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ON THE SCENE- Third Man Records Cass Corridor Grand Opening in Detroit

With a turkey and all the fixing's hangover MCB strolled down to Detroit on Black Friday (Nov. 27, 2015) for the Grand Opening festivities at the Third Man Records Cass Corridor store. 
Jack white has come fill circle and has brought Third Man Records back home. 
The opening has received much well deserved media attention and we here at MCB would like to keep it simple (and hopefully entertaining) by sharing some of our personal captured moments from the event.
A steady stream of customers kept the store at maximum capacity throughout the day.
 We had only a 30 minute wait to get in.    

The store was bustling once inside with long lines eager to pick up special record store day releases, T-Shirts, Pins, and keepsakes in the Third Store Records catalog.  

The staff would walk around the store with tablets ready to ring up orders to help relieve 
the time of waiting in line.
 We enjoyed the class of the Third Man Records uniforms that the staff donned.  

You can have a seat and charge your phone at this USB charger port 
located at the front of the store. 
 Grab yourself a record off the shelf and give it a listen inside the on-site listening booth.

Or listen digitally as they offer a sample of songs 
from every Third Man records release inside the booth. 
You can step inside the automatic recording booth and record your own 6" record.

       The store is well designed and is a treat for the eyes.      

No details were overlooked in the design of the store and 
even the bathrooms have with the yellow and black color scheme of the label 
and has already won the MCB best local public bathroom award for 2015.

The Third Man vinyl pressing plant isn't slated for operation till the Spring of 2016,
but the location of it's future placement in the back of the store was open for viewing. 

We caught a rare local set by the Gories who closed out the grand opening live performance
 schedule inside the store. It sounded great and we've been told to expect more live performances 
to be taking place at the store in the future.

We even had the pleasure of chatting with Jack White for a bit
 as the grand opening day came to an end.
No special MCB media privilege needed. Just a nice enough guy to make himself available. 

So that's all we are going to show you here on Motorcityblog.
 You need to make the journey to Third Man Records and see the store for yourself. 

While your there you can check out the Third Man Books Nook, see the Third Man Records house band The Syncopators play a song from their jukebox, get yourself a Mold-a-rama sculpture, take a photo in the Impossible Photo Booth- the first booth of its kind to shoot using their Impossible Duochrome Black & Yellow film made specifically for Third Man Records, and ride Mini Topsy- a motorized elephant scooter around the store, and much more.

Third Man Records is located at: 
441 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201 (in the Cass Corridor)
Phone:(313) 285-8162
Store hours are:
Mon-Fri: 10:00 A.M.- 7:00 P.M.
Sat.: 10:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M.
Sun.: 11:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.

LOCAL ARTIST ALERT: Eric Wojciechowski’s "Three Condoms for Sarah"

I have been reading Eric Wojciechowski’s non-fiction essays and commentaries at Freedom Cocktail since meeting him this past summer in, of all places, Buffalo, New York. (Leave it to Detroiters to find each other, several states away.) When he told me he’d published his first novel, I was very interested to dig in, even though I’m not a fiction reader. A post-Thanksgiving cold gave me just the opportunity to have a peek at the book, and I’m pleased to report, I read it through in one long, sniffly, couch-ridden day.

It’s a story of complicated and thoroughly modern relationships, told in an engagingly twisty (and twisted) way. I recommend it not just from the perspective of “pretty good for a local guy,” but as an excellent first novel. —DC in Detroit

by Eric Wojciechowski

When a betamale decides it isn't worth it anymore to stay in the dating scene but can't help giving it one last attempt with a woman who is “different” than the rest.

It might be a true story.
Probably not.
It's a Gospel.
A Gospel of a Feminarchy.


David Anshire sits on the crown of the Statue of Liberty, brought there in a failed effort to find Sarah Montgomery. Years before, he placed a scathing personal ad that brought him to her attention. Both, disillusioned with the relationship bubble, set out to explore an alternative.

Now, law enforcement is coming to get him, to yank him off the head of the Statue. David reconsiders letting his feelings for Sarah get in the way of being more logical and bides his time waiting, hoping that she'll call him, to explain herself, before the police officer negotiating with him loses his patience.

Somewhere in the city, the fire that consumed David's apartment is being extinguished. Somewhere else, the authorities are investigating a riot that broke out in a well to do neighborhood. The all-male participants are having abandonment issues. Sarah is gone and David is going to be a major news story. Again.

