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Detroit Drunken Historical Society

Another booze friendly lecture by the Detroit Drunken Historical Society...

Uncorking the War of 1812
Thursday, November 1st, at Andrew's on the Corner

We'll be talking about the role alcohol played in the War of 1812 in Detroit.

Our speaker, Brian Leigh Dunnigan, is the author of Frontier Metropolis: Picturing Early Detroit, 1701-1838 and Associate Director and Curator of Maps at the Clements Library, University of Michigan.

We'll be meeting at Andrew's on the Corner (click here for a map), which is situated along the old Joseph Campau ribbon farm on Le Cote' Du Nord-Est on the Detroit River.

Free Tickets: Delicate Steve @ the Magic Stick

Delicate Steve
w/ Dana Buoy / Mexican Knives
Monday, November 12th, at the Magic Stick
8PM, $10

Send an email to for your chance to win a pair of tickets

Like a hydro-electric Mothra rising from the ashes of an African village burned to the ground by post-rock minotaurs, the music of Delicate Steve will literally make you the happiest person who has never lived. Their influences are as diverse as Yes, Vampire Weekend, The Fall, Ravi Shankur, 10 cc, The Orbital, Jann Hammer, the first half of OK Computer, the second act of The Wizard of Oz, and the final pages of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. Originally conceived as a radio-friendly concept album about the early life of D.B. Cooper, de facto Delicate Steve leader Steve Marion decided to tear away the lyrics and move everything in a more experimental direction. “We don’t need the middlebrow to dig our music,” says the soft-spoken Marion. “We write for the fringes — the very, very rich and the very, very poor. That’s the audience we relate to, and that’s who these songs are about.” Life on the outskirts, ain’t so bad, now is it?

Free Tickets: Indian Handcrafts @ the Magic Stick Lounge

Indian Handcrafts
w/Skeletonwitch, Red Fang, Black Tusk, Havok, and Mutilation Rites
Friday, November 16th, at the Magic Stick Lounge

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Canadian power-duo Indian Handcrafts' sophomore release, Civil Disobedience For Losers was recorded in Los Angeles back in March with engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business ).

Everything about Canadian power-duo Indian Handcrafts seems to defy possibilities: a two piece that's louder than a hundred bands, kicking out one of the year's most riff-rollicking albums that was recorded while the guitarist had a broken hand! They're two friendly, soft-spoken Canadian guys sounding like the Funkadelic Mothership crash landing on top of the Planet Caravan in Interstellar Overdrive.

Indian Handcrafts' well honed, massive melodic heft seems to belie the simplicity of instrumentation between drummer/vocalist Brandyn James Aikins and guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen. While their songs feature hints of heavy, technically skilled bands like Big Business, Hella and Tweakbird, there are also strong melodies and a vocal intensity inviting comparisons to artists ranging from Death From Above 1979 to Jack White. Top that all off with a rhythmic groove reminiscent of a hybrid of ZZ Top's Tres Hombres and Funkadelic's Standing On The Verge of Getting It On and it's clear that Indian Handcrafts are much, much more than the sum of their parts.

Bursting out of Barrie, Ontario this pair of charming gentlemen immediately impacted the world with a self-released 8-song debut album in 2011. Cathy Pellow of Sargent House quickly took notice and signed the band on to management and the label. Shortly thereafter, Civil Disobedience For Losers was recorded in Los Angeles with Kasai and featuring special guest appearances by Melvins drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis. Even with such superfriends assisting the proceedings, Indian Handcrafts prove their own exceptional strengths throughout the album.

"The doctor said if you go and record that's your problem if it gets worse," Allen explains of recording with a broken hand. "It was a little painful some days, but because of being there in the surroundings it was easy to get around that. It healed fine." Overall, the duo says the recording came together very quickly under Kasai's guidance, but it's the bond between Aikins and Allen that gives Indian Handcrafts its lean, ferocious personality. "We first started this band when playing in another band that was pissing us off," Aikins says. "We were the two who always got along. I can't ever see us having anyone else in the band. Unless Toshi played tambourine."

