Snowman from the Glass Academy's  show and sale, December 3rd & 4th. 

Photo credit: Glass Academy


Baar Bazaar @ Majestic 17 December

Saturday, December 17th from 8pm-1am

It’s the sixth year anniversary of the Big Holiday Baar Bazaar and this year’s Holiday Baar Bazaar is going to be a blast – The Majestic Theater will be host to 30+ vendors on Saturday, December 17th from 8pm-1am. We are very excited to have some very special bands (TBA) playing while you shop! As always, admission is free, doors open at 8pm, and this is an all ages event. Shoppers can get a drink, watch a free show and shop with local businesses, brand new start-ups and collectors of just about everything!


Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

I have always had a love for the regional theatre available in Detroit and I know there are a lot of professional and wanna be actors in the area. A great way to build a resume is to appear in a play and here is a local audition that anyone can check out.

The Farmington Players are holding open auditions for the comedy by Michael Parker entitled “Whose Wives Are They Anyway?” about two guys who go on a golf outing where they unexpectedly encounter their boss. She tells them she can’t imagine men going away without their wives, so the guys must now rustle up some wives in this comedy of errors.

The auditions are on Monday, December 5th at The Farmington Players Barn Theater on 32332 West 12 Mile Road in Farmington Hills, MI 48334. The Barn is located on the north side of 12 Mile between Orchard Lake Rd & Farmington Rd. Be prepared to read scenes from the script! For information or copies of the script please email: For more details see or call (248) 553-2955.

Had a wonderful time at the Chameleons show last week and even got to talk a bit with Mark Burgess who was hanging out by the stage all prior to the opening band coming on. He was pretty cool talking to fans and taking pictures, which is something truly rare these days. The only other original member was John Lever who also performed in the opening band, Black Swan Lane.

Black Swan Lane

Most of the members of Black Swan Lane, founded by Burgess and members of the Messengers, also perform with Chameleons Vox. When the band originally reunited in the early 20002, they had a full band but only Marc and Lever stuck with it with the other guys drifting out. He admits if it wasn’t for Lever, he wouldn’t be touring as the Chameleons anymore. They put on a great show despite not playing “In Shreds” (I brought up the Mighty Wah! And Burgess said he was listening to that record, “Seven Minutes To Midnight” around the time he was doing that album) but managed to put together a great set of new and old music that had the crowd really into it. Didn’t get any pictures that came out but I am glad I finally got to see and meet one of the most underrated band in the genre of post-punk.

me and Mark Burgess of the Chameleons

Though kind of slim, here are a few recommendations for the upcoming week:

Thursday (12/01) - Brian Setzer & Slim Jim Phantom @ Motorcity Casino Soundboard, Split Lip Rayfield & Legendary Shack Shakers @ Magic Stick

Friday (12/02) - Street Dogs @ Small's, Jessica Hernandez wBear Lake & the Juliets @ Magic Stick, Savoy Brown @ Magic Bag

Saturday (12/03) - Thursday @ Eagle Theatre

Sunday (12/04) - Bill Kirchen @ The Ark

Have a good week and I’ll leave you with Bill Kirchen doing “Hot Rod Lincoln”. He rocked the Rochester Jazz Fest last year and he is worth catching live.

TONIGHT: Friends - PJs Lager House Detroit - 11/28/2011

Didnt get enough party on during the long weekend?
Head on over Lager House tonight for a peek at Friends

PJs Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave.
Detroit USA


Detroit Derby Girls: D-Funk Allstars vs. Detroit Pistoffs

Detroit Derby Girls played their first bout of the new season on November 19th, at the Detroit Masonic Temple.

The Detroit Derby Girls have moved back to the Masonic Temple where it all started after playing the last season at Cobo Arena. At some point in their second season they started selling out every bout  in advance, and it even got to the point where some bouts were selling out 3 weeks ahead of time. The  larger capacity at Cobo gave fans peace of mind that they wouldn't be turned away at the door. Since Cobo Arena had to undergo renovations, it just couldn't be booked for this season.

Cobo Arena had most of the audience sitting farther from the action, but it had the benefit of tiered stadium seating. For the first two years of regular season DDG, I always tried to get unobstructed  front row seating at the Masonic, and only succeeded once. Every time I sat in the second row at the Masonic, some big pumpkin-headed lunk had to sit directly in front of me just before the bout  started. (In all fairness, at Cobo I often had obnoxious dudebros down the row who felt the need leave their seats and return every five minutes)

"We have a 900 person capacity at the Masonic", said league treasurer Rocky Brawlboa. "We can't sell as many tickets as we could at Cobo, but we'll now have 12 regular season games instead of 10, so we hope that gives our fans more opportunities to attend. A lot of fans told us that they missed the masonic, and that was a big factor in our decision to return here."