THREE CONDOMS FOR SARAH is available through Amazon in trade paperback or kindle edition and through Barnes and Noble and elsewhere fine books are sold.


Eric Wojciechowski lives with his wife and two children in Livonia, Michigan. Usually writing essays and articles in politics, religion, pseudoscience and Woo-Woo. This is his first novel. Some non-fiction work can be seen at SKEPTIC magazine, American Atheists magazine and Free Inquiry magazine. Also writes on politics at the blog, Freedom Cocktail.

Review copies and interviews available upon request.

Media inquiries please contact:



Stirling and Charles English (Photo by Peter Schorn/
Retro music fans will have three good reasons to get together this December! There will be a reunion of friends, fans, and family of the seminal '80s nightclubs Todd's and Liedernacht/City Club and a birthday celebration for Stirling - the creator of these two (and many other) nightclub new wave theme nights. The party is on Saturday, December 19, 9 pm at Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit's New Center.

The night will feature original Todd's DJ Charles English spinning music from the '80s for your listening and dancing pleasure. The night is also a party for a good cause, as a portion of the proceeds will benefit the release of a local documentary film. 

“AMERICA YOU KILL ME” is a feature-length documentary film about the pioneering work & impact of gay rights activist Jeffrey Montgomery, and the struggle for equality in the midwest. The film is in its final production stages and is scheduled to be released in 2016, once funding is completed. Stirling specifically requested that some of the proceeds go towards this important documentary as it needs to be seen and gay rights was an integral part of the Todd's legacy. The 2014 short film is here: 

The history of Todd's was an East Side gay nightclub that welcomed and transitioned into a new wave/punk dance club two nights a week by nightclub impresario Stirling in the early '80s. He then worked his magic at the old Leland House Hotel and transformed its' upstairs club into the subculture enclave Liedernacht on the weekends. This eclectic club hosted techno pioneer Derek May as a DJ followed by punk Djs on Sundays. The club still remains an underground nightspot today as the City Club and is one of the longest running clubs in the city. Stirling also helped found The Majestic Theatre, and the now defunct Sardine Bar, The Warehouse, and live music club 313.jac.

Northern Lights Lounge is located at 660 W. Baltimore in Detroit. (313) 21 & Over welcome. $6 cover with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the documentary film “America You Kill Me.”


Mike Galbraith
The holiday season is upon us and it is time once again for "Home for the Holidaze 13: Songwriter Showcase & Charity Drive." Static Network has been hosting this night of songwriters for the past decade to benefit the community's homeless citizens and animals.

The event brings together six local singer-songwriters in one evening of acoustic music for a good cause.

Performing will be:


The donations and proceeds from the event go towards purchasing food and winter clothing items that is distributed to the homeless thru our selected charities:

Outcry Youth & Street Ministry - Brother Joe Hicks has been helping the homeless and youth in Detroit for over a decade. His nights are spent on the streets of downtown helping those less fortunate with the donations he receives. 

The Congregation of Every 1 - Local artist and philanthropist Jeff Hocking started the secular community group turned charity to help the homeless and also contribute goods to other homeless shelters for people and also animal rescue groups.

Pet food donations are also collected each year and donated to a non-profit animal rescue shelter. 

Hater Kitty Rescue Army ( is a local cat rescue group who takes care of strays, gets them health checked, and places them in forever homes.

The show is on FRIDAY, DEC. 18 at 9 pm. The venue is THE CADIEUX CAFE located at 4300 Cadieux Rd. in Detroit. Please call 313-882-8560. 21 & over are welcome. Admission is $5 with one can of people or pet food or winter clothing item or $6 without. Boots, blankets, socks and hats are much needed items this year.


TONIGHT: Glenn Barr's Hidden Persuasion opening @ Inner State Gallery

Inner State Gallery Presents Glenn Barr’s Hidden Persuasion November 20th
Prolific Detroit Artist Returns Home For His Latest Exhibition

Join Us Tonight From 7-10pm
Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, Mi 48207
Directions / RSVP

Opening Friday November 20th, Inner State Gallery is proud to present Glenn Barr’s Hidden Persuasion. With an entirely new body of work, Detroiters are invited into the mind of a true master of the new contemporary art movement. In this collection Barr explores a vast array of characters and situations, immersing viewers into his complex visual storylines spanning decades of cinematic folklore.

“My new work in Hidden Persuasion is a tiny bit of a departure for me. In my past work, surreal manifestations inspired by the unconscious mind came to life. The source for this current body of work is inspired by subject matter taken from films and television. I transform these characters turning them into archetypes and visually complex icons,” Glenn Barr said discussing his upcoming solo exhibition.

