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Thursday Teaser

So we joined a gym and the same week I got my cholesterol tested and it dropped by 100 What will happen once we actually walk in?

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Sara Lee Guthrie, Johnny Irion, and Robert Jones @ the DIA's Friday Night Live: by Paul Hitz

photos by paulhitz

Posted here

Sarah Lee Guthrie played to a packed house in the DIA's Rivera Court Friday night. Opening up with "This Land Is Your Land" one of her grand fathers most famous songs.

Check out the DIA's website for upcoming events, and this is the last weekend for the Norman Rockwell exhibit.

Friday Night Live
Cash Bar at the DIA

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Good Girls Being Bad: A Zebra Experiment

Good Girls Being Bad

The MCB “Bad Girls” met up at the Garden Bowl to say haaay to Kirk and Shane before we booked down to see Prodigy. They were fucking killer and the mosh pit was cool too. Until some douche bag thought he would push RebeccaMich into the pit. Um yeah I made sure he apologized before kicking his ass out. Rebecca had on some killer green tights and fishnets and I had a Zebra body suit on. We had a picture but it’s so hot you’d Jizz in your pants. The crowd went wild for Smack My Bitch Up and while RebeccaMich cried, Maxim Realty called me out for being a Zebra (he loves a Zebra and the Zebra loves him). After the show we met up with them and got their autographs before heading home for a quick 3-hour nap before driving to Toronto.

So after a half hour of trying to find the bridge we drove through the Iowa of Canada (which uses dead animal fertilizer if you ask us). After our two-hour hard-core rapathon and a great Karaoke cover of Fuck the Police we noticed the police. They were following us and we out ran those bitches. I mean come on they are Canadian how hard can that be. Really how is someone supposed to drive 80 kay em slash h? That’s like 40. On an expressway? And is Tim Horton’s kidding with that one ply napkin fake toilet paper? And why don’t you take Visa? And if Canada isn’t the 51st State why does all of Canada take US currency?

After getting into Toronto we met up with Sean, Michelle and Napoleon (Thanks so much). Who took us down to see a city wide Contact Photography Exhibit. I was very impressed with the work of Louis Helbig and the Alberta Tar Sands. Sean then took us over to GalleryDK where there were some fantastic shots of Detroit. Being passionate about the city it turned into a lively discussion fast. Sunday we did what we like best and did some Explornation in a few abandoned buildings (nope not telling) and then headed home.

We almost didn’t make it through the border crossing. I started to freak out, not because of the Cuban Cigars in the trunk but because my Passport was expired. Somehow we charmed out way back in. We were so excited to get back in the US of A and drive 80 on the express way when quickly got cut off by some Eastside douche that then gave us the finger. Warning NEVER DO THIS as we will FUCKIN GIVER’!!!! And we did. A couple of well chucked apples set them straight.

Monday we took care of very important business we ate, joined a gym, and bought a kiddie pool and a VCR, soon we hope to have the Living Room Channel (Photos to follow). We also had a zebra sighting……

Tuesday’s are always the hottest Club Night in Tokyo and at dinner Blon D Troit and I were talking about people who try to hang. Blon D made a killer comment of “You don’t have to keep up, just show up.” Here here! Words of wisdom for you out there who want to run with our gang. We had to reschedule our Wednesday in Windsor because Shane chickened out (back of the line Shane). Oh and I got mucho action this week with a kiss from the lunch lady and a firm handshake. KILLER!!!!

Look out for next weeks column were we will give you update on my travels up North, RebeccaMich’s attending a Fish Themed Party and NINJA! Oh and we can’t forget the Australian Ginger Dick with the Thunder from Down Under!

~ Your Pal Omar

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PHOTOS: Movement 2009 DEMF by Ross Sandelius

MCB's Ross Sandelius was also covering this year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival at Hart Plaza over the Memorial Day weekend.

Check out his great shots of the artists and festival goers.

FREE MP3: Kim Lenz - "Touch Me" - no detroit tour date yet

Kim Lenz has established herself as much more than just the top modern rockabilly songstress with a pair of widely praised albums for Hightone Records and rapturously received performances across the world. She embodies everything that is thrilling, provocative, and rebellious about rock’s origins.

In the spirit of the adventure and independence that runs through her music, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter-guitarist has started her own label to release her third album It’s All True!, which she also produced.The album is a flaming slab of fuel-injected contemporary rockabilly that shows off Kim’s romp-stomping vocal chops and the wide scope of her playing and songwriting.

“Touch Me” starts things off with an instantly memorable hook that sounds as dangerous as it is sexy. “Zombie For Your Love” innovatively marries a hillbilly vocal melody to B-movie imagery. The honeyed and melancholic “I Break A Heart Every Night” slows things down before “Shined Up and Ready to Shout” ends the album with a rumble that invites you to the wildest night out of the year! The album has the spirit of the great female rockabilly pioneers like Wanda Jackson and the late Janis Martin, with whom Lenz has shared many a stage, and adds to it Kim’s inimitable voice that can switch from seductive to heartbroken to gritty within the span of a single song.

The new album also captures the fearsome instrumental firepower of the Jaguars – guitarist Nick Curran, bassist Jake Erwin, and drummer Scotty Tecce – and a guest vocal appearance by Southern California’s soulful rockabilly maestro Big Sandy. The 12 tracks include seven Kim Lenz originals, a track co-written by Kim and Big Sandy, a number crafted expressly for Kim by the Lucky Stars’ Sage Guyton, and two rampaging covers.

