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German Electro-Rock 7-piece Outfit, SUPER 700
Introduces “Lovebites” to the U.S.

You can download Super 700’s
“Someone Stole My Car” mp3 here

If there is one band that truly knows their sound and how to capitalize it, Super 700 might just be it. With eerie and epic rock noises flowing in every direction throughout the bands new album, “Lovebites”, Super 700 is sure to spread its viral bites of love across the ocean from Germany to the American cult-fans of bands like M83 and Goldfrapp.

The MuseBox is proud to have the opportunity to introduce this German electro-rock band and their brand new album (out TODAY!) to the tastemakers and early adaptor fans of American indie-rock culture for the first time.

The number 700 is a sacred number.
The hidden temple has 700 entries, there are 700 sins, 700 famous mountains and the legend of the 700 spices of Alu Ben-Grachier and then there is the “Super 700”. 7 musicians female and male (discounting future ballet ensembles and symphony orchestras), 7 very special talents, 7 maniacs, 7 fine tuned guardians of good taste. Super 700 is not just another band, they are a team. Super 700 are out of this world.

What makes Super 700 so special?
Their artful musicianship, their search for the extraordinary and their determination to be complex is fuelled by the same fire, that fuels all impulsive and hotheaded incarnations of Rock N Roll.

Super 700 are wild and smart, gorgeous and dishevelled, progressive and totally focused, very normal and extremely cool. Only the best can be heroes.

What the first worldwide download “Tango” promised, they delivered with their second album “Lovebites”: 13 tracks that that will wreck royal palaces, illuminate the darkest forests and makes the time disappear while listening on your iPod or your home stereo. “Lovebites” is infectious and addictive, but remains mysterious. Take “S.T.T.S.M.C” (abbreviated for “Somebody Tried To Steal My Car”), a sweet elegant late summer rain pop song or the dangerous and unconventional, “Second In Line” with oriental strings and forceful percussion breaks.

In the song “Rosebud” lead singer Ibadet Ramadani is only being backed up by a guitar and the background vocals of her sisters Albana and Ilirjana, a jazz ballad, like liquid glass. The title track “Lovebites” is inspired by late night horror movies culminating into a bombastic torch song, dangerous and majestic. Guitar and organ entwined like lovers. Like a slipknot around your neck. “Every honey bee is an angel of death” sings Ibadet in “Spring (The Old Pretender)”

Needless to say that Ibadet Ramadani has one of the most exciting, impressive, alluringly and hauntingly wonderful voices with attitude in modern music. The rest of the band: Albana and Ilirjana Ramadani are singing the harmonies, Johannes Saal on guitar, Simon Rauterberg on keyboard, Michael Haves on Bass and Sebastian Schmidt on the drums.

After Super 700 emerged as Berlin’s number one underground darlings, they released their debut self titled album in May 2006 on Motor Music. They created waves on their consequent tour that also took them to Los Angeles and Vancouver.

They played the Viper Room and The Key Club and performed in the studio of the radio station KCRW, as a guest of the world famous show “Morning Becomes Eclectic” – after DJ Nic Harcourt personally invited them, after he saw one of their shows. The songs for Lovebites were written by Ibadet and Bassplayer Michael early 2008 in France. The album is produced by Irishman Rob Kirwan (U2, Depeche Mode) and was recorded and brilliantly completed in the Planet Rock studios in Berlin.

If you still doubt the heroic qualities of the Berlin 7 piece, just listen to this record! All doubters should list as well. Super 700 is on its way. They left their Lovebites on our necks.


(Detroit, MI)

Ghostly International

Listen to "Parallelogram"

Motorcity's DEASTRO has been playing to packed houses here in the DIEtroit for a few years now and is making another trip to SXSW - his next single to be released will be on the newest Detroit based record label called Five Three Dial Tone as its virgin release.

From our friends of at These United States:
Hey Kirk,
Here's a link to the new track we're circulating from Crimes,

Will debut songs from upcoming third album at SXSW

Reawakening from third-album-induced hibernation, These United States knock the snow off their boots and continue their tireless quest to trace every line on the U.S. map in March and April. After a special acoustic show with Plants & Animals in Charlottesville, TUS kicks off the full-band romp in earnest in Louisville, veers north and then south again, camps out in Austin for a week of official SXSW showcases and day parties -- including the notorious Hot Freaks bash -- and carries on with their 33-day 34-show circle through the Mountain states and the Midwest, with stops in Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and just about everywhere in between.
After releasing 2 albums and playing 200 shows in 2008, the DC-Kentucky- psych-folk-lit-pop rockers are rumbling surely towards the next benchmarks in a long string of critical acclaim, including several Best of 2008 mentions for Crimes and A Picture of the Three of Us..., and features on NPR's "All Things Considered," Paste, Filter, Village Voice, Brooklyn Vegan,Daytrotter, My Old Kentucky Blog, The Onion, Jambase, KEXP, WOXY, and KCRW.

At SXSW, the band will debut songs from the upcoming album,
its third in 16 months, slated for summer release.