After wildly successful shows at Los Angeles’ trendsetting Merry Karnowsky Gallery and New York City’s playful Cotton Candy Machine, Barr returns to Detroit’s Inner State Gallery with his most refined and complete body of work to date, showcasing his unparalleled painting techniques to elicit emotion and draw viewers into his vast visual dialog.

“Previous exhibitions always had a few of these images, but this time I really went for it. Not to worry, you’ll still find an alluring dark undercurrent in my new work that will take you into this parallel world. Also, in following with the theme I’ve created some installations. One in particular is an interactive ‘set’ which I hope everyone will take part in,” Barr added from his studio space in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood.

Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 744-6505


3 Person show at David Klein Gallery Detroit. Opens Sat. Nov 14th 2015

Mark Sengbusch, Lovers IV (detail) - 2015, Scrimshawed acrylic on panel, 45 x 31 inches
Economy of Form: Matthew Hawtin, Mary Kim, and Mark Sengbusch
November 14 - December 24, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 14 5:30-8:30pm
Economy of Form features paintings by Matthew Hawtin and Mark Sengbusch and sculpture by Mary Kim. The exhibition title refers to a description of the term Hard Edge. This termwas first applied to an exhibition titled Four Abstract Classicists, which opened at the San Francisco Museum of Art in 1959. The artists in that exhibition, John McLaughlin, Lorser Feitelson, Frederick Hammersley, and Karl Benjamin utilized crisp edges to separate color in a minimal arrangement of geometric forms. The forms were spare and refined and often featured the use of vibrant color. This description can also be applied to the work of Matthew Hawtin, Mary Kim, and Mark Sengbusch, all of whom reference the history of minimalism and hard edge painting in their work. Hawtin's large scale paintings on fiberglass shapes and torqued canvas reveal his interest in history, yet he pushes it into contemporary form.  Mark Sengbusch describes his technique as scrimshaw, carving his lines into the wooden panels he paints on. The result is that the color lies next to each other on a flat surface, nothing is overlapping. Mary Kim has taken geometric shapes and edited the center, what remains are simple sculptural lines in brilliant hues. Hawtin, Kim, and Sengbusch are allied in their ongoing investigation of form, line, and color.
David Klein Gallery
1520 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226
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TONIGHT at MoCAD: Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay Film Screening

Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay
Wednesday, November 11, 8pm
Admission: $8 ($5 for members)
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
4454 Woodward Ave.

'Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay' traces the origins of Industrial music, taking a journey through the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America's thriving avant-garde scene. Industrial music emerged in the mid 1970s, providing a vibrant, provocative, and artistic soundtrack to the picket lines, economic decline, and cultural oppression of the era. Whether factory workers, students, or unemployed, industrial music pioneers were all educated, artistically minded and politically aware artists who started with little to no musical background and went on to change musical history. Featuring Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and many other pioneers.


UPCOMING (Wed. Nov. 18): "I Am Thor" film screening & live performance by Jon Mikl Thor at Small's in Hamtramck

On Wednesday, November 18 Small's Bar in Hamtramck is hosting an exclusive screening of the documentary "I Am Thor," an official selection of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

The film will be followed by a performance by the bodybuilding champion and heavy metal singer himself- Jon Mikl Thor and his band THOR. 

Jon Mikl Thor was a bodybuilding, steel bending, brick smashing rock star in the 70's & 80's whose theatrical band THOR hit the scene alongside Metallica and Kiss, but never achieved the gold record status of its contemporaries. After a brief but memorable film career saw him starring in the cult classics Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare and Zombie Nightmare, Thor all but disappeared from the entertainment map. But ten years into retirement, and incapable of living like a normal mortal human being, Thor attempts a comeback to achieve the level of success that had eluded him his entire career - a comeback that nearly kills him. Tracing the rise, fall, and rebirth of a determined performer over the course of a career that has seen more than its fair share of highs and lows, I AM THOR paints a fascinating and sometimes unbelievable portrait of this larger-than-life icon.

Show Details:
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 18
Location: SMALL' S BAR located at 10339 Conant, Hamtramck
8 p.m. doors, 9 p.m. film followed by performance
$12 in advance, $15 at the door

Limited seating during the film is available on a first come, first serve basis
Purchase advance tickets HERE.