Free MP3 of “Touch Me”
live at Viva Las Vegas

Kim Lenz and the Jaguars will support It’s All True with a world tour beginning in the US this summer. Kim Lenz is also hosting a radio show series called “Rockabilly 101” that will be debuting in June on Devil's Night Radio (

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UPCOMING EVENT: Billetproof Davisburg Billetproof - June 6th 2009

Billetproof's 6th Annual "Motor City Mania" burnout contest, great vendors and the sickest pre '65 do-it-yourself traditional rods, kustoms and motorcycles on the planet!
"Motor City Mania"
June 6, 2009
Springfield Oaks Fairgrounds
12450 Andersonville Road
Davisburg, Michigan

1964 and earlier TRADITIONAL style rods and customs ONLY!

Traditionally styled choppers and bobbers ONLY!
(No modern West Coast Choppers, OCC style fluff bikes)

No trailer queens
No billet-clad fluff-mobiles
(if you think this means you then it probably does.
So walk in and check out some real rides)

Registration and participant entry 9am-noon sharp

Spectator entrance opens at 9am
(Spectator entry is $10).
Free for kids under 13 and police & fire with proper ID)

Vendor and artist booths
(see the Vendor Info section for info)

Live bands playing throughout the day!

Our famous trophies!

Burnout contest!

Pinstriping panel jam!

(USED vintage car parts ONLY!)

Plus more stuff to be announced...

Registration Details
Registration is $20 if RECEIVED by May 23, 2009.After that and at the gate it's $25. Do not count on being able to register at the event! PLEASE remember that this is an event for those of us who build our own traditional style rods and customs on a limited budget. NO billet-clad, digital gauge, pastel graphic, named after a fifties song trailer queens! Entry confirmation will be mailed approx 1 month beofre the event. Billetproof goes on rain or shine! No refunds. See you there!

Online Registration is now closed.
You can still register at the gate.

Special thanks to our host clubs, POOR BOYS DETROIT and PECKER HEADS!!
Keep in mind that we have the right to refuse any vehicle WITHOUT A REFUND, so read the rules carefully and decide for yourself.

Don't cry when we turn you away, tears stain billet.

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UPCOMING SHOW: Post Honeymoon - PJ's Lager House - June 17th 2009

Chicago wedded duo Post Honeymoon is coming to Detroit.

The newlywed band of vocalist/keyboardist Rachel Shindelman and drummer/bassist/vocalist Nick Kraska had originally played together in popular synth-punk outfits Bang! Bang! (Morphius Records) and New Black (Thick/Southern).

Check them out on June 17th in Detroit, MI @ Lager House

Post Honeymoon Live:
06/02 Bloomington, IN @ The Bluebird
06/03 Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Tavern
06/04 Nashville, TN @ Sky House
06/05 Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer
06/06 Birmingham, AL @ Greencup Books
06/08 Athens, GA @ Tasty World
06/09 Savannah, GA @ The Wormhole
06/10 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight
06/12 New York, NY @ Pianos
06/13 Brooklyn, NY @ The Shank
06/14 Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub
06/16 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
06/17 Detroit, MI @ Lager House
06/19 Chicago, IL @ Hideout (Album release show)
06/22 St. Louis, MO @ Way Out Club
06/23 Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine's
06/24 Ft. Worth, TX @ Metrognome Collective
06/25 Austin, TX @ Moose Lodge 1735
06/26 El Paso, TX @ The Rock Room
06/27 Albuquerque, NM @ Atomic Cantina
06/28 Phoenix, AZ @ Ruby Room
06/30 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar
07/01 Los Angeles, CA @ Bandit Gallery
07/02 Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar
07/03 San Francisco, CA @ Annie's Social Club
07/07 Seattle, WA @ The Comet Tavern
07/10 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
07/11 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive

What happens when the honeymoon ends?

In the case of Chicago duo Post Honeymoon, a couple starts making beautiful music together. The newlywed band of vocalist/keyboardist Rachel Shindelman and drummer/bassist/vocalist Nick Kraska had originally played together in popular synth-punk outfits Bang! Bang! (Morphius Records) and New Black (Thick/Southern). Following the demise of their former bands and their ensuing marriage, Nick and Rachel formed Post Honeymoon and began winning over Windy City audiences with their stripped-down and dark, churning rock.

Post Honeymoon soon hit the studio to record its self-titled debut (watch a short in-studio clip here) which has been said to echo the sultry and urgent sounds of Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Motels, Suicide and Love & Rockets (minus the guitars). Post Honeymoon's roots go back to a summer night in 2001, when Nick met Rachel and brought her to a show at Chicago's Empty Bottle. It took them three years to start playing together and another three to get married, go on their first vacation and start their own outfit.

The band's debut self-titled disc is scheduled for release June 9th via the Chicago collective record label, Two Thumbs Down (The Hood Internet, Sleep Out). Upon the album's release, Post Honeymoon will embark on a nationwide U.S. tour (please see full dates below) -- we were unable to confirm at this writing if the duo's van will be dragging empty cans strung to the bumper and "post honeymoon" written on the windows in soap.

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Torch With A Twist - Detroit @ Cliff Bells May 31st

What do you get when you take a schmaltzy, little Jazz combo & add a touch of that olde-timey burlesque, circus flare? It’s that over-the-top campiness that may have been presented in the basement, "speak-easy" of the original Cliff Bells, circa "back-in-the-good-ol'-days"!