Tue.Mar.03 ..... Charlottesville, VA ..... IS Venue ..... w/ Plants & Animals
Thu.Mar.12 ..... Louisville, KY ..... The Rudyard Kipling ..... w/ Chemic
Fri.Mar.13 ..... Ft. Wayne, IN ..... Bill's ..... w/ Prabir & the Substitutes, The Orange Opera
Sat.Mar.14 ..... St. Louis, MO ..... Cicero's ..... w/ The Silent Years, Deastro, Brave Citizens
Sun.Mar.15 ..... Little Rock, AR ..... Rev Room ..... w/ Chase Pagan, Johnny Rocket
Mon.Mar.16 ..... Shreveport, LA ..... minicine? ..... w/ The High Strung, The Peekers, Lover!
Wed.Mar.18 ..... Austin, TX (SXSW) ..... HypeMachine/BlogFreshRadio/TheMusicSlut Party
Wed.Mar.18 ..... Austin, TX (SXSW) ..... Friends Bar ..... DC Does TX Day Party
Thu.Mar.19 ..... Austin, TX (SXSW) ..... Club Primos ..... A Blog and A Band Day Party
Thu.Mar.19 ..... Austin, TX (SXSW) ..... Habana Calle 6 ..... Official SXSW Showcase
Fri.Mar.20 ..... Austin, TX (SXSW) ..... Mohawk ..... Hot Freaks Day Party
Sat.Mar.21 ..... Austin, TX (SXSW) ..... House Party ... website for details
Mon.Mar.23 ..... Denton, TX ..... Rubber Gloves ..... w/ TK Webb & the Visions, Appomattox
Tue.Mar.24 ..... Amarillo, TX ..... The Golden Light ..... w/ Cartright, The Shade
Wed.Mar.25 ..... Santa Fe, NM ..... The Sub ..... at the College of Santa Fe
Thu.Mar.26 ..... Boulder, CO ..... The Sundowner ..... w/ TBA
Fri.Mar.27 ..... Denver, CO ..... Hi-Dive ..... w/ the She-Bop She-Bops
Sat.Mar.28 ..... Nederland, CO ..... Venue TBA
Sun.Mar.29 ..... Manhattan, KS ..... The Dusty Bookshelf ..... w/ We Are Voices, McCoy
Mon.Mar.30 ..... Omaha, NE ..... Slowdown ..... w/ Oui Bandits
Tue.Mar.31 ..... Minneapolis, MN ..... Nomad World Pub ..... w/ Michael Morris
Thu.Apr.02 ..... Iowa City, IA ..... The Mill (Mission Creek Midwest Fest) ..... w/ Cartright
Fri.Apr.03 ..... Chicago, IL ..... The Hideout ..... w/ TBA
Sat.Apr.04 ..... Grand Rapids, MI ..... Founder's ..... w/ TBA
Sun.Apr.05 ..... Detroit, MI ..... PJ's Lager House (early!) .... w/ Great Lakes Myth Society
Sun.Apr.05 ..... Ann Arbor, MI ..... House Party (late!) ..... w/ Matt Jones, Wild Years

Mon.Apr.06 ..... Maumee, OH ..... The Village Idiot ..... w/ TBA
Thu.Apr.09 ..... Indianapolis, IN ..... Locals Only ..... presented by My Old Kentucky Blog
Fri.Apr.10 ..... Cincinnati, OH ..... Comet Bar ..... w/ M. Shelton's Picnic
Sat.Apr.11 ..... Lexington, KY ..... Transylvania University ..... afternoon show
Sat.Apr.11 ..... Lexington, KY ..... Al's Bar ..... evening show, w/ Coralee & the Townies

The Masters Series
Available Digitally / Physical March 31st
JZ returns to his spiritual compilation home to confirm the mounting buzz surrounding his first Masters Series…Ask anyone what their favourite compilations are and, invariably, James Zabiela’s ALiVE and Utilities will feature amongst them… Then, ask anyone what their favourite compilation series is and, invariably, Renaissance Masters Series will also crop-up… Put the two together and you have the recipe for one of the most eagerly anticipated dance compilations of 2009.“I’m delighted to step-up and join the ranks of The Masters Series,” says an ever-humble JZ, “It’s produced some incredible comps over the years and, albeit nervously (lol!), am relishing the opportunity of joining its ranks.”

“After recently completing the comp’ I can’t wait for it to hit the shelves. I haven’t done a solo compilation in over two years so I really went to town on it,” he adds.And he isn’t kidding… James has produced two incredible discs that differ, yet compliment each other perfectly. Disc One – Down is what James describes as an ‘audio travelogue’, an intricately produced collage of beautiful electronica over-laid with his own ‘field recordings’, a suite of ambient sounds and spoken word that represent both his journeys on the road and in the air, and time and thoughts between gigs.

The result is one of the most beautiful, unique mixes to emerge in recent years.

In 2006 James was awarded the People's Choice accolade as 'Best International DJ' at the Australian Dance Music Awards. In 2007 he was awarded the Best British DJ at the DJ Mag Best British DJ Awards.

For More on James Zabiela:
The true story of the "Best Friends" hit squad finally revealed!

Taking place over the course of two decades, the story of the Best Friends organized crime syndicate—a notorious Detroit-based, all-black mafia dedicated to contract killings and the wholesale cocaine drug trade—major dealers with shipments directly from Columbian drug cartels. The Feds identified the gang as the first to monopolize the I-75 corridor: the distribution route that moved Colombian drugs from Miami to Detroit.

Later, their sophisticated McDonald's-esque retail franchise model allowed them to expand drug trafficking operations outside of Detroit to over fifty major cities. Their unwavering taste for violence left a wake of over a hundred known murder-for-hire hits and an unrivaled reputation. Their multi-million dollar flamboyant lifestyle allowed them to socialize with the celebrated likes of Mike Tyson to Mary J. Blige.

