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Marche Du Nain Rouge 2012 Cass Corridor March 25th

Another year for the new celebration, Marche Du Nain Rouge. If you don't know what the Nain Rouge is, here is a brief description of what it is:
Over 300 years ago, around the same time the city of Detroit was founded, an evil was discovered in and around the city. An evil that has plagued the people and the city, and even wrecked havoc upon the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. This ‘evil’ was said to have been a Nain Rouge, other wise known as the “red dwarf of Detroit.” This malevolent spirit cursed generations and brought ill tidings for many Detroiters. It wasn’t until La Marche du Nain Rouge, held the Saturday closest to the vernal (spring) Equinox, did the people of Detroit come together to abolish the Le Nain Rouge — until his fearful return the following the winter Solstice.
“Best New Detroit Tradition” -Metro Times
The Marche went on at the Cass Corridor at Traffic Jam bar. The turn out was great this year, and I predict it will be an ongoing tradition for years to come.
We will be going every year we can! And expect more coverage in the future about this new tradition for the Detroit city.

Housse De Racket at the Magic Stick Lounge March 28th


House Du Racket 2012, a set on Flickr.
March 28th, 2012
Magic Stick Lounge
Detroit, MI

Housse De Racket spilled there french pop noise in the speakers of the Magic Stick Lounge and filled the ears of a crowd that was glued to their aggressive performance and wild guitar riffs that you never hear anything like it anymore until they resurfaced those out of ordinary notes.

The band just finished up a successful year at SXSW and are touring North America through Spring ending with their first ever appearance at Coachella, adding dates with Neon Indian, The Rapture, and The Hives. (Tour dates listed below) For Alesia, Housse de Racket has teamed up with French super-producer, Phillipe Zdar (Cassius, Phoenix, The Rapture) to create a collection of eleven electro-pop songs in the vein of the bands’ own wide range of musical influences; from Ennio Morricone to David Bowie. The result is a unique compilation of tracks that embody the sound Housse de Racket has made famous, both through their first album and their live show. Recorded half in French and half in English, Alesia is an evolution of sound; a bold new direction for the bands’ sophomore album.

Housse De Racket Tour Dates:
3/14: Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/15: Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/16: Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
3/18: Atlanta, GA @ 529
3/19: Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
3/21: Cambridge, NJ @ TT The Bears
3/22: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
3/23: Montreal, QC @ Il Motore
3/24: Toronto, ON @ Wrongbar
3/25: Washington D.C. @ 9:30 Club
3/26: Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
3/28: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick Lounge
3/29: Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
3/30: Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
3/31: Winnipeg, MB @ Pyramid Cabaret
4/02: Calgary, AB @ The Gateway Bar
4/03: Edmonton, BC @ The Haven Social Club
4/05: Vancouver, CA @ Electric Owl
4/06: Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
4/07: Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
4/12: Tucson, AZ @ Opti Club
4/15: Indio, CA @ Coachella
4/16: Pamona, CA @ The Glass House ** w/ The Rapture + The Hives
4/17: Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex ** w/ Neon Indian
4/19: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
4/22: Indio, CA @ Coachella

Cursive, Conduits, and Cymbals Eat Guitars at the Blind Pig March 27th

Tim Kasher of Cursive
March,27th 2012
Blind Pig
Ann Arbor, MI

What can I say about Cursive that I haven't said before? They start a fantastic set and ended it with as much energy as they had from the beginning. There's not much I can say that I haven't said before, they're in sync and share the passion of the band together as a team. As a good band should, but this band has been this way since the start. They've realized a long time ago that if you're not making the crowd move, or you're not throwing that energy out there, then that's the result of not putting enough effort out there. Those people should notice you're giving just as much energy in the song as much as the first time you played that song.

Conduits and Cymbals Eat Guitars are hands down, the best bands that are out right now making music. I haven't heard any "great" new music lately. It's been more or less "okay", or "average". But these bands, I didn't expect to have such an impact on me the first time I see them. From vocals, lyrics, to the drummers and bassists. They all really played their part in making that show a spectacular event.