Civil Disobedience For Losers will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 30th, 2012 via Sargent House

Free Tickets: The Whigs @ the Magic Stick

The Whigs
w, Kuroma
Wednesday, November 14th, at The Magic Stick

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With their new album Enjoy The Company, The Whigs have created a raucous ode to rock and roll.  From the opening track, an exhilarating eight-minute mission statement called "Staying Alive," the record offers a powerful sonic rendering of a band opening up to the depth of their past and kicking open the doors to their future.  But most of all, this is the undeniably established sound of a band affirming their legacy in the American rock and roll paradigm.

Turbo Fruits @ Magic Stick Lounge

Turbo Fruits
Friday, November 23rd at the Magic Stick Lounge
8PM, $10

Splitting their sound between jangle and ‘70s hard rock crunch, Turbo Fruits are audacious rock and roll that can’t be lumped under the often-misused term “garage”. As Paste accurately states, “the persistence of ‘garage rock’ as a modifier for the music of Turbo Fruits is troubling. These Nashville boys don’t make ‘garage rock’… they just make rock ‘n’ roll.” And that’s just what you’re gonna get, southern twang meddled with electric bursts of guitar shredding riffs fueled by whiskey binges and the adrenaline of tumbling around on your electric hog. With a lyrical oeuvre that comes to amass the relatable (picking up women in dive bars, drinking, weed, cigarettes, whiskey, uncertainty, fighting with your friends), Turbo Fruits raw, gruff, sweaty brand of rock and roll is, as Consequence of Sound stated, the soundtrack to “a smoke-cloaked house party” where your vision is swirly just like their riffs. 

Sick Smile @ Simon's After Dark

Tomorrow Night! Free! VHS or Beta! Magic Stick

VHS or Beta (photo by Leslie Lyons)
There is a very cool show coming our way tomorrow and the best part is it's free! The brilliantly funky, indie dance band, VHS or Beta is coming to the Magic Stick on a free show brought to you courtesy of The Onion AV Club and Killian's Irish Stout.  To get in the show you just have to go the Onion AV website and sign up. I spoke to singer Craig Pfunder last night on how the tour was going, their latest album Diamonds and Death and more: 

MCB – Where are you playing tonight?
VoB –We’re playing a city across the river in Ohio called Covington. It’s by Cincinnati, we’ve been playing there for years. 
MCB – You’re originally from Kentucky, but made the move to New York a couple of years ago – how’s New York?
VoB – Well, I guess it’s what everyone says, probably one of the best cities in the world. It’s got everything you could possibly want all within a subway’s ride. Coming from Louisville, where you had to drive everywhere and there’s one museum. I love Louisville but it’s night and day from New York.
MCB – How do you think your home is fairing right now from Hurricane Sandy?
VoB – To be honest it’s not okay, it’s in shambles right now. I can tell from pictures I’ve seen. Every chance we get we’re checking out the storm. I think it’s going to be okay from what everyone is saying, but there’s a lot of people without power.
MCB – Tell me about these special shows your out on
VoB – We’re playing 10 dates, on a tour that we’ve been asked to do with Killians and the Onion AV Club. We were chosen for the shows through the Onion, so we're like “of course we’ll do it.” We’ll do anything for the Onion, well, unless they wanted to make fun of us, or maybe we would have done it in a very shameless way.
MCB – The last time I saw you play it was at a similar show like this for a vodka promotion.
VoB – We like doing these shows, everyone is happy because it’s free and they’re drinking. I’m dinking a Killians right now so it seemed like a good pairing.

MCB – VHS or Beta has been around for almost 15 years….
VoB – When you put it that way it makes me feel old! So let’s say 14 and half years. We’ve been around since  ’97, starting out as a punk band. Then, we got into house music and started making our music that way. We’ve toured all over the world and now we’re in New York trying to find our way in this dying music business. So it’s nice to have opportunities like this.
MCB – Was the funk and those deep basslines always a part of your sound?
VoB – Not always, but even in the early stages we were influenced by dance music, disco, hip hop or whatever. Mark is a phenomenal bass player.