Ta Da


"Torch with a Twist" IS DETROIT

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FREE Hard Lessons Vinyl and 89X Poster: Super Sale on Artwork by Mark Arminski now online

Whether you realize it or not if your into concert artwork the odds are that you have seen some of the work of local detroit Mark Arminski who has been producing some of the coolest handbills - posters and paintings around for years and is having a "spring cleaning" of some sorts on the website and at his studios in Russell Industrial Center Detroit.
MCB just purchased a few items to give away
a rare Hard Lessons Vinyl foldout package
89X Birthday Bash litho
up for grabs to the 10th emailer
here are a few other examples
but these are only the tip of the iceberg
go to the website and check out the expansive amount
of work that Arminski has produced

PHOTOS - GOMEZ - Amy Palomar

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UPCOMING EVENT: Red Bull Air Race Windsor - June 13th & 14th 2009 - Detroit River


Global Motorsport Soars Between Two Countries
on June 13 and 14 2009

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship pilots are tuned up and ready to face the daunting Detroit River track June 13 and 14. With 750,000 fans attending both days of the race in 2008, the race will be once again a must see event hosted by Windsor, Ontario. The excitement kicks off June 12 in Detroit with various Red Bull Air Race concerts, parties and special events leading up to Race Day.

The 2009 six-city worldwide tour kicked off in Abu Dhabi, UAE on April 17 and 18, where 2008 World Champion Hannes Arch won the race. San Diego hosted the second stop of this year’s World Championship on May 9 and 10 where Nicolas Ivanoff of France took home first place. The third race of the season on June 13 and 14 is officially hosted by Windsor, Ontario with strong support and cooperation from the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, City of Detroit and Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau to ensure a stellar Detroit spectator experience equal to 2008.

Qualifying will take place on Saturday, June 13, and Race Day will take place on Sunday, June 14. The Red Bull Air Race World Championship revamped its already successful race format in the 2009 season as part of its quest to perfect scoring and spectator enjoyment. The new format features a Qualifying Day with all pilots racing to be one of the ten fastest to take them directly through to the Top 12 session on Race Day. For the first time ever, Qualifying will also be a race for one championship point which will be awarded to the pilot with the best time in Qualifying.

The new format will also be adopted to accommodate the largest field expansion ever in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship – from 12 pilots in 2008 to 15 in 2009.

The expansion includes four rookie pilots from four continents who join the seasoned pros this year. At age 25, Canada’s Pete McLeod will be the youngest ever pilot in the high-speed, precision flying race and will be joined by three other rookies - Japan’s Yoshihide Muroya, Australia’s Matt Hall and Germany’s Matthias Dolderer.

These elite 15 of the world’s best pilots will push their skills to the limit, flying through the challenging, twisting race tracks just feet above the water with points awarded for the fastest times and least number of penalties.

Spectators will have the opportunity to experience the best view of the track and excellent sound including on-site activities from the two countries – once again, the Detroit Riverfront will offer a spectacular view of the race along with concessions, music and fun for the entire family.
Tickets for the Red Bull Air Race weekend are $35 for a 2-day general admission pass and can be purchased and printed at home from

Other activities include a Red Bull Air Race Terminal in the lobby of the GM Renaissance Center featuring interactive displays, live music and aircraft displays, and for those over 21, a $5 pub crawl on Saturday, June 13.

For updated entertainment schedules and tickets,

New this year, fans can watch the last three seasons of the Red Bull Air Race on Hulu, at and of course day to day coverage from MOTORCITYBLOG who will have 4 media pros onsite for both days of the event.

Check out RBAR2008 coverage from MCB


Cars & Stars @ Music Hall June 12 2009

Music Hall

WHAT? Cars & Stars 2009

WHERE? Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts

WHEN? Friday, June 12th

WHO? Featuring a very special commissioned work performed by legendary dancer, Savion Glover accompanied by Jeff “Tain” Watts, in the round, which includes concert and dinner.

WHY: A major year-end fundraiser for Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts.

On June 12th, 2009, Music Hall presents its 8th annual Cars & Stars Fundraiser with a three-tiered way to a great night in Detroit! Dance legend, Savion Glover and premier Jazz drummer and band leader, Jeff “Tain” Watts, will present a one-of-a-kind music / dance performance on the main stage with David Kikoski- piano, James Genus-bass and Marcus Strickland –tenor/soprano Saxes.

It’s the party of the year! An elegant night of sights, sounds and movement as Music Hall opens its doors to present an exclusive in-house event for Cars & Stars. The evening commences with a VIP Patron cocktail party on-stage, a buffet dinner, performance with dessert and dancing to follow on the historic Music Hall main stage.
The Music Hall Supporter ticket ($125) includes cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the Tina and Leland Bassett Lounge, the performance, with dessert and dancing to follow on the historic Music Hall main stage.

NOTE * There will be a limited balcony seating for the public, with tickets priced at $25 and does not include any of the VIP or Supporter perks.

In a year that has seen drastic changes in the auto industry due to the current economic climate, Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts is still committed to these great Detroit-based auto corporations who have helped make it possible through their generous funding, in bringing decades of great performances in countless genres and artistic disciplines to Music Hall and every cultural institution that these valuable Funds and Foundations help sustain.
Now, we are asking for individuals to help us bridge this shortfall, and in return, Music Hall is offering a three-tiered patronage package that includes a night of Jazz, dinner and dancing in one of the city’s most beautiful and historic performance arts venues.
The 2009 Cars & Stars Fundraiser is also a time to say, “Thank-you” to: The Ford Motor Company Fund, the Chrysler Foundation and the General Motors Foundation for their continued support over the years. While it’s true that due to current economic conditions these great champions for the arts have been unable to help cultural institutions including Music Hall this year as they have in the past, Music Hall still sees it as an important gesture to both the auto companies and the performing arts community that we carry on this message to the public.
Tickets available at Music Hall Box Office and

350 Madison Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 887-8500


Savion Glover is one of the youngest men to be nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in Black and Blue. He made his Broadway debut as the title character in The Tap Dance Kid at the age of 12. He appeared on Broadway opposite Gregory Hines in Jelly's Last Jam and toured with that show. In 1988, Savion co-starred in the film Tap with Mr. Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr. On television he has appeared in Dance in America: Tap! With Mr. Hines and Tommy Tune for PBS and Nickelodeon, The Academy Awards, Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and is currently a series regular on Sesame Street. He has also danced in a tribute to the Nicholas Brothers on The Kennedy Center Honors for CBS.

In 1996, Savion won the Tony Award for his dancing and choreography of the Broadway smash-hit, Bring In Da Noize, and Bring In Da Funk. The show had a successful international tour in 2002. Savion has danced on concert stages throughout the world, including the Moulin Rouge, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. He choreographed a work for the Washington Society for the Performing Arts in association with the NEA and has received an Endowment Grant for Choreography, making him the youngest person in NEA history to receive this honor.

Additional Broadway credits include Black and Blue. He appeared in an ABC TV special, Savion Glover's Nu York. Other film credits include Bamboozled. In 1997, he created a dance company, NYOTs (Not Your Ordinary Tappers), with which he performed on the 1997 ABC opening to Monday Night Football and on a PBS special at the White House, n 2007, Glover partnered with spoken word artist Reg E. Gaines and saxophonist Matana Roberts in a John Coltrane-inspired improvisation session, If Trane Wuz Here. In 2005, he collaborated with a string chamber orchestra and his band.

His most recent credit is as co-choreographer and central motion-capture dancer for the role of the penguin Mumble, the main character in the animated release Happy Feet.

He is currently in a production called "Classical Savion", where he taps to classical pieces played by a chamber string group. The show jazzes and blues it up a bit towards the end adding drums and a pianist.

Jeff “Tain” Watts was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Watts is one of the most respected jazz drummers in the world today, Jeff started out majoring in classical percussion at Pittsburgh's Duquesne University, where he studied to be a timpanist, but then matriculated to the Berklee School of Music, where he pursued jazz studies alongside such soon to be household name players as Branford Marsalis, Kevin Eubanks, Greg Osby, Aimee Mann, Steve Vai and Marvin "Smitty" Smith.

Jeff Watts joined the Wynton Marsalis Quartet in 1981 and proceeded to win three Grammy Awards with the ensemble. Watts left Wynton Marsalis in 1988. After working with George Benson, Harry Connick Jr. and McCoy Tyner, he joined the Branford Marsalis Quartet in 1989.

Watts has worked in the film and television industry as both a musician on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and as an actor, Rhythm Jones in Spike Lee’s "Mo Better Blues". Jeff joined Kenny Garrett's band after returning to New York in 1995 after three years in LA on the Tonight Show. Watts also continued to record and tour with Branford Marsalis as well as Danilo Perez, Michael Brecker, Betty Carter, Kenny Kirkland, Courtney Pine, Geri Allen, Alice Coltrane, Greg Osby, Steve Coleman, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and Ravi Coltrane.
Tain’s euphonious titled 2009 release, “Watts” has been one of the best-reviewed jazz albums of the year and a frontrunner for this year’s Grammy Award for best Jazz Album.

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Sidewalk Chalk Art - Be an Artist June 3- June 5 2009

Side Walk Chalk Art

The Mayor and Council of River Rouge will be presenting the 2nd Annual Chalk on the Avenue sidewalk chalk art event. The Chalk on the Avenue event will take place on Wednesday, June 3 through Friday, June 5th, 2009, from 9am to 3pm at Memorial Park on Jefferson Avenue. This fun community event was conceived by River Rouge Mayor Pro-Tem, Patty Campbell as a way to welcome local artists, the community and art lovers together – and experience the creative-friendly, “Cool City” vibe of this historic and vibrant town.
Artists from all over the area will create works of art by drawing with colored chalk directly on the concrete canvas in and around City Hall, in the heart of downtown River Rouge. (Coolidge /Schaefer at West Jefferson)

This unique, fun, art-filled community event will be open to everyone from youth groups, students, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, want-to-be artists and professionals. The community will be invited to view the drawings as they develop throughout the day.
Several well-known local artists such as nationally recognized illustrator, Topher Crowder, and several student and faculty from both, The College for Creative Studies and Wayne State University will participate during the three day event.

The sidewalk will be divided up for artists of all ages and skill levels to create masterpieces. Chalk on the Avenue is your opportunity to help make a difference in our community.

The public as well as artists may contact Karl Laub, Community Development Dept. at (313) 842-4203 with any questions.

The City of River Rouge
City Hall
10600 W. Jefferson Ave
River Rouge, MI 48218
(313) 842-5604

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FREE CDs: UPCOMING SHOW: Children Collide on tour with Nico Vega - SMALLS BAR Hamtramck - June 22nd 2009

Children Collide play a show with NICO VEGA at Smalls next month on June 22nd just before hitting the stage with Janes Addiction on a bunch of shows

free copy of the latest from CC to the 3rd and 5th emailers
check this show and get tickets fast (this show isnt listed yet so keep checking the smalls website for updates)

Nico Vega are going to kill this show in dietroit

Children Collide - Social Currency

Children Collide bring a great aussie sound to the US

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Sara Lee Guthrie, Johnny Irion, and Robert Jones @ DIA Friday Night Live

Sara Lee Guthrie, Johnny Irion, and Robert Jones

Friday, May 29, 2009 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

7 & 8:30 p.m.

