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The Horrible Hag Of Detroit


When the William Adams family moved into the gray frame house at 5508 Martin Street in Detroit, Michigan, only the children & the dog seemed to sense that something loathsome had made its abode in the back bedroom.

There was certainly nothing about the physical appearance of the room, that made Adams & his wife Lillian suspect that the small bedroom could hold a thing of unspeakable terror. For one thing, it was such a tiny room. There was only space enough in the miniscule enclosure, for a bed & a built-in closet in one corner. Because it was so small, & so far removed from the rest of the house, Adams used to sleep in it when he came home from the midnight shift at the Cadillac plant. "Even after years of working the midnight shift," Adams explained , "I still have trouble, sometimes, sleeping in the daytime."

It was not long before Adams noticed the strange & uncomfortable effect that the back bedroom seemed to have on him. "I started having the most horrible nightmares you can imagine.," he said later to a reporter from the 'Detroit Free Press'. "They would leave me limp with fear, because they were so real. I would find myself sitting in the bed screaming, till my throat was sore. "One of the dreams was when I found myself opening a door, & a mutilated body fell out."

The ghastly nightmares began to rob Adams of so much sleep, that he told his wife, "If this doesn't stop, I don't know what I'll do, I'm about ready to see a psychiatrist."

It was only after he had resumed sleeping in the master bedroom, that he began to associate the nightmares with the back bedroom. "I didn't have any bad dreams when I slept in our bedroom. The nightmares would come only when I slept in that terrible room."

In August of 1962, Adams' grandmother came to visit them from Georgia. Both the Adamses assumed that Bill's reaction to the room, had been some kind of personal association, so they gave Grandmother Adams the back bedroom for use during her stay.

The next morning, she came to the breakfast table pale & shaken. "There are terrible sounds in that room." she told them. "All night long, I thought someone was trying to break in. I refuse to sleep in that room again."

Grandmother Adams became so uneasy in the house, that she cut short her stay, & returned to Georgia.

For the first time, Bill & Lillian began to realize that there was something terrible about that room. They began to recall things---small things that had seemed inconsequential at the time. They remembered, for example, that their small terrier refused to enter the room, that their 5 small children, always avoided the room when they played about the house. What strange thing was tainting the atmosphere, in the tiny back bedroom?

On October 27th, an old friend from Georgia, Shirley Patterson, arrived to spend a few days with the Adamses in Detroit, before he drove a new car back home to Decatur. Adams knew that Patterson was a practical, matter-of-fact Southerner. Bill & Lillian decided he would be their final test. If Patterson could spend a night in the back bedroom without suffering any ill effects, or reporting anything strange, perhaps they had merely let their imaginations gain the upper hand. They would not even mention their own unpleasant experiences with the room. Patterson would be able to explode all the fantasies that they had built up about the room.

"I didn't know anything about the room." Patterson said later. "There was no reason for me to suspect anything. No reason to be afraid. "It seems that I was in the bed for just a few minutes. I dont know whether I was asleep or not. I was facing the wall, & then I felt something turn me over. Don't ask me to describe the feeling. All I know, is that it rolled me over, & then I saw it standing outdide the bedroom door.

"At first I thought it was Lillian, but I started to tremble. It was a woman with long hair, & she had her back to me, looking into the kitchen. She was wearing a short fur coat, & a kind of blue dress."

Patterson screamed as loud as he could, & ran toward the figure. At the moment he approached it, every light in the house went out.. He continued to stumble around in the darkness until, a moment later, the lights came back on again. He met Lillian in the kitchen. Bill had left shortly before, for the midnight shift at the plant. "In the bedroom,"Patterson began, "I saw..." His words of explanation were suddenly interrupted by a terrible wailing---a mournful, half-human, half-animal sound, that left both of them speechless with fright.

"It was nothing I'd ever heard before," Lillian Adams recalled later, "and then there was an awful smell, that made both of us sick. It was coming from the room where we heard the moaning."

As if the unearthly moaning & the nauseating stench were not enough, a heavy trapdoor in the floor of the utility room, raised itself several inches into the air, & then fell back into place again. Below the trapdoor, was a set of flimsy stairs that led to a partially dug-out basement. Freeing themselves at last from the spell of terror that had completely engulfed them, the frightened man & woman called the police. Within a few minutes, officers were searching the house from attic, to incomplete basement. They were able to find nothing that would give a rational explanation to the apparition which Patterson had seen, or to the eerie moaning & the sickening odor, which both Patterson & Lillian Adams had noted.

When Adams got home from the plant on Sunday October 28th, his wife & friend were waiting up for him. As calmly as they could, they told him what they had experienced that night. "I'm not the kind of guy who believes in ghosts--at least I didn't then," Adams said. "I'm a grown man with a family. I've been in the Army. I just couldn't convince myself that there was anything to it. I had to try again, & see what would happen." That night, at about 7:30 p.m., Adams lay down on the bed of the back bedroom. He had reached a decision that night, once & for all; he would either conquer whatever inhabited the room, or he would admit defeat, & let the thing have the bedroom---& the house---to itself.

He had lain in the bedroom for quite some time, when he thought he heard Lillian moving in the room. He had left his friend & his wife sitting silently in the front room, with a small table lamp providing their only light. "Lil," Adams whispered sharply, "You'd better leave the room if we're ever going to get anything settled. It probably won't show itself, if there's 2 of us in here." There was no answer, & no sound of movement, but Adams still sensed a presence in the room.

"I turned over to look, & the face was inches away from me. It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. The eyes stared past me, & the mouth moved to talk, but only a hissing noise came out--- and a terrible stench !" Adams ran out of the back bedroom in a state of near hysteria. He was screaming wildly, & he ripped handfuls of hair from his head, as he ran into the kitchen. Patterson tried to grab him & hold him down, but Adams flailed away at his friend as if he were beserk. Finally Lillian & Patterson managed to throw a blanket over Bill, & wrestle him to the floor. The same nauseating stench they had noticed the night before, once again permeated the house..

An hour after Bill had regained his senses, & told of the ghastly & indescribably evil face he had seen, the house on Martin Street was empty. Adams had admitted defeat. The horrid hag could keep her bedroom, & her house. They grabbed the sleeping children from their beds, & fled in the night to neighbors. The next morning they moved in with Mrs. Adams' parents, who live in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit..

"All I could think of that next morning," Adams remarked, "was that if the bedroom door had been closed that Sunday night, I would have killed myself beating against it to get out". With the help of friends & relatives, the Adamses found another house to rent, & moved all their furniture out of the house on Martin Street, during a series of daylight visits.

Mrs. Adams brother, Leo Sanocki, & her sister Virginia arrived at the house one night, to see for themselves if there was anything to Lillian & Bill's wild tale of an ugly hag that haunted the back bedroom. "I stood out in the kitchen, & Leo said he was going lie down on the bed for 10 minutes in the dark, " said Virginia Sanocki. "A few minutes later, I heard this awful groan come from the bedroom.If it was Leo, I have never heard him make a sound like that before. "Then he came rushing through the door into the kitchen, with the most horrible look on his face, like he was scared out of his mind. I asked him what he saw, but he wouldn't tell me anything."

Leo Sanocki refused to disclose what he had seen in that back bedroom in the house on 5508 Martin Street in Detroit. And, as the landlord absolutely refused to let any investigators into the house with electronic equipment, it is unlikely that we shall ever know what mission kept the horrible hag haunting that bedroom in Detroit----

or at least, not until the house is rented out again.

by Brad Steiger


Snakeout / Wolfbait @ Small's or the Luna Lounge Dancers???

There is no question which party to attend
MCB is heading to Small's for the best halloween party in Hamtramck
SNAKEOUT and Wolfbait are going to be a wipeout
and then checking into Luna on the way home
because thats what the MCB girls will want to do...
dance more of their asses offfff
Easy solution!

UPCOMING EVENT: Science Rocks! at the Detroit Science Center

Check out the sweet, sweet, event at the Detroit Science Center
Thursday November 19th 2009

Science Rocks!

will Feature Special Live Music Performances by Local Detroit Bands and an Opportunity to Explore the Detroit Science Center

The Detroit Science Center is pleased to announce "Science Rocks!" an evening of live music, dancing and fun aimed at reacquainting young adults with Michigan's largest hands-on science museum. "Science Rocks!" will take place on Thursday, Nov. 19, from 7 – 11 p.m.

This special evening will feature a showing of the Chrysler IMAX® Dome Theatre film The Alps with local Detroit band Zoos of Berlin playing a live set as the score. The evening also will feature performances on the Chrysler Science Stage by New Grenada, Lightning Love and I, Crime. Sponsorship provided by Woodward Avenue Brewers. Tickets are $20 ($15 for members) and include Detroit Science Center museum admission and drink tickets.

"This will be an excellent opportunity for young adults to see how much the Detroit Science Center has changed and grown over the years. It's definitely not the same museum they remember from their childhood," said Development Associate Laura Witkowski.

"Exploring the Science Center's hands-on exhibits
and programs after hours in a setting with live music
just makes it that much more fun."

Advance tickets are available at the Science Center

and through

and also will be available at the door.

For more information, please visit

or call 313.577.8400, ext. 467.

For more information about the bands

performing at "Science Rocks!" please visit:
Zoos of Berlin:
Lightning Love:
New Grenada:
I, Crime:

PHOTOS: DAMNED II @ Tangent Gallery by LAWRENCEcreative

Win 10pack of FREE TICKETS: Crofoot's Creepy Cheapy Halloween

Want to check out the best party of the night tomorrow for free?
Want to take 9 of you friends in on the guest list as well?

Be the 1st person to tell us what Detroit band is playing their set as Talking Heads....
(watch the video) and then email us -
The Crofoot is the best place for Halloween - with its open floorplan and ease of movement between areas there really is no other venue in Metro Detroit that comes close to what The Crofoot is delivering - comfortable edgy multi-event nights with accommodating staff.

Read all about the show tomorrow right here on MCB

FREE CD: UPCOMING SHOW: Little Dragon "Machine Dreams" - play show at Cliff Bells Detroit Nov 17th 2009

MCB has a fresh of the press copy for the 5th emailer
it feels like we havnt given anything away in forever
MCB will be covering this show and interviewing the band
Little Dragon release Machine Dreams
(Peacefrog, Oct. 20)
Check out Blinking Pigs mp3

Following the success of their 2007 self-titled record, Little Dragon have returned with the spectacular Machine Dreams, a poppy electronic epic that has already captivated Europe, and is poised to do the same here in the U.S. this fall, kicking off their very own headlining tour after a successful tour in May supporting TV On The Radio!

Hailing from the burgeoning electro-pop scene in Gothenburg, Sweeden, Little Dragon’s carefully crafted sophomore effort walks the line between experimental electro and giddy synth pop, with enough infectious hooks to push the band from quiet underground sensations into the mainstream. Recorded in their home city of Gothenburg, Machine Dreams is a gigantic leap on from previous material, but still maintains a distinct Little Dragon sound, straddling different denres touching on R&B, Soul, Jazz and Dancehall.

Little Dragon Fall Tour Dates:

10/30: Costa Mesa, CA @ Detroit Bar
10/31: Los Angeles, CA @ Park Plaza
11/02: Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
11/03: Santa Barbara, CA @ Soho
11/04: San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
11/05: Fresno, CA @ Audie’s Olympic
11/06: Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theatre
11/08: Portland, OR @ Holocene
11/09: Vancouver, BC @ Media Club
11/10: Seattle, WA @ Nectar Lounge
11/13: Minneapolis, MN @ 400 Bar
11/14: Chicago, IL @ Double Door
11/16: Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar
11/17: Detroit. MI @ Cliff Bells
11/18: Toronto, ON @ Wrongbar
11/19: Montreal, PQ @ Il Motore
11/20: Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater
11/21: New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
11/22: Washington, DC @ Liv
11/23: Charlottesville, VA @ Outback Lodge
11/24: Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
11/25: Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
11/27: Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
11/28: Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
11/29: Dallas, TX @ House of Blues - Pontiac Garage
11/30: Austin, TX @ Emo’s Jr.
12/02: Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room
12/03: San Diego, CA @ Casbah

Still need a Halloween costume? Visit our friends at Noir Leather / SHOWTIME today!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


UPCOMING: The Strange - Lager House - Friday 11/13

The Strange is performing on Nov 13th, Friday.
Currently supporting thier new release "Dirty Girl",
which debuted on CMJ college top 200 at number 122 nationally and is doing
really well.

The Strange's music have been featured on NPR nationally as well
as MTV programs like The Real World, Bad Girls and other media.

They are performing with two awesome Detroit bands, Patrick Davey
and Brent Lucas and the Pickups. Both these guys have albums out and
they are fantastic.

Upcoming Show - Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - LAger House Detroit Nov 11th

MCB likes this band

and suggests you get to Lager House on Nov 11th

Here is what a bunch of other people say about The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

"Funny, you'd never peg Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band as a Midwestern group. With its sparse, blues-rooted compositions of washboard, acoustic guitar, drums and vocals, the band's music seems more at home in juke joints of the Mississippi Delta or the streets of Memphis." --- Ricardo Baca, The Denver Post

"The old-school band plays a passionate and at times poignant style of blues." --- Ed Condran, The Intelligencer, Philadelphia, PA

"The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band stomps and hollers like nobody else." --- Chris J. Magyar, Good Times, Santa Cruz, CA

"The name might just be the best descriptor of the band's sound, a hybrid of roots blues and punk-rock intensity." --- Vince Darcangelo, Daily Camera, Boulder, CO

"Gifted at guitar/dobro, writing, and singing. The Rev. Peyton is a triple threat." --- Tim Richards, Blues News International

"The artistic formula resonates with Peyton, his wife Breezy and his brother Jayme, who have toured the United States relentlessly since mid-2006." --- David Lindquist, Indianapolis Star

"The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band actually isn't that big! The modest three-piece from Indianapolis makes up for its size deficiency with a high-energy sound steeped in classic Blues tradition." --- Mike Breen, Citybeat, Cincinnati, OH

Dr Sketchy MotorCity Division - Dick Blick Dearborn - TONIGHT!!!!

Halloween 2009 Dr. Sketchy session
This time back at Blick Art Materials in Dearborn!
Modeling this time will be Lisa,
who heroically came to pose at the mini-Sketchy
held at the MCB Lounge @ People's Art Festival this past August.
Lisa mentioned a "dead doll" costume she's been working on,
so expect some seasonal creepiness!
(And plenty of treats, too)
So get out to Dearborn tonight
Thursday, October 29, from 6-9pm

UPCOMING MCB SHOWCASE: Small's 10 Year Anniversary - HAF/LIFE - The Luckouts - DEVILFISH - Thursday Nov 19th 2009

Thanks to RebeccaMich for the killer flyer
Come celebrate 10 years of cold beers for Small's Bar Hamtramck
MCB Showcase to highlight 3 killer detroit bands
Thursday November 19th 2009
Small's Bar Hamtramck
Don't worry - we will remind you!


Downunder Detroit by Tall Kiwi Chick

TALL KIWI CHICK was a winner in one of our contests for free tickets and of course we chatted it up a bit and met up with her and her crew at the show.

After knocking back a few cold ones we were fast friends
and thick as thieves.

Anyway - we thought it would nice to get some insight
about good ol dietroit from someone with a bit different perspective

"Downunder Detroit"
is the new column written by our TKC
who is visiting Detroit for a while
from her homeland of New Zealand.

She loves music, men & drinking
"She's Sweet As!"

BY Tall Kiwi Chick
Detroit doesn't have the best reputation...
I think we can all agree on the that.
Most of my friends in New Zealand have responded with "Detroit?
Are you serious??
(Admittedly I'm staying in what you would class as 'Metro Detroit').
The thing most interesting to me is that the Detroiters
i meet here each day in various roles and places.., their responses are the same...

"Why HERE?".

Come on guys, where's the pride?!!

Happy to be American just not from Michigan?
I realize there are some areas of improvement needed..

the most notable to me is -
Where is your public transport and/or taxis?!

But ultimately i've found detroit to be really cool!!

The people here are really down to earth.
You have a fantastic music/arts scene,
an impressive selection of museums and attractions.

Compared to other places in USA i've visited,
i think detroit is awesome and I'm happy to be here!

------So my friend & I spent the night doing the rounds at the numerous halloween stores around town, looking for an outfit to wear on halloween. I'm really excited, since in NZ it's just not a big thing, you definitely won't find any stores dedicated only to halloween goods!! Here, just looking around at the millions of houses with over-the-top decorations you just know, it's going to be big!! At one of the stores we see a lady trying on a 'mile high airline' costume, She is ridiculously skinny with an obvious boob job, and i think to myself, if halloween is a bunch of girls like her dressed up in lame costumes i may end up splashing acid in my eyes and drinking till i throw up....

We walked out of that last store knowing we had to be way more original with an idea to make our own costumes. With halloween upon us we still need to finish getting our costumes ready, and work out where the good places are to hang out on the night, but ultimately, I am really excited about having a real halloween here!! I just hope the skanks don't bring me down..

----So Sunday night, we went Roller-skating @ Skateworld of Troy. I love anything that involves me reliving my childhood, so this was right up my alley. We had a great time skating round like little children. The only thing missing was one of my parents onhand for if i fell over and hurt myself.. Thankfully, no kiwi's were hurt or knocked down this night.
We were of course, the only people there that weren't completely awesome at skating, i guess i expected there to be more people like me wanting to goof around and have a good time.. What we did find though, was a mixture of old & young. The old people you expect to soon be needing help to cross the road, are over-lapping me.... backwards! I enjoyed watching the 5 or so young guys that skate around with some sort of in sync routine.

The thing i found most interesting, was there was more guys than girls!!
But i guess that's one of the many reasons i love michigan so much,
the guy to girl ratio seems to work in my favor.

Where are all the ladies?


CASSETTE TAPE RELEASE SHOW: Lover!, Kommie Kilpatrick, Bass Drum of Death at Pj's Lager house 11/3

Lover! from Memphis Tennessee
John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death from Oxford Mississippi
Kommie Kilpatrick -  Cassette Tape Release Show


PJ's Lager House, Tuesday 11/3
Free fuckn show!

Lover! features Rich Crook, formerly of the Reatards and Lost Sounds.

Bass Drum Of Death are a noisy 2 piece on Fat Possum Records

Kommie Kilpatrick
We are Detroit.
This will be the release show for our new tape
entitled "Weird City" featuring 11 new songs.

Bang Bang Eche opening for Har Mar Superstar In DETROIT NOV. 2ND @ Magic Stick Detroit

New Zealand Dance Punks Bang Bang Eche Kick off North American Tour

with Har Mar Superstar Following Several Performances

at this Year's Annual CMJ Music Marathon in NYC

Playing Live at Magic Stick

in Detroit Nov. 2nd

New Zealand dance punks Bang Bang Eche will be kicking off their North American tour this October with Har Mar Superstar following a plethora of performance at this year's annual CMJ Music Marathon. The band of teenagers will be over in the US to promote their highly anticipated new EP, Sonic Death Cuntttt, available worldwide this November and the follow up to their 2008 self-titled debut EP.

The four members – Zach Doney (vocals), Charlie Ryder (guitar and synths), James Sullivan (drums) and T'Nealle Worsley (guitar and bass) – recorded the new album over a span of three months in their hometown of Christchurch after two tours literally circling the globe. It's this type of ambition that propels their audiences to participate, willingly or not, in their high-energy shows. Known for their brutal live performances, Bang Bang Eche has cut their teeth from small dives to premier outdoor festivals such as Australia's Big Day Out and The Great Escape in Brighton.

Come see their teardrop-shaped Vox bass get passed around and bodies flail as Bang Bang Eche obliterates North America and Dietroit in particular.

For a download of the EP, Sonic Death Cuntttt

Oct. 26th Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
27th Mercury Lounge New York, NY
28th Great Scott Boston, MA
Nov. 1st HS Tavern Toronto
2nd Magic Stick Detroit, MI
3rd Dark Room Chicago, IL
5th Triple Rock Club Minneapolis, MN
6th Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN
8th The Aquarium Fargo, ND
9th The Waiting Room Omaha, NB
12th Thunderbird Café Pittsburgh, PA*
*no Har Mar

FREE CDs: The Summer Set - St Andrews Hall Detroit - 11/3

The Summer Set are touring with Cartel and This Providence and are stopping in Detroit on November 3rd, playing at St. Andrew's Hall and MCB has a few copies of the latest to giveaway -

Brian Dales (vocals) FUN
Stephen Gomez (bass) FEARLESS
Josh Montgomery (guitar) TALENTED
John Gomez (guitar) PROLIFIC

Jess Bowen (drums) SAVVY

If you were to take the ingredients – fun, fearless, talented, prolific, savvy – throw them in a bowl and mix it all together, there’s a very good chance you’d come up with power punk band The Summer Set, from Scottsdale, AZ.

The Summer Set began with the Gomez brothers, bassist Stephen and guitarist John, who spent a great deal of their growing up time playing music together. Feeling that this was to become much more than a hobby, at the age of 14 they made the mature decision to put together a band. Turning to longtime gal pal Jess Bowen, who was playing drums in the school band, they began setting the roots for The Summer Set. As soon as they met vocalist Brian Dales and guitarist Josh Montgomery in 2007, they knew the quintet was complete. Not only did they share a passion for rocking out to fun, pop-punk tunes, inspired by local Arizona bands Jimmy Eat World and The Format, but more importantly, they shared a goal of going big-time. This wasn’t some “after-school” project to pass the time, the 5 friends believed they had the goods to go all the way and have fun while doing it. “We sat down the very first day we started our band and realized that there was a lot of negativity in the music scene, which was depressing,” Bowen says. “We just want to bring a positive vibe.” Plus they easily agreed on a band name by opening up an Atlas and (luckily) putting the pointer on Somerset, New Jersey.

It’s that can-do attitude that has driven the quintet to sell 7,000 copies of their first EP Love The Love You Have, and an additional 11,000 copies of the EP …In Color. The Summer Set is all about tactical planning, and they took theirs seriously. Like Generals going into battle, the band strategically planned each move, including a MySpace campaign that integrated becoming “friends” with bands they admired – which intuitively led to support from said bands’ followers, giving The Summer Set a leg up. The not-yet-known band started to build steadily, with 8.5 million plays on MySpace and over 2.2 million profile views. Using the Internet to continually connect with fans, the band started to see results.

Not leaving a stone un-turned, the group also began booking their own gigs and playing locally, gathering a tried and true following. Playing with bands like The Cab, Sing It Loud, We Shot the Moon, Everybody Else, and Mercy Mercedes, The Summer Set held their own, cultivating their own audience that only seemed to get bigger at each show.

With all this momentum, The Summer Set is gearing up to release their first full-length album, Love Like This, on October 13, 2009, on Razor & Tie. Produced by Matt Grabe (The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon, Greeley Estates), the new album features lead off single, “Chelsea,” written for actress Chelsea Staub. When lead singer Dales was first introduced to the Disney Channel JONAS actress last year by guitarist Josh Montgomery, it was practically love at first sight. So he wrote a song about his crush and played the catchy pop-punk anthem, “Chelsea,” at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last October during a gig with The Pink Spiders and Sherwood. He immediately won over the fans… and Chelsea herself. Soon after, the two were officially dating. “I think the song definitely helped me,” Dales admits. “So my advice to anybody is: When in doubt, write a song.”

The album also includes tracks with additional production by Matt Squire (3OH!3, Panic At the Disco, The Used) and a song co-written with writers/producers Sam Hollander and Dave Katz (Metro Station, Boys Like Girls, Katy Perry, Gym Class Heroes). In addition to “Chelsea,” Love Like This features the rock-driven “Young,” and the mellow ballad “Where Are You Now?” featuring Dia Frampton from Meg and Dia. Wisely knowing their young audience, but also aware of maturing with them, Dales comments, “We really wanted to make an album where every song sounds a bit different than the previous one — something that our teen fan base can listen to and something my parents can listen to.”

To prepare for their fall release, The Summer Set took their high-energy set on the road this summer with The Cab, The Secret Handshake, A Rocket to the Moon, Anarbor, My Favorite Highway, and Eye Alaska. While the young band (they’re all between 18 and 20 years old) rocks out like ol’ pros on stage, once they step off stage, it’s all about face time with the fans. They’ve been known to hang out at venues for hours on end to meet every one they can. “Stick around and don’t be scared to talk to us — we’re here to talk to the kids because they’re the ones supporting us and helping us do what we love to do. We want to meet them all,” Bowen says.

Staying in touch with fans is super important to the band, even when they’re not on tour: All five members are active on their own Twitter page and on the band’s MySpace and Facebook pages, communicating with supporters on a daily basis.

“We’re just five normal kids, who live normal lives making music that we love,” Dales says. “You can hear the fun on our record, but hopefully when people come to our shows, you can feel all the fun and love that we’re putting out there and take part of that home with you.”

With songs that any one who ever went through the processes of growing up, loving some one, and wondering if you will end up together, can identify with, and power pop that is best defined as delicious ear candy, The Summer Set’s first full length CD will have you on your feet, singing along, and for the heck of it, shining that cell phone. Yea, it’s that good.

WINNERS of Papa Roach / JET / Glenn Barr....PLUS win tickets to MSTRKRFT @ Crofoot Pontiac Nov 5th

Ok - so we drew random winners for the Papa Roach / JET tickets @ Fillmore Detroit and the free signed Black Gold print from Glenn Barr to be picked up @ 323East Gallery tonight during the exhibit opening - here are the names and you were just sent an email telling you how to collect your prizes - thanks to all who entered.

Papa Roach/JET tickets: Charles N******

Glenn Barr Black Gold Print: Cyndee DLX*******

and since we love giving shit away...
how about the 10th emailer gets a pair of tickets to see MSTRKRFT at The Crofoot Pontiac on Thursday November 5th -

Buy tickets here

Here is a MSTRKRFT remix of a Wolmwother tune which BTW

we will be giving away Wolfmother tickets soon as MCB

was just approved for photo cred and possible video interview ....


PHOTOS & REVIEW: Gov't Mule - Sunday 10/25 - Royal Oak Music Theater - words and images by Andrew Bender

Sunday night saw the return of improv jam rockers Gov’t Mule to the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Not fitting any distinct genre of music, Mule (as it’s known by their fans) pulls from diverse influences including (but not liminted to) rock, jazz, blues, reggae, gospel, and serious soul. Gov’t Mule is led by frontman Warren Haynes, who’s affectionately known by some as ‘the hardest working man in music’ for his incredible touring schedule as lead guitarist and vocalist with Mule as well as the Allman Brothers Band, the (Grateful) Dead in their last few tours, and his own solo career to boot. Haynes, drummer Matt Abst, and late bassist Allen Woody started Mule 15 years ago as a side project to their work with the Allmans. Following the death of Woody in 2000, the Mule power trio became a four piece with the addition of keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist Danny Louis and a revolving cast of bass players that reads like a who’s who of notable bassists; eventually, Andy Hess would be a permanent member of Mule for several years before being leaving and being replaced by Jorgen Carlsson a little over a year ago.

MCB’s own Drew Bender was on hand taking photos and had a chance to interview Warren Haynes before the show. The video of that should be up soon, but for now, check out his photos and read on for his full write up of the show.

Opening for Mule was young, up and coming guitarist and vocalist Jackie Greene who recently played guitar and sang with bassist Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead in his own band. Greene with a similar crew of musicians got the crowd warmed up and excited, alternating between originals, and Dead and traditional covers. Greene is definitely one to watch for the jam band fans out there.

I’d recently seen Mule while covering the Rothbury Festival for MCB this past July and as I’ve come to learn, I never seem to find myself disappointed. The Royal Oak Music Theatre (or RÖMT as it’s come to be known at my house) was at roughly two-thirds capacity as white suburbanites donned their Harley-Davidson shirts. The crowd seemed predominantly an older group and while Mule certainly has its own fanbase, the degree of overlap between them and fans of the Allman Brothers and the Dead could easily be represented in a Venn diagram (but I’ll refrain). Which is to say that the crowd mainly consisted of guys (I’d hazard a 4:1 male:female) hippies young and old, bikers, vets, auto workers, middle and upper-middle class professionals all there to rock out with Warren and the boys. The women there were certainly enjoying themselves, but it was something of a kielbasa klatsch. As a former cigarette junkie smoker as of a couple of years ago I enjoy going to shows where I don’t reek afterwards (I’m just saying, it sticks to my clothes…) but there was something a bit odd about this large group and the fragrant wafting scents were only detected once or twice. Which is to say that the ROMT security was in full effect, and I’m curious to see what the future has in store for the far-from-great-sounding venue as they continue to under promote so many shows.

As for the show itself, opening up with a ‘Broke Down On The Brazos’ off of their newest album By a Thread (just out today), Mule chose a nice placement for this song as opener. They then returned to old roots with Larger Than Life, which transitioned into Rockin' Horse and then into Banks Of The Deep End. Then again came three more songs off of the new album; although they’ve been playing them well before the album was released, the audience responded very well to Haynes soulful playing, and Carlsson’s heavy, chunked out bass licks. All the while Abst kept the skins slamming along rather masterfully and his own extended drums solo had the crowd’s rapt attention as he played a djembe with his left hand while his right held a stick keeping beat and his feet were busy in a dance he made look way too cool. The placement of the song Soulshine early in the second set prominently featured Louis’ keys which kept bringing us all back to church on that Sunday night. Throughout it all, Haynes soulful southern vocals continued to impress and were certainly up to par with his improvisational but intentional picking and fretwork on a series of guitars. I’m partial to his Les Paul, personally, but the Gibson non-reverse Firebird is similarly sweet sounding in his more than capable hands. Some notable covers from the evening included a pounding, dirty version of Zeppelin’s ‘When the Levee Breaks’ and a double encore with Jackie Greene of the Dead’s ‘Loser’ and Neil Young’s ‘Southern Man,’ both personal favorites that had the crowd dancing and screaming for more. Quite the evening. Indeed.

Click here for the link to the torrent file (if you have to ask, don’t worry about it – or ask that young neighbor kid, or fer chrissakes, just google the damn thing) for the show as recorded by my good friend and taper extraordinaire Z-Man. Even if you missed it on Sunday night - definitely worth a listen.


REMINDER: Halloween Three Stooges Festival Redford Theatre this weekend !!!


In a Grande finale of comedy and horror, you'll be scared silly when the Redford Theatre presents a Three Stooges Halloween Festival featuring six classic "spooky" two reelers this Friday, Oct. 30 at 8pm and two shows on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 2 and 8pm. 


The Stooges Festivals at the Redford Theatre have become the most anticipated events of the movie season at the Redford Theatre.  Boys and girls, men and women of all ages make the pilgrimage to see the Stooges on the big screen and enjoy the fun of laughing together.


Tickets are $5 at the door.

The fun begins when the doors and box office open one hour before showtime on Friday night.  Detroit native and Boogie-woogie pianist Mike Przybylski starts the musical festivities by thumping the ivories in the lobby before handing over the musical hoopla to Lance Luce, also a Detroit native, on the Barton Theatre organ. 

On Saturday, Fox Theater keyboardist Dave Calendine pounds the boogie at the piano before handing the organ chores over to young Emily Seward before the Stooges festivities begin.

Since it is Halloween weekend, the costume contest continues. 

Everyone who comes in a full costume will win a prize.

From the original theatre organ to the restored splendor of the 1928 interior appearance, the dedicated volunteer staff keeps things authentic by screening real film on vintage quality projection equipment.  Our candy counter stocks the largest selection of old and new candy favorites along with delicious popcorn with real butter.  Prices are very affordable; there is no candy item over $2, drinks cost up to $1.50 and popcorn costs only $4 for a large bag.

The Redford Theatre is located at the North East corner of Grand River and Lahser Rds.  Box office opens at 7pm.

Coming on November 6 & 7 the Redford screens the 1965 Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison classic musical My Fair Lady.

Photos by Riaz K : Greg Laswell and Travis (Andy and Fran) at the Magic Bag, Ferndale

PHOTOS: Afro-Punk Tour feat. Saul Williams, Magic Stick/Detroit, by LAWRENCEcreative

Great fu***** show! 'nuff said.

PHOTOS: Thievery Corporation, ROMT by PAUL HITZ

ANOTHER amazing show by Thievery Corporation, next time they hit the mitten, don't miss it.

Beatz2Rhymez Detroit @ Lager House - Wed Oct 28th


UPCOMING SHOW: Robin Williams at The Sound Board 10/31

We have all had Robin Williams enter our lives at some point. Whether through his early television days (Mork and Mindy), his range of movie performances (Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire and many more), or his stand up performances (HBO specials, Comic Relief), Robin continues to be an major influence in comedy.

Now we all have the chance to experience Robin Williams in person, this Saturday at The Sound Board at MotorCity Casino. Click here for tickets, and ENJOY !!!


Wild At Heart - Monday 10/26/2009

Wild At Heart

Wouldn't it be cool if roller derby was actually a college credit class?

Just a random thought before I get into something really bothering me.

While I am not quite as upset as I was early last week when I heard that the Detroit Shock had been relocated to Tulsa, I am still upset by the decision. Since it's early struggles as an expansion team, the Shock have gone on to make seven straight playoff appearances, four trips to the WNBA Finals and three championships to show for it. Incidentily, those three titles were won on three different home courts (2003 at the Palace, 2006 at Joe Louis and 2008 at EMU). I have come to enjoy the personality of the team which really seemed to mirror the area more than any other. The team has shown great resourcefulness over the years and a truly never-give-up attitude sparked by team leaders Katie Smith, Tweety Nolan and more recently Taj McWilliams. I had a lot of hopes for next year with a healthy Smith and Pierson and the improved play by Zellous, Braxton Hornbuckle and Teasley. I have enjoyed covering the Finals at the sidelines and in the locker rooms these past few years, esp this past year sitting next to ESPN's Rebecca Lobo. Their isn't another team in the city that really excites me to the same level as the Shock did. Heck, I would give up the Pistons, Tigers and Lions to keep the Shock here in Detroit but due to the harsh economic realities this area has experienced is not going to let that happen. I would love to thank Bill Lambier, the Shock staff and the players for the past few years of excitement. The type of experience I got from the Shock is what I hear sports fans on the Ticket talk about with their sports teams and only the Red Wings, and for a few years the Pisons, have given to that same level that the girls have. Thank-you for the wonderful sports moments which have meant a lot to me and I regret unless I move to another area that I won't get the opportunity to see the Shock (or whatever they will be calling themselves now) play alive again. I also wish Mahorn the luck in findng a new job. He did a great job getting his team to come alive the second half of the season and deserved to be kept on as head coach (college coach Nolan Richardson is the new head coach). I also enjoyed that he started greating me at games which makes a lowly college radio/blog reporter feel special. Part of me is still in denial but I will survive but I think I will stay pissed off at the Palace organization for awhile. Once again, thank-you Shock for being who you are and good luck in Tulsa. I was also happy to talk to Pierson briefly that same night down at St Andrews at the Trey Songz show.

I can't believe they're gone.

Speaking of their counterparts, The Detroit Pistons will recognize one cause per month with a home game devoted to raise funds and awareness beginning with the team’s 2009-10 regular season home opener vs the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, October 30th at 8PM. The opening night program, "Let’s Go To Work For A Cure," highlights breast health awareness and will benefit breast cancer research programs at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. During the home opener, the Pistons are celebrating breast cancer survivors and providing them with complimentary tickets and commemorative pink t-shirts. Family and friends will be given the opportunity to purchase specially priced upper level tickets for just $15, with $5 from each ticket purchased being donated to benefit breast cancer research at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. A very nice cause.

I just came from a rally at the Crofoot to help Save the Michigan Film Incentive.

I had Michael Manasseri, who represents , on my show last week talking about how important it is to the state of Michigan to save this initiative. Manassari states,

“ The highly successful Michigan Film Tax Incentive is in danger of being reduced, capped, or altered in a way that would destroy the momentum that has been generated over the past 18 months in the Michigan motion picture, television, and video game industry. We need all Michigan filmmakers, supporters, artists and crew to step forward and speak up”.

Michigan’s film incentive program is the country’s #1 film incentive program, which offers up to a 42 percent cash rebate which has been instrumental in several major industry developments in the state recently, including bringing in about 70 different films (including "Grand Torrino" and "Whip It"), inspired three different movie studios to looking at locating here, one video game company starting up shop in Michigan (check out there new game "Firefighter") and numerous jobs created.

On my show, I have interviewed numerous local theatre actors who have left the state to go to LA, NY and Chicago to make it big in TV/film but if things work out, these people can stay here and find jobs locally. It is really hard to break into the business out there and being local should help people get on sets and make a name for themselves while still paying MI taxes.

I know people who are working on films (WXOU DJ of Cinema Seranade recently worked on the set of "The Irishman" starring Christoper Walken, I have a non-speaking cameo in "American Virgin" [due out Nov 4th on DVD] and my friend Crash Baby worked behind the set on that film and in front of the camera along with numerous roller deby girls in the film "Whip It"). It has also been cool walking around a corner in Pontiac to see tanks and communist posters during the filming of Red Dawn or hearing the street is blocked off because Al Pacino is filming a movie here.

Those little things are something that just makes life more exciting and uplifting as it is getting harder to find work in this economy as those that follow my blog can attest with my 2 year search for a stable job.

As these movies keep coming, those who are able to get on the crews will start building a reputation and get more work. I have heard of people on their 6th or 7th film in a row with small breaks in between and that should be good news. Mitch Albom talked about how important it was to keep our incentives consistant because if we change things around every year, it will scare off some business from coming here. We have seen film work jump from 1 million a year to over 120 million spent here which we might give some back, that shouldn't be all the budget conscious politicians should be thinking of. Despite those budgets, there are local Michigan businesses and actors who are seeing real profit by these productions. And it is really cool seeing Detroit Landmarks (or your friends) on the big screen. With a number of failing businesses here in Detroit, we should be supporting an industry which can only bring money and jobs here. If you want more information, you can go to for more and you can get postcards to send to your lawmakers at the WXOU studios. Get the word out along with the correct information.

Save us from idiot lawmakers.

Speaking about Manasseri, I met him at a screening of his companies new film "Babysitter Wanted" which is a fun horror film coming out soon to DVD. Basically, small-town college girl Angie (Sarah Thompson) is hired by Jim (Bruce Thomas) and Violet Stanton (Kristen Dalton) to babysit their son Sam at their out-of-the-way farmhouse. There is a background of missing girls and Angie believes someone is stalking her. While babysitting, Angie keeps hearing strange sounds and gets in a struggle with a strange man that breaks into the house. Things are not as they seem which is one of the things I enjoyed about this film. Some nice characters turn out to be real villains and it is played really nice, esp by Bruce Thomas who really seems to understand his role and doesn't overplay it like so many actors do. If you love your horror and miss the days of the great 70's films of Carpenter and Hooper, you should really appreciate a film like this which takes a simple premise and really lets it build properly. My grade is a A-.

Another cool film for fans of the animated TV series or the wonderfully fun magna by Osamu Tezuka (who also brought us Kimba The White Lion, Phoenix and Adolf), is "Astro Boy". My bigest worry is to capture a world where robots are used for everyday living needs but also where they are treated like property. The appeal of Astro Boy, which was based on the imprint of Dr. Tenma's son Toby who is killed in an accident working on a military war robot. Struck by grief, Dr Tenma tries to rebuild his son but the result is a boy who while looking like Toby, isn't exactly alike. Astro runs off and eventually comes across a group of rundown robots called the R.R.F (the Robot Revolutionary Front) who save robots and off a group of kids who help the scientist Hamegg find robot parts. While Astro is happy to be around the kids, he is unhappy that the robots he is helping build are going to be used in robot gladitorial games. The one thing Astro has that really separates him is that he takes on the cause that humans and robots are equal and he is willing to go to any lengths to protect both. That is his charm as a character to bring together humans and robots. Only Dr Elefun who is really brought to life here really gets what Astro is about and is a good ally as Astro must face the challenge of the Peacekeeper, a robot build with negative energy (and also caused Toby's death), who has the power to absorb both organic and inorganic matter to make him stronger. His actions both inspire his human and robot friends to work together. The film really does a great job getting the tone of the magna right and the story has enough action where you casual family audience should find a lot of enjoyment in the film. This is a truly inspired film and it gets a grade of an A from me.

With all this talk of Michigan movie, it is only fitting that "Evil Dead: The Musical" has finally come to the area coutesy of the Ringwald Theatre. I saw this a couple of years ago in Toronto where the production won numerous awards beating out stiffer competition such as 'Wicked' and 'LOTR: The Musical'. This film really takes the fun spirit of the movies and puts it on the stage. Mitchell Koory is the important piece of this production for we need someone who can bring the manic intensity and facial expression of Bruce Campbell's "Ash" (hear a brief interview with him this Sat morning on my radio program - WXSOU 88.3FM or between 8-10AM) and he brings it well. That said, the premise involves several college students spending a weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil terror. Totally tongue-in-cheek as shown when the characters ask the audience what could possibly happen to a group of teenagers who are in an out-of-wthe-way cabin in the woods where nobody knows where they are. Anyone who has seen movies like Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th or Halloween should see something bad is going to happen. And happen it does as evil spirits are let loose and attack the kids thus creating Ash, one of the most kick ass anti-heroes in film and now stage. This play includes a splash zone (ponchos are sold at the venue) and some sensitive people might find the play a bit vulgar. If strong language and zombie killing doesn't affacte you, sit back and enjoy. Unlike most musical sci-fi films, this musical does have a bunch of stand-outs (in the tradition of Little Shop Of Horrors and Rocky Horror) including my favorites "Cabin in the Woods", "What the fuck was that?" and "All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons". In the Toronto productions, the audience really got into the scenes like the Boomstick line and hopefully Detroit audiences will catch up quickly. This is one of the funniest parody productions you will ever see and Evil Dead fans have no excuse to miss this production esp since the musical has the approval of both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell which means it must be great. My grade is a A+. See it or become an evil demon.

Gaming fans can look forward to the release of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” which is seeing a special midnight release party at the BLOCKBUSTER on 610 N. Lapeer Road in Orion Township on Monday, Nov 9th. The event features a pre-release game demo, plus the chance to be among the first to rent, purchase or possibly win the game when it is released at 12:01AM on Tuesday, Nov 10th. Admission is free and open to the public. The event will also feature the opportunity to help real-life heroes, the U.S. troops when event-goers can donate old cell phones to be recycled by Cell Phones for Soldiers or buy calling cards for troops far from home. You can also win various video games and hardware so get there and have some fun.

In my upcoming concerts series, we have a nice day on Tuesday (10/27) with icons Richard Thompson & Loudon Wainwright III @ Michigan Theatre or Ingrid Michaelson @ The Ark. On Wednesday (10/28) Ingrid Michaelson is @ The Ark for a 2nd night while Oscillating Fan Club and Copper Thieves opening for the Blakes @ Pike Room. Thursday (10/29) sees local bands Friendly Foes and Lovvers @ Majestic Cafe. On Friday (10/30) Bruce Hornsby is @ Motorcity Casino while psychedlic music legend Roky Erickson (of 13th Floor Elevators) will be @ Magic Stick, Darling Imperial plays @ the Painted Lady and Jill Jack @ Memphis Smoke.

Saturday (10/31) is for craziness with Insane Clown Posse @ The Fillmore, Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg @ Soaring Eagle Resort & Casino and sci-fi inspired Powerman 5000 is @ the Machine Shop.

Sunday (11/01) has Papa Roach & Jet @ the Fillmore and Monday (11/02) has the holiday spirit of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Breslin Center (East Lansing) or Carolina Liar opening for Rob Thomas @ the Fillmore.

Don't forget, the Crofoot is having their Creepy Cheapy Halloween Treat on Oct 31st where we have the music of Wildcatting, Childbite, Silverghost along with Wolfman Mac and WXOU. Of course there are other Halloween parties, but this is where I'm putting my reputation.

I would also like to congratulate my cousin Kathy and having a baby whose name is Elise who comes in at 7lbs 6oz, 19.5 inches long! Cute little thing too but aren't all babies? I don't think I'm missing anything so have a good week and be safe this upcoming Halloween season.

I hope you all get more treats than tricks!

ART is alive and well in Dietroit

Design 99 will host a group exhibition titled Work and Tumble: Photocopier as Illuminator, organized by Nina Bianchi and Steve Hughes.

In 1937, ceaseless experimenter Chester Carlson established the basic principles of electrophotography, which involved zinc, sulfur, a handkerchief, electrostatic charge, lunch, cigarettes, and finally exposure to a bright light. Inspired by Carlson's ingenuity and his hard work to free the people from high cost duplication, Bianchi and Hughes have curated a group exhibition. Twelve artists will present work, which, in process, utilizes xerography to duplicate, cut and paste, reassemble, enhance, reorganize, smear, transform, manipulate, mutate, explode, and activate.

In an effort to bring more art to more people, single color copies of each work of art will be produced in-house on a small press duplicator in editions of 20. These duplicates will be for sale for at the dollar store price of 99¢ each.

Participating artists include both local and national names: Kamil Antos, Kristin Beaver, Libby Cole, Tim Hailey, Ben Hernandez, Scott Hocking, Anne Harrington Hughes, Susan LaPorte, Shar McLeod, Scott Northrup, Chris Riddell, and Chris Turner.

Work and Tumble: Photocopier as Illuminator will run from November 7 - 28th, 2009 with open hours on Saturdays from 1–5 PM.