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Big Sonic Heaven returns!!!

From 1995-2003, Darren Revell hosted Big Sonic Heaven on 96.3 FM in Detroit. The show was the first I had ever heard of that was basically 'Appointment Radio'. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, on Sundays at 10PM that radio better be tuned in.

Cutting edge music junkies revelled in the mix of Ethereal Dreampop, Shoegaze and Britpop. It was the only show where you could hear classics like New Order, The Cure or The Smiths and learn new must-have bands every week. I still owe many parts of my collection to a late Sunday night discovery (Gene, Mandalay, State of Grace, Club 8, Poe). Darren even gave some love to some hard working and spectacular local bands of the era (Ether Aura, Au Revoir Borealis, Ethos, Majesty Crush, Velour 100).

It was a crushing blow to FM Radio in Detroit, and music fans alike where Darren left town for the West Coast. In the years that followed, there were many shows inspired by Big Sonic Heaven, including Aural Bliss on Auralgasms Radio, Sonic Bliss on Q101/107.1 FM and Star Sail on WXOU. There were local club nights like Atmosphere, Sugar Hiccup, Big Sonic Sunday and more recently, WOW Wednesdays at Gracies Underground and Happy Endings at Berkley Front. All of these shows and events attempted to carry the torch of underground music to the people as Darren did during those 8 years.

Darren continued his Big Sonic Heaven broadcasts for Indie 103.1 in LA until October 2008. His fans in LA and Detroit have wondered what was next...and now we know!.

Darren is bringing Big Sonic Heaven to Strangeways Radio! The station, launched July 18, is currently broadcasting 24/7 and compiling an impressive list of cutting edge and influential talent, including Zumby and Mikeylove (formerly of Aural Bliss) and Nathaniel Cramp of the successful UK Shoegaze label/club night, Sonic Cathedral. Adding Darren to the stable, is quite a coup for all involved. More DJs and shows are being announced seemingly weekly, with some more exciting forthcoming names from the Detroit DJ scene.

The premiere date for Big Sonic Heaven will be announced soon. Stay tuned to and the Facebook fan page for details.

Wild At Heart weekend

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
He has a radio program on WXOU out of Oakland University

Wild At Heart

If you are looking for something to do today, you have a couple of options starting with a new movie, “Dinner For Schmucks” which is directed by Jay Roach (the same guy who brought you all those Austin Powers movies). It is an American retelling of the 1998 French film “The Dinner Game” in which Tim (Paul Rudd) is a rising executive at a cut throat financial company who wants to get a promotion so he can financially be worthy of his girlfriend. When he pitches an idea to get himself noticed, the boss invites him to a dinner party in which Tim needs to find the perfect guest for a “dinner for idiots”. He girlfriend is appalled by the idea and Tim is leaning her way until fate steps in (in front of his car that is) in the shape of IRS employee Barry (Steve Carell) who has a side hobby of turning dead mice into interesting poses through his taxidermy. Life takes a wild turn as Barry infuses his way into Tim’s life causing problems in his love life by contacting Barry’s psychotic ex and bringing her back into his life as well as getting his taxes audited by Therman (Zach Galifianakis), who apparently has mind control powers and hates Barry. When we finally get to the dinner, Tim (of course) learns to appreciate Barry’s talents and sticks up for him at the dinner (expecting anything else?) and helps him overcome Therman who is also invited. But can Barry help Tim get his true love back after all is said and done? You probably already know the answer. The film, coming in at almost 2 hours could use a little trimming and runs the risk of falling apart at times but the manic energy of Carell keeps the film afloat when it should start sinking. Not as good as Carell’s other comedy “Date Night” but should be pleasing for anyone looking for a good date movie that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Also, Ron Livingston plays Tim’s office rival and could use some more screen time himself. The main thing here is Carell and Rudd have good screen chemistry here which could have benefited from a more condensed script and more time spent at the dinner. My grade is a B-.

Getting ready to head on over to the Midwest Motorcycle Fest going on over at the Pontiac Silverdome. I have been curious to how they have things set up over there now they are getting back to having events. This will be the second event since the new owners (the first being Monster Trucks) with next week’s Soccer match being the third. They have had 2 events cancelled or postponed so I hope this is a reversal of fortune and getting things back on track. The event today featured the musical talents of American Idol rebel Amanda Overmeyer, the exciting tribute band Mini-KISS and heavy metal favorite Jackyl. They also have wet t-shirt contests, various stunt and skill shows, a ZZ Top look-a-like contest and a Hooter’s bikini car wash among other things that relate to the bike culture. So grab your bike and your girl in whatever order you want and head on down for some fun. See you there! For more info, go to

Also last weekend was the Meadowbrook Concours D’Elegance which was a wonderful event. I was going to post some photos but found this video posted on youtube which really shows some of what the Concours is about. Esp check out the Diaz which was a custom built car made especially for Bobby Darrin. The futuristic car is a one-of-a-kind car which I love to see. The Rolls Royce in the video was another favorite along with my 1948 Tucker which was actually used in the movie. In the car scenes where the cars are driving in order, it is the third car in line.

OK, here are a few pictures of some of the cars this year.

1937 Bugatti

1954 Pontiac Bonneville

See you on Monday


SUMMERTIME - HIll Gallery Summer Show

Roger Brown
John Duff
Michael Goldberg
Jene Highstein
Robert Mapplethorpe
Ursala von Rydingsvard
Alex Katz
Mark di Suvero
David Smith

Hill Gallery 407 West Brown Street
Birmingham, MI 48009 248 540 9288

Photos: Pakistani Sufi Music Festival, New York City ; by Riaz K

MCB got wind of an amazing international 3-day music festival that took place last week in the heart of Union Square, New York and made sure that we were there to cover it!

The word "Pakistan" comes with a lot of negative connotations. Pretty much the way "Detroit" does in the rest of the country for us folk here. In the wake of the recent threat at Times Square, a few activists and dignitaries from Pakistan took it upon themselves to get together with US senators and try and revive the image of Pakistani culture and musical heritage here in the States.