"I love playing at Masonic and I know our fans love it too. Playing back at the Masonic is like coming home.", said D-Funk captain Fatal Femme.

The drill hall at the Masonic certainly stands out from traditional sports venues. It sits on the seventh floor of the world's largest masonic temple. Although they call that floor "3 Mezzanine", so that their total floor count would be 7 (the numbers 3 and 7 are really big in their organization's lore, but don't expect me to understand why). The room was designed so that the Knights Templar contingent within the order would be able to practice their parade marching maneuvers. The intent of the design was to have a large open floor without any support columns, and to have a sub-flooring that could withstand the shock of lockstep marching. (In the past, armies marching across a bridge in lockstep could create a reverberating pulse effect that would cause the bridge to collapse)

The night's bout was between the Detroit Pistoffs, and the D-Funk Allstars. A rematch of last season's championship game, where the Pistoffs won 107-77.

The Pistoffs put the first points on the board to start the new season. Cookie Rumble got lead jammer status and scored 9 unnoposed points. D-Funk would then take the lead, with the help of a double grand slam from Roxanna Hardplace. D-Funk would hold onto that lead for most of the first half, but the Pistoffs managed to take it back by halftime with a 55-44 score.

The biggest change in tactics that I noticed was that the pack of blockers would sometimes stay completely still in one place and form a wall to block the opposing team's jammers. That sometimes caused a relatively motionless bottle-neck of players if a jammer couldn't get past, and her own blockers couldn't run successful counter-blocking. "The game has been slowing down over the past few  years.", explained Fatal Femme. "I would say really this past season is when blockers started coming to a stop. It definitely changes the game."

The prevailing counter-measure by the jammers seems to be attempting to leap into a small gap between  blockers, or around the blocker on either side of the human-wall. When the jammer had enough  momemtum, she could wedge herself through two stationary blockers. The first time I saw the leap attempted, Freakin' Rican was trying slip past the wall on the inside of the curve. Her skate landed just past the inner boundary, so it couldn't be counted as a legal pass (doesn't score points, or confer lead jammer status). A shame, because she got a lot of air in that leap.

The halftime entartainment consisted of letting all the kids play with hula-hoops as a band played  covers off to the side. I can appreciate letting the kids exert some energy, but I hope that they bring back the wrestling clowns from a few seasons back. They not only wailed on one another all across the floor, they also threw garbage cans at each other. I think some people in the front row must have complained after some of the garbage flew out of the can and landed on them.

D-Funk dominated early in the second half, and their lead reached to 107-67 with 17:02 remaining on  the clock. They often made quick, calculated plays, using their lead jammer status to end the jam just after scoring 5 points, and just before the opposing jammer had a chance to reach the pack and score any. The Pistoffs then answered with some big plays, including a double grand slam by Cookie Rumble, and were leading 137-135 with 3:00 remaining. With just 2 minutes left on the clock, D-Funk's jammer, Roxanna Hardplace, was sent to the penalty box, and the Pistoffs capitalized on her absence to increase their lead to 150-135. With just 36 seconds left on the clock, it looked like the bout's outcome was already decided. In derby however, like it is in football, even when the game  clock runs out, the game isn't over until the final jam is also over. In the final jam D-Funk's Tinja  took lead jammer status, and the Pistoff's jammer Cookie Rumble was sent to the penalty box. Tinja, with the help of some really aggressive blocking and counter-blocking from her teammates, was able to  exploit the jammer-vacuum to put a lot of points on the board, and D-Funk pulled off a 154-153 victory. Tinja was named the Most Valuable Player of the bout. One of the closest bouts I've seen in a while.

D-Funk captain Fatal Femme gave a little insight after the game:
Detroit Area Dork: What did D-Funk capitalize on to achieve victory?
Fatal Femme: D funk really wanted to have strong walls and to recycle up front as fast as possible  when needed. We really worked on those 2 things a lot and it paid off. This season is going to be amazing.
D.D.: What Pistoff assets did you go out of your way to account for going into the bout?
F.F.: Last season the Pistoffs had really good strategy and we really focused on what we needed to do  to play "our" game against them. I'm so proud of our team!

Was Zach Braff really at the bout? The blockers should have all taken turns knocking him down as punishment for phoning it in during the last season of Scrubs.

The next bout will be on December 17th, as The Grand Prix Madonnas take on The Pistolwhippers.  Tickets available online.

All photos taken and generously donated by Maureen Tracy.