Sara Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, daughter and son-in-law of Arlo Guthrie, join Detroit singer and guitarist Robert Jones for a performance channeling the passion of musicians involved in 20th century American labor and civil rights conflicts, including Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and Josh White.

This performance is in conjunction with American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell

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A few shows at Small's Bar in Hamtramck

Here are a couple good shows to check out
at MCB favorite watering hole in Hamtramck

Friday night you can check out a bunch of Detroit bands that really kick some ass

then next week...
No Use for a Name
The A-Gang
Get tickets at




Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit and Generation Goodwill are teaming up with a handful of Detroit bars for Detroit's Big Bar Night - a fundraising event to fight local unemployment.
Patrons can participate by donating $5 for a Generation Goodwill wristband, and each bar will provide exclusive food and drink offers for wristband purchasers. All money raised will support Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit's mission to provide job training, education and career assistance to unemployed individuals in the region.
Generation Goodwill is a recent initiative of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit that provides young Metro Detroit adults the opportunity and inspiration to make a positive impact on the region’s success. Built of a community of students and young professionals, Generation Goodwill works with those who care about making the Detroit region a better place to live. More information about the organization and this event can be found at 
In the past two years of the organization’s nearly 90-year history, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit has placed more than 2,500 Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county individuals into new jobs and provided education, training and career assistance to thousands more in the region. 
Bookies Bar & Grill – 2208 Cass Avenue (313.962.0319)
Detroit Pub – 1326 Brush Street (313.963.3500)
Jacoby’s – 624 Brush Street (313.962.7067)
Thursday, June 4, Noon – 8 p.m.
“Metro Detroiters can have a good time, save some money and support their unemployed friends and neighbors just by purchasing a wristband,” said Mark Lane, Director of Public Relations and Special Events for Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. “Our partners and their customers are really stepping up to help Metro Detroiters find jobs.” 
The Designate, Metro Detroit's premier designated driving service, will donate 25 percent of proceeds from Detroit’s Big Bar Night participants’ rides home to help put people back to work. Two free rides home from The Designate will be auctioned off during the event with proceeds supporting Goodwill Industries.  

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UPCOMING SHOW: 311 with Ziggy Marley - Freedom Hill Sterling Hts - June 19th 2009

311 fans can rejoice as the band unleashes Uplifter, their first new album in three years on June 2nd through Volcano/JIVE Records. In addition to a pre-order which automatically enters you into a contest to win an autographed guitar, side-stage tickets and other great prize packs, the band is streaming the entire album on their MySpace page through the end of today, giving a sneak peek to fans who simply can not wait that long! Be sure to also check out 311’s new video for “Hey You,” directed by Joe Lynch (Pete Yorn, Godhead).

Known road warriors, 311 will also mesmerize audiences nationwide on their annual Summer Unity Tour which kicks off on 6/3 in Bakersfield, CA. Support acts on the past five Unity Tours have included Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Papa Roach, The Wailers, O.A.R. and Matisyahu. This year their featured supporting act is Ziggy Marley!

311’s celebratory live shows & incessant touring schedule have earned them a massive grassroots following nationwide. Since its inception in 2004, 311’s annual summer headlining amphitheatre run, Unity Tour, has become one of the largest annual modern rock tours each summer.

311 SUMMER UNITY TOUR w/ Ziggy Marley & The Expendables:
6/3 Bakersfield, CA @ Majestic Fox Theatre
6/5 Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl
6/7 Eugene, WA @ Cuthbert Ampitheatre
6/8 Seattle, WA @ WaMu Theatre
6/11 Salt Lake City, UT @ Usana Amphitheatre
6/12 Denver, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
6/14 Chicago, IL @ Charter One Pavilion
6/16 Cleveland, OH @ Time Warner Amphitheatre
6/17 Columbus, OH @ Lifestyles Communities Pavilion
6/19 Detroit, MI at Freedom Hill (click for tickets)
6/20 Cincinatti, OH @ Riverbend Amphitheatre
6/21 Indianapolis, IN @ The Lawns
6/23 Saratoga, NY @ SPAC
6/24 Boston, MA @ Comcast Center
6/25 New York, NY @ Central Park Summerstage
6/27 Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Art Center
6/28 Washington DC @ Nissan Pavilion
6/30 Philadelphia, PA @ Penns Landing
7/1 Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
7/3 Charlotte, NC @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
7/4 Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheatre
7/5 Raleigh, NC @ Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
7/7 St. Louis, MO @ Verizon Amphitheatre
7/10 Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre
7/11 San Diego, CA @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
7/12 Irvine, CA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

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Super Happy Funtime Burlesque - The Ritz - Sat May 30th

We told you about this earlier in the month - don't miss out on Michigan's most active touring burlesque troupe with a performance over at The Ritz this saturday night

MCB's Paul Hitz will be covering this show just for YOU!

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Some free music from YACHT and Kate Earl

Introducing Kate Earl EP
Coming June 9th
Kate Earl.. you may or may not have heard of her but she is putting out an EP on the 9th of June on Universal Motown. She is a very thoughtful and hardworking artist located in LA, by the way of Alaska. Some draw comparisons to Lily Allen but she likes to lean towards artists such as Cat Power, and Feist.
Her single "Melody" is available for streaming and her entire EP can be heard at has loads of video blogs that she titles "Life Of Kate" where you can get to know more about this adoarable Filipino Alaskian.
Also check out this live, stripped down video of her single "Melody."

Melody (live acoustic) from Kate Earl on Vimeo.