Sufiism is the mystical element of unorthodox Islam that has existed for centuries - some of you might be familiar with "Whirling Dervishes". The Dervishes are also called Sufis and as such their connection to the divine is more spiritual and devoid of all the politics of organized religion. The emphasis is laid on the connection between the individual and the Creator and nothing else. In a state of trance, these mystics would create the most beautiful poetry and music known in the East and these traditions have passed down for centuries.

In the slideshow above, we attempt to bring forth the color, vigor and grace that this region's culture has to offer, but never gets the light of day from mainstream media any more.

Tons of great events this weekend in addition to MCS / Phonotropic

One of our MCB peeps was just busting my balls about why I don't repost some of the press we get from the papers and web and I didn't have an answer so here are some links
If you get a chance pick up a copy of the Oakland Press today and you will find a nice feature on Motorcity Special. We also want to thank the various folks who have taken the time and shown great interest in our live to vinyl project over the past few months including Deep Cutz, Rachel May, Gary Graff, Melody Baetens, James Hawkins, Megan O'Neil, Steve Barman and JeRC.
Get to The Pike Room early and make some noise
you might just make it on the record!
Click the graphic below for all the details
and have a great weekend!


Weasel Camp 2010-Slippery Weasel Society


Friday, July 30+7-10PM
and Saturday, July 31+3-10PM

12138 Saint Aubin at Carpenter.
Hamtramck, Michigan 48212

Friday Night

Saturday Night
with Other Mystery Guests to be Announced

Weasel Hunt+Weasel Croquet+Weasel Campfire Stories+Weasel Karaoke+Weasel
Installation and Performance Art+Weasel Wienie Roast+
Weasel Marshmallow Roast+Weasel Knot Craft+
Weasel Film+Weasel Music+Weasel Kid-Friendly Crafts
+And more Weasel Fun than You Can Shake a Stick At

This Saturday: Art in the Park! Hamtramck HATCH

July 31st, 2010, noon-7pm
Zussman Park, 3401 Evaline, Hamtramck (Right in front of City Hall,
across the street from the future Hatch Art Center!)

Recycled Treasures (
and the Hamtramck Art Collective (HATCH) welcome all art lovers to
their first annual Art in the Park this Saturday, July 31, 2010 at
Zussman Park in Hamtramck. The event is a family friendly event to
raise money for both nonprofit organizations. The fun filled day will
include a contest for the best art made from recycled materials,
raffles, childrens activities, and a silent auction.

Lift : Summer MUNNY Show opening this Sat. 7-30

On your way to the MOTORCITY SPECIAL party on
Saturday night...Stop in!

(click to enlarge)

Enjoy this weeks edition of SLAW with your cartoon favorites
Evans and English

As the boys head to the Crofoot for some Motor City Special awesomeness.

English vs. Evans

Upcoming: "A Bun A Day" Solo Exhibition by Heather Hansma - 8/13


Upcoming Art show opening

"A Bun A Day" Solo Exhibition by Heather Hansma

August 13 – September 10, 2010 Reception: Friday, August 13, 7:00 – 10pm

Five15 515 S Washington Royal Oak, MI 48067 248-515-2551  

For the second year in a row Five15 will be hosting a solo exhibition from Metro Detroit lowbrow artist Heather Hansma. Last October she presented her collection "Bunderland." This year's show will also be centered around her "Puff Bun" characters, a sort of egg-shaped rabbit creature with minimal features. The show's title, "A Bun A Day," is a takeoff on the proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

The Puff Buns are generally participating in some form or pop culture parody, and this show is no different.

Painted, buntastic depictions of old-school PC game SkiFree, Paczki Day in Detroit, and even Yeshua of Nazareth are all par for the course.

Five15 Media Mojo and More is an independent coffee and gift shop that prides itself on featuring counterculture art, products, and events.

An opening reception for "A Bun A Day" will take place 7:00 – 10:00pm on Friday, August 13, 2010.

Motorcity Special meets Phonotropic Wicked Awesome Barbequed Music Safari in 3D...YES!!! - Saturday July 31st 7pm-2am

As a supporter of the Crofoot's Phonotropic events for years it was "wicked awesome" when we were able to meld the Motorcity Special in with the 3rd Annual Summer BBQ.

As I have said before on many occasions – “the Crofoot knows how to throw a summer party” and this is set to be another beat down of a night.

Starting with Motorcity Special we will once again be recording 5 Detroit bands (see below) live for pressing to 12” double sided vinyl only…no digital releases such as CDs or other form of electronic music.

Spinning between sets will be CARJACK and DJ MILO with special guest emcees MADHATTER and LOCO JEFF. Special Sponsors of the MCS#2 are Showtime Clothing (old school Detroit clothier) and (new school Detroit based music networking website)

After some sound issues at MCS#1 it would be easy to point the finger at others but there is always room for improvement at all levels and after a careful review of our 1st round we made a few adjustments to our approach.

There seems to be a lot of excitement swirling around MCS and we are doing our best to produce a fun show and capture that vibe and sound on our favorite medium – vinyl records.

With the conception of MCS in late January at MCB5 and then actually starting work on the project in April we are moving along at an alarming rate and hope to have 4 records recorded and released by very early 2011. Our goal once again is to put on some fun creative shows that highlight the scene in a positive light.

All proceeds go toward the records with the bands playing for vinyl/beer and the venue/sound guys offering services at very reasonable costs. It’s really about a community effort and we hope we can live up to everyones high expectations and deliver an enjoyable record that just doesn’t sit on a shelf….if you are in a band and would like to be part of MCS come on down to the show and talk to us about it…we will be including all types and styles of music in this project. MCS#3 should be mid October and MCS#4 is penciled in for very early January as part of the MCB6 (MOTORCITYBLOG-6) - We are considering a 7” release as part of the MCB Lounge at Peoples Art Festival 8/28-29 as we will have 8 bands playing the MCB Lounge Stage.

If you are coming to the Motorcity Special enter through the front entrance and go upstairs to The Pike Room - paid entrance at this door also gets you access into the ENTIRE Phonotropic Wicked Awesome Summer BBQ with tons of great artwork, music and free food.

