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Krampus Night 6 – A Not-So-Holiday Charity Benefit Extravaganza

Oh you better watch out…’cus he’s coming back to town!  On Friday December 2nd 2016, Krampus is at it again with the 6th annual festive event:


Who is Krampus?  Only the swellest devil to accompany ole’ St Nick on his rounds during the holidays.  Unlike Santa, he joyfully punishes the naughty by swatting them with switches…but who doesn’t?  However, on  this day he’s a devil with a cause helping those in need with a…

 Toys For Tots & BWBD Benefit 

Bring in some new toys or cans of food and get in on the cheap (and some good feels)!  All toy donations are taken directly to a Toys For Tots center to benefit less fortunate children during the holidays and all canned donations go to Burners Without Borders Detroit to help feed the homeless (click here for details).
But he’s not stopping there with his benevolent malevolence!  He’s also helping to support local artists with a…

 Krampus Black Friday Bazaar 

Buy some swell affordable art gifts for the naughty on your list (or for your naughty self)!  You’ll find everything from small unique stocking stuffers to large original art pieces.  
And to make this a Black Friday you won’t regret, there’s also a…

 Not-So-Silent Art Auction 

Generously donated by various artists of the DAMNED Exhibition, Corpus Illuminata and the Krampus Bazaaryou can bid to take home some amazing fine art while helping the homeless!  100% of all auction funds go directly to Burners Without Borders Detroit to help purchase much needed supplies to create survival backpacks for the homeless (click here for details).
But wait!  There’s also the 6th annual…

 Wreck The Halls Exhibition 

It’s a “no-so-holiday” exhibition of naughty art, animatronics, ornaments and decorations!  The exhibition will be spread out all over the venue.  And this year, WTH includes a bad gingerbread house competition!
And for your “entertainment”, we once again bring you the hilariously disastrous…

 Christmahanakwanza Variety
Show Spectacular

Come experience a wild night of amazingly bad lip syncing, barely rehearsed skits and impromptu shenanigans loosely based on your favorite holiday television and film classics!  Featuring Satori Circus, Lushes LaMoan, SofĂ­a Syntaxx, Bootsie La Fontaine, Scott Dambacher and lounge singer extraordinaire Konrad Lee!
And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also…
  • Live action Fugly Holiday Sweater Contest!
  • A full bar with all the boozy trimmings and spiked punch!
  • Swanky holiday lounge music all night…in the lounge
  • So-bad-they’re-good vintage holiday B-movies all night
  • Demented decor by the Krampus Recrafting Antidecoration Party
And THE BIG MAN HIMSELF (KRAMPUS) will be present on his throne to hear how naughty you’ve been all year.  Will you get switched or candy?  That’s HIS call.

+ Schedule +

07:00 – Wreck The Halls & the Krampus Bazaar opens
09:00 – Big K arrives giving photo opps, swattings & candy
10:00 – Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular Pt1
10:45 – Audience participation Fugly Holiday Sweater Contest
11:00 – Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular Pt2
11:50 – Gingerbread House Competition winner selection
12:00 – Last call (& bidding fight!) for the Silent Auction

+ Admission +

  • $10 with New Unwrapped Toy and/or 3 Canned Food Donation*
  • $15 for rotten stinkin’ Scrooges without either
*non-Scrooges also receive a coupon worth $5 off their purchase of $25 or more in the Krampus Bazaar!
There is no dress code but creative/naughty/festive holiday costuming welcome!
Krampus Night 6 – A Not-So-Holiday Charity Benefit Extravaganza
Friday December 2nd 2016 – 7pm until 2am – Strictly 18+
Tangent Gallery/Hastings, 715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI
Merry Krampus and Stay Naughty!!!