And now a few words from Kate Earl herself...
"I have so many hours of dreaming logged in at my parents gas station in Chugiak, Alaska. Ring up a customer- dream, stock the shelves-dream, mop the floors- dream, plow the snow-dream… I had spent my whole life in this remote town asking the question “what am i gonna do with myself if i stay here?” so as soon as I had saved enough for a ticket and a guitar I moved to LA.I needed to find out… my Dutch/Welsh father dropped out of 6th grade to survive the Great Depression by picking cotton for bowls of beans until he lied about his age to serve during the Korean War to support his parents… he was a self made man…he built our gas station with his own hands…he taught me to follow my bliss… my Filipino mother who left her parents to board in another town and walked miles in the rain with a banana leaf for an umbrella to go to school, having sewed her own uniform and cooked her meals on a little fire as a child, believed in the american dream and made a new life in alaska with greater possibilities for her children…she taught me that wit, intuition, resolve and improvisation can go a long way…the rest is left to fate or luck or the combustion of our individual spark.With common sense, hard work and manual labor my upbringing at the gas station, pursuing music was a luxury, it was not hard for me to save a lump of change and go to the city…did the Hollywood thing hittin the streets with the demo I made at my friends house…at the time those were the only songs i had written…I mean I had played piano and sang in church since I was yay high but I was going by the seat of my pants, figuring out my sound as I wrote…since Fate Is The Hunter I have been developing my sound under the guidance of Tommy Mottola…I’m in good hands, after all he is “the architect of dreams”.

Avant-pop duo, Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, will release their new album, See Mystery Lights, July 28th on DFA Records. Pitchfork premiered “Psychic City" yesterday, offering fans an early taste of what YACHT has in store.

You can now download the “Psychic City” MP3

Sometimes you just need a little PE

this is the type of week I am having so far
stuck in my tracks man - time for a vacation with some PE riffs

PHOTOS: Movement 2009 DEMF Monday Day 3 May 25th by Andrew Bender

MCB's Drew Bender made it through this year’s Movement/DEM all the way to the end and managed to get a few decent shots of the goings on around Hart Plaza on Memorial Day. Check it out:

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Wild At Heart - May 27

Hey Kirk-here is this week's blog post - Bill

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
He has a radio program on WXOU out of Oakland University

Wild At Heart

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day Weekend. The DEMF festival started off with a bang with an exciting performance at the Fillmore by Prodigy who put on an awesome set with lots of fan favorites like "Firestarter" and "Voodoo People". I missed saturday to see Los Straitjackets and Southern Culture On The Skids who put on a great show at the Crofoot (a Los Straitjacket interview will also be on my show next Sat morning 8-10AM on 88.3FM or Sunday saw some cooler weather but you still had a lot of skimpy costumes and glow sticks to make the night go well. Most music of this type gets repetitive for me after about 15 minutes but sets by Osunlade, Loco Dice vs Luciano, Anthony Rother, RJD2, Z-Trip and Wighnomy Bros really kept my attention. I am looking
forward to a few artists today including Los Hermanos, Tiga, Audion and Flying Lotus so we'll see who stands out. I also promised the gang at Metrotimes to give them a shout out in thanks for hooking me up with a Terminator shot glass. They will be giving out more swag today so get their early (they have passes for the movies Up and Drag Me To Hell along with Terminator hats and shirts). I also got to try the new Red Bull cola thanks to the guys in their VIP area and must say I'm not overly impressed by it (though I'm sure they will have a lot at the Red Bull Air Races coming up) but if you remember RC Cola and enjoyed it, you will like their new cola which tastes very similar.
Techno fans might also want to keep in mind May 30th when Creme premieres at Grace's Underground in Ferdale and they will be having techno artist Juan Atkins in the house which should be a rocking night.
There are a couple of movies which opened this weekend that are trying to bring some laughs during this trying times, though with mixed results. First, I would suggest ignoring this first film unless you just can't miss any Wayans brothers film. The movie “Dance Flick” is a parody of a genre which has very few stand out examples as it is, and those were years ago with the trio of Footloose, Flashdance and Dirty Dancing which are almost ignored here for such films as Step Up, You Got Served and Stomp The Yard which are almost the same film as it is. The problem with this film is the same with other recent parody films of recent years (like Epic Movie or Meet The Spartans) that try to throw too much at the audience and feel the number of jokes makes up for lack of telling an actual story that engages you between the spoofs. A spoof film usually only works when the lead is serious and lets the spoofs take place in front of (or behind)him.
Great examples of this are “Monty Python & The Holy Grail”, “Airplane” and “Blazing Saddles”. Most spoof films today star young actors who don't yet have the acting chops to pull this off. Shoshana Bush is the only actor in this movie that really seems to be up to the challenge because let's face it, Chelsea Makela and Brennan Hillard are not Robert Hayes and Julie Hagerty (Airplane). Basically, this movie gave me one laugh for every member of the Wayans household that is in this movie. That comes out to 7 laughs in this film and while I'm not expecting a masterpiece, I at least want to be entertained for my hour and a half. And tell me why you have a actor dressed as the character Tracy from Hairspray but you never really go for a good gag about that film? This film disappoints on so many levels that I suggest spending your money on the next film for laughs instead of this clunker. My grade is a D- which is the best grade you
can get for 7 laughs.
Next is a sequel to a fun movie which I think exceeds the charm of the first film. That film is “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” where our man Lawrence (Ben Stiller) has left the museum security staff to pursue a career making inventions like the glow-in-the-dark flashlight but it seems that despite him finding his fortune, he isn't happy. He visits the museum only to find that all the old displays are being stored at the Smithsonian in Washington DC to make way for new, more modern exhibits. Unable to stop this from happening, a dejected Lawrence is at home when he gets a call from Jedediah (Owen Wilson) that the monkey stole the tablet which brings them to life and that they are in trouble as the evil Kah Mun Rah (a hilarious role for Hank Azaria) wants the tablet to unleash the evils of the undead and take over the world. Lawrence can't let this happen and regains his lost moxie as he helps his friends with the help of the
lovely and spunky Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams). Together, they, along with a giant Abraham Lincoln and General Custer, must stop Kah Mun Rah and his companions Al Capone, Ivan The Terrible and Napoleon. I am a bit disappointed that most of the characters from the first film take second fiddle to the Azaria and Adams, but their excellent performances and the fun romps through the Smithsonian make up for it. I esp liked a couple of small moments such as Superbad's Jonah Hill as a Smithsonian security guard and cameos by Darth Vader and Oscar The Grouch. For those who enjoy things making sense, there are some inconsistencies with the magic and the way it seems to work, but I think the spirit of the film makes up for it as Lawrence saves his friends and refinds his place in life. A very delightful film for the times and great family entertainment. My grade is a A- and I think Amy Adams should be in every film that comes out this summer. I also
hope like the last film, that museums will once again see an upswing in attendance by kids or parents inspired by the film to engage in real history. I recommend the following museums – Cranbrook Institute of Science for their “Hatching The Past” exhibit, Stones And Bones Museum (Sarnia, Ontario) for their wonderful natural history collection, University of Michigan's Natural History Museum for their wonderful dinosaur collection, Detroit Science Center for their “Star Trek: The Exhibition”, The National Museum of the Tuskegee Airmen at Historic Fort Wayne, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (what can you say about this wonderful attraction), Motown Museum for the musical heritage, the Holocaust Memorial Center (Farmington Hills) so we don't forget the past, the DIA for a wonderful art collection along with Egyptian mummies and suits of medieval armor, and the Toledo Museum of Art as well as their glass museum which are incredible.
You have other choices but these are some of my favorites in the area. Don't forget you can get free admission to some museums if you look into the Detroit Adventure passes at your local library.
Also, if you want a laugh, Go Comedy Improv Theatre in Ferndale will have a night of pay what you can comedy starting at 8PM on May 31st including Rock-o-Matic (an improved rock opera) and the improv duo of PJ Jacokes and Chris Diangelo.
For music lovers, it will be a good week with some choice shows starting Wednesday night (5/27) with a double header in Pontiac as Jessica Lea Mayfield returns to the Pike Room fresh off her tour with Ray LaMontaigne with her alt country/indie rock style and the rocking Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be at Clutch Cargos. Thursday (5/28) see us going to Canada to see R&B superstar Kenny "babyface" Edmunds @ Caesar's Windsor. Things pick back up on Friday (5/29) as we see CCR frontman John Fogerty rock Pine Knob (his show last year was a highlight of my concert season), the Tragically Hip (they took their name from a skit in the Michael Nesmith movie "Elephant Parts") will start the first of their 2 night stay at the Fillmore and the power trio of Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean will bring the music of Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind to the Fox Theatre. Saturday (5/30) will have the alt rock darlings The Doves (they used to be known as Sub Sub
in the 80's before changing their name) will be @ the Majestic while dirty old man, John Valby, will be singing songs that your mother will be embarassed by at the Emerald Theatre. Sunday (5/31) also sees to interesting shows as the flashy electroclash troupe Fisherspooner will delight audiences suffering from Movement withdrawal at the Majestic and alternative rocks fans will be going wild over the pairing of Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction at Pine Knob (or DTE if you prefer).
Have a safe Memorial Day and I'll see you all next week.

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Detroit Shorts - A Festival of Short Films - YMCA Detroit - May 28th-30th 2009

Detroits Shorts 2009 Film Festival
A three-day community event, celebrating the finest examples of the cinematic short form by featuring films from around the globe with running times 10 minutes and under.

Detroit Film Center
1515 Broadway + Boll YMCA
Detroit MI

Thursday, May 28th 2009

"Detroit Shorts, a festival of short films running May 28 – 31, 2009, has announced the official lineup for its inaugural production. Over 70 films from around the globe will be featured, including entries representing all genres, techniques and subject matter.In addition to four general programs, there will also be special screening blocks featuring the very best in horror, animation and Made In Michigan shorts.We're very proud of the first-year lineup that we’ve managed to program.

The audience will truly have an opportunity to view some of the most highly acclaimed short films produced over the past year.Opening night, Thursday, May 28 includes a special live performance by Satori Circus.The Festival also features special ANIMATION and HORROR film blocks.Award-winning films will certainly be prevalent, as the lineup features over 20 that have garnered top prizes at such festivals as Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, South By Southwest and Berlin.

Some highlights include:Lies – Best International Short at SundanceThompson – Best Documentary Short at SXSW Short Term 12 – Jury Prize for Best Short at SundanceMexican Standoff and Santa: The Fascist Years – Two new shorts from renowned animator Bill PlymptonA Long Journey Home – Audience Award Winner at the Brooklyn Film FestivalSebastion’s Voodoo – Winner of over 20 awards from festivals around the world

Festival venues include 1515 Broadway and the Boll Theatre at the YMCA in downtown Detroit.Information on all films, workshops and panels at the festival will continue to be updated at

This festival is presented by the Detroit Film Center, a non-profit media arts center in SE Michigan, providing education and resources to the local filmmaking community. The Detroit Film Center also presents the Detroit Docs International Film Festival, taking place this year in late October."