In particular there are a few other record releases with DALE EARNHARDT, JR. JR. who release their first EP and LETTERCAMP who are releasing a 7” vinyl via Five Three Dial Tone Records.
In addition to purchasing Motorcity Special #1 and Vinyl Voucher for MCS#2 these would also be great additions to your Detroit music collection.

Bottom line – this event has everything you could want in a summer party and should be top of your list for this Saturday night.

Pontiac is the hub of some of the most cutting-edge art in country. Next Saturday, JULY 31, 2010, join us in the Crofoot Ballroom for the third annual installment of ...

Art from a variety of disciplines will be represented!

in the Ballroom- all the bands below are hyperlinked (take some time and check out all this great music)
DALE EARNHARDT, JR. JR. Release their first EP!!

hosted by SELF SAYS
with Prussia's Adam Pressley hosting AUTO-TUNE KARAOKE on the main stage.

in the Vernors Room
to show the rest of the world that Detroit isn't just braindrain and urban entropy we invited bands from three other cities to share in our artistic siblinghood:
PETALS RANG THE BELL from Grand Rapids, MI
GHOST HEART from Grand Rapids, MI
AIRIEL from Chicago, IL
ALL DINOSAURS from Cleveland, OH

in the Pike RoomTHE MOTOR CITY SPECIAL will be recording the bands live for a limited edition Vinyl Record manufactured at Archer Records in Detroit

BLACK LODGE (last show ever)

There will also be DJs spinning great tracks all night inside and outside on the Patio- AK47, DJ Dean Sparklez, C. Drink$, Justin Ames and more.

The Vernors Room will feature new paintings from AMNA ASGHAR!

We will also be premiering two short films/music videos
"Nothing But our Love" by IAN SIGMON, JUSTIN LAWES, and JOSH JOUPI,

and finally work from our favorite fellow traveller, DAN DEMAGGIO!

To celebrate modern technology, the third year of PHONOFEST, and our local scene- DEMAGGZ has created a series of installations and videos that will be enhanced by the FREE 3D glasses that every guest receives upon entrance

Fresh Pineapple Infused Absolut will be avaialbale all night as will, PHONOTROPIC's classic homemade Sangria!
Also, Chef Paul will be serving free Hamburgers and Veggie Dogs on the patio from 7PM-9PM!

All in all, I believe this represents the greatest amalgamation of art and artists since Chief Pontiac himself strolled our verdent peninsula.

The event begins at 7PM on Saturday July 31, 2010

at the Crofoot Ballroom (1 S. Saginaw Pontiac, MI 48342)

If you purchased a vinyl voucher you can exchange it for your copy of the MCS#1 which will include a copy of the poster and same fancy liner notes on the high quality insert plus a MCS sticker....there are also a few copies marked with freebies such as free entrance to the next show, free tshirts and free copies of future MCS releases just to make it interesting to those who are supporting this project. Thanks and see you on Saturday night at The Pike Room!

Motorcity Special#1 Liner Notes Insert


This Week In Moneypenny: Eagles of Death Metal @ Small's 7/24/10

Eagles of Death Metal @ Small's

With less than 24 hours notice, a fortunate few managed to catch The Eagles of Death Metal murder it at Small's last weekend. The boys were in town for Land of Nod and just couldn't go home without rocking the faces off their friends at their favorite place to play in Detroit. This was their third time at Small's, so everyone lucky enough to be there was already well acquainted with the band and fully stoked for what was coming. Everyone here knows that EODM can be counted on for the best party ever, every time.

Jesse, David and Joey C. are all as strong, strapping and silly as ever, but sadly, the band has a man down. Dear friend and bassist Brian O'Connor has come down with the cancer and is recuperating at home in LA for a while. Like a lot of us, Brian doesn't have health insurance, so the boys & friends have taken it upon themselves to help him fight the evil cancer and the hefty cost by setting up a donation site and fundraiser shows. Any help is greatly appreciated. Brian is expected to be good as new very soon; the kick-ass Abby Travis has been filling his giant shoes for him while he heals. Detroit sends their love, BOC!

Artificial Agent opened up to a very restless audience that just about cracked the foundation when they started pounding the stage and chanting for the band to come out. Detroit was already steaming that night and with the crowd boiling over the room was a sweaty mess. EODM strutted onstage with their usual cool charm; with the combination of Jesse's new beard and their fancy lady bassist, they were rockin' a slight resemblance to Electric Mayhem. The relationship between Detroit and The Eagles of Death Metal is based on a deep mutual love of rock n roll and it clearly shows when they play here. The collective joy-frenzy and the power of EODM's performance almost melted the fuckin place. Motorcityblog was given a glorious shout-out and Hard Luck was claimed as the unofficial "official EODM vodka". The Assistant and I were able to grab a handful of dark, gritty pictures and some dim video of the show shot from backstage. We did our best. Deal with it. Bad Dream + Make a Bang! & Speaking in Tongues

Editor note: EODM is currently working on a new song called Detroit Steam that according to Jesse has been the fall of 2 producers for not getting the sound right ....this song was announced in 2008 and in the pictures above show Jesse with a handful of Detroit Steam stickers passing them out to the crowd
EODM rolled out of town shortly after the show to head for the sunset. The boys say they have been busy out there in the desert and we should all stay tuned. They move fast, so pay attention!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I'll see YOU all SATURDAY, Bitches!!! It's gonna be extra Motorcity Special.

Peace, Love, Death Metal,

-jr-MusicRevue 07/28/10

read more -jr MUSICREVUE here

Red Fox Run by Twin Tigers from Robert Thomason on Vimeo.

Twin Tigers label/pr company was nice enough to send me a vinyl copy of their newest LP Gray Waves last week. I had listened to the album prior and kind of developed a blase attitude towards it. They are talented and their song construction is well thought out. Upon another listen of the vinyl last night, it dawned on me: they sound like/remind me of every other band I a blase about. Gray Waves is a conglomeration of Coldplay, Muse, Mew, Oasis, Elbow, and Lo Fidelity Allstars. When listening, each time I pegged a moment of a song with "that sounds like ...." it was followed by an eyeroll. Aside from that gripe, their is a limited brilliance that shines through with the album's title track. It is a slow softly song ballad with haunting distorted guitar in the background. It just keeps building and building, and then when the song pinnacles, all is lost. That's just one aficionado's take on it. Twin Tigers are doing alright for themselves as they are opening for 3/4 of Interpol at Clutch Cargo's on August 11th. Check them out and make your own determinations.