For more information on Cursive or to order their new album 'I Am Gemini' visit

and visit

Want to see more photos? Check out

WMSE Cover Milwaukee Concert - 3/30/12

Thank goodness for WMSE.
WMSE (91.7) is the college radio station for the Milwaukee School of Engineering and pretty much the only station worth listening to in the Milwaukee area. Last year WMSE ran a Kickstarter campaign to buy new in-studio recording equipment. If you gave a minimum of $15, you received a ticket to a concert as a thank you gift. That concert was Friday night on the MSOE campus. The theme for the concert was “Cover Milwaukee”, where current Milwaukee bands cover past Milwaukee band’s songs. Saturday Night Duets kicked off the concert with a quiet and laid back version of the Frogs “Homos”. They followed with a nice slow rendition of perhaps Milwaukee’s most famous band, next to the Violent Femmes (but maybe not as popular) of “Good Things” by the BoDeans. My favorite Milwaukee band Couch Flambeau (top photo) was next, performing “Psycho in the House”, “Helvetica” and a Testa Rosa song. Other highlights included a reunited performance from the R&B Cadets featuring Milwaukee legend Paul Cebar
(middle photo). De La Buena (bottom photo) ended the evening performing Paul Cebar’s “The Gimp Sparrow”, giving it their stamp of Afro-Cuban Latin funk groove with a little psychedelic thrown in to get the crowd moving. The only downside to the evening was they ran out of Pabst.

Sex Slaves - Bumpers Westland - TONIGHT 3/31/12


movie review - Deep Blue Sea

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

A little over a decade ago I saw a wonderful period piece film starring my favorite actress at the time. That actress was Gillian Anderson of 'X-Files' fame and the film was a small gem entitled "The House Of Mirth" by Terrence Davies. It was beautifully shot and the best non-'X-Files' movie Anderson has done. He brought out that special grace and beauty in her performance that I haven't seen since. Davies has only directed about 6 films in the past 23 years but he managed to capture that same magic he found in "Mirth" in his new film "The Deep Blue Sea" with the beautiful Rachel Weisz.

This British film is set in the 1950's where Hester Collyer (Rachel) is married to the much older Judge Sir William Collyer (Simon Russell Beale). One day she decides to commit suicide but fails. During her recovery, her husband finds out she has been secretly having an affair with a young RAF pilot, Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston). She forsakes the comfort of her passionless life of luxury to be with Freddie in what turns out to be a rocky yet passionate affair. The film explores the relationship with the two very different men she loves and the prison she is building for herself. On one hand, she has her young lover with whom she excels at the physical level but intellectual find themselves far apart. On the other is a man she gets along with on an intellectual level but find no physical attraction anymore.

Rachael Weisz (The Mummy, Constant Gardener) puts forth a touchingly troubled performance about a woman who has to deal with the complexities love and is barely keeping afloat and on the edge of self-destructing. The story itself could have easily broken down if it wasn't for Rachel's wonderful performance and I predict could be an early nomination for best actress at next year's Academy Awards (it is way too early to think of them but her performance is that good). Davies film do come across as a bit bare but he can bring out good performances in his female leads and his films are shot beautifully. Rachel is the reason to see this film so be prepared to walk into her shoes and don't expect a happy ending.

The movie opened today at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. My grade is a B+. Go to for showtimes.

Interview: Hip Hop Rock Star Deuce

Deuce was the lead singer of the mask-donning, metal-rap band Hollywood Undead. After a rift between him and the band they parted ways. And, yes, that’s the much abbreviated story, you can read more somewhere else. The vital news is Deuce, who still dons a mask, is back with his debut album. “Nine Lives” set for release April 24 and on the “Fight to Unite tour” with Blood on the Dance Floor and a bunch of other “aggro-rap dance bands.” The tour hits the local area on April 