MCB – On your latest album, "Diamonds and Death" you have a more electronic dance sound compared to your previous record which was a more rock oriented approach.
VoB – That’s a pretty fair assessment. The last record we made was just written by the two of us, the last two original members. Each record we’ve made a bit differently, with the emphasis in on who’s writing the material. On the new record we wanted to abandon the guitars and take more of a producer’s approach to making the album.
MCB – Diamond's and Death came out a year ago. Have you been working on new stuff?
VoB – We have but maybe not for VHS or Beta. I’ve been in the studio just writing whatever comes out of my head. Sometimes it’s acoustic, sometimes techno. It’s been a relief to be writing music that isn’t necessarily VHS material.

MCB – Are there tracks you like more now than when the first came out?
VoB – It’s weird, I hadn’t listened to it in a while. Then I listened to it the other day to go over some of the tunes by myself, and I realized how much I really like it. It took a couple years to make and you spend so much time listening to it as you make it. So now I have had some time to put some space between it. When I listen to it, I re-appreciate more from a distance.

MCB – It seems like you've spent a lot of time on the road
VoB – You know we’ve kind of backed down on the touring. We’re a little too old to do it like we use to. We used to do it 7 – 8 months out of the year and now we just tour for like 6 months – just kidding, we really just tour maybe 2 – 3 months a year.
MCB – Does it pay the bills for you?
VoB – Somehow I’m getting by not working a job, but that’s not going to last forever. I’m going to have to start robbing banks or something, because I refuse to wait tables like I use to. Maybe I’ll rob houses of really wealthy people in the Hamptons.

MCB – Did you consider moving to Los Angeles?
VoB – I love LA but I don’t like cars, so I can’t really move to LA. I like the LA life, you can have a backyard and cook outs and a dog door. You can’t really do that in New York. But I don’t want to spend 2 hours in a car every day and look at the halo of smog surrounding the city. I’m just much more of an east coast person.
MCB – Do you no longer consider yourself a Kentucky person?
VoB – I will always be a Kentucky person. When I get drunk my friends around me go “Man, you’re a redneck!” And, that’s something I’ll never lose. I’ve lived in the south my whole life except a couple of years.
MCB – Your music is almost the opposite of redneck...
VoB – It is the opposite of redneck. And if you look at me, well except for the red flannel, I look like the opposite of redneck. Living in Kentucky was shitty in a way. To be called Yoko Ono or Jackie Chan or whatever and I don’t get that in New York, it’s awesome. I’m actually a majority in New York.

MCB – You’re playing Detroit on Thursday, do you have a lot of Detroit memories?
VoB – I have a lot of Detroit memories, a lot of really good ones and some shitty ones. We have played Detroit with some of the best bands, Duran Duran, the Von Bondies, Electric 6, Radio 4 and more.  We’ve had so many great shows and then we’ll show up in Detroit and there’s like 32 people in the crowd. What is going on in Detroit? It’s a really tough town to crack. When you play a sold out show at the Palace, you think maybe more than 32 people would make it out to your next show. I have good friends there and there are places to go but I never know what to expect from Detroit.
MCB – How was it touring with Duran Duran?
VoB – They were the nicest guys! I was so nervous the first night we played. We were in this club in Louisville and everything was running late, so we have like 30 minutes to play and this is a hometown show so we want to be our best. And Simon LeBon comes in the dressing room and says “I just want to really thank you for accepting to play with us and the whole band really likes your record.” I was just like “my sister wants to have sex with you and if you do I’ll be the coolest brother.” No, I didn’t say that to him, but he’s Simon LeBon and they’re Duran Duran, super sweet guys.  I don’t think I’ve toured with more successful, sweeter guys than them.