If you would like something revued by the legendary -jr, feel free to mail hard-copies to 11859 Sycamore, Plymouth, Mi. 48170....and I am partial to vinyl.

-jr is a musician/dj/blogger/writer from Detroit, MI. He performs in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre and Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean. He also writes a cultural blog covering the ins and outs of the Detroit Music Scence as well as pop culture. When Dj'ing he uses the handle DJ JCM. He has been an integral part of the Detroit Music mechanation for the past 10 years. He knows just about everything about music on both a local and national level. His opinon is gold and is infallible. This is what's been in my ear lately.

NEXT WEEK: CARJACK meets BOB LOG III - Majestic Cafe Detroit - 8/3

Bob Log III
During performances, he plays old silvertone archtop guitars, wears a full body cannonball man suit, and a helmet wired to a telephone which allows him to devote his hands and feet to guitar and drums. The spectacle has been described as a guitar dance party.
He tours over 150 shows a year in more than 30 countries.
Bob Log's version of quick Delta blues is a continuation of the sound that Bob Log and Thermos pioneered in the duo, Doo Rag. The major differences are: greater emphasis on guitar showmanship, and drumming -one man band style-with his feet. Based in Tucson, Arizona, and Melbourne, Australia, he has made tours of North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, Mexico, and Iceland.
Opening up is Dietroit's own CARJACK
get to this show!

Nolan Strong tribute LP - Detroit Music compilation record coming soon from Wind Records and Norton Records

MCB loves us some Dietroit music and when we heard about the soon to be released
Daddy Rockin' Strong compilation and had to let you know

Coming soon (October 2010 at the latest) from The Wind Records and Norton Records!

"Daddy Rockin' Strong: A Tribute to Nolan Strong & the Diablos" is a vinyl LP stocked full of smokin' Nolan Strong & the Diablos covers! Executive Producers Rich Tupica and Billy Miller have been compiling this track list for over a year, and it was worth the wait.

It features songs by The Dirtbombs, Reigning Sound, Andre Williams, Cub Coda, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, The A-Bones, Mark 'BBQ' Sultan, The Hentchmen, Demon's Claws, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Danny Kroha & the Del Torros & more!

The record also features heartfelt liner notes written by soul legend Andre Williams, a close friend of the late Nolan Strong and fellow Fortune Records artist.

Nolan Strong was a Detroit singer, a fantastic pre-Motown star. "The Wind" and "Mind Over Matter" are two of the best songs to ever come outta the Motor City - those songs are remembered on this tribute LP.

This record marks the second release from The Wind Records ...
Norton Records will kindly distribute the LP.

Visit Norton Records!