The organization's extensive social connections also fostered a last minute aborted hit on now-famous former target – Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.Some times its OK to walk the other way when you love your friends and you know that the road they have chosen is the wrong road. Brian ''Champtown'' Harmon tours the world with Kid Rock, deejays for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Radio, and runs his own Straight Jacket record label. He also teaches and is the artists and industry coordinator at the Institute of Production and Recording, a media-intensive private college in Minneapolis, MN.

The love of hip hop saved his life. Champ says he owes it all to LL Cool J, Whodini, Run DMC, The Fat Boys, and the business mind of Russel Simmons, all for being such positive influences and keeping him focused on something to live for, a goal to shoot for.

"I played in the sandbox with members of the Best Friends," says Harmon,
"so it was very easy for me to join that gang.
But I didn't."

Quotes by Federal Authorities Note:

The Best Friends sold more kilos per month than GM sold cars
The Best Friends had more enemies than Tiger Stadium could hold
The Best Friends were responsible for the most contract murders in the city of Detroit since Al "Scarface" Capone's Detroit-based hit squad The Purple Gang • The Best Friends single-handedly turned Detroit into the Murder Capital of the United States

The Best Friends Gangland episodes airs March 2 on the History Channel, 8:00 p.m. central time ~ Watch Champtown put it down in celebration of taking the right path.

Download his album for free at
As somebody who grew up with and around criminals yet turned his back on crime, he knows what it's like for at-risk kids and is more than willing to help any way he can—from appearances at schools and community centers to interviews with any and all broadcast, print, and electronic media outlets. For more information, refer to the contact info at the top of this release.

Release Date: March 3, 2009
A lot of great artists have come out of Montreal, a city that recently has given the world such celebrated bands as Arcade Fire and The Stills. Out of this vibrant music scene comes Beast, a new collaboration between Jean-Phi Goncalves, leader of his own cutting edge electro band Plaster and also an established platinum level producer (Ariane Moffat, Pierre Lapointe, Daniel BĂ©langer, Lauryn Hill), and acclaimed singer Betty Bonifassi (DJ Champion, The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack).

On the strength of its richly panoramic debut album and recent arrival as a galvanizing live band, Beast is off and running. The album is due for a March 3 release on Verve Forecast, but the song “Mr. Hurricane” was offered November 4, 2008 as iTunes Single of the Week. Not just in Canada, but wherever this important new bellwether is featured around the world.
The dynamic duo met in Montreal, but both are from France. Growing up in Angouleme (a town northeast of Bordeaux), Goncalves started at music conservatory when he was seven years old. He picked up drums at 10, and opted to continue his studies in Canada for college. Betty, who was born to a Czechoslovakian mother and Italian father in the French town of Nice, is more self taught, learning from singing along to many of the great jazz and soul singers. She also dug into the work of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as well as horn players like John Coltrane and Chet Baker. “With Chet, all the singing was a continuation of his playing,” she explains. “I love that about listening and learning horn solos or guitar solos.” The result is a big voice that recalls the texture and sass of Shirley Bassey and Grace Jones and the dark subtlety of modern day singers like Beth Orton and Portishead’s Beth Gibbons.

After Plaster and DJ Champion shared some bills together, Goncalves, who plays drums in Plaster and Beast, invited the singer to come into the studio to add vocals to some unpolished pieces he was working on. Something immediately clicked, and that first session yielded “Devil,” the opening track. “I came in with text that I wrote, and the song came in an hour,” Betty recalls. “It was just obvious that there was something there.”

That something is a vibe and sound that inhabits a place where the cinematic grandeur of Portishead meets the immediacy of Rage Against the Machine. With help from lyricist Simon Wilcox, Betty strikes a balance between telling vividly detailed stories and still adhering to the concise songwriting structure of pop. Soul, rap, electro, rock and jazz (complete with a Charles Mingus bass sample on “Satan”) collide in Beast. “Trip rock,” Betty calls it, the phrase invoking the way haunting choirs and glitchy electronic bits run underneath saw-toothed bass and grinding guitars.

While the recording process took two years, Beast took to the stage for the first time, at an industry showcase in Montreal in 2008. Both seasoned performers, which no doubt separates them from many of the technologically savvy bands who record these days, Beast conquered the crowd and have since made quick work of becoming one of the most talked-about live acts in the Canadian music scene. At an inaugural Toronto performance, and with only a handful of live shows under their belts, Beast scored a perfect 100% on their NXNE Report Card from ChartAttack.

It was an accolade that was well deserved with Jean-Phi and Betty augmented live by guitarist Serge Nakauchi-Pelletier and “keybassist” Jonathan Dauphinais.
Throughout conversations with Betty and Jean-Phi, there is talk of contrast and dynamics. Beast also toys with dynamics in the live setting, projecting a rawer version of the band that is decidedly different than the studio project. According to Jean-Phi, “I love both settings, the aspect that it lasts on the record and that live it does not. I never like to see a live show that is the same as the record. ”

This quest to keep things new and mixed seems to be the mission statement for the two. “Jean-Phi is very fresh,” Betty points out. “He can change the music around in just a day. He keeps the ideas from before, but takes them in a new direction. There were no boundaries, and I love that.” For his part, Jean-Phi adds, “She always sings like it’s the last time in her life, and to me that’s inspiring.”

It all adds up to a Janus-like live band and studio project. Compelling in different ways and full of surprises, Beast will be a band to watch beyond Canada as 2009 unfolds.
"Mr. Hurricane" MP3 Download
Single “The Way It Was” feat. Bionik Listen Here
Purchase “The Way It Was” and “The Lonely Ones” Here

& pays tribute to the influential doo-wop genre.

The Los Angeles rapper and founding member of Freestyle Fellowship, Haiku D’Etat and Project Blowed, Aceyalone returns with Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones, which draws on Phil Spector, 60s girl groups, the J.B.s and a slew of raw, dirty funk for sonic inspiration.

For legendary emcee Aceyalone, being out of the norm has paradoxically always been the norm. After indulging his love of Jamaican music for 2007’s Lightning Strikes, the musically diverse emcee brings his admiration for doo-wop, blues and funk to the forefront. On the title track, finger snaps, falsetto choruses and Rickenbacker guitar dominate the production, a sound closer to Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound than today’s by-the-numbers beats. “What it Wuz” recalls the same era, but looks more towards Motown and Holland/Dozier/Holland production to emulate and update classic soul groups (think Martha & the Vandellas, Four Tops). “To the Top [Remix],” with its classic Bo Diddley beat, conjures up images of an early-20th century juke joint on Saturday night, while “Can’t Hold Back” is pure grimy funk, showcasing Aceyalone’s faux-bandleader personage as much as his emcee side. In true James Brown form, the emcee genially barks instructions to his band and engages the crowd in a rowdy call-and-response.

“I’m not from that era, but this is my ode to it,” says the emcee of the album’s feel. “I’m just putting myself into that character as a showman and bandleader. But I can still rhyme with the best of them. Artists are going to experiment and go different places and I love that whole era anyway.”

In stark contrast to the quantity-over-quality approach favored by so many emcees, Aceyalone has always prided himself on quality control. Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones is no exception. With Lonely Ones, Aceyalone along with producer Bionik, strikes down sonic boundaries and throwing the listener back to a time when music was pure, energetic, and fun. Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones isn’t just a collection of songs, but an album where every part is essential to its meaning.

In 1995, the emcee released his debut solo album All Balls Don’t Bounce, earning massive critical acclaim and declaring Aceyalone “one of the greatest lyricists the West Coast has ever produced” and Bounce “a spectacular lyrical milestone.” Since then, the emcee has released eight more solo albums, with 2006 alone seeing the release of two albums. “You might say I’m prolific,” says Aceyalone, “but I’m still a work in progress. I’m just a conveyer of what’s already out there and people just don’t see it. I just interpret it.”

Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones represents another chapter in a consistently evolving career for the emcee. And after nine solo albums and countless more with others, there’s still a whole novel to go.

Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones will be in stores March 31, 2009.

free vinyl for MCB - thanks! New Grenada!

So last night unlike most Friday evenings where I have 5 venues in mind to hit my plan was simple - the photographers knew where they had to be and I was going to catch a show and not do any of the usual MCB bullshit - simply just catch a show and I had noticed that a band that I had not seen live yet was playing at The Belmont - New Grenada

so with that in mind I had set out and without divulging any of the details
- my plan failed
i never made it to the show and this morning was up early wondering what I missed as I poured over the freebie pile - I opened one of the 12" packages that came in and found out that New Grenada sent us an un-solicited vinyl of the new record

now we get a lot of vinyl here at the MCB
- BUT - we usually know its coming

CDs are different - we get those non-stop without knowing about it but when you get a nice new fresh 12" vinyl from a great local band without asking for it

well that deserves a listen ASAP and loud

"Energy Shortage" slipped onto the turntable smoother than ever and I slowly had the system jacked to high heaven as the 1st song started to dig in for rocked but the next door neighbor wasnt too happy about that so the rest of the record got a listen at regular dB levels -- Starting your weekend with a great record on the wheel just cant be beat

Catch New Grenada over at Small's Bar in Hamtramck next month - March 14th for what I am sure is a great live show - look for me in the crowd!

"Energy Shortage" made our day!

Check out more MCB-VIDEOs here

The 14th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo - Detroit Marriott Ren Cen - This weekend!!

Eternal Tattoos Inc. & Route 66 Tattoo presents

The 14th Annual
Motor City Tattoo Expo

February 27th - March 1st 2009
Detroit Marriott/Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan

More Info: 517 540-6055

Rattlesnake Shake - Lager House - Fri Feb 27th

Friday, February 27
Rattlesnake Shake
w/Blue Black Hours
Brandon Calhoon

Rattlesnake Shake is a tribute to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. The band members include Danny Methric and Brett Lucas on lead guitars, Tony DeNardo on bass and Todd Glass on drums. Each bandmate can be found in other prominent Detroit bands, including The Muggs, The Rump Shakers and Betty Lavette, among others. The band performs FM's hits from '67 through '70, including Black Magic Woman and Oh Well. They also know how to jam out into psychedelic blues and gorgeous instrumentals; a must-see for both blues and classic rock fans.
Blue Black Hours capitalize artistically on the waves of consciousness that stream through the universe by capturing the notes and tones and sending them into your ears.
Brandon Calhoon arrives with his new 5-song EP, "Detroit City," in tow. A Michigan native, Calhoon moved to California in July 2004 in order to pursue a lifelong dream. This debut EP is the culmination of themes from Calhoon's road back to Detroit after being a finalist on the Rockstar: INSX reality TV show.