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Auralgasms' Atmosphere - PROOF Detroit - Thur May 28th 2009 9pm

w/ special guest DJ Davo
An evening of Ethereal Dreampop,
Britpop, Triphop, Shoegaze and Electronica

Thursday, May 28, 2009 9pm
Proof Martini Lounge
2001 Woodward
Detroit MI

Join us Thursday, May 28th 2009 for Atmosphere, our Monthly DJ event in Downtown Detroit.Consider it a once-a-month opportunity to go out and celebrate the music you hold closest to your heart. Why be subjected to the same tired clubby music that most bars trot-out?

Enjoy an evening of Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Catherine Wheel, Massive Attack, Lamb, Hooverphonic, Slowdive, Ride, Stone Roses, Curve and more. You might even hear us throw some local love to Detroit bands past and present, including Ether Aura, Au Revoir Borealis, Majesty Crush, Ethos and more.

Proof is a laid-back Martini lounge with a beautiful view of Downtown Detroit,
friendly waitstaff and impressive drink menu.

Grab a friend to indulge with, or just head down and you're sure to meet other great like-minded musical folks soaking up the vibe.As a special treat, we have invited Detroit DJ veteran, DJ Davo to join Zumby and Mikeylove for a special set.

You may have caught his unique skills over the years at one of his prior gigs:. Tuesday Video Appreciation night at 3-D. Goth/Industrial Friday's at the Sardine Bar. 80's night & Video Appreciation nights at Luna. EBM/Goth Wednesdays at Mephistos . "Retro Revolution" Thursdays in Ferndale

We'd like you and your friends to feel like Atmosphere is YOUR monthly event, so please drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to hear, or better yet, come up to the DJ table and introduce yourself to Zumby and Mikeylove and let us know your request!

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PHOTOS: Gomez at the Hard Rock Cafe by Andrew Bender

MCB's man in Mid-town, Drew Bender made it down to the Hard Rock Café in downtown Detroit last Friday evening to catch the free, 4 song mini-set that British indie-rockers Gomez performed for the diehards in attendance and the after work crowd in the HRC to get their Friday happy hour drink on.

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Upcoming Show: Glemie Derale Beasley, Danny Kroha, & The Potions

This friday (May 29th) at a little pub in Corktown called the Lager House, Glemie Derale Beasley (Detroit hunter and bluesman, recently pressed for his "Fresh Coons" signs around town), Danny Kroha (of the Gories, Demolition Doll Rods, and The Readies), and The Potions will take the stage in celebration of the release of 'The Sea as the Sky' (a book of poetry) by Livonia public school bus driver Randy Foreman. Printed by Lo & Behold!, an independent Detroit publishing house tending toward the experimental and avant garde in modern lit.

INGRAY CD Release - Hard Rock Cafe Detroit - Thur May 28th 2009

“Ambassadors of Rock” Finalists Ingray Host CD Release at Hard Rock Cafe
Long Awaited “Awake” CD Celebration on Thursday May 28

Hailing from war torn Bosnia, Detroit rockers Ingray release their highly anticipated CD “Awake” on Thursday, May 28 at Detroit’s Hard Rock Café (45 Monroe St., Detroit).
Doors are at 8pm, show starts at 9pm and all ages are welcome.
Tickets are only $5 and available at the door.
Pop punk upstarts (and “Ambassadors of Rock” contest runners up)
Lies Unknown open the show.

Recently chosen to represent Detroit in the Hard Rock Café’s international “Ambassadors of Rock” competition, Ingray’s music is truly a global rock and roll experience.
“Our influences are not local, they are from different parts of the world.
As a result, we bring a unique spirit to the stage along with a bond of friendship, love, music and live theater,” explains Ingray’s lead singer Adisa.

Indeed the siren-like song and movement of Adisa is as mesmerizing as the ethereal chords only guitaristNermin Selmanovic seems able to reach. The sound of Dave Dupuie’s thunderous drum rhythms and Haris Cizmac's mystical bass hooks complete the band’s overture. Ingray is as exciting to watch as they are to hear.

Presented by Darkgreene Entertainment -experience Ingray live and up close while celebrating the release of “Awake” at a very special performance on May 28 at Detroit’s Hard Rock Café!

For more information Ingray and Lies Unknown,
please check out their respective web sites:

For additional show information, please call the Hard Rock Café
at 313-964-7625 or hit

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Bloodbird - Woodward Ave Brewers Ferndale - Thur May 28th 2009

Thursday 5/28/2009
Woodward Avenue Brewers (WAB)
Woodward Ave -- Ferndale MI



Dutch Pink

also featuring art by Muriel J. Thompson
it'll be a scene, man!
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Detroit Derby Girls Final Round Championship - Masonic Temple Detroit - Sat May 30th 2009

this is your final chance to catch Detroit Derby Girls
this season so get on out and support your girls!!!!
Sat May 30, 2009
doors open at 6PM
Game begins at 7PM
Detroit MI

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and kids under 12 get in free when accompanied by an adult. Get your tickets online at and at the following locations:
Detroit Threads - Hamtramck, MI
Orbit Hair Salon - Ann Arbor, MI
Danny's Irish Pub - Ferndale, MI
Fox Theater Box Office - Detroit, MI
Detroit Comics - Ferndale, MI
Curl Up and Dye - Detroit, MI
Noir Leather - Royal Oak, MI
• Your local Derby Girl!

Limited number of tickets available at the door
Featured Charity: Alternatives for Girls
helps homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and helps them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives.

Entertainment by:DJ Clark Eagling the Streamliners
and theMotor City Rah-rahs

National Anthem:
Russel Taylor of Satori Circus

Immediately following:
Afterparty: Smalls
10339 Conant Ave, Hamtramck
Featuring: TBA

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