Metrotronic Vs. Batusis

“Afraid of Everyone” by The National merges into a Fleetwood Mac song and I can’t remember the name and this soon flows into “New York State of Mind” and that’s because it is on my mind as –jr and I have decided to do our first ever tour of New York in October and I chuckle to myself when I consider if we should invade local New York blogs months in advance like ticks creating the type of curiosity and hype that we achieved for the 2009 Blowout but that plan and that story is for another time because I am en route to Small’s in Hamtramck to cover the Batusis show.
“What the hell kind of name is Bat-Sooeys?” –jr asked me a few hours earlier that day as we were playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the Xbox 360.
“No, it Batusis,” I reply as I complete a combo attack assisted by a computer-controlled Wolverine.
“Well then, what the hell does Batusis even mean? It has to be the stupidest name…”
“It’s the dance that Batman did on the 60’s TV show, guy. It has to do with comics so its cool I guess,” I offer.
“Hate it,” –jr hisses and he spaces the words out deliberately as his character (Thor) grabs something called The Ultimate Nullifier and I click off my controller to head downtown and now I’m downtown and I meet up with Ceep Ceep who lives close to the bar. I manage to get a parking spot near the bar which only gives me one chance to play “Tease the bum with a dollar”. Ceep Ceep and I head into the bar (guest list of course) and grab a seat and the first band starts to play.
“So, how’s it going?” I ask Ceep Ceep, initiating a conversation for the first time in months.
“It’s okay as it can be,” he answers, typically vague, “Hey Metro, I thought you were banned from here!”
“Don’t believe everything you read,” I warn and he shuts up for a while but I need something to distract me from my job, the reason I am here. I fail.
“So, who is this playing?” I ask him.
“They’re called Lies Unknown. Ummm, they play rock music.”
“I see. They kind of remind me of ‘Shout at the Devil’ Motley Crue, but I’m not sure,” I stutter.
“How the hell did you ever get started reviewing shows?” he guffaws.
“I’ll be the first to tell you that music is not my forte, but I’m not afraid to do what’s necessary to let people know the truth.”
“What are you talking about Metro?” he asks, not understanding what I am implying.
“Never mind. This band plays rock music.”
“They used to have a hot girl with them,” he says, then a pause, “but now they don’t.”
“I don’t understand what you mean,” I ask, craning my neck trying to see that band in the other room since we are still at the table in the bar area.
“You know; a hot girl,” he repeats.
“A hot girl,” I repeat, finally conceding.
“Yeah. But now they don’t.”
The band stops playing and the jukebox comes back on playing the Talking Heads and I swallow a Xanax in preparation.
“So who’s up next?” I ask.
“The Luxury Pushers,” he answers, and I hide a small shudder.
“What are they like? Do they have a hot girl?” I ask, leaning in, leering.
“They play rock music,” Ceep Ceep replies helpfully.
“Can’t wait!” I say, unironically and the band starts up.
“They remind me of the Trash Brats,” I say after a beat, repeating something I overheard at the bar.
“I think one of them was in the Trash Brats, Metro,” he says and we slap high five.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Trash Brats. Live music stresses me out, y’know… Did the Trash Brats have a hot girl?”
“I’m not sure,” his answer, pathetic.
“So did you see Inception?” I ask after the band wraps up.
“Nope. Not yet. I want…”
“I think that it’s the best American movie since Inglourious Basterds…or maybe The Runaways,” I interrupt.
“Yeah. DiCaprio is on a real roll lately. I think he has surpassed Clooney, Depp, Downey Jr. as the beat working American actor. His choices in roles are impeccable. I can’t even think of a female counterpart with the same drive, sense of challenge.”
“Huh,” Ceep Ceep says, a question (?) I don’t know.
“I can’t think of a female actor with the same career vision is what I’m saying. Do you have a Twitter account?”
“Metro, you’re a devil,” he says playfully as Batusis take the stage and I get up and leave him at the bar and stand at the back of the small, but raucous, crowd at the foot of the stage.
I sleepwalk through the first song trying to think of a female actor, an actress, who is on a creative peak the level of Leonardo DiCaprio right now. The second song snaps me out of it. It is “I Wanna Be Loved”, a cover of the old Heartbreakers song. The rest of the crowd jumped into it at this point, quite literally, as Lies Unknown started a mosh pit on training wheels and I stepped back because I am above these things.
The banter between Sylvain Sylvain and Cheetah Chrome was humorous and they looked to be having a genuinely good time getting back to their roots. “Sonic Reducer” was next with Cheetah on vox. The Lies Unknown mosh pit peaked at this point as the various looks I observed said, “I can’t handle this too much longer. I drank too much.” Sylvain took over for the next song announcing, “How do you call your lover boy?” sending the band into the Dolls classic “Trash”. I went into never never land at this point scratching the L.A.M.F. tattoo on my bicep (right under the Super Mario tattoo) and for some reason this song reminded me of my last girlfriend, Lexus Slurr. I snapped out of my daydream (nightmare?) as one of the Lies Unknown kids bumped into some guy who looked to have time travelled from a 2003 Social Distortion show, knocking his beer to the ground. Before I could point and laugh, the Social D. square picked up the bottle and flung it at Cheetah’s head. As soon as the song ended, the Small’s task force stopped the show and Cheetah demanded that the person who threw it come up on stage. Surprisingly, Social D. complied and was promptly threatened to be taken out back and maimed and I looked at the bottom of my shoe to discover a piece of confetti….
By this point, I had attached myself to the ceiling with my belt and was pretending to be a hummingbird. The next song was a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Femme Fatale”, a pleasant surprise, and I started buzzing my hummingbird wings spilling beer on the people below. This was followed by “Blue’s Theme”, “Jet Boy” (a personal favorite) which had the crowd clapping along whooping and hollering, and the set closed with “Dizzy Miss Lizzie”. I quickly left after this because I had a 15 hour work day ahead of me and when I looked for Ceep Ceep to say goodbye I saw that he had already begun the process of cocooning himself onto the wall at the bar, using what looked to be imported silk and as I was running to my truck (shrieking “Little Drummer Boy”) I stabbed a bum (I think it was a bum) with a bottle opener but made sure to just pierce his upper thigh so he could at least hobble to the Medical Center I passed on Caniff and I notice that a small Oriental woman may have seen me so I mouth “Who’s next?” at her and then teleport to Seattle, Washington using the special powers that Minka taught me the other day, sitting outside at the Edge of the World. Batusis was a blast!
Batusis 07/18/10-Smalls- A solid B+

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Bryan Metro is the anti-show reviewer for Detroit’s anti-blog. When he isn’t too busy, he is also the lead vocalist for underground quasi-celebs on the cusp, The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre. Follow his twitter here or e-mail him here and disappear here

Detroit Institute of Arts Annual Gala to Celebrate Museum’s 125th Anniversary

MCB supports the DIA any chance we get
so we will be digging the change from every couch
we sit on over the next few months
to purchase tickets to this event
Detroit Institute of Arts Annual Gala to Celebrate Museum’s 125th Anniversary
Long-time supporters Marianne and Alan Schwartz to be honored at annual fundraiser
Detroit, MI – The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) presents “DIA@125, a Gala” on Saturday, Nov. 13 from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. This year’s annual fundraiser celebrates the museum’s 125th anniversary, and includes a special tribute to long-time DIA supporters Marianne and Alan Schwartz.

“It is extremely satisfying to be at the helm of the DIA as it reaches its 125th year, and our gala will be a worthy celebration,” said Graham W. J. Beal, DIA director. “We are especially pleased to honor Marianne and Alan Schwartz, who, for more than 50 years have generously donated time, money and works of art that have enriched the museum in so many ways.”

Co-chairs for this year’s gala are Gayle Camden of Grosse Pointe,
and Fair Radom of Bloomfield Hills.

Tickets range from $2500 to $125. This year, $2500 tickets include an exclusive pre-gala cocktail party at the newly renovated Manoogian Mansion, hosted by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and his wife, Yvette, on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

The evening’s décor will focus on the museum’s architecture and collection, and entertainment will include a nostalgic look back at the museum throughout the years to the present. Catering for the cocktail reception and sit-down dinner is by Forte Belanger in Troy.

Pre-gala cocktail reception at the Manoogian Mansion on Sept. 15
with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Yvette Bing
VIP cocktail reception, seated dinner, dessert and dancing in chic late night lounge
Prominent acknowledgment in program book

VIP cocktail reception, seated dinner, dessert and dancing in chic late night lounge
Acknowledgment in program book

Join in the VIP cocktail reception, seated dinner,
dessert and dancing in chic late night lounge

Dessert and dancing in
chic late night lounge

For tickets, call 313-833-7967

PHOTOS & REVIEW: Riverfest featuring Avett Brothers, Justin Nozuka & One Eskimo by Andrew Bender + Special Bonus feature: Eagles of Death Metal

Last Saturday night, MCB's Andrew Bender caught the action at the Fillmore for 93.9's Riverfest, before making his way to Small's in Hamtramck to see Eagles of Death Metal's under the radar performance. Read on for Drew's take on the evening and some photos from each of the bands.

As I approached the Fillmore at 7pm, the line of concert goers waiting to get into the downtown Detroit venue stretched around the block. Once I reached the box office, I saw that at 30 minutes past the advertised time for opening the doors, the venue was still not allowing entrance. As I waited for my ticket and photo credential, an unhappy customer was attempting to return his 4 tickets purchased only 10 minutes before, rather than continue to wait in line. Apparently, the cause for the wait was due to the bands' late arrivals resulting in all of them falling behind on their sound checks. After a short delay, the doors opened and people streamed in, followed soon by me. The former State Theater was over half full, and the $35 ticket price may have contributed to that less than stellar turnout. Putting on the show was 93.9 The River, the local radio station that plays an eclectic mix of music, much of which has never made it to a Billboard chart, featuring blues, reggae, rock, jam bands, and more - my kind of station. So I was looking forward to a night of good music.

Britain's One Eskimo was up first with a set of softer indie rock, featuring their singles Kandi, Hometime, and Amazing and for an opening band, they definitely had the crowd getting into their set. Vocalist Kristian Leontiou's soulful lyrics were well-supported by Pete Rinald's vocals and guitar, and Jamie Sefton's bass. Seeing Sefton simultaneously handle bass and trumpet duties (or was it a flugelhorn?) was also impressive while Adam Falkner's drumming (often some serious skin pounding) kept the whole thing together.

After a brief break where the largely white, suburbanite crowd refilled their drinks and jockeyed for a better position on the dance floor, indie heartthrob Justin Nozuka took the stage. Although the faces in the crowd - both on the rail at the front and throughout the venue - were of a wide range of ages, the young women up front were definitely enthralled with Nozuka's performance. Often illuminated by a lone spotlight against a dark backdrop, Nozuka demonstrated his mastery of his own ballads and his ability to rock out with his band.

After the first half of his set, I headed back to refill my own beverage before the headliners came on. I'd never seen the Avett Brothers before, and had really heard very little of their music. However, after seeing much of their performance on Saturday, they are definitely one act I need to hear a whole lot more of. Although I'm not the biggest fan of labels, the Avett Brothers epitomize much of the alt-country genre, as they combine bluegrass, pop, country, rock, and jazz to produce a uniquely American sound. Reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo and early Wilco, the band features brothers Scott Avett on banjo and Seth Avett on acoustic guitar with Bob Crawford on stand up and electric bass, kit drummer Jacob Edwards, and cellist Joe Kwon. Apparently, Kwon has been touring with the band for some time, but Edwards is a recent addition on drums, and a source of some debate among the fans as to his necessity. For me, seeing Crawford and Kwon facing off in a flash of bow on cello and thumpin' electric bass was pretty cool as the brothers vocals and playing kept the music soaring. As the band played fan favorites One Line Wonder, Telling Time, and an encore of Down With the Shine, the energy in the room was phenomenal, even with an undersold house. As slower ballads gave way to aggressively rockin' tunes, the dance floor was a blur of moving bodies. Not bad for a Saturday night.

However, I'd decided that since I wasn't a huge fan, I'd skip out a bit early and make my way up to Hamtramck to see Los Angeles rawkers Eagles of Death Metal. For the uninitiated, EODM is not a death metal band. Think now to a song by the band The Eagles (yes, Glen Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Tim Schmidt) - any song will do - and compare that to a real rock song. EODM are THE Eagles (of Death Metal). Yes, this almost-self-parodying band will rock your faces off. And they have the best song about masturbation I've yet heard (Solo Flights) off of their 3rd album Heart On. So, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the band, fresh from their headlining performance at the Land of Nod festival in Jackson. As rhythm guitarist and front man Jesse Hughes simultaneously sang and sweated at the audience the Small's audience, clad mostly in black t-shirts with ironic sayings, rocked out, apparently having a great time. For me, it was well worth the $15 to see this band that I've missed on more than one occasion. It was also a helluva a lot of fun to have arrived just in time to see Hughes giving a HUGE shout out to Motorcityblog - which he called the best and only music blog in Detroit. MCB's Moneypenny's has been a longtime fan of the band, and these days it's mutual. Hughes took a moment during the show to ask people to contribute to the fund for EODM bassist Brian O'Connor who's fighting cancer as we speak. Undergoing treatment in Los Angeles, O'Connor is not touring with the band, but on their behalf, we ask MCB readers to dig deep and contribute what they can by clicking here. Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal are planning a benefit concert for Brian on August 12 in L.A.

Avett Brothers

Justin Nozuka

One Eskimo

Eagles of Death Metal


Bat Masterson - Painted Lady Hamtramck - Fri 7/30


Friday & Saturday: Michigan Roots Jamboree - Aug. 6-7 in Ypsilanti

The Michigan Roots Jamboree is set to celebrate its second year at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti tomorrow and Saturday. A two-day, outdoor music and art festival is showcasing the finest talent the Midwest has to offer and we just got word that the weather is supposed to be superb! What a great opportunity to enjoy some (finally) enjoyable summer weather, great music, and family fun!

This exciting, family-friendly camping event will bring together both local and regional acts on two stages in beautiful Riverside Park in Ypsi...lanti, Michigan. From rock to bluegrass to jazz and funk, The Michigan Roots Jamboree has over 25 acts providing something for everyone to enjoy.

Michigan Roots Jamboree

Featuring Michigan bands the Macpodz, the Ragbirds, UV Hippo, Dragon Wagon, October Babies, Jamie Register & the Glendales, Wayward Roots, Smokestack, and jam legends Ekoostik Hookah, the Jamboree promises to be a great 2 days of music, camping, and fun.

Aug 6 & 7, 2010
Riverside Park
Ypsilanti, MI

Pre-sale tickets are now available for the Michigan Roots Jamboree! Tickets purchased pre-sale through the festival website will be $15 per day and $20 per day if purchased at the gate. Get them now!

They have limited space available for camping, so be sure to get your camping pass early as we expect them to sell out. Children ages 12 and under are free!

TOMORROW: Sextreme Ball with Lords of Acid and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

This is going to be some crazy crazy shit. And I can't wait. Lords of Acid have provided the soundtrack to some of the more... indescribable jaunts of my youth, and to tour with Thrill Kill Kult is SO natural, it seems like something they should have been doing for years. But no, this is the first time they'll share a date in 15 years.

The surreal twist here (as if there's only one) is the addition of Lacey Conner on vocals. Right, Lacey from "Rock of Love." The hell?

Lords of Acid
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Wednesday, July 28
2281 W. Fort St.
All Ages
Doors @ 6

June 25, LOS ANGELES  – When Lords of Acid embarks on the Sextreme Ball this summer (previously announced as Sextacy Ball), the legendary Praga Khan will be joined by the villainous Rock of Love  contestant Lacey Conner on vocals, former Ministry/RevCo guitarist Sin Quirin, bass player M3 (Powerman 5000) and Kirk Salvador on drums (ex-Society One).

The Sextreme Ball marks the first time the industrial bands Lords of Acid and My Life WithThe Thrill Kill Kult have shared a stage since The Sextacy Ball trekked across the U.S. fifteen years ago. Also appearing on the touring circus are Sacramento-based Blownload and DJ Deathwish from

Warp Tour stops in the D this Friday!!

Make sure you check out Detroit's own Mike Posner!


Eyes Set To Kill Release New Single 'Broken Frames' Online At

Eyes Set to Kill have partnered with VoxBloc for the release of their new single, "Broken Frames" online at The song is the title track from Eyes Set To Kill's new album that hit stores on June 8th through BreakSilence Records.

Eyes Set To Kill's Broken Frames was recorded at Wade Studios in Ocala, FL with producer Andrew Wade. The album takes the sparkling melodic prowess that Eyes Set To Kill has become known for, and fuses it with a new found sense of aggression to create the heaviest album of the band's career.

Eyes Set To Kill just completed their first European tour with I Am Ghost, and will be appearing on the Warped Tour all summer long.

7/29 Milwaukee, WI - Marcus Amphitheater
7/30 Detroit, MI - Comerica Park
7/31 Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
8/01 Shakopee, MN - Canterbury Park
8/02 Bonner Springs, KS - Sandstone Amphitheater
8/05 Calgary, AB - Race City Speedway
8/07 Salt Lake City, UT - Utah State Fairgrounds
8/08 Denver, CO - Invesco Field
8/11 Carson, CA - Home Depot Center
8/12 Wheatland, CA - Sleep Train Amphitheatre
8/13 Nampa, ID - Idaho Center
8/14 George, WA - The Gorge Amphitheater
8/15 Hillsboro, OR - Washington County Fairgrounds


Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
He has a radio program on WXOU out of Oakland University

Wild At Heart

Thought I would start off my blog with a call out to all aspiring actors with an ability to play football for the upcoming movie “Touchback. The plot concerns a former football star at the brink of financial disaster turned farmer and family man who attempts suicide to save his family. However, when he wakes up he finds himself back in the past, reliving the events that led up to his career-ending, life-altering injury and he is forced to choose between his simple life and the path to fame and fortune. Football players are being sought for this picture which will be filmed in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area in early August, 2010. Casting for football players will take place at Wednesday, August 4th and Thursday, August 5th for all pre-registered players interested in trying out. Interested players need to pre-register by creating a profile and submit for “Touchback” at before August 2nd. PLAYER REQUIREMENTS: Age 18-30 and have extensive football experience. Players should NOT be seeking NCAA eligibility through a college program since selected player positions are paid positions. Sports coordinator Mark Ellis will be conducting the tryouts. Mark has worked on many of the major sports action films of the past 2 decades including “Invincible” “The Longest Yard” and “Miracle”.

Went to some new places this past week for concerts starting with the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies at the Hard Rock Café. They were supposed to play outside but rain delays kept forced them to move indoors. I spent most of my time reading my book (which I finally finished after 2 months) since I had already eaten a big meal before going down to the show. Due to the moving, the show went on about 2 hours later than advertised which caused me to miss Nick Curran at Callahans. Also ran into Sandy who works at the Café store and fronts the local band Velveteen Rabbit who I will showcase as my band of the week with two songs here:

Sandy designs the videos which have an interesting look as well as being a really cool person to talk to. I’ll have to work on getting her on my radio show sometime in the near future. Getting back to the show, the sound at the Hard Rock was surprisingly good and though the crowd wasn’t that huge do the weather but did get some walk-ins from the cancelled Tigers game that night.

Saturday, I went to see the Four Freshmen at the Dirty Dog Jazz Café. Hour magazine named them the best restaurant in Detroit in their last best restaurants issue and I like checking out new and exciting places. The places they pick usually are expensive and this is no exception. Unlike previous picks however, this place features live music so I wanted to pick a show that would be a special event and this weekend saw the vocal group the Four Freshmen at the café. They formed in 1948 and have been continuously touring with their open-harmony jazz arrangements combined with the big band/barbershop quartet sounds. The band members are not the originals but are presided over by one of the original members who makes sure they keep their sound similar to what people remember. This line-up has been together as a unit for 9 years and they have a beautiful sound that is a joy to experience. The sound at the café is nice for an intimate place and I appreciate the owner mentioning prior to the show for patrons to keep their conversations muted during the performances so as not to overpower the bands. Not wanting to spend $55 for a four course meal, I opted for 2 tapas (Spanish for appetizer) since while still expensive, you can’t go to the place voted best restaurant and not get anything. I ordered the Crab Louie (Jumbo lump crab, cilantro, chili dressing, pickled peppers, shoestring potatoes) and Hunter’s Pie (duck, lamb, peas in a pastry shell). The food was excellent though not enough to fill me up. Final bill was $22 and that is without drinks. Overall, this was a very pleasing dining/music experience and maybe the next time I’ll splurge on the whole full course experience. If you go to, you can see some of the menu items as well as upcoming performers at the club. Nice place to really impress a first date but make sure you bring enough money.

Lastly, I went to the first annual Metro Jazz festival to take in the Jr Walker All-Star Band who was closing out the three day free jazz festival (parking $10) at the southern Campus of Macomb Community College. They had a nice line-up which included Marion Meadows, Spyro Gyra and Mindi Abair. The weather was beautiful and the stage had a nice set up with plenty of seating. I wish the band played more Jr Walker hits and not as much of the Motown review stuff but they did perform "Shake And Fingerpop" as well as ending the show with “Shotgun”. Jazz Festivals are becoming even more popular in this area with some really great shows coming up including 29th Annual Flint Jazz Festival (Aug 6th-8th) with Jon Secada, 9th Annual River Raisn Jazzfest (Aug 14th-15th) with Alexander Zonjic and David Sanborn and the Detroit International Jazzfest (Sept 3rd-6th) with Yellowjackets, Allen Toussaint and Branford Marsalis to name the bigger events. If you like jazz, this has been a great summer with a number of big artists coming through.

Speaking of upcoming shows, here are a few suggestions:

Tuesday (7/27) – Natalie Merchant @ Michigan Theatre (does afternoon appearance at noon @ Borders Bookstore in Downtown Ann Arbor), local favs Zoos Of Berlin @ Majestic Cafe Stick

Wednesday (7/28) – John Mayer w/ Train @ Pine Knob, The Maine @ Eagle Theatre, the Juliets open for Pomegranates @ Pike Room

Thursday (7/29) – country legends Brooks & Dunn @ Pine Knob

Friday (7/30) – Al Green @ Caesar’s Windsor Casino, Chris Isaak @ Hill Auditorium (Ann Arbor), LA Guns opens for Faster Pussycat @ Harpos, David Allen Coe plays Midwest Motorcycle Fest @ Pontiac Silverdome, Blue Oyster Cult plays “Rockin On the Riverfront” @ REN Center, Vans Warped Tour (with Reel Big Fish, Casualties and Face To Face) @ Comerica, Ween @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, The Sights and Pop Project @ Magic Bag

Saturday (7/31) – Dead Weather @ Fillmore, Kings Of Leon w/Built To Spill @ Pine Knob, Laith Al Saadi @ Magic Bag, Motorcity Special #2 featuring the Beggars, Black Lodge, Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, etc @ Pike Room, Phonotropic’s Wicked Awesome Musical Safari w/ Lettercamp, Jessica Hernandez and Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr @ Crofoot

Sunday (8/01) – Beach Boys @ Pine Knob, bluesman Guitar Shorty @ Callahan’s

Monday (8/02) – Eric Church w/Randy Houser @ Monroe County Fair

I’ll be back midweek for a movie review of “City Of Your Final Destination” and pictures from the 32nd Annual Concours D’Elegance which put on another incredible show this year.

2010 Bat Festival at Cranbrook Science, July 30-31

First, watch Bat Zone director Rob Mies and friends on the Tonight Show and see if you don't fall in love just a little:

OBC on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien from Michael Narlock on Vimeo.

9th Annual Great Lakes Bat Festival
Cranbrook Institute of Science
July 30-31, 2010
39221 Woodward, Bloomfield Hills

Admission for general public is $9.50 for adults and $7.50 for children 2-12 and senior 65+.  Children under 2 are free. Friday special presentation tickets are $5 per person; purchase in advance at (248) 645-3232 or online at  Tickets also will be sold at the door.  Fee for family BBQ.

For more information about the festival: or call (248) 645-3232.  For directions to Cranbrook Institute of Science:  For hotel accommodations, please contact the Radisson Hotel next to Cranbrook at (248) 644-1400.  Mention the Bat Festival at Cranbrook for discounted rates.

Friday, July 30 Special Presentation, 7 PM
Zoologist Bill Schutt, (author of the book, Dark Banquet) takes the audience on an entertaining voyage into the world of some of its strangest animals – the blood-feeding creatures.  Live vampire bats will be shown at this special program.

Saturday, July 31 Events and Activities, 10 AM to 6 PM
Discover how bats are important to the ecosystem.  The festival features live bat programs, live nocturnal animal exhibit, educational exhibits, bat-themed activities for kids, story time, and presentations by bat experts from around the Great Lakes region.  There will also be updates on White-nose Syndrome.

Come learn about bat houses, meet authors of bat books, and visit the Bat Zone.  Speakers include Dr. Al Kurta from Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Tim Carter from Ball State University, Dr. Maarten Vonhof from Western Michigan University, Bill Scullon from Michigan DNRE, Mike Frayer and Dawn Fleishaus from Milwaukee County Zoo, and Dave Redell from Wisconsin DNR. Don’t miss Janell Cannon’s (author of the book Stellaluna and other children’s books) presentations about how she creates her enduring characters.  Also, author and artist Fiona Reid will speak about her world travels in search of rare bats. Lastly, check out the live bats including giant flying foxes and vampire bats!

2010 Bat Festival Speakers

Dr. Bill Schutt (C.W. Post College of Long Island University)
Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures (Friday)
Vampire Bats: Stories from the Field and the Lab

Janell Cannon (award-winning author of the book “Stellaluna”)
Stellaluna, Verdi, Pinduli: Where Do You Get Your Ideas? 

Dr. Maarten Vonhof (Western Michigan University)
Threats to Bats of the Great Lakes Region
Echolocation: How do bats fly at night?

Dr. Al Kurta (Eastern Michigan University)
Bats of Michigan: Natural History Perspective

Fiona Reid (Artist & Author)
In Search of the World’s Rare Bats

Bill Scullon (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
Bats and Mines: Protecting Michigan’s Natural Resources

Mike Frayer (Milwaukee County Zoo)
Bats and Public Health

Dawn Fleishaus (Milwaukee County Zoo)
Vampires and other Bats in Zoos

Dr. Tim Carter (Ball State University)
Bat Houses and other Artificial Roosts

Dave Redell (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)           
Bat Citizen Science Project in Wisconsin

Family Barbecue and Live Music 6 PM to 8 PM

At the Senior Cabin near the Rouge River tributary

Bat Science Night 8 PM to 10 PM

Meet bat experts and see how researchers use technology to study bats.  Watch wild bats dip and dive as they emerge for the night in search of insects.  This event is free to Cranbrook Institute of Science and Organization for Bat Conservation members.