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Commissioning Annie Gosfield: Detroit Industry, celebrating the 85th birthday of the Rivera Murals

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The holiday season is upon us and it is time once again for "Home for the Holidaze 15: Songwriter Showcase & Charity Drive." The event brings together local performers for one evening of acoustic music for a good cause. The donations and proceeds from the event go towards purchasing food and winter clothing items that are distributed to homeless people and animals thru our selected charities: Congregation of Every 1, Hater Kitty Rescue Army and Outcry Street Ministry.

This year will feature the “return of revolver” a songwriters circle with the Inside Outlaws group of songwriters with performances by:
  • and special guest TY STONE

The show is on THURSDAY, DEC. 14 at 8 pm. The venue is PJ'S LAGER HOUSE located at 1254 Michigan Avenue in Detroit. Please call 313-961-4668. 21 & over are welcome. Admission is $5 with one can of people or pet food or winter clothing item or $6 without. Boots, blankets, socks and hats are much needed items this year.

Static Network has been hosting this night of songwriters for the past decade to benefit the community's homeless people and animals. The donations and proceeds from the event go towards purchasing food and winter clothing items that is distributed to the homeless thru our selected charities:

The Congregation of Every 1 - This local charity was founded as a congregation of people seeking a sense of community and a more efficient and direct means to help others. They provide back packs of food and goods that are distributed to the homeless population in the city.

Outcry Youth & Street Ministry - Brother Joe Hicks has been helping the homeless and youth in Detroit for over three decades. His nights are spent on the streets of downtown helping feed and clothe those less fortunate with the donations he receives.

Pet food donations are also collected each year and donated to a non-profit animal rescue shelter.
Hater Kitty Rescue Army is a local cat rescue group who takes care of eastside of Detroit neighborhood strays, gets them health checked, and places them in forever homes.


Lots of music! Lots of dancing! Lots of absurdity! And, lots of FUN!

The performance is at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom on November 17th, 2017, and marks Konrad's 3302nd performance since he graced the stages at 12 years old!

He will perform a cornucopia of classics from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's! Included in his repertoire are his sexy and soulful renditions of “Fever” and “My Way” that outshines Frank's version!

Konrad Lee, lounge singer extraordinaire is what you would call, the consummate performer. A Detroit gem. An acrobatic vocalist. A purveyor of fine Red Roof Inn’s across the United States. (He loves the mints found on the pillows.) A man of few words, unless music is playing.

He has brought his music to the masses and joy to crowds from Albuquerque, NM, to Juno, Alaska, to Pittsburgh, PA, to Amsterdam, Netherlands back home to Detroit. For about three decades, he’s been unstoppable and a crowd favorite – no matter the crowd.

Here’s just a taste of the wonderfully talented individuals who will grace the stage on this fantastic evening of low-class entertainment!

The Hotsy Totsies:
  • Ms. Lushes LaMoan - The hardest working showgirl in Detroit!  An entertainer since birth, swooshing out of the birth canal, she oozes sex appeal and screams laughter, and has been doing so for 11 years.
  • Ms. Kitty Paige -  The classic beauty with a big booty! For 10 years she has become known as your secret crush, your dream time lover. Don't let that smile fool you, she'll lure you in and claw your heart to shreds! MEoow!
  • Ms. Bootsie La Fontaine -  The one and only, a TRIP with no luggage, low class and a bad ass...she's our favorite bootsie. She's been bringing the gutter to the stage for the past 13 years.
The Samurai Arkestra:

  • Ms. Michele Jones -  By day, wild-mannered proprietor and scissor slinger of Gentlemen First Barbershop, featured as a Metro Times BOD award winner. By night she is the stunt double/lead vocalist, Viagra Jones, of Bazooka Jones. In between, she is often spotted looking for her keys.
  • Mr. Tim Suliman – Perennial pounder plays with Eastside Elvis, Popsicle Shiv, DCFC Northern Guard and the College of 'Pataphysics' Marching Band. And like fine wine, Tim S. is old, dusty, and mostly sour.
  • Mr. Sadaat Hossain -  This multi-instrumentalist and part-time lover plays in the band The Poltroons, Code Brown (the Ween cover band) and is owner/operator of the Raven Cafe in scenic Port Huron, MI. 
  • Mr. Tim Taebel – Bass monster Taebel currently plays in Eastside Elvis, Twitch, Noise Lab A/X and suspects that gravity is a hoax.
  • Mr. Lee Galbraith -  He is a man about town, connoisseur of fine spray cheese, and a musician based in Port Huron, MI. The Big Icky - He has traveled across the country, grossing and amazing people on the way, for 10 years. He's a man of stranger and unusual talents and if its not icky, its just disgusting!