This post was written by:
I'm a dork, I live in the Detroit area, and sometimes I take blurry photos on an outdated camera

Concert Review: Peter Murphy, She Wants Revenge and Hussle Club Crofoot 11/25/2011

This year I’ve been reliving my youth and seeing the bands I grew up listening to like OMD, Men Without Hats and the star of this show, Peter Murphy. While the show was billed with the emphasis on She Wants Revenge as they probably do sell more records than Peter Murphy, the focus at the show was on Peter Murphy. Give credit to SWR as they told the crowd to save themselves for Peter, during  their set full of new, old and even some B-sides. If you came to the show a little late you probably missed Hussle Club, who played an early 30 minute set of a hard post punk that also featured some updated dance rhythms. As mentioned above, SWR played some of their early hits and their closing with “Out of Control” and “Tear You Apart” received loud appreciation from the crowd.
At age 54, Peter Murphy, shows your years as a musician and singer with one of the richest, as well as deepest vocals, can still put on a show that includes all the raw energy of his early years and all the beauty of his more delicate later releases. When he’s rowdy onstage, dancing and preening, he still reminds me of an Iggy Pop impersonator. But, it’s his quieter, reflective songs that elevate his show above comparisons. He showed an angry  streak during the show as he railed his sound man for checking his cell phone. In fact, I would say Peter is perfectionist at his art and has those same expectations for those around him, even choosing to restart “A Strange Kind of Love” when he was more than more than midway through it. His set also featured four Bauhaus songs, my favorite being “In the Flat Fields” which had Peter berating his drummer to “play faster, play faster!” He ended the show slowing way down with a somber encore of a three-song suite that included "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem."
Below is a video I made from the show featuring a few moments I was able to catch with Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge and Prince Terrence of Hussle Club.

This Post by Mikel O.D. of


A Pnueumatic Sound Installation - Detroit Sun Nov 27th 6 pm


TONIGHT: Black Friday at North End Studios

North End Studios

November 25, 2011 


This Black Friday, November 25, is the debut of a new collection of

work by Detroit artist Ivan Grass at the third floor gallery of North

End Studios. An established musician with a studio in the cavernous

building, this show shall be his first public exhibition of visual



At his desk in the Fortress, a re-appropriated industrial building

just beyond the shadow of the Fisher Tower, Ivan Grass has spent 2011

smearing paint around canvas. His work detached, and unreality

depicting strange abstractions of figures and life. Imbued with a

dreamlike quality, a hallucinogenic lucidity, patterns appear and

emerge from the surfaces. Surreal environments about with psychedelic

flourishes, Alice fell through the looking glass and landed in one of

Ivan's pieces.


The work has an intense and personal feel, but with the raw emotional

content filtered and construed through a technicolor lens. Color

choices are vibrant and bold. Chroma is confidently applied,

calculated yet playful brush strokes define ambiguous forms.


The opening is scheduled for 7 to 10PM. There is no admission cost,

refreshments and snacks will be provided for patrons. To schedule a

viewing contact . North End Studios is

located at 2937 E Grand Blvd Detroit MI 48212.

Celebrate Black Friday with Hussle Club, She Wants Revenge and Peter Murphy

You celebrate Black Friday and I'll celebrate it my way by going out to the Crofoot tonight and seeing Peter Murphy, She Wants Revenge and Hussle Club. Tracking under the radar on this bill is Hussle Club from New York whom I have heard really good things about. I'll be interviewing them, if you're coming tonight, come early. While She Wants Revenge is being billed as the headliner, everything I've read has them playing second. Although nothing SWR has done in the past few years come close to being as stellar as their self-titled debut, I've heard they put on a great live show. In my mind, Peter Murphy, should be the headliner, as he's a legend in my book. I'll also put "Love Hysteria" down as one of my favorite albums of all time. So, here's to hoping I get to hear "Indigo Eyes" by PM and "Tear You Apart" by SWR and I'll be guaranteed a good night.
Check back in a couple of days for my review of the show with pictures.
This Post by Mikel O.D. of

Wild At Heart - Social Distortion's Jonny Wickersham interview

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Back in 2008 I had the honor of interviewing Mike Ness upstairs at St Andrews Hall. He was on his solo tour and gave me a few moments mainly based on the fact that I was representing a college radio station (WXOU) which has been very dedicated to playing Social Distortion's music for the past 30 years. I have missed Social D a number of times over the past decade and finally caught up with them at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY for what I was hoping would be an exciting show. I had just come off seeing the post-punk band the Chameleons two days earlier so Social D had a lot to live up to.

Social D Mike Ness

Prior to the show I had the opportunity to talk with guitarist Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham. Jonny joined the band in 2000 following the passing of Dennis Danell. As a kid he was a fan of the band and grew up in the same area. About 5 years younger than Ness, he started tagging along with them at times and became friends of the band. Jonny says "Mike was a dynamic front guy" and you could just see his potential even when playing a gig at a garden party. To Jonny, Danell represented Mike's flipside and the two of them just made a perfect duo to front the band.

Social D Jonny Wickersham

It was in 1997 during Social D's European "White Light" tour when Donny replaced Danell for the continuation of the tour. Darnell was expecting his son Duke to be born and wanted to be there so Jonny "flew out and did a few gigs". A couple of years later, Danell passed away from a brain aneurysm which caused Mike to go through some soul searching as to whether to keep the band going. Mike called Jonny and offered him the job to be Social D's guitarist and he admits "it was very tough to come in and fill his shoes" since it was Dennis' band. To this day he just tries to keep up as his role is not about him but continuing what Danell started.

Social Distortion

Jonny seems to have done a good job integrating himself into the band and has helped in the songwriting duties on Social D's last two albums. Among those songs are "Angel's Wings", Nickels And Dimes" and "Faithless" from 2004's 'Sex, Love and Rock N Roll' and "Machine Gun Blues" and "Take Care Of Yourself" from their new album 'Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes'. Despite helping to co-write, Jonny humbly downplays his role. With "Nickels &And Dimes", Jonny states "the song was already mapped out already. It was almost done and Mike took it and approached it from his point of view". So while Jonny is contributing, one gets the feel that this is very much Mike's band though Jonny is OK with that.

It might have taken Jonny awhile to feel comfortable filling Danell's shoes but he says "this is my home now" and admits the fans and everyone has been real supportive of his time with Social D.

Social D punks out

Going back, I started off the interview asking him about his nickname "2 Bags" which got the response "we're not going to start with that". I never got the answer to that as he is very protective of that nickname from his younger years on the streets. He admits not really being proud of some aspects of his past when he was getting in trouble and breaking into the early punk rock scene. He was influenced by a guy named Jeff who got him into the scene starting with "Fast Cars" by the Buzzcocks. They had this very "eerie sound that was edgy and intense" and "the music just drew me in" which included the music of Stiff Little Fingers and the Sex Pistols and then later Black Flag and "Blue Album" by the Adolescents. I was " a 15 years old kid smoking pot and learning to drink" and that was just where I was at in life.

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Before he got into the punk scene, he was in a totally different realm.He grew up in a house with a lot of music with his father being in a band that played a lot of classic 60's/70's rock including the Stones and Mama's and the Papa's, including remembering listening with his father "Who's Next" and 8 track. He taught Jonny the various chords starting him on Hoyt Axton's "Greenback Dollar" before eventually getting into Zeppelin and Areosmith. With a bit of thoughtfulness in his voice, he admits his father "is more of an influence now" in his life an music which seems to be a very common trait among punk rockers as they go from rebellion to acceptance in their life.

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Jonny does have a diverse musical palate enjoying outlaw country (like Hank and Highwayman stuff) to the Eagles and Flying Burrito Brothers. Not quite what one would expect from a guy who has been through the years with bands like US Bonds and Youth Brigade. He does some work on the side with a blues and a bluegrass band and has been working the last few years on a album of Americana music with a LA scene bent. He is not sure if or when the album will come out but he is proud of the work he has done with it. The best thing is working with two of his idols in the names of Dave Lindley and the one and only Jackson Browne who appear on one of the songs. I personally hope he gets the opportunity to get this album even if just online.

Social D Jonny

The show itself started off with a song from the new album called "Road Zombie" and went on for a wonderful hour and a half of new and old songs with a real precision for a band that has been around as long as they have. I have seen lots of bands from this era, including recent shows with the Misfits and Stiff Little Fingers. Most of these bands can rock out but their current playing doesn't really do full justice to their early sound. That is not true with the D. While their early music has a certain rawness, they now play with a real tightness and brings a certain power that keeps their music strong. The band sounds extremely good live these days unlike a lot of their brethren and put on a show that really kicks your ass. They had the place rockin right up to the final song, Cash's "Ring Of Fire", which had people dancing in the aisles. They are not coming to Detroit this time around but are playing close by. Just drive an hour south to Toledo @ the Omni on 11/26 or you can go to Grand rapids on 11/27 and see them @ the Orbit Room. If you have never seen them live before, you need to experience them if you are a fan of this genre of music.

Social D set list

Here is "Machine Gun Blues" from the new album: