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Nancy Whiskey's 4th of July BBQ


Support Local Music - Whitey Morgan & the 78's at DTE Energy Music Theater on 7/4

Whitey Morgan & The 78s Live!
(with Lynyrd Skynyrd)
at DTE Energy Music Theater on Monday, July 4th

Whitey Morgan and the 78's are a Honky Tonk band from Flint, Michigan.
They haven't re-invented the wheel. They just picked it up and started it
rolling all over again.

Since the release of their first album Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels, Whitey
and the band have revived a forgotten genre with a fierce dedication and
They've toured the country spreading their sound and real deal vibe
everywhere they go.
They play honky-tonk tunes in any club in any town without apology and with
a purpose.
Look out, this bad news sounds real good.

Around 200 shows a year you can count on Whitey Morgan and the 78's to
Whitey's whiskey tinged vocals, the 78's foot stomping beats, all
relentlessly stirring up dance floors everywhere they go.
The bottle turns up, spirits elevate and in this world, there isn't a person
who couldn't use Whitey Morgan and the 78's.

Whitey Morgan & The 78s Live!
Monday, July 4th at DTE Energy Music Theater




This weekend at MOCAD

Thursday, June 30th at 7PM
Sound in Context: A History of Noise
Admission: Free

This panel discussion seeks to provide context both to MOCAD's music programming for the evening of July 1st with Hunting Lodge, Lichens and Michael Dec, as well as a broader understanding of the history and context of the music that today's culture has deemed "noise." From Luigi Russolo and the Futurists to John Cage, Anthony Braxton and Lou Reed, and from Les Rallizes Dénudés and the Boredoms to Animal Collective and Wolf Eyes, the history of "music" presented as sound and art has been long and well documented. To a large group of forward thinking artisans the terms music, noise and art are non-exclusive. This discussion will be include artist and musician Davin Brainard from the long running performance art/noise music group Princess Dragon Mom and the art collective/record label TIME STEREO; Cary Loren of highly influential Michigan-based proto-noise band Destroy All Monsters; artist Alivia Zivich who runs the influential noise label AA records and performs as part of the noise ensemble Demons; artist and musician Chip Flynn of the robotic art collective Apetechnology; and Detroit promoter and DJ Greg Baise. This loose conversation and information session will be led Detroit artist and MOCAD Public Program Coordinator Ben Hernandez whose venue Detroit Art Space acted as a hub for the Detroit "noise scene" from 2003-2005. There will be a live presentation of a Luigi Russolo noise machine created and installed Apetechnology. This should be an illuminating discussion for the uninitiated and the curious.

Friday, July 1st at 8PM
HUNTING LODGE/APETECHNOLOGY with special guests Lichens and Michael Dec
Admission: $7.00

HUNTING LODGE was formed in Port Huron, Michigan 1981 by Lon C. Diehl and Richard Skott as a platform to experiment with harsh, dark electronic-based music.  Diehl had played synth/bass with "industrial post-punk" band HATE/GREY and Skott was self-releasing amp-noise experimentations under the name Screw Machine.  The two bonded over their interest in the music of Throbbing Gristle, Dome and SPK, as well as the plethora of post-punk musical experimenters of the time. They began putting out cassette-only releases as HUNTING LODGE on their label S/M OPERATIONS in 1982, including the debut LP WILL in 1983. By the time of their next LP, Nomad Souls (1984 – S/M OPERATIONS in the U.S. and SPK member Graeme Revell's label SIDE EFFEKTS in the U.K.), the bands' earlier experiments with pure noise were now being combined with strong rhythms, using synched digital delays/early samplers and tribal drums. Following a U.S. tour in 1984, Skott moved to San Francisco while Diehl finished up the recording of "Tribal Warning Shot" 12-inch, which became a minor club hit, particularly in Germany. Their final album, 8-Ball was released in 1986 and would see them pushing further into traditional song structure. Eventually, Diehl lost interest in making music and liquidated all of his equipment. Skott went on to form a solo drum machine and guitar based project. He soon moved to L.A., where he remains, still spending some time touring and producing music.

Chip Flynn of Apetechnology met HUNTING LODGE when he was 14 years old. A young genius obsessed with robots and noise, he became the "4th HUNTING LODGE member," in the end providing machines for stage use during their final shows before Flynn also moved to San Francisco, where he worked for a time with legendary robot art collective Survival Research Laboratories. Having moved back to Detroit to purchase and renovate a warehouse to accommodate his continually expanding art activities, Flynn asked Diehl and Skott of HUNTING LODGE to provide the soundtrack for a robotic Apetechnology show at his Destroy Compound in March of 2011. The show, a total improvisation, marked the first time the group shared a stage in over 20 years.

MOCAD is very proud and excited to present this rare opportunity for HUNTING LODGE/APETECHNOLOGY to allow the machines to have their voice be heard.

Lichens is Robert Lowe, formerly of Chicago-based indie "post-rock" band 90 Day Men. Musically, Lichens has released two full length LP's on the Kranky record label appropriately entitled Omns and The Psychic Nature of Being. Each release features live improvisations comprised of looping chanted vocal sounds accompanied by acoustic and electric guitars—at times picked, at times tortured—along with periodic percussion. The sounds Lowe conjures are at once ambient and tribalistic. His live performances take on a hallucinatory feeling, with simple, ritual place settings creating an otherworldly environment for Lichens' one-time only improvisational techniques.

Michael Dec is a reclusive Detroit-area improviser and poet using guitars, effects and words to create strange and beautiful performances and soundscapes inspired by Dada and Surrealism poetics, 1960's psychedelic music and 1970's post-punk and art rock.


Gentle Reminder: Theatre Bizarre - Documentary Fundraiser and Website Launch Party

The Crofoot Ballroom
1 South Saginaw St, Pontiac
Tomorrow, Doors at 8

Big Bang Films

The Theatre Bizarre Documentary
Fundraising Launch Party and Preview
In the past decade, Theatre Bizarre has carved out a special place in Detroit's underground history. The now legendary Halloween masquerade has always operated outside the law (and under its nose) but its story has never been properly told... until now.

Working closely with Theatre Bizarre insiders including mastermind and ringmaster, John Dunivant, Big Bang Films has taken on the awesome task of putting the legend on the big screen. Utilizing hundreds of hours of historic video and thousands of still images, The Theatre Bizarre Documentary (working title) will offer a glimpse into the secret world of The Greatest Masquerade on Earth and you can be a part of it by attending this party!

On June 30, 2011 at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI, Big Bang will host a launch party for the fundraiser supporting the film. All attendees will be listed as Associate Producers in the credits and will be the first to see the teaser trailer for the film! The profits from your ticket purchase will go directly toward the production of the documentary. Don't miss this opportunity to show your support for and become a part of Detroit's most beloved, illegal, otherworldly Halloween blowout!

The party is also a celebration of the launch of Theatre Bizarre's first full-featured website! Finally, a portal for true fans - a place to learn all the latest info and find the best pics and video of the best thing to happen to Halloween since trick or treating. It's also the place that we'll introduce new, exclusive Theatre Bizarre merchandise and announce Theatre Bizarre related events.

Please note... this party is a fundraiser to kick off the documentary and possibly become a part of it. The film is currently in production and scheduled for release in early 2012.

Appearing at the show:

- The Ruiners
- Los Minstrels Del Diablo
- Death Lab
- Flec Mindscape
- The Shitesmen
- The Weird Sisters Circus
- Satori Circus
- Hayley Jane
- Sky Fire
- Courtney Morningstar
- The Theatre Bizarre Documentary Teaser Trailer

- AND 2010 Miss Exotic World - Roxi Dlite

... and much more!

Thank you to all the performers who are appearing for free in support of Theatre Bizarre and the Theatre Bizarre documentary!

• Costumes Encouraged
• Exclusive Theatre Bizarre merch available!
• Tell your story to the on-site film crew for a chance to be in the movie!!
• Patio will be open - DJs all night!
• Drink Specials
• Fire!
• Metal Hooks!
• Blood!

Presale tickets available NOW for $25 each at the following vendors:

Showtime Clothing
5708 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI

Noir Leather
124 w. 4th Street
Royal Oak, MI

Fantasy Attic
19 E Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI

21 and over.

Don't miss out! Get your tickets today!

Please note... this party is a fundraiser to kick off the documentary and possibly become a part of it. The film is currently in production and scheduled for release in early 2012.

Recap: Matt & Kim at The Majestic Theater

Matt & Kim played the Majestic Theater on June 24th, along with The Hood Internet and The Thermals

I first came across Matt & Kim when they played at Detour Magazine's Rock City festival back in July 2008. I had never heard of them before, but since I had already paid for the pass, I figured out I might as well watch some of the band that had the 3rd highest spot on the bill. They played the Majestic Theater back then too. I remember the place was maybe half filled. I also remember finding their music to be infectious and fun. Aren't music festivals great?

So the doors opened at 8, I arrived outside the Majestic at 8:45, and the crowd was still lined up around the block still waiting to get themselves processed through the doors. Signs were posted outside saying that the show was sold out.

If they were infectious three years, they're down right an epidemic now. They get far more involved with the crowd, getting them excited. Kim even got nearly every guy to take his shirt off during one song. The level of effective persuasiveness was remarked upon by many women there. I think that the essence of their happiness should captured in a pill form and sold as an antidepressant. Its effectiveness would put all the competition out of business.

The first thing that put their set apart from the previous time I saw them live is their venture into the use of "mash-ups" at the beginning of songs. They would play the hook from a well known song for a bit, and then blend it into the beginning of one of their songs. I'm not going to try to list all of the songs they used, but the ones that stand out the most in my mind are Biz Markie's "You Got What I Need", Ludacris's "Move Bitch", and 69 Boyz's "Tootsee Roll".

Most drummers seem to have accecpted their role at the back of the stage. They stay behind the rest of the band, and let them have most of the attention. Kim doesn't fall into this role. She often likes to stand up on her drum stool, or the kick drum in order to encourage the crowd to get more involved. At one point she even had the crowd all put their hands in the air so that she could walk across them. She stepped out onto a sea of outstretched hands that held up her weight as she attempted to do a booty roll dance.

During one song a fan managed to get on stage for a second, but quickly dived back off. A few seconds later Matt stopped right in the middle of the song in order to discourage security from roughing the guy up too much. I can honestly say I've never seen that happen before.

At one moment between songs Matt mentioned that he once had a gun pointed at him on that very city block. I've got to say it's always a bit embarrassing to hear a band talk about being the victim of some kind of crime on one of their previous tour stops in Detroit. We usually hear that the band's tour van was stolen or something like that, but this was even worse.

That theater definitely had the feel of being sold out. Despite it being a cool night outside, the inside got to feel hot and muggy from all the closed in people. It seemed as if no one was willing to leave early, and the placed was packed tight right up until the last song.

All photos by Riaz K. (except for that pill thing)
Here's his full set for the night

This post's writing by:
I'm a dork, I live in the Detroit area, and sometimes I take blurry photos on an outdated camera

BLOG MOMENT: MCB Summer packed full of fun (help!)

Summer is here and there are tons of killer shows around town that we are giving away tickets and swag plus a bunch of video interviews ahead for our hard working MCB the editor here I have had to carve out time to get out lately and have been slammed with MCB paperwork and other time consuming variables

Shown below are a few of the activies that will be dominating my summer thanks to the MCB youngsters so if I owe you a drink just hold your breath.

PHOTOS - REVIEW: NXNE by Sue Static / Peter Schorn

NXNE 2011 June 13-19 Toronto Canada by Sue Static
Photos by Peter Schorn

The 17th edition of the North by Northeast Music Festival and Conference took over the streets of Toronto the week of June 13-19, 2011. Much like the U.S. SXSW festival, NXNE showcased 650 bands from across the globe, 50 music industry panels and 40 independent films. Over the years the festival has grown to become the Canadian festival to see unsigned and indie acts and major concerts all in one fantastic week of music.

I have been attending the festival since its inception only missing two years out of 17. It has become my Summer vacation destination each year. I have watched NXNE change and grow to become one of the best music festivals period. What is great about the festival is the variety of music presented each year. Every genre from folk to punk, electronic, bluegrass, rock, metal and pop can all be found here. Also, the convenience of the venues being close to each other and the mass transportation in the city makes it easy to get from club to club. If you don't like what you hear at one you can just walk down the block to another and you just may find a band performing on a street corner as well.

Many other free events around the city include concerts in the park, a music cruise, music stages at the airport and the incredible free concerts at Yonge-Dundas Square, in the heart of the city. Last year I saw the return of rock icons Iggy & The Stooges and X; this year was no exception as '80s favorites DEVO and Men Without Hats performed to thousands of people packed into the square and surrounding streets.

NXNE hosts an annual film festival featuring 40 independent music related films, shorts and documentaries. Featured this year were the documentaries Kurt Cobain: About a Son, Upside Down-The Creation Records Story and Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements, just to name a few. I managed to catch the later this year at its Canadian premiere at the festival.

NXNE's music industry panels are presented during the day and although very Canadian orientated are still resourceful and informative to any musician or music business person.
Areas of the music industry focused on this year were new media, video, marketing and the ever-popular demo derby.

By nightfall the city of Toronto is filled with the sound of music from dusk until dawn. Festival attendees roam the streets from club to club or congregate and network outside of the venues. My weekend adventure started on Thursday night at Cherry Cola's Rock N' Rolla Cabaret & Lounge for the Taiwanese invasion of The White Eyes from Taipei, Taiwan. Now Magazine warned about these rockers the week prior to the show and what a show it was! I was thrust into the rock n' roll mayhem upon my entrance into the small club, as the place was packed and the stage was located at the entrance. The energetic, feral female-fronted garage-rock n' roll quartet totally delivered. It was a promising start to the weekend ahead.

Moving on to the Garrison, I was only able to catch a few songs from The Dig from New York City and liked what I heard. Following them was another Taiwanese import called My Skin Against Your Skin. The femme-fatale led band had a post-punk edge to their engaging performance. It was interesting to start the festival off with two different bands from the other side of the world that proved that music has no boundaries.

The first night ended with Dead Messenger. This hard-rocking trio from Montreal sounded a little like if Elvis Costello and the Attractions or The Jam were from Canada instead of the U.K.

Friday night's band action was off to a late start after attending the film Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements. While the film is an interesting fan documentary and a must-see for Replacements fans, it was disappointing that it didn't feature any of the band's music, which would've added to the film's overall impact. As when describing a band such as them you really need to hear the power of their music to fully appreciate it.

As with most festivals, NXNE distributes a guide book which describes the style of music each band plays. Every year I always try to seek out at least one outrageously named band to see. This year's name winner was Toronto's Connoisseurs of Porn. Already onstage by the time I hit the club, what I heard sounded very "Raw Power"-ish in a chaotic way, but by the next song quickly turned to noise for noise sake much like their description suggested.

Making my exit to another venue down the street, I was stopped in my tracks by a crowd outside another non-festival bar listening to the sounds of gypsy-punk-folk Gogol Bordello-esque outfit called the Lemon Bucket Orkestra. The pub was packed and dancing up a storm as the band performed on the bar itself! They attracted a crowd inside and out and passed a hat for donations to which I added to as they definitely added to the festive atmosphere.

After the brief detour to the music of the Balkan lands, I traveled back to the legendary club the El Mocambo. The club featured bands on both upstairs and downstairs stages. Downstairs "special guests" was a secret second festival appearance by Los Angeles indie rockers Dum Dum Girls and upstairs was the pop dance party of Melleefresh. I didn't last long watching the later, nor did the ten others watching the lame disco dance show that seemed dated rather than fresh. I read the next day that Melleefresh was an original collaborator with DJ Deadmau5 which I find baffling. Providing contrast, outside busking on the busy street corner was a bluegrass trio from Florida called Jubal's Kin.

Around the corner at Rancho Relaxo, I caught a few songs by The Black Void from Montreal before ending the night with a bang at the Silver Dollar where the Toronto band Give Us The Daggers rocked us into the night or morning at 4 am!

Saturday night was off to a good start at the free concert at Yonge-Dundas Square where '80s stalwarts DEVO brought their D-evolution to the masses. Men Without Hats or in this case "Man with Hat" as singer Ivan is the only remaining original member left took the stage before them and had the crowd doing the "Safety Dance."
Outside on the street during most of the DEVO set due to overcrowding was also a show in itself as I ran into hometown friends, witnessed a guy passing out and being hauled away and had the most amusing question asked to me: During DEVO's hit-packed set, someone asked me if they had played "Mexican Radio" yet…

After the spud rock it was back to the clubs where Peelander-Z already had the crowd in a frenzy of fun with their cartoon punk antics. It's always a party when these Japanese via New York punkers blast their way into any town. Audience participation is a must!

With no plan on who to see next, I wandered into the Silver Dollar to see who was on before moving on, but stayed. The band was Bad Cop from Nashville, Tennessee who arrested us with their sonic assault. It is times like these that you don't plan on that totally catch you off guard which are the best and most memorable. When you actually discover some great new band like this, this is what these music festivals are all about!

The end of another night of rocking until the sun came up came to a close and the end of the festival (for me anyway). Sunday featured more bands in the square and clubs, a picnic and a soccer game but for us it was time to catch up with sleep and friends before heading home.

Thanks NXNE for another year of great music!
Can't wait to see what is in store for 2012!

For information and submission guidelines for NXNE 2012 check out

"I'm Confused" - FREE CDs Handsome Furs at Lager House presented by The Crofoot July 30th ????

MCB pick of NEXT month would have to be the upcoming Handsome Furs show at PJ's Lager House on July 30th - email for a copy of the latest just released yesterday "Sound Kapital" on Sub-Pop and get more of the details


Gentle Reminder: Wanda Jackson at The Magic Stick tomorrow

Wanda Jackson
with Deadstring Brothers, Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas
June 29th at The Magic Stick
Doors at 8

When Wanda Jackson, the justly crowned Queen of Rockabilly, recorded “Let’s Have A Party,” a tune she made into a hit of her own in 1958 even after one-time boyfriend Elvis Presley had released a version of it, her delivery of the chorus wasn’t so much a suggestion as a command. As the title – and, more importantly, the contents -- of her latest album, The Party Ain’t Over, indicates, this feisty septuagenarian artist is as galvanizing as ever. Jackson was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, honored with a long-time-coming, Early Influence accolade for her pivotal role in the evolution of popular music, especially where female artists were concerned. As a teenager in the mid-50s, the diminutive Jackson was the first woman to perform unadulterated rock and roll – and she one-upped the boys defining this new genre, Presley included, with her exhilaratingly forthright approach. The young Jackson, an Oklahoma native, came across as both gritty and glamorous; a playfully suggestive growl to her voice matched the daring, handmade outfits she wore, short skirts and fringed dresses that have inspired would-be bad girls for decades to come.


Video from Matt&Kim, The Thermals and the Hood Internet Majestic Theater 6/24/2011

For me each summer there is a show that signifies the beginning of summer and good times in Detroit. This year that show was Friday, June 24 Majestic Theater with the SOLD OUT Matt & Kim show with the Thermals and the Hood Internet. I think there's another MCB story coming up on the show with photos, so I'll be brief and give you videos, just in you missed the show or want to re-experience some of it again.

Stv Slv of theHoodInternet kicked off the show with a body movin' mash up set that pulled from all their great tracks you can download from their website. Some may have had the misconception that having a DJ warm up the show might be boring. However, Stv proved them wrong amping up the show with special effects and bringing in crowd shout outs. I talked to Stv before the show and he said he loved playing shows with different crowds and exposing them to THI tracks.

The Thermals played next with a fast paced set of their punky pop. While there was some sound issues during the set, there are certainly worse ways to fill the middle of the show. Besides I loved watching Kathy Foster slappin' the bass.

Matt & Kim were the band that everyone came to see and they didn't disappoint. Hell, they elevated their game by encouraging tons of crowd involvement, expressing their true love for Detroit fans and kicking ass onstage with surprise moments like grooving into "Push It" and "Seven Nation Army."

This Post by Mikel O.D. of

Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

I don’t have much to say this week after getting through Rochester’s Jazzfest, Burlington’s Sounds Of Music, the LPGA Tournament and overtime at work. I am looking forward to see Bootsy Collins this week (look for pictures) and the Accordion Babes (ditto) and who knows what else.

I would like to thanks everyone so far who has visited motorcityblog over the past few days. I figured how to track my image views and the past week saw around 13,500 image views which is amazing. It’s nice to know I lot of people were interested in the photos and I hope to do a lot more in the coming weeks. My biggest surprise was that the number 1 viewed group was Chic Gamine and the Salads are starting to edge out Devo. If you get the chance to see any of those bands or get to Burlington next year, please do so. It is definitely worth it.

Moving on, here are my recommendations for concerts of the week:

Tuesday (6/28) – Katy Perry @ Palace Of Auburn Hills

Wednesday (6/29) – Los Lonely Boys @ Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Motley Crue w/New York Dolls @ Pine Knob, Owl City w/Matt Kearney @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Wanda Jackson w/Jessica Hernandez @ Magic Stick, Sugarcoats @ PJ’s Lager House

Thursday (6/30) – “Sonic Lunch” feat Misty Lyn @ Ann Arbor Plaza, Stewart Francke @ the Ark, Theatre Bizarre Launch Party feat the Runiers and Los Minstrels Del Diablo @ Crofoot

Friday (7/01) – An Horse @ Magic Stick, Ty Stone, School Of Rock and Ace Frehley @ Stars And Stripes Festival

Saturday (7/02) – Pop Evil @ Hockeytown Café, John Michael Montgomery @ Pine Knob, Soul Asylum w/The Muggs, the Sights and Taddy Porter @ Stars And Stripes Festival, Tragically Hip @ Caesars Windsor

Sunday (7/03) – Rick Springfield @ Stars And Stripes Festival

Monday (7/04) – Lynyrd Skynrd @ Pine Knob, 60 Second Crush, Robin Horlock, Jessica Hernandez and Pistol Day Parade @ Stars And Stripes Festival

While I usually only recommend bands I have seen, I wish I could go to Stars and Stripes on Saturday to see English rock royalty Sweet (OK, only 1 original member) and Smashmouth. I’ll have to settle for Bootsy Collins and the Accordion Babes here in Rochester.

For those of you that remember Rothbury, the Double JJ Ranch has announced a new festival in a similar vein called Electric Forest. There are no big names like past artists Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan or Dave Matthews, but it does have some decent music for the jam band fans in the guise of Railroad Earth, Tiesto, Bassnectar, REO Speedwagon, Stephen Marley, Galactic, Ragbirds and Macpodz. It runs June 30th to July 3rd and looks to almost the same festival in every other aspect. It might be a good way to get away from the city and enjoy a pleasing festival experience. They also have a nearby water park and life size mousetrap game as added features of the grounds. I really enjoyed Rothbury when I went and this looks like it could be fun. Check it out at for line-ups and ticket prices.

I will leave you with a song by An Horse, a really nice band. They played here for Record Day in Rochester and I have seen then a couple of times. Check them out at the Stick.

PROVOCATIONS: Challenging Detroit's Design Discourse

lecturesHAA is pleased to announce its 2011/2012 program: "PROVOCATIONS:
Challenging Detroit's Design Discourse". This bi-monthly lecture series
will begin in June and continue through the end of 2012. Each panel
discussion will invite local, regional, and national figures to discuss what
makes Detroit provocative. Set in a variety of under-utilized, contested,
and historically charged spaces throughout our city, each event seeks to
challenge the participants through candid discourse and direct engagement of
the built environment. It is the aim of each panel discussion to explore
new urban strategies that promote social equity and advocacy. We believe
good design (and good design discourse) is a proactive and critical act,
toeing the line between conflict and resolution. While each event exists
for only a moment, the entire series will provide a lasting catalogue of
constructive dialogue, informing Detroit's shared creative consciousness.

An onslaught of recent international catastrophes and dogged economic strife
has begun to teach the broader design community empathy, compassion, and
perhaps, selflessness. These reactions have bettered a majority of the
profession and fundamentally transformed recent design graduates. Not
coincidentally, the market for super-starchitecture is waning. The
profession has gravitated toward social equity, conscientious investment,
and advocacy.

An alternate mode of practice is on the horizon. Current moods are shifting
towards a more aggressive "public". One that passionately argues or fights
for what they want, for what they believe in. Instead of waiting for a
catalytic trigger to better their environment, the public is forcing our
hands and demanding to be heard. Egypt... Tea Party... Robocop statues...

The design profession is following suit by becoming less reactive in the
name of the "public" and more proactive towards producing socially-conscious
design. Sometimes provocative discourse wavers between conflict and
solution, but the found space in between can foster a unifying trajectory,
allowing everyone to take control of our shared design destiny.

So, we ask you.who's looking for a fight?

We would like to invite you to our June event, "AWAKENINGS: WHO is Detroit's
design public? WHO are you designing for? WHO are you fighting for?"


Panel Discussion
June 28, 2011
6:00 - 8:00 pm

2:1 Gallery
1480 Gratiot Ave, Detroit

Reception to follow
8:00 - 9:00 pm

Participants presenting in the "AWAKENINGS" panel discussion include:
· Margarita Barry, Founder + Publisher of I AM YOUNG DETROIT, Founder of 71
· Matt Clayson, Director of Detroit Creative Corridor Center
· Eleanore Eveleth, Community Development Program Manager of Data Driven
· Megan Heeres, Art Curator + Community Garden + Arts Program Manager of
Compuware Corporation
· Sarah Szurpicki, Director of Great Lakes Urban Exchange (GLUE)

lecturesHAA is an urban advocacy initiative of rogueHAA.

FREE TICKETS: BLANK CITY - Detroit Film Theatre - 7/1- 7/10

email for your chance to win a pair of tickets to this killer flick

Blank City Official Trailer from Celine Danhier on Vimeo.

Friday, July 01, 2011 – Sunday, July 10, 2011
(USA/2011—directed by Céline Danhier)

Blank City is about the iconoclastic filmmakers clustered in the East Village and Lower East Side of Manhattan in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The chaotic, fast-moving, hazily remembered scene they created deserves and benefits from the scholarly consideration Ms. Danhier offers. A careful, enthusiastic cultural historian, she illuminates a hectic and fascinating place and time, bringing it back to life and tracing its continuing influence. Documentaries on the history of film often work best as guides to future research, and Blank City is no exception.

Some of the movies it samples have carved out niches for themselves — Jim Jarmusch’s supercool Stranger Than Paradise, Charlie Ahearn’s splendid and sprawling Wild Style – while others are clearly in need of rediscovery.

This is a vivid tour of a glorious and grungy bygone past.

The stellar cast includes Debbie Harry,

Lydia Lunch, Nick Zedd, Steve Buscemi and many more.

Friday, July 1 at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, July 2 at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 3 at 2:00 p.m.

July 10 at 4:30 p.m.

FREE CDs - Seeds from Hey Rosetta - Magic Stick Detroit - Tues 6/28

email for your chance to win a copy of the latest CD release "Seeds" from Hey Rosetta

Canadian indie rock group Hey Rosetta! plays the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward Ave) in Detroit Tuesday, June 28th

The band has toured relentlessly in 2011 since the release of their latest album Seeds including several performances at SXSW and a run of sold-out dates in Australia with fellow Canadians City and Colour. The band last toured the states in May after a performance at The Great Escape Festival in the UK.

Seeds was recently long listed for the prestigious Polaris Prize putting Hey Rosetta! in esteemed company with acts such as Neil Young and Arcade Fire. Back in February, Jian Ghomeshi of CBC cultural affairs show Q presciently called Seeds “an early contender for Canadian album of the year.” The band’s previous album Into Your Lungs was short listed for the Polaris Prize.

US Tour Dates
6/28 – Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick
6/29 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
6/30 – Buffalo, NY @ Lafayette Square

Ringo Death Star - The Phog Windsor - Tues 6/28

Ringo Deathstarr touring with Trail of Dead and playing June 28th at Phog Lounge in Windsor Ontario. RDS play dreamy shoegaze rock merged with lo-fi melodic slacker pop with male and female vocals that is well worth the trip over the bridge.



July 1st-4th Mt. Clemens is hosting a party you don't want to miss, the Stars & Stripes Festival. Downtown will be close and filled with something for everyone. Music, activities, a carnival, a petting zoo.
There will be four stages set up with music of all genres. There will be music all day. Each night, will host at least one national act, usually more.

Friday - Ace Frehley and Ty Stone
Saturday - Smash Mouth, Soul Asylum, Sweet, and Taddy Porter
Sunday - Rick Springfield and Tonic

The other stages will host local acts. You sure to find an act you like and have a new local favorite. Detroit and southeast Michigan has a rich and talented music scene. Come out and show your support. Who knows, you may see the next big thing and be able to say "I saw them at Stars & Stripes."

What about other types of entertainment. Do you like fireworks, lightshows, magicians? Star & Stripes has them.
At Dusk
Friday - Fireworks
Saturday & Sunday - A Laser light show

Bring the kids, there is going to be a petting zoo, pony rides, mini stockcar racing(the big kids can play too). Don't forget the carnival with rides, midway, games of chance. There will be many things to do, see, watch, participate in. It will be fun.

If you'd like more information about Stars & Stripes, check out the website.


Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Well, it is Friday and here is the last of this week's coverage of the Burlington Sounds Of Music Festival. The first band I talked to at the festival was the popular Canadian bands, "the Salads". This is the type of band, with their punkish jam band party sound (they look at themselves as a cross between Slayer, master Of Puppets and reggae), that my parents might not get, but can be infectious. The band is also very down to Earth and was one of the most inviting bands I have interviewed. Quite simply, the band seems more like the neighborhood band of misfits practicing in their garage on weekends that a band that has been on the national stage since 1993.

Salads beard

more Salads

The interview started off with being offered a beer or something to drink, which is also cool when offered by a band in their tour bus. They had just finished sound check and lead singer Darren has taken some time away from his kid who was touring with him (going to hit the rides later) to talk with me. The general festival vibe of this event allows him to spend some quality time with his kid as well as promoting the band in front of an audience, many who might not be familiar with their music.

Salads rock down

Salads bass

They have been touring the last 2 years promoting their last release, "The Big Picture", appearing on the Warped tour, along with various campus shows, clubs and festivals. The guys are currently working on a self-produced Album. They stated their last album was "very serious since we were going through a lot of issues with our
label and management" along with personal issues outside the band. This time around the band is trying to capture a more party style with silly themes and more light-hearted "turbo charged" and intense album. The idea was to have a fun tour where they would do house parties across the country but admitted the Foo Fighters already did that. I still think they should do it because they just have that vibe the Fighters don't have that would make that tour work.

the Salads rocked

Salads guitar

The band puts on a lively show that I hope my picture do justice and they admit to liking to plays in front of different audiences, which shows just how good one is at adapting to venues. Whether big or small, the band just seems to want to have fun. They are trying out some new songs while on tour and the audience seems to groove to the new songs. That seems to mean a lot though they admit they also enjoy seeing the young kids dancing to the music even though they probably do not understand the lyrical content.

Salads pose

We should be seeing their new album soon and it will have a few surprise guests including David Wilcox (Darren works part time at a Toronto Health Food store that David frequents) and hopefully I'll still be the first to report Brian Bryne (of I Mother Earth), who was recruited for his unique melodic and barfing noises (the band loves artists with distinct vocal talents). More info should be coming out on their website so check it out and follow the guys on twitter. Also feel free to hire them for your summer house parties.


Until you get the opportunity to see them live, you just have to live with these pictures of their Burlington performance. Enjoy! This video “Get Loose” really does capture the fun of seeing them live.

The other band on this stage was the psycho rockabilly band from Toronto called Creepshow (the band is inspired by early b-movies and horror films). I was around for about six songs and they were blasting through their set. The next few months will take them through Germany and parts of Europe so check out for future dates. Enjoy the pictures!

Creepshow from behind


Creepshow fans

Sarah sin

Sarah and drummer

Sarah close up

Creepshow bass

Creepshow drummer

close up Sarah

I love the drum kit which reminds me of the Residents and the picture below is kind of a Dark Angel (Magna version, not Alba) tribute.

Sarah like a dark angel

I hope to get to the Burlington Festival next year and I’m looking forward to the line ups. Right now I’m getting ready to head out to the LPGA here in Rochester, NY and see what other mischief I can get into. Have a good weekend and see you Monday!


Summerfest/Milwaukee/June 29 - July 10

Billed as the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest ( starts next Wednesday, June 29th. If you live in Milwaukee, you know it as numerous drunken people and nowhere to park in the downtown area. Like most Summerfest veterans, we complain it used to be cool, with good music and decent beer. Gone are the days when you could catch an afternoon concert with Guided by Voices, Chuck Prophet, or the Lemonheads. My favorite Summerfest memories include: seeing Roy Orbison and John Lee Hooker on the same day, Joe Strummer actually rocking the “Rock Stage”, watching a packed Wilco show from the VIP seats (when they still rocked), and a great double bill with Fountains of Wayne (Stacie’s Mom) and Fastball (The Way – Come on, you love that song). If you like REO Speedwagon, Styx, bad cover bands, Miller beer, and hordes of drunken people, then Summerfest is for you. If it wasn’t for Summerfest, bands like Morris Day and the Time would be unemployed. Here are my picks for this year’s music:
June 29: Hall and Oates
June 30: Wanda Jackson
July 1: Girl Talk
July 3: Best night of the fest, Blue Oyster Cult/Alejandro Escovedo/Jayhawks/Urge Overkill
July 7: Old 97’s/Kings Go Forth
July 8: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
July 9: Flaming Lips

Word of advice, if you don’t arrive one to two hours prior to start time, good luck seeing the band. I have heard REO play but have never actually seen them. I will be hanging out by the Lakefront Brewery beer tent and forever trying the hole-in-one contest. I have yet to hit the green.

Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

How come every time I talk about Devo, I want to start talking like Bizarro? Maybe it’s just because they are out of this world. Devo definitely ranks as one of the oddest Top 40 bands of all time. At Sounds Of Music, I was in the pit for 2 songs and listened to 2 others as I was heading over to get Creepshow. I had the pleasure of seeing Devo in Cleveland a couple of years ago in what was one of my favorite all time shows. Devo and Cleveland go together like Kid Rock and Detroit and seeing them in their home town is magical. I remember the tear-away outfits and hundreds of super balls rocking Nautica as the sun was setting. Pure magic as Modern English opened up the night. A couple years later, and here they are touring again and just as visually stunning as musically magical. One of the best bands to see live and here are some of my pictures of them at the Burlington Sounds Of Music Festival. Am I not a man? I am Wild!

Devo crowd shot

Devo twosome

Devo drummer

Devo guitar serious face

Devo lead close up

Devo peekaboo

Hands up Devo

Devo guitarist rocks

Devo fans

Devo keyboard


Devo duo

Devo hands up guitarist

Devo strut

Devo rapture

Hope you enjoyed these shots and tune in tomorrow for an interview with the Salads and pictures of Creepshow from the Burlington Sound Of Music Festival.