Think old days or old school to the ‘Laugh-In’, ‘Dean Martin and the Golddigers’, ‘Smothers Brothers’ days, and you have Konrad Lee and the Hotsy Totsies w/the Samurai Arkestra.

Doors at 8pm. There will be two sets with an intermission.
Admission is $15 at the door. 18+
Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom
715 East Milwaukee Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 873-2955

GAME OVER! The Detroit debut of the new interactive game show!

Reloaded Events and Trainwreck Entertainment presents…

       The Detroit debut of the new interactive game show!

Put on a cheap costume and come to the Tangent Gallery on Saturday, November 18 at 8 pm for the Detroit debut of the interactive game show GAME OVER! Where everyone has a chance to win!

The cheesy, crazy ten laughs a minute game show, combines all the action and comedy of retro game shows from “Let's Make a Deal,” “The Price is Right” and “The Gong Show” into one crazy evening!

The show will be hosted by three outstanding guest hosts; Brian Papandrea, Chris Smith, and Lauren Harlow Weaver and accompanied by lovely stage hostesses Sadie Tate and Reilly Fein. The trio will have you on the edge of your seat as you compete for cash and prizes. One of the wacky hosts will try and stump you with wacky requests and riddles. Be sure to fill your pockets and purses with miscellaneous crap to increase your chances of winning. A lightning round will have you using Facebook to compete for a chance to win too. Prizes range from gift certificates and items from local Detroit merchants to cold hard cash! So get your game face on for Game Over!

Check out the video and event page at:

Saturday, November 18, 8pm
Admission is $10 at the door. 18+
Tangent Gallery
715 East Milwaukee Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 873-2955

Krampus Night 7 – A Holiday-ish Charity Extravaganza!

Oh you better watch out…’cus he’s coming back to town!  On Friday December 1st 2017, Krampus is at it again with the 7th annual festive event:


Who is Krampus?  Only the swellest devil to accompany ole’ St Nick on his rounds during the holidays.  Unlike Santa, he joyfully punishes the naughty by swatting them with switches…but who doesn’t? 
However, on this night he’s a devil with a cause helping those in need with a…

Toys For Tots & BWBD Benefit 

Bring in some new toys or cans of food and get in on the cheap (and some good feels)!  All toy donations are taken directly to a Toys For Tots center to benefit less fortunate children during the holidays and all canned donations go to Burners Without Borders Detroit to help feed the homeless (click here for details).
But he’s not stopping there with his benevolent malevolence!  He’s also helping to support local artists with a…

 Krampus Naughty List Bazaar 

Buy some swell affordable art gifts for the naughty on your list (or for your naughty self)!  You’ll find everything from small unique stocking stuffers to large original art pieces. 
And to make this a Black Friday you won’t regret, there’s also a…

 Not-So-Silent Art Auction 

Generously donated by various artists of the DAMNED Exhibition, Corpus Illuminata and the Krampus Bazaaryou can bid to take home some amazing fine art while helping the homeless!  100% of all auction funds go directly to Burners Without Borders Detroit to help purchase much needed supplies to create survival backpacks for the homeless (click here for details).
But wait!  There’s also the 7th annual…

 Wreck The Halls Exhibition 

It’s a “no-so-holiday” exhibition of naughty art, animatronics, ornaments and decorations!  The exhibition will be spread out all over the venue.  And this year, WTH includes a bad gingerbread house competition!
And for your “entertainment”, we once again bring you the hilariously disastrous…

 Christmahanakwanza Variety
Show Spectacular

Come experience a wild night of amazingly bad lip syncing, barely rehearsed skits and impromptu shenanigans loosely based on your favorite holiday television and film classics!  Featuring Satori Circus, Lushes LaMoan, Bootsie La Fontaine, Scott Dambacher and lounge singer extraordinaire Konrad Lee!
And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also…
  • Krampus Short Film Festival of holiday(-ish) indy films!
  • Live action Fugly Holiday Sweater Contest!
  • A full bar with all the boozy trimmings and spiked punch!
  • Swanky holiday lounge music all night…every-freakin’-where!
  • Demented decor by the Krampus Recrafting Antidecoration Party (KRAP)
And THE BIG MAN HIMSELF (KRAMPUS) will host a charity donation photo booth for photographic evidence and fun!

