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INTERVIEW: SuicideGirls founder Missy Suicide and upcoming SuicideGirls: Blackheart Burlesque show on Oct. 11 at the Majestic in Detroit

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UPCOMING: Heavy In Hamtramck IV on Saturday, Oct. 3 at The New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck

On Saturday, Oct. 3 The New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck is hosting the
 Heavy In Hamtramck IV show.

Live entertainment for the evening includes:

Busby Death Chair (Motor City Rock)

Inducing Panic (Hardcore Punk from Cleveland)

Karmic Lava  (Hamtramck Doom Rock)

Ruckzuck.(Space Rock from New York)

Rock and Rummage (Detroit's traveling Rock N' Roll themed Flea Market)  


 The New Dodge Lounge is located at 8850 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI 48212
Doors at: 9 PM 
Cost: $5.00 


TICKET GIVEAWAY: PENTAGRAM at the Marble Bar in Detroit on Oct. 8

Doom legends Pentagram will be making a tour stop at Detroit's newest venue next week and Motorcityblog has your way in for free!
The show will include Pentagram,Electric Citizen, and Satan's Satyrs.

Pentagram's Bobby Liebling says the band is "Extremely excited about our upcoming tours in the US and Europe this summer and fall. We all are itching to perform some of our songs off of our new album 'Curious Volume' for you. We feel that they fit well within the other heavy numbers from the bands near 45 year history. Of course, the set is packed with the classics you know and love and ones that you may not even expect. Bring your earplugs, we are going to blow off the roof with our curious volume!"

Electric Citizen formed just over a year ago by guitarist Ross Dolan, vocalist Laura Dolan, Nick Vogelpohl (bass), and Nate Wagner (drums). Electric Citizen have had a busy year turning heads and ears on their dark and estoeric style of haunting and unhallowed '60s West Coast rock, and decidedly British-influenced psychedelia. 

With special guest: Satan's Satyrs (Crushing caveman-doom from Virginia).

WHEN: Thursday, October 8

WHERE: Marble Bar
1501 Holden St.
Detroit, MI 48208 
(located across the Lincoln Street Art Park and Recycle Here!) 

DOORS: 7 pm

COST: $18.00

We here at MCB have a guest list spot to giveaway for this awesome show!
 Just drop an e-mail to with "Pentagram" as the subject along with your "full name" in the body of the e-mail. We will pick a winner by random and will let you know by Thursday, Oct.1 if you have won!


UPCOMING: The 7th Annual FLINT ZOMBIE WALK on Saturday, October 3 at Flint Local 432

The Flint Zombie Walk is an annual charitable event now in its 7th year! It is one of the premier horror events in Mid-Michigan and it combines community, charity and horror into a family-friendly event. The day will include vendors, entertainment, raffle prizes and, of course, a one-of-a-kind shamble down Saginaw street.

All proceeds this year go to The Foster Closet who help kids in the foster care system get the things they need for everyday life.

The Thriller Dancers
Special appearance by wrestler "Creature Feature" John Campbell!

 Professional makeup application will be available the day of the event. 

You can also have a souvenir photo taken to commemorate your day at Flint Zombie Walk with 
 Paparazzi Box! Includes horror props to make your Zombie picture complete.

Loads of cool vendors will be set up selling all your spooky desires.  

There will also be a raffle with proceeds going to The Foster Closet charity.

Event Details: Visit The 7th Annual Flint Zombie Walk webpage at for all the details.
Cost: Donation (Suggested Donation: $10, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds)
Where: Starts at Flint Local 432 at 124 West First St., Flint, MI 48502
When: Saturday October 3th, 2014 at 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Makeup Application begins at 10 a.m.
(Doors will only be opened early for those getting makeup done. First come, first served).
The Walk itself begins at 3 p.m. (will last about 45 minutes)

NEXT WEEK: Kraftwerk After Hours @ MOCAD with the Belleville 3!

Juan Atkins in partnership with Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit presents Kraftwerk After Hours @ MOCAD. Join us at the Museum after the concert for DJ sets by Juan, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Dantiez and Demarii Saunderson. Don’t miss a rare opportunity to see these pioneers and creators of techno music: Detroit’s contemporary sound. 


$10 ($7 MOCAD Members)
$20 after midnight ($17 MOCAD Members)



PHOTOS: The Orb at The Magic Bag 9/26/15

MCB was there to enjoy two blissed-out hours of The Orb at The Magic Bag in Ferndale! 

Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann are on tour in support of Moonbuilding 2703 AD, released earlier this summer.

Old schoolers were prominent in the crowd, but overall it was truly a mixed audience of all ages and backgrounds, true to The Orb's multi-faceted appeal. After an approaching 3-decade existence, it was awesome to still see new die hard fans in the making.

Local DJ Justin Weiss warmed up the crowd with a nice variety of deep and downtempo records creating the perfect ambience to segue into The Orb.

Insane visuals accompanied the sound, creating a full sensory experience. A ride through space, dancing with jellyfish and probably-better-on-acid color forms commanded the journey.

Many raised their hands at times crying out in the euphoria; all were dancing.

Moonbuilding 2703 AD is out now!

Apostacon 2015 by DC-in-Detroit

DC is a longtime contributor to the MCB.
She can be reached at [at]

18-20 September 2015
Dallas, Texas

In the elevator on the way up to my luxurious 20th floor room, a civilian noticed my Apostacon badge and asked, “So, what’s that all about?”

That’s a legit question, for a couple of reasons. Seeing a banner with a big squiggly monster on it (may you be touched by his noodle appendage) is a bit of a hint that there are some inside jokes going down, but even if you do recognize the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it doesn’t really answer the question, what IS this all about? Unbelief, sure. “Atheists, humanists, agnostics, skeptics, apostates, freethinkers, rationalists, Pastafarians” yes, of course. But, as the man in the elevator asked me, “What do you do, get together and talk about how you don't believe something?”

Not exactly (although that does happen). Any non-belief convention (I hesitate to use the word “atheist” because a broader spectrum is represented at this gathering) is going to focus, at least in part, on how to navigate through our culture as a small minority. How do you parent, make friends, work efficiently, be a productive member of your society when you think and believe differently from the surrounding majority? You’ll notice this doesn’t include what our beliefs are, simply those ways in which we differ.

Apostacon in particular looks at the “apostasy” aspect of it—what it’s like to leave one’s religion. Casual surveys indicated that the great majority of people in attendance were at one point active participants in a religion. And they had all found their ways to this convention because they had questioned those belief systems to the point where they at least were beginning to remove themselves from those organizations. Sometimes this comes at the cost of their communities, their jobs, their friends, even their families. This is no small undertaking, and not something people do frivolously.

To that end, there were talks about parenting (when surrounded by “believers”), about finding community (especially in more isolated areas), all the way up to activism (Dan Arel’s talk about being instrumental in keeping $18 million of taxpayer money from being funneled into the for-profit “Ark Encounter” theme park  was a highlight). And, of course, the keynote debate, master debaters Matt Dillahunty vs JT Eberhard on the motion “Country Music Sucks.” (I’d say it was a draw.)

But really, in the end, what Apostacon is really about is fellowship—just like most other (voluntary) cons. And fun, of course. Which leads me to the more DC-ish part of this writeup, where I gush about my one and only “celebrity crush,” Teller.

Oh, did I mention Penn & Teller were there? Yeah, Penn & Teller were there.

I’ve been a fan of theirs for a couple of decades now, and have seen them perform several times. (And, of course, they are—or at least Penn is—on TV every time you turn one one.) It’s not often we get a chance for an intimate Q&A/mini-performance with the duo, however. They came in Friday for a VIP dinner reception, followed by a couple of hours of chatting (led by "Penn's Sunday School" podcast cohost Matt Donnelly), with some tried and true sleight of hand mixed in (their version of the cups and balls is not to be missed), and then audience Q&A. Always the best part of a talk, in my opinion.

At the beginning of the talk, Matt Donnelly joked, “Let’s get this out of the way first: Teller, you do talk, right?”

Teller’s response, “To a bunch of atheists? Fuck yeah.”

And that was what made this audience Q&A so different. They asked about philosophy, they asked about politics, and yes they asked a little about show biz and magic, but mostly, it was about the world, worldviews, and how to live in all of it.

Penn and Teller are two of the most humble, interesting, open, and loving people you’ll ever rub elbows with. I don’t know if this is common knowledge among people who aren’t already fans of theirs, but through their entire career—more than 40 years now—after every show, the two will come to the lobby of any theater they play in order to meet anyone in the audience who cares to get a pic, an autograph, or just shake hands. As Penn, who unselfconsciously calls each of their fans “Boss,” put it, “We may be there an extra hour and 45 minutes, but that means there’s someone who stood around for an hour and 44 minutes to talk to me, and damned if I’m not going to wait.”

I, of course, knew this. I also have something of a history of presenting Teller with hand-made items, crafted just for him. As a member of the media, I wasn’t included in the VIP dinner (press has to buy their own food, thieving, scheming vultures that we are), but I knew I’d have ample opportunity for facetime, were I so inclined. And I were. So the night before getting on a plane for Texas, I decided it was a good idea to start-to-finish a project for Teller (yes, and for Penn). They were completed with great love and care, and hand-carried through 4 airports (don’t ask) with no issues.

After their talk, I found Teller on the far right of the room (they separate themselves for the post-show flesh-press), and after watching him graciously (and gracefully) take selfies with a few dozen people, he made eye contact with me. I smiled and said, “I have a little Teller fetish for you…” He smiled in return, the consummate professional, and then I pressed into his hand the little hand-made Teller fetish (or juju doll as I also call them). His eyes lit up (with happiness or relief, who can say) when he got a good look. “This is wonderful!” The little Teller fetish was wearing pinstripes, a blue tie, and black and white wingtips (check the old photos). On the back of the doll is embroidered “Everybody got a GrisGris” with three club symbols. Most importantly, inside the fetish is an object of meaning and symbolism, which I can’t reveal. Magic! MAAAAAAGIC! We chatted for a moment, and I got a nice hug, before I floated back to the other side of the room to the Penn gaggle.

Penn’s fetish also wore pinstripes, a multi-colored tie, and oxblood Doc Martens. (Someone on twitter seriously tried to argue with me about my sartorial choices for the little copies. Someone who probably wasn’t even alive the first time I saw P&T live.) On his back, under his long ponytail, was embroidered a large scarlet A-for-atheism symbol. And yes, inside there were trinkets of significance. Penn gave me a hug and a “thanks, Boss!” and I skittered out of the way to let the remaining people get their time.

So classy and grateful, these two are. I’m just filled with butterflies every time I see them like that, literally opening their arms to their audience.

The next morning, I was checking in on the con hashtag, and to my wonderment, saw this tweet, from Teller himself.

Apostacon 2015

That’s his picture. He took that picture. That means at some point, after the show and all the people, Teller and Penn put together the gifts I’d given them separately, and maybe, just maybe, I was a topic of conversation for a moment. I was tickled all over again.

And so, that’s my Apostacon weekend in a nutshell for you: talks, fellowship, Texas (this time), and a shining moment in the warmth of the beatific gaze of my beloved Teller (actually, there were three different times I was so blessed that weekend). This is a traveling convention, which means for those of you who think you’d enjoy such a weekend, at some point, you should have the chance for it to be reachable for you.

And really, if you even think this is how you’d like to spend a weekend, you’re right—right that you’ll enjoy it, and most importantly, right to THINK.

Created with flickr slideshow.


GANG OF FOUR Hit The Road With THE NEW REGIME - Offer FREE Four Song Tour Sampler


 After a massively successful Spring tour in support of their latest album What Happens Next on Metropolis Records, UK’s legendary post-punk band GANG OF FOUR will be hitting the road again this Fall with San Diego’s THE NEW REGIME (tour dates below).  In celebration of this pairing, both bands are offering a FREE four-track download.  Featuring two tracks from each band, the sampler includes“To Hell With Poverty” and “At Home He’s a Tourist” by Gang of Four and “Mannequin” and“Don’t Chase It” by The New Regime.The sampler can be downloaded here:
UK’s GANG OF FOUR  released its critically-acclaimed new album What Happens Next earlier this year on   Metropolis Records. Called "the year's best record" by San Diego Reader and a “spry, twisty workout” by Entertainment Weekly, the "edgy, intense, and confrontational" ( Paste ) What Happens Next features collaborations with   Alison Mosshart  from The Kills, Robbie Furze from The Big Pink,   Gail Ann Dorsey, and Japanese superstar   Hotei. German superstar Herbert Grönemeyer takes vocals on the latest single “The Dying Rays” whose video was premiered by A.V. Club here: tro-electro-video-premiere-dying--222791
With their debut album Entertainment! posited at #8 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Albums of the 1970s (which was incidentally also found on Kurt Cobain’s handwritten list of favorite albums), Gang of Four have been incredibly influential on artists as diverse as Bloc Party, St. Vincent, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, Sleater Kinney, Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem.
Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and songwriter, Ilan Rubin is best known for his drumming with Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves and Paramore, but it can be argued that his best work happens when this one-man-band is fronting-and backing – The New Regime. Attendees of the upcoming tour will get a unique live music experience – with Rubin on guitar/vocals fronting a 3-piece band. The addition of a full band allows for a raw, dynamic representation of his music, packed with improvisations and embellishments expanding beyond the recorded material. Rubin’s commanding stage presence will shock those used to seeing him behind a drum-set. The New Regime premiered the video for "We Rise, We Fall" on Monday which you can see here:
9/28 - Ferndale, MI - The Loving Touch 
 Gang of Four is Andy Gill (guitar), John "Gaoler" Sterry (vocals), Thomas McNiece (bass) and Jonny Finnegan (drums).


UPCOMING: Friday, Sept. 25- Radiohead Tribute Show at The Crossroads Bar & Grill in Ypsilanti

This Friday ThinlineExclusive Entertainment Tribute Show Series Presents: RADIOHEAD

Come for a night of great entertainment as 7 local bands give you their take on the vast,eclectic catalog of Radiohead. 

Bands Performing include
In Obscurity
Bit-o-Honey(Brian and Heidi from Misconduct x Rocks).

Rock and Rummage will also be set up with their rock n' roll flea market!

It all goes down on Friday, Sept. 25
at The Crossroad's Bar & Grill located at 517 W Cross St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Doors at 9PM 
(All proceeds go to the Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor Chapter of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)


CRISTIN RICHARD “METABOLISM” launches this Friday September 25th at DDF




The launch of her experiential design series at The Detroit Design Festival September 25th, 2015, 6-10pm
 5001 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI
(Formerly The Kunsthalle)

Detroit Native, Cristin Richard is in the movement of artists whose work is related to the body and identity. Her work examines the human condition and the fact that the body is physically and mentally determined in this condition. It is the window of our relation to the world. She transcribes her own personal story through impulses to existential questions.

Particularly interested in the manipulation of organic matter, these materials build a dialog of what it feels like to be human. The human being is like nature, it transforms and regenerates in poetic and unpredictable ways. In the majority of her work, she reconstructs animal intestines into tangible objects. Playing on the ambiguity created by the presence of this material, she develops metaphors loaded with complexities.

For the 2015 Detroit Design Festival, Cristin Richard has chosen to present her latest work, "Metabolism", an experiential design piece, situated in one of Detroit's historical bank buildings, built in 1927. The architecture is an integral element of the work, and this 2015 DDF event will mark the first chapter of a series of one night exhibits that will take place within this particular space. Three chapters, in total, will complete her story.

Cristin Richard seizes her own fantasies and contradictions by bringing the conscious sense to the viewer, pushing them to use their own intuition. With "Metabolism", she draws a metaphor of the passage of time and where we stand as individuals in space, trying to escape inner turmoil.

"Metabolism" is an intimate one night experience, utilizing performance, installation and film. In addition, Cristin Richard will present collaborative works: music composed by Nate Czarling and accessories by Simone Else. Housed within one of Detroit's architectural gems, Cristin Richard puts forth works that oscillate between fragility and violence, between beauty and repulsion, between opacity and transparency and also between strength and lightness. It explores our relationship between the body, the external spaces we occupy, relative to the most intimate fragments of the mind.





U.K. post-punk stalwarts Gang of Four will kick start their 25-city tour to promote their new album,
“What Happens Next” on September 28 at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. The band just released a video for the song, “The Dying Rays” which features German star Herbert Gronmeyer, who starred in the critically acclaimed film “Das Boot.”

The highly influential band made its debut in 1977 playing a mix of punk and funk with heavy social and political themes. They are widely considered one of the leading bands of the late 1970s/early 1980s post-punk movement. Their debut album, “Entertainment” ranked at Number 483 in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and is listed by Pitchfork Media as the 8th best album of the 1970s. David Fricke of Rolling Stone described Gang of Four as "probably the best politically motivated band in rock & roll."

The mid-80s found the band digressing from their early sound into electronic territory, but the darker themes remained. The new album, “What Happens Next” continues to explore this electronic fare, but still retains the signature edgy guitar sound. The album also features guest vocalist Alison Mosshart of The Kills and The Dead Weather singing on two songs.

The current line-up of the band consists of sole original member guitarist Andy Gill. Gill's influence can be heard in music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello told Rolling Stone that, “there's no one more influential on my guitar playing than Andy Gill.”

Gill is joined by musicians John Sterry (vocals), Thomas McNiece (bass) and Jonny Finnegan (drums).

The show is on September 28, 8 pm at The Loving Touch located at 22634 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale.

Tickets and event information is available at

For more information on the band check out


Static invites you to go back in time for the night with the return of the retro party of the year! On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, be prepared to flashback to the '80s as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Big '80s Flashback Bash in a new way at a new venue!
Bastards of Young
The Big '80s Bash started as a jam session of bands playing songs from the era in their own style. It has now turned into a tribute party you won’t want to miss! This year we are mixing it up a bit from previous years and featuring tributes to iconic bands along with the regular variety cover fare.

Performing will be tributes to:

  • CLASHBACK - (The Clash)
  • The DDT's – (The Ramones)
  • BASTARDS OF YOUNG – (The Replacements)
  • RED SEPTEMBER - (Rock)
  • WALKIN’ TALKIN’ TOXINS – (Punk & New Wave)
  • ERIC EMPSON - (Acoustic)
The DDTs
 The party starts at 9 p.m. at PJ'S LAGER HOUSE, located at 1254 Michigan Ave. in Detroit. Call 313-961-4668 for info or check out

21 & over are welcome and cover is $6 and proceeds benefit the Hater Kitty Rescue Army, a local cat rescue group.