+ 2016 Krampus Bazaar Artists 

& Merchants +

  • Armageddon Beachparty - Psychedelic Pop Art Wares for the Well Curated Individual
  • B.P. LeGault/B-Bomb Music & Arts - Paintings of black cats that dig sex, catnip, and tattoos
  • Brian Lewandowski and Ramona Minjoe - Leather masks, ornaments, art prints and stained glass mosaics
  • Curious City Art - Found object jewelry
  • Dekilah - Necklaces, felted pendants, critters & mini frames, and self portrait photography prints.
  • Detroit Kaiju & Motor City Dolly - Monster art and custom Blythe dolls
  • DVS - Small framed art, "altar relics", tshirts, lighters, cards and prints.
  • Electric Vector - Fictional Vintage Posters
  • fairiesfive - handmade art purses and totes
  • Julie Fournier - Ornaments and Prints
  • Motor City Nightmares/Skull House Den - One of a kind creepy coffin boxes, masks, jewelry and more.
  • Painted Lady Trashions - Oddities, jewelry, taxidermy and specimens.
  • Poking Dead Things - Elegant jewelry and decor made from ethically sourced and naturally processed animal bones.
  • Shanta Ambady Ceramics - Handmade ceramic housewares with a quirky, dark sense of humor
  • Silber Gypsy (formally Just A Little Off) - A lot of skills, wire wrapped Jewelry, funky fun fashion jewelry & spa quality sexy bath &body produ
  • The Divine Iguana - Oddly thoughtful jewelry and gift items
  • Zachariah Messiah - Bats, Tarantulas, and Octopus..

Rhythm Corps + Sponge wsg The Beggars - ROMT

This photo series is dedicated to my Friend, Joe Grassi, who passed away too young.

It was Joe that originally introduced me to Rhythm Corps back in the late 80's when we were both students at Cousino High School in Warren, MI and were aspiring DJ's in the schools radio station, WPHS.  My first concerts were with Joe seeing Rhythm Corps at such iconic Detroit venues as The Ritz...and then many a time afterwards at any festival or college bar we could attend.  Anytime I hear Fathers Footsteps, Revolution Man, Broken Halo's, Satellites, or any of their other songs, Joe comes to mind.

So much so that on Saturday night after capturing The Beggars fantastic opening performance, as Michael Persh was in the middle of their 2nd song, and I had him dead-center in my viewfinder, I was suddenly and unexpectedly overcome with a flood of memories and emotions from all our years of Friendship and just lost it.  Eyes filled with tears...I couldn't see clearly...and it took my breath away.  All I could do was just honor the moment, the memories, and the music.  I cleared my eyes and continued to shoot...capturing some of my all-time favorite images of any musical group I have ever shot in my 10+ year career.

So, to Joe, I miss you old Friend.  You should have been there with me singing along to every single one of those songs just like the old days instead of leaving so soon.  It wasn't the same, but, I will have to say I definitely felt your presence there. Thank you for all the memories that I can look back on and cherish.

As for the performances by The Beggars, Rhythm Corps and Sponge,... simply put, The Beggars killed it with their energetic performance, Rhythm Corps turned in what I would qualify as one of their BEST performances that I have ever seen without missing a step, and Vinnie and the boys of Sponge continue to hold up the mantle of Detroit Rock, always putting on a great show.

Thank you to Dana Forrester for the last minute photo credentials.  It is always a pleasure working with you and helping promote our mutual love of Detroit music!



The holiday season is upon us and it is time once again for "Home for the Holidaze 14: Acoustic Showcase & Charity Drive." The event brings together local performers for one evening of acoustic music for a good cause. The donations and proceeds from the event go towards purchasing food and winter clothing items that are distributed to homeless people and animals thru our selected charities: CARE Rescue, Hater Kitty Rescue Army and Outcry Street Ministry.
Performances by:
  • DOWNTOWN BROWN (acoustic)
Carmel Liburdi
The show is on FRIDAY, DEC. 16 at 9 pm. The venue is THE CADIEUX CAFE located at 4300 Cadieux Rd. in Detroit. Please call 313-882-8560. 21 & over are welcome. 

Admission is $5 with one can of people or pet food or winter clothing item or $6 without. Boots, blankets, socks and hats are much needed items this year.
Static Network has been hosting this night of songwriters for the past decade to benefit the community's homeless people and animals. The donations and proceeds from the event go towards purchasing food and winter clothing items that is distributed to the homeless thru our selected charities:

Outcry Youth & Street Ministry - Brother Joe Hicks has been helping the homeless and youth in Detroit for over a decade. His nights are spent on the streets of downtown helping those less fortunate with the donations he receives. 

CARE Rescue -  Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts (C.A.R.E.) was established by a family of animal loving advocates in 2014. Their main mission is to help lower the rates of animals brought into shelters daily. Since becoming a foster based non-profit organization we have been able to successfully rescue over 180 animals to date! They are currently working with shelters in Macomb county to help place animals.
Pet food donations are also collected each year and donated to a non-profit animal rescue shelter.                  
Hater Kitty Rescue Army is a local cat rescue group who takes care of  Eastside of Detroit neighborhood strays, gets them health checked, and places them in forever homes.