This Post by Mikel O.D. of

FRIDAY: Three Bad Jacks @ Smalls

Three Bad Jacks
Jane Rose & The Dead End Boys
Hi-Fi Hellcats
Jack "Babe" Miller and his 10-4s

Smalls Hamtramck 

Friday November 1
DO 8pm

There will be a costume contest!
Costumes are not required for entry, but they are encouraged!

THIS WKEND: Dia de los Muertos Celebration @ Imperial in Ferndale

Dia de los Muertos Celebration

November 1 (All Saints Day) Artist's Reception 8-11 pm
November 2 (All Souls Day) Festival Celebration, culmination of Ebay Skull Auction

Proceeds from the Skull Auction go to DEAD (Dedication to Education & Arts Day) supporting enrichment programs at Roosevelt Primary School in Ferndale and the Eagle Pledge's Scholarship Program. This auction ends Friday NOV 2nd at 11:59p so DO NOT wait to place your bids. Also please join us on Thursday the 1st for our Artist Reception starting at 8:00P at Imperial.

Imperial's Artist Friends -- Niagara, Glenn Barr, Mark Dancy, Audrey Pongracz, Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, Jerry Vile, Mark Arminski, Kill Taupe, SLAW, and Jeremy E. Hansen -- are donating hand-painted paper mache skulls for charity. In addition, 19 mini-skulls will be donated by some of our favorite local tattoo artists from Signature Tattoo, Lance Kellar Studios, Big Top Tattoo, Iron Clad Tattoo, and Wholeshot Tattoo.

Chef Brennan will be preparing special menu items. There will be Mexican punch and specialty cocktails, Alter displays with sale of offerandas, and amazing music.

The Charity Skull Auction has begun! Follow the eBay links below to bid on your favorite pieces.

Glenn Barr:
Mark Dancey:
Audrey Pongracz:
Jerry Vile:
Mark Arminski:
Kill Taupe:
Jeremy Hansen:
Johnny Bee:
Mark Heggie:

FREE TICKETS: THE SWORD - St Andrews Hall Detroit - 11/11

MCB has a handful of free tickets to check out 
who play a show at St Andrews 
in a few weeks on 11/11

email for your chance to win
keep your eyes peeled for a few limited edition vinyls closer to the show date


 Album Lands At #17 On The Billboard Top 200
Band Partners With Oliver Ales For “Winter’s Wolves Beer”
Apocryphon, the fourth album from The Sword attains the highest chart and sales debut of the band’s career this week debuting at number 17 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 16,800 units sold.  The album released on Razor & Tie also debuts on a series of other Billboard charts including #2 on Hard Music, #4 on Rock, and #26 on Digital.  Apocryphon is available now at the iTunes store.
John Franck SVP of Marketing for Razor & Tie comments, “The Sword have created a remarkable album that everyone here at Razor & Tie is proud to be associated with.  We congratulate the band and their entire team on this impressive debut.”
The Sword has also expanded their branding activities which started this summer with the release of “the Tears of Fire” hot sauce, by partnering with Baltimore Maryland based brewery Oliver Ales to introduce “Winter’s Wolves Beer.” Steve Jones, brew master at Oliver Ales, says the following regarding the beer:
“Winter’s Wolves is hand crafted in 7 bbl batches from the finest pale, crystal and roasted malts with the addition of a little clover honey and Scottish Heather Tips and generously bittered with American Chinook and English First Gold hops and finished with American Centennial and English Kent Goldings hops. Each batch is open fermented with English Ale Yeast and aged with toasted American White Oak ... a Heavy Metal Ale weighing in at a little over 7% abv. We are proud to partner with The Sword to produce this ale year round in keg and cask. Listen to great music, drink craft beer!”
The beer will currently be available in pubs throughout Maryland, Washington D.C, and northern Virginia. Future distribution will be announced. 

The Sword is currently on a 40 date North America tour in support of Apocryphon.  
The Sword Tour Dates
Wed/Oct-31  - Oklahoma City OK - Acm
Thu/Nov-01  - Little Rock AR - Downtown Music Hall
Fri/Nov-02  - Shreveport LA - The Riverside Warehouse
Sat/Nov-03  - Austin TX - Fun FunFun Festival
Mon/Nov-05  - Lincoln NE - Bourbon Theater
Tue/Nov-06  - Minneapolis MN - First Ave
Wed/Nov-07  - Chicago IL - Double Door
Thu/Nov 8- Columbus, Ohio- A&R Bar
Fri/Nov-09  - Cleveland OH - Grog Shop
Sat/Nov-10  - Covington KY –The Madison Theater
Sun/Nov-11  - Detroit MI - St Andrews Hall
Tue/Nov-13  - Philadelphia Pa - Union Transfer
Wed/Nov-14  - New York NY– Webster Hall
Thu/Nov-15  - Pawtucket RI - The Met
Fri/Nov-16  - Cambridge MA - Middle East Downstairs
Sat/Nov-17  - Washington DC  - Rock & Roll Hotel
Mon/Nov-19  - Birmingham AL–Workplay
Tue/Nov-20  - Orlando FL - Beacham
Wed/Nov-21  - Atlanta GA - Masquerade
Thu/Nov-22  - Nashville TN - Exit / In
Fri/Nov-23  - Memphis TN - Hi Tone
Sat/Nov-24  - Baton Rouge LA - Spanish Moon
Sun/Dec-02  - Tulsa OK - Eclipse
Mon/Dec-03  - Kansas City MO - Record Bar
Tue/Dec-04  - Denver CO - Bluebird
Wed/Dec-05  - Salt Lake City UT - Urban Lounge
Thu/Dec-06  - Boise ID - Neurolux
Fri/Dec-07  - Portland OR - Hawthorne
Sat/Dec-08  - Seattle WA - Neumos
Mon/Dec-10  - Sacramento CA - Harlows
Tue/Dec-11  - San Francisco CA - Independent
Wed/Dec-12  - Los Angeles CA - El Rey
Thu/Dec-13  - San Diego CA - Brick By Brick
Fri/Dec-14  - Phoenix AZ - Club Red
Sat/Dec-15  - Tucson AZ - Congress
Mon Dec 17- Dallas, Texas- Trees
Tue/Dec-18  - Houston TX–Fitzgeralds
For all information on The Sword, go to:

FREE DIA LECTURE & Light Dinner: Topic Lecture: “Is Warhol the Most influential Artist of the last 50 Years?” - Sunday 11/4

Andy Warhol Topic of Lecture at Detroit Institute of Arts
Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art annual dinner, reception, lecture free with registration

 Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art (FMCA) Annual Meeting and Lecture 
“Is Warhol the Most influential Artist of the last 50 Years?”
Andy Warhol remains a contentious figure for many in the art world, long after his first exhibitions in 1962. Some argue that he is the most important artist of the last 50 years while others claim he is an insignificant fraud. Mark Rosenthal, DIA adjunct curator of contemporary art, will look at Warhol’s impact and show what it looks like in the context of art of the past half century.

          Sunday, November 4 5:30 p.m.          
Reception with light supper and drinks 6:45 p.m.          
Annual meeting 7:15 p.m.          

Lecture: “Is Warhol the Most influential Artist of the last 50 Years?”

Free with registration. 

Sponsored by Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art

FREE VINYLS: MUTTS (chicago) - Woodruffs Ypsi - Sunday 11/7 - Macs Bar Lansing 11/8 - Detroit ??? on 11/9

Earlier in the year we had the pleasure of catching MUTTS play a tremendous live show in Hamtramck.  We walked backstage to meet up with the band before the set and hooked up a few beers for the boys who were very fun to talk with and gracious that we were covering the show.  They had not played  Detroit before and were very eager to deliver a good set and they did.

MUTTS are one of those bands that are able to "reinvent" themselves after each song because they were able change it up so well over the course of the set..  After 4 songs I seriously thought there were no more surprises but sure enough up came a tune called "Done it Again" topping it off.