The Night Move is ready for you this weekend! Ride Green!

Photo ~ MCB's RiazK
[Metro Detroit's green public transit]
Another message from the green glimmer in our eye over here at MCB
The Night Move Bus!

Reason #154 to ride the Night Move:
To be GREEN this St. Patrick's Day!
What's your favorite reason to Night Move?
Hey kiddos!
Bus here, with loads of news to brighten up your day, so check it...
First up, this Friday night take the Night Move to Greektown at its new 6pm start time, then the People Mover (FREE -- ask your driver for a token) just five stops to Joe Louis Arena to watch the Wings game at 7:30. (Please note: Apologies for my error in last week's newsletter. The People Mover's new clockwise direction means all my stop counts were wrong -- oops! No one ever said the bus wasn't blonde... Go to the People Mover's website for details.)
Saturday night, the Bus regrets to inform you that we will not be running our regular route. BUT if you're a member of the DIA's lovely Founders Junior Council, make sure Cirque is in your iCal, G-Cal or whatever cal you're using these days, and take the Night Move to the Roostertail for free.
Upcoming awesomeness:
March 14 is the next "Culinary Road Trip," for your learning/eating pleasure. It's the "Cook's Tour," for anyone interested in blowing off the "Don't try this at home" mantra.
The Night Move and Metromix will be presenting two days of green-flavored St. Patrick's fun and shenanigans, sponsored by Bud Light. Stay tuned for details and schedule for riding the Night Move down to Detroit's annual St. Pat's Parade and a Corktown bar crawl on Sunday, March 15 and for a St. Patrick's Day bar crawl from Royal Oak to Ferndale to Detroit and back all day on Tuesday, March 17.

Watch CW50 toward the end of next week to see
Night Move owner Chris talk shop and lavish affection on the D.

Have you seen the Night Move billboards?
Reply to this email if you spot them, and win a free ride!
Like Where's Waldo?, except you actually get something for it.

Did you know we have GPS tracking on the bus?
Check it out on the Night Move routes page when you're
on your way out the door or on your phone to know exactly where it is!

Last chance to vote for the winner of our Winter Blast karaoke contest!
Watch the vid at our contest page, and vote for your choice of winner by emailing
The winner will receive a FREE Night Move Rides for a year AND a FREE night at the MotorCity Casino Hotel, courtesy of Ambassador magazine, MotorCity, and yours truly.
Yeah, I know, you wish you sang in the contest, didn't you?
Well, voting is almost as good.
Looking for more reasons to ride the bus?
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As always, flash your Night Move ticket to take advantage of this stuff:
$2 off of well drinks at Mosaic on Fridays

No cover at Fifth Avenue, plus Night Move drink specials
20% off your fare in a Michigan Green Cab

And remember:
if you work at Moosejaw, Quicken, Google or ePrize,
use your coupon code for a discount.
Work somewhere else, but want your company to get a discount?
Let us know, and we'll work something out.

Cool. xo,
The Bus

UPCOMING: 37/11 @ Detroit Symphony Orchestra - Fri Mar 13th 8pm


37/11 Members Party:
Jazzy Sport
Friday, March 13 at 8PM
Only $11
Great People, Once In A Lifetime Concert and Exclusive Afterparty

MCB will be giving away a pair of tickets to this super cool event next week so stay tuned but more importantly - dont wait to win on MCB - register now and get hip to the game - the DSO is really working to reach out to you with this great offer - give them a shot!

Featuring the Blue Note Records 70th Anniversary Tour with an Allstar Lineup.
Afterparty at Centaur (21+) with Will Sessions LIVE! featuring Monica Blaire.

Remember, you MUST first be registered in the program in order to get $11 tickets to the Blue Note Tour concert and Jazzy Sport afterparty.

Register at

Celebrate the 70-year heritage of the

greatest label in jazz of all time…

Blue Note Records

It’s an amazing Allstar band comprised of the world’s greatest jazz musicians. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear the best performers in the genre onstage, the Blue Note 7.

Then keep the night going at Centaur (21+) for Jazzy Sport! This time we’ve enlisted Will Sessions (the Few Records), an artist spanning across genres jazz, funk, world and hip-hop.
His band will be playing jazz-minded funk and a special “Funk 45” set with Monica Blaire!

Don’t forget to hold onto your concert ticket in order to get in Jazzy Sport!

If you didn’t make it out to the last 37/11 Party in November (275+ Peoples!)
check out the video from the party by MOTORCITYBLOG

Make sure you buy your ticket now because it WILL sell out!
f you have any questions, please contact Dominic Arellano
at 313.576.5066, or email him at



Yes yes, we have heard about the Von Bondies and their new CD. They have been written up in the Free Press and everywhere else. They put on a great show.

But I want to tell/show you the band that KICKED ASS. A few weeks ago my friend (and new MOTORCIRTYBLOG contributor) Rebecca said "You have to see this band". And with that I had my tickets to see Nice Vega who happened to be opening for the Von Bondies at the Blind Pig in A2 last Saturday.

It was great to watch a whole audience go from not knowing them to becoming instant fans. The energy was amazing and the lyrics are solid. After the show they even took the time to meet and talk with us. Very cool bunch you would want to share a beer with.

For more info on Nico Vega (or how to become a fan):

Peace ~ Amy Palomar

Check out more MCB-VIDEOs here

FREE TICKETS / CDs - Dead Confederate - Magic Stick Detroit - March 10th 2009

photo by Davey Wilson
MCB has a pair of tickets to the show for the 1st emailer
2nd and 3rd get a copy of the latest CD
full names / mailing addresses in the email or DELETE!


In continued support of their debut September 2008 release,
Wrecking Ball, T.A.O. recording artists Dead Confederate
set out again in February '09 to tackle
both US coasts and the great state of Texas.

Dead Fed will be accompanied on a short jaunt through the Southeast by fellow Athenians and recent Old Flame Records signees, Twin Tigers before jumping out to Portland's Crystal Ballroom where they kick off a four date headlining run down the west coast.

The band then marches to Washington DC where they'll join another rad Athens band, The Whigs, for 9 dates in the Northeast and Midwest.
The Whigs tour includes Dead Confederate's first performance at NYC's Bowery Ballroom.

Details are soon expected for several appearances in Austin at SXSW,
where the band made their national debut last year supporting REM.

Jan 30 - Chattanooga, TN - Rhythm and Brews@
Feb 4 - Savannah, GA - Livewire#
Feb 5 - Charleston, SC - Pourhouse#
Feb 6 - Columbia, SC - Headliners#
Feb 18 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom (Lola’s Room)
Feb 20 - Skykomish, WA – Steven’s Pass Ski Resort
Feb 21 - Sacramento, CA - Broadway
Feb 24 - San Diego, CA - Belly Up
Mar 4 - Washington DC - Black Cat*
Mar 5 - Philadelphia, PA - The Note*
Mar 6 - Boston, MA - Paradise*
Mar 7 - New York, NY - The Bowery Ballroom*
Mar 9 - Columbus, OH - The Basement*
Mar 10 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick*
March 11 - Akron, OH - Musica
Mar 12 - Indianapolis, IA - Birdy's*
Mar 13 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge*
Mar 14 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar*
Mar 18-22 - SXSW

* with The Whig
# with Twin Tigers
@ with The Features

Wrecking Ball by Dead Confederate was named one of the best albums of 2008 in Hear Ya, Pampelmoose, Rollo & Grady, and Sonic Itch, as well as Athens, GA’s own Flagpole.

For more information on Dead Confederate, please visit:

Circus Boy - Paychecks Hamtramck - Sat Feb 28th

FREE TICKETS: Drumline LIVE! - Music Hall Detroit - Sat/Sun Mar 14/15th

MCB has a free pair of tickets ready to roll to the 1st emailer
the tickets are gone man!

DrumLine Live is more than 40 musicians and dancers from the nation’s top historically black colleges and university marching bands will bring their infectious enthusiasm and athleticism to the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, for two performances, Saturday, March 14th at 8PM and Sunday, March 15th at 3PM.

Inspired by the 2002 film, Drumline, DRUMLine Live is a theatrical production that brings the music and dance from the film to the concert stage.“DRUMLine Live showcases the talent and creativity of the musicians and performers in much greater detail than the movie,” Music Director Don Roberts explained.

“Nothing compares to the power of hearing a band live or seeing the dazzling choreography up close. This is a musical revue with all the glitz of the stage and all the funk of an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) halftime performance.”

The idea for the stage show came to Roberts years ago, back when he worked as executive band consultant for the 2002 box office hit, "Drumline."The tradition of show style marching began more than fifty years ago within the HBCU and has since grown into a sport of its own. Show style marching features high stepping, funky dance rhythms, repertoire that ranges from classical to today’s hits and the signature “drum line face-off” where each band’s percussion section “battles” for the top spot on the field.

In addition to the drum line face-off, musical numbers in DRUMLine Live include Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” along with surprise selections from today’s top pop and R&B artists.Most performers are recent college graduates in their early to mid-twenties and hail from top HBCU schools including Florida A&M, Tennessee State, Southern University, Miles College, South Carolina State, Winston-Salem State, Morris Brown College and Norfolk State University.About DRUMLine LiveThe show-stopping new attraction, DRUMLine Live, brings the black marching band tradition to the theatrical stage for the very first time.

Featuring a large cast of colorful and flamboyant performers from America’s top Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the production presents the rousing and rhythmic sounds of the great brass past including Earth, Wind and Fire and Tower of Power side-by-side with the hottest contemporary hip-hop and R&B.

The stirring sound of trumpets, explosive choreography and incredible feats of athleticism from the "steppers” and dancers, will bring the audience to its feet. But the heart of the show is unquestionably the talented group of African American percussionists who form the "drumline." The showdown of rhythm and speed between the "lines" will shock you with its precision and pulsing force.

A glimpse into an American experience that many have never seen before; this historic tradition is alive with intensity.

Tickets are $30, $40 & $50 available at
Music Hall Box Office, or
350 Madison Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 887-8500

FREE TICKETS: Umphrey’s McGee @ Royal Oak Music Theatre - Thursday March 12th

93.9 The River Presents
Thursday, March 12th 2009
318 W. Fourth Street
Royal Oak MI 48067

Doors: 7:30 pm,
All Ages Welcome
Tickets: $22
1st emailer to hit us up gets a pair of will call tickets!!

Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows - Cobo Hall Detroit - Sat Sun Feb 28th March 1st 2009

102nd and 103rd Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows
February 28 & March 1, 2009 at Cobo Center
Annual shows offer star of Marley & Me
and special family value pack ticket deal

The Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows return to Cobo Center to entertain and educate dog lovers from all over the Midwest. The two-day Celebration of Dogs, proudly presented by Purina, allows visitors up-close and personal time with breeders, owners, handlers and over 2,000 dogs from the 161 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Two special guests will be on exhibition at this year’s shows: “Uno,” winner, 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and one of the stars of “Marley & Me” (shhh..and yes, he is a Yellow Lab).

Dog aficionados are invited to pack the Best in Show ring stands on Saturday night for the taping of the 102nd DKC Dog Show for later broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children (under 12) and senior citizens (60 and over). Children under the age of two are free. Family packs (2 adults, 3 children) are also on sale for $35. Tickets will be sold separately for each show and are good only for that day’s show.
Group rates are available by calling (248) 540-5206.
Dogs will be on display to the public and demonstrations will run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Best in Show will go into the ring approximately 6:00 PM each day.

The DKC Dog Shows are one of only six benched American Kennel Club (AKC) shows left in the United States (Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland and New York).

The benched format show is demanding on both exhibitors and their dogs, but worthwhile for all because of the public support and appreciation. Visitors can leave with the show catalog containing a breeder’s directory that is a year-long reference for local veterinarians, breeders and show spectators, and is considered “the local source” for a good breed referral.

The 102nd DKC Show will take place on Saturday, February 28, and the103rd show will follow on Sunday, March 1. The 102nd show Group and Best-In-Show Judging will be packaged into a 90-minute television special, The ESPN Show Dog Championship, to air on ESPN and ESPN 2 a total of four times in 2009.

If you have never attended the DKC Dog Show it is so much more than what you see on TV with various other events outside of the standard judging including pet related vendors and family entertainment....check it out and support the Detroit Kennel Club in 2009!

UPCOMING: St PAddy's Day Art Show @ IZZYs in Corktown

Upcoming at Izzy's from Andrea Cesarek and Rolando Garcia II,

We are accepting applications for artists and crafters.
Art must be St. Patrick's Day, green, Irish, Corktown, or beer themed.
Crafters can sell anything they want,
but we would like that you have at least a couple items in the spirit of the show.
To keep things simple and cover expenses of fliers, beer, and the gallery space,
we are asking crafters to pay $25 per table, no commission fees.
For the artists participating in the art show, we ask for
$10 donation towards promotions and a 30% commission.
Please email Andrea at
to reserve a table or submit work for the art show.


Join us for 2 days of St. Patrick's day fun!Art OpeningSat March 14th from 8-11pm
Come see Ireland through the eyes of some talented local artists.
Stay for the live music and of course beer will be available...
Parade Day Art and Craft ShowSunday March 15th
Before, during, or after the famous Corktown St. Patrick's day parade, stop by Izzy's and support local artists and crafters.
Buy some art and crafts and we'll give you some beer!
Everyone wins!
We are still taking submissions,
contact for more details...

Photo Credit for flyer: Kim McEvoy

Noir Leather's Hellbound Fetish Invasion - BLONDIES Detroit - Fri Feb 27th

Noir Leather presents
HELLBOUND Fetish Invasion of Blondies & Club Sin Noir

Friday Feb 27th 2009

Blondies / Club Sin
2281 West Fort St.

HELLBOUND Fetish Invasion of Blondies & Club Sin Noir probes the issue of ALIEN INTEGRATION in a live tell all- "show me yours and I'll show you mine" screw-human-tary
Friday February 27th Doors are @ 9 pm
Out-of this-World Fetish Attire & Sextraterrestrial Sleeze Encouraged
$10.00 Pre-sale Tickets Available NOW @ NOIR LEATHER

UPCOMING: Artist Reception ~ Tony Roko ~ March 6th 2009

Tony Roko
Lotus Arts Gallery Local Artist Exhibit
March 3 thru 26, 2009
11am - 5pm

Artist Reception - March 6th @ 6pm - 9pm

Lotus Gallery - Plymouth, MI
995 West Ann Arbor Trail
Plymouth, MI 48170

Jeff Nolan ~ MOTORCITYBLOG Detroit Artist Spotlight

MCB's Derek Ecker has been harassing local detroit artists on a monthly basis
He is a recent CCS graduate and a pretty damn good artist to boot:
Derek: Alright Jeff your in the hot seat with MCB's Detroit Artist Spotlight...
It's time for some serious Q & A.!
Derek: Jeff tell us a little about yourself, how long have you been painting and what were some of your earliest influences in your art?
Jeff Nolan: As a child I made little illustrated books about dinosaurs, so not much has changed there. I loved Dr. Seuss, technical drawings, and the album artwork in my parents record collection. While I was growing in school my notebooks were more or less sketchbooks.. I didn't really begin painting seriously until college, but have been painting everyday for the past six years or so.
Derek: Finish this sentence. I never paint in the......
Jeff Nolan: in the nude, in the dark, while I'm asleep, in the morning, in the bathroom, in zero-gravity, in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox, in the car, on a star, on a train, in the rain, in a tree, with the bees, in a boat, with a goat, here or there, anywhere... I set out to become a painter and still primarily paint, but as of late I generate an idea or concept and consider the medium to best express my idea. I have found myself producing cardboard cutouts, video installations, digital pieces, ect.
Derek: Tell me a little about the Lollybot Collective?
Jeff Nolan: About two years ago my roommate Matthew Pritchard and I were both doing shows and going to a lot of art and music shows and we sort of realized together that the same groups of people were going to all of these different things, so we thought up a way to put all of these great artists and musicians together working toward the same ends. Scrummage University, whom we have worked with on all Lollybot shows, inspired us after we saw that they were totally DIY and very successful at it. “We could totally do this with art” was the conversation we had.
Derek: So your kind of an art hustler,you curate shows, work at a gallery, do the freelance thing and paint for the shows in Detroit's underground gallery scene. How do you find time to juggle it all, did you kidnap the Kebler Elves and force them into slave labor art camps?
Jeff Nolan: I have become really good at recruiting others to help me get it all done. Its mostly a matter of sending thousands of emails to everyone I meet and it eventually leads to the next thing. I get it all done by keeping busy on work all day and night and sleeping very little.
Derek: In your opinion who is the best and worst artists of all time?
Jeff Nolan: Da... da. dauh.. This is a tough one because my tastes are always changing, but at the moment I would say the best or my favorites are Duchamp, Barry McGee, Henry Darger, Dr. Seuss, Bridget Riley. There is a lot of bad art, but the worst is Andy Warhol, despite the fact that I love his work its mostly quite bad. Shepard Fairey, Milton Avery, and Henry Matisse are some of my least favorite.

Derek: Is it true you eat paint, and if so which color tastes the best?
Jeff Nolan: I can't say that I have, but I imagine anything with cadmium would taste best. Strangely titanium white gouache smells like lemons.
Derek: Ok so your dropped of and stuck at a shitty airport for two days and can only bring three items what are they?
Jeff Nolan: My laptop, credit card, and a notebook.
Derek: Where do draw you influence for your characters?
Jeff Nolan: I Steal my ideas from friends and the people around my house. I show my work to anyone who is around, occasionally someone will have a good idea.
Derek: What's the meaning of life?
Jeff Nolan: The existentialist Albert Camus asserts that the absurdity of the human condition is that we search for external values and meaning in a world which has none, and is indifferent to us.

Who is the real Jeff Nolan?

Derek: Whats coming up next for Jeff Nolan and the Lollybot Collective?

Jeff Nolan: February 28th we have a show at Izzy's Raw Art Gallery in Corktown, it is an effort in forcing our artists to think conceptually instead of illustratively or reactionary. There are always ideas in the works, without divulging too much about what we are doing prematurely, we are working on a series exhibitions at the Garment District in Roseville, and have in the works a big show tentatively called CHILD'S PLAY.

We have been working on reaching out to other groups in Detroit and abroad, RESTRICTIONS will feature artists from Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, and San Fransisco.

Click here to see just one of the many super popular and highly acclaimed Lollybot Videos


Two Chances To See Chapstick at Two Great Locations.

Check out more MCB-VIDEOs here


Its our home grown weekly rockabilly radio program
called "Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show!"
Good ol DJ DEL VILLARREAL hooks in with
the best tunes you every heard in your life

Phantom Shakers Johnny Cash Birthday Bash - The Belmont - Sat Feb 28th

Phantom Shakers (and others) are going to be rockabillying it up
for Johnny Cash's b-day at the Belmont this Saturday night in Hamtramck.
Doors at 9pm +21 $5
Get to this show for the ol' JC toast!

Star Trek Exhibit - Detroit Science Center -

At MCB we try not to neglect our nerdish readership.
STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION • Feb. 14-Sept. 7, 2009

This interactive exhibit lets fans explore the ‘Star Trek’ universe hands-on with attractions, sets, costumes and props from 5 TV series and 10 feature films.

STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION made its Midwest debut at the Detroit Science Center on Feb. 14, 2009, for a limited engagement. This multi-city touring exhibition contains the world’s most comprehensive collection of authentic Star Trek ships, set re-creations, costumes and props from 5 television series and 10 films over the last 40+ years.

This unparalleled experience enables the public to step inside the Star Trek universe and become active participants in the legacy that has captivated our imagination for generations. Whether it is sitting on a recreation of the original U.S.S. Enterprise bridge or traveling through space on motion simulators, STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION fully immerses visitors in the legendary television adventure that has become synonymous with scientific innovation and ingenuity.

Highlights of STAR TREK THE EXHIBITION include:
• A detailed recreation of the bridge from the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as featured in the original Star Trek television series. Visitors can stand on the Enterprise bridge
and have their photo taken.

• Re-creations of original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, including Captain Picard’s quarters and command chair.

• A chance to ride through a Star Trek adventure in a full-motion flight simulator.

• A full-scale recreation of the Transporter Room from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
For more information call 313.577.8400.
Photography is not allowed in the exhibition.
I have always thought STAR TREK
was one of the coolest shows ever made
Maybe it was because it was the 1st of its kind
and it was put out by a fledgling studio called Desilu
(owned by Ricky and Lucy)
As someone who has been named Kirk most of my life
I have heard every Captain Kirk joke and reference you could think of over the years.
James T Kirk was a pretty cool dude until he starting smoking space dust - wearing wigs - producing silly records and being the class A dork he has turned into nowadays hocking cheap hotel rooms and stuff
Click on the pic above and see how you can score
with all the hot ladys in the universe just like
our pal use to do back in the day