For more info on the film visit:



Carl Craig's DETROIT LOVE Hits Home TONIGHT at Populux

Detroit is a city rich in music culture, from Blues, Jazz, Motown, Punk, Hip-Hop, Pop and, of course, Techno. Recognized as one of the greatest in the world for its musical output, it is also a city whose artists have so much love and pride for their heritage. Amidst the city’s problems over the years, the inspiration remains strong and many of the artists from Detroit are innovators of electronic music.

Creating landscapes through sound, music from originators Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Moodymann, Underground Resistance, Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin, Robert Hood, Recloose, Octave One and many more have influenced people the world over, and without them, the music of today would not be what it is. They have also paved the way for newer artists like Seth Troxler, Kyle Hall, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and Jay Daniel; each artist uniquely taking the melodic and unforgettable sounds of Detroit in to the future. 

“Love is what I have for my city, Detroit. ‘Detroit Love’ is my way of spreading this love, a love for music from the city, my heritage and who I am as a producer and performer. My love for Detroit is my inspiration, my inspiration is ‘Detroit Love’.” – Carl Craig

‘Detroit Love’ was launched at ADE 2014, in the underground recesses of Amsterdam’s North Sea Jazz club. Carl Craig invited Detroit natives Recloose, Moodymann – who played a set encompassing disco, soul, house and hip-hop, and Mad Mike Banks to play keys over Carl Craig’s Moog infused 4-cd-deck closing set, which included live editing, sampling, scratching and looping of soundscapes ranging from ambient textures to masterful techno. A Detroit focused line-up, showcasing only a few of the sublime talent that Detroit has to offer, the launch was a special and unforgettable night for those who attended.

For ‘Detroit Love’ events, Carl Craig will perform a new technical set up with 4-cd deck mixing, looping, live editing and sampling.

Special video mapping is being designed, depicting the surreal, urban Detroit landscape.



HATCH ART: 2 Openings this Saturday: Sean Hages, Lila Kadaj


Now Showing

Lila Kadaj:

November 3 - December 3
Opening Reception November 7 6pm-9pm
Cafe 1923, 2287 Holbrook. Hamtramck, MI 48212

Meet and greet the Artist this Saturday, 6-9pm

Opens Saturday, 6pm

Sean Hages:
How To Quit Smoking And Like It

Hatch Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of recent works by local artist Sean Hages. Please join us on November 7th from 6-10pm for the artist's reception!

Dates to Remember:
November 7th, 6-10pm, Opening Reception
November 14th, 1-6pm, Gallery Hours
November 21st, 1-6pm, Gallery Hours, 2pm, Art Talk
November 28th, 1-6pm, Gallery Hours

There is a certain comfort in repetition. Repetition is like an addiction to the known. Repetition is a story that has no ending. Repetition contrasts itself against itself. Repetition represents an order within chaos. Repetition is a search for sublime perfection through routine. There is a certain comfort in repetition.

Hatch Art Gallery, 3456 Evaline St. Hamtramck, MI 48212

Hands On at Hatch Art:
Felting Fun


Monday, November 16th from 6 - 9 pm
Hatch Art Gallery, 3456 Evaline St. Hamtramck, MI 48212

Join us at Hatch Art for a workshop where we'll make felting art with Alice V. Schneider and Juana Moore. We're going to play with needle felting, putting wool fibers together on foam with needles. It's an easy and fun craft, and we will have needles, foam, wires and pipe cleaners for armatures, and lots and lots of wool. You can see and try flat techniques for making pins or small decorative items, and/or making fiber creatures. There will also be samples and books on hand for inspiration.

The workshop is open to adults, and children over the age of 10 and they must be accompanied by a supervising adult. The workshop will be easy enough for beginners, but more experienced artists will be able to make more elaborate felted art from the basic materials.

Some materials will be provided. We'll bring papers of all kinds, paint, fabric scraps, wire, some beads, our favorite adhesives, and some brushes and other materials you can use. We strongly suggest you bring some ideas and materials of your own.

$30 per adult; Adult with child $45; adult with two children $60; Please, no children unless they are accompanied by a parent and over the age of 10. Parent/adult must supervise their children.

Register here:


Exhibitions Coming Soon
to 3456 Evaline:

December: Dain Mergenthaler
January: Thelonius Bone
February: #photo (curated by Chris Schneider)
March: Kasper Ray O'Brien



Our mailing address is:
Hatch Art
3456 Evaline Street, Hamtramck, MI, United States
Hamtramck, MI 48212