I can't say that for a lot of the bands out get on over to Woodruff’s on Nov. 7, Mutts have a tentative booking at Mac’s in Lansing on Nov. 8.

Band leader Mike Maimone is working to get a last minute Detroit show and he has sent us a handful of very cool vinyls of the latest MUTTS release "Separation Anxiety" to give away on MCB.  Email for your shot to win and get on out to check this band!

NEXT WEEK: NAILING KANDINSKY TO THE WALL: Origins of New Media Art in the 21st Century

Saturday, November 10th from 6-10pm @ Art Room

Origins of New Media Art in the 21st Century

The event is important: an exhibition of computer generated paintings that are indistinguishable from those made with more traditional methods of oil, brush and canvas.

True to the artistic individualism of the 21st Century, these images are formed from direct light, by way of digital gesture and pure color, in the search for a new vision, all the while questioning the medium’s boundaries, those of painting itself.

However art is porous, entirely dependent for meaning both on the experience and rejection of the past. Our understanding of cultural memory is also constantly reshaped by new mediums, and so never truly repeated either. 

Nailing Kandinsky affirms that, within recent digital practices, interest lies in observing the mechanisms of an artistic reinterpretation. The physicality of much of today's art is an active reconfiguration of the past, replaying known events and strategies while positing a "truer" version that is more in sync with current life and its ever-advancing technology.

Unconnected artists are breaking ever larger chunks of “history” into their work: the bending of form and genre, the lure and blur of the real itself, of the old with new. 

The questions this exhibition explore constantly play out around us in the real world, and Nailing Kandinsky is a rigorous, radical reframing of how we might think about truth and memory and the creation of art itself.

- Jessica Hopkins, director at Art|Room

Art Room is located at 7 North Saginaw Street, Pontiac, Michigan 48342  - both floors of art will be on view.
email:            telephone:  248.210.7560            website:

Primus in 3D @ The Fillmore Detroit 10/24/2012

Eclectic veteran rockers Primus brought their astounding 3D show to The Fillmore Detroit October 24th in a stunning display of mind boggling animation, sound and atmosphere that pierced through one's perception of reality. Flanked by two large spacemen with a wandering gaze of expressions and backed by a screen of animated clips rendered in 3D, the iconic three piece band delivered one of the most engaging concerts I've attended this year. With 3D glasses handed out to each patron to enjoy the depth of the video clips playing on the screen behind them, the band proceeded to expand the dimensions of space and time with their unique style of music, captivating the crowd before them. It's no easy task to describe this Primus show with the multitude of sensory overloads blasting forth aurally and visually, sounds blending in to the projected visuals blasting forwards in to your retinas, the edges of reality fading away as you are swallowed in to the void of layers of music. Easily one of the most amazing shows I've been privy to witness this year, you should grab yourself a pair of tickets and a friend and head out to partake in this amazing performance of one of the most interesting bands to come forth in the past few decades. Much better than any 3D movie I've seen in recent years by far.

Catch Primus in 3D at the following remaining dates:
Wed-Oct-31 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle 3D tour SOLD OUT
Fri-Nov-02 Kansas City, MO Uptown 3D tour Buy
Sat-Nov-03 Denver, CO The Fillmore 3D tour Buy
Sun-Nov-04 Wichita, KS Cotillion Ballroom 3D tour Buy
Mon-Nov-05 Dallas, TX McFarlin 3D tour Buy
Wed-Nov-07 Austin, TX Bass Hall 3D tour Buy
Fri-Nov-09 Orlando, FL The Hard Rock 3D tour Buy
Sat-Nov-10 Miami, FL Fillmore 3D tour Buy
Thu-Dec-27 San Diego, CA Balboa Theater 3D tour Buy
Sat-Dec-29 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern 3D tour Buy
Sun-Dec-30 San Francisco, CA The Warfield 3D tour Buy
Mon-Dec-31 San Francisco, CA The Warfield 3D tour Buy