+ Schedule +

07:00 – Wreck The Halls & the Krampus Bazaar opens
08:00 – Krampus arrives for photos, swattings & candy
09:00 – Wreck The Halls Short Film Festival
10:00 – Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular Pt1
11:00 – Audience participation Fugly Holiday Sweater Contest
followed by Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular Pt2
12:00 – Gingerbread House Competition winner selection
followed by Last Call (& bidding fight!) for the Silent Auction

+ Admission +

  • $15 with New Unwrapped Toy and/or 3 Canned Food Donation*
  • $20 for rotten stinkin’ Scrooges without either
*non-Scrooges also receive a coupon worth $5 off their purchase of $25 or more in the Naughty List Bazaar!
There is no dress code but creative/naughty/festive holiday costuming welcome!
Krampus Night 7 – A Not-So-Holiday Charity Benefit Extravaganza
Friday December 1st 2017 – 7pm until 2am – Strictly 18+
Tangent Gallery/Hastings, 715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI
Merry Krampus and Stay Naughty!!!


Holiday demon Krampus descends on Detroit - Donna Terek, The Detroit News


DAMNED Weekend Tix on Sale Now!

Insert alt text here
+ Advance Tickets Available +
Advance tickets are now available online for all 3 themed nights of the 10th annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness.  This includes the VIP preshow engagements, formal Masquerade Ball, various dinning options & more.  For details on each night and to order, visit:
Looking for physical discount tickets?  Visit the following retailers:
These physical tickets are $15 for Thursday or Friday and $20 for Saturday's Masquerade Ball (service charges may apply and cash preferred).  That's up to 25% off the door rate, but quantities are limited and they are going fast.  With these tickets, you may also upgrade to VIP at the door, depending on availability and capacity.
Ticket Information and Ordering
Also, if you are on Facebook, click "interested" or "going" on the official DAMNED event pages to get the latest updates:
10th Annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
DAMNED 10 Masquerade Ball and Formal Strolling Dinner


DIRTY SHOW 19 Call for Art now open!

Dirty Show 19 – Call For Erotic Art

Dirty Show 19-Exhibition • February 9-17, 2017 • Detroit, MI USA

Direct link to Submission website


Being Satori Circus Documentary

Now Funding on

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Being Satori Circus: Is this comedy? Is this real? Is this a study in a subculture? Does it matter?

Being Satori Circus’ is an exciting new documentary film-in pre production- which seeks to recall a dream by using interwoven storylines to a different reality. The film explores and stars the character of Detroit’s own legendary performance artist: Satori Circus. This happens through a staged live performance, silent film and interviews of his collaborators and fans, this is an exploration into the artistry of what is an emerging movement yet, one ironically that continues to flourish for nearly 30 years now. This will be the first full-length feature documentary on this enigmatic performer, a door unlocked with the key of imagination.

To join the REVOLUTION and help support our very own CLOWN by becoming a backer, click below.  We have 30 days to raise funds or else this it an utter and complete failure of epic proportions, and I don't think any of you want that on your you?  Huh? Huh? I didn't think so.



EPROM Colony

Doc Colony's Reloaded events  has done it again with the next installment of Dropzone:Fury Road to Thunderdome the ultimate  Mad Max movie-themed cosplay event!  Experience this epic adventure into the apocalyptic world of the road warrior! New this year is the first Mad Max V8 Interceptor vehicle will be on display! The event will also feature panels on How to survive an apocalyptic event, hand to hand combat and weapons training panels.

The gathering will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2017, starting at 5:00 pm at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom. Expect an epic night of lights, fights and primal rage that will set the heart racing!

The event will feature War Wagons, War Bikes, War Boys and War Girls will unite for royal cage fighting, bloody roller battles and high octane mayhem in an actual Thunderdome. Live music, explosive performers, eclectic artisans, an apocalyptic art gallery, and custom war vehicles will be showcased. Rat Rig War Wagon Tribe will be there with their vehicles from Badlands Detroit/Speedcult to light up the night and give all patrons a chance to get their photos taken with the Tribe!

Live performances by:

Josie Pace
Satori Circus as War Daddy

Burlesque by:

  • Leena Allure 
  • Lushes Lamoan 
  • Kitty and Eris 
  • Kitten Von Mitten 
MC – O.C. Dingo aka Chris Smith


  • Eve Severe 
  • Jay Itchon 
  • Riku
APOC art installed and managed by: Brian Lewandowski

Visit our veracious vendors:

  • D'Tritus dark green art by John Juan
  • Celsky Treasures
  • Time Warp Vintage
  • Lewis Dennison
  • Dee's Hot Dogs
  • Monster Foods
Fury Road to Thunderdome is on Saturday, October 7 starting at 1:00 pm – 2 am at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom 715 E. Milwaukee St. in Detroit. (313) 873-2955 18 & over are welcome. Tickets are available for $20 advance at ; or $25 at the door on the day of show. For more information on this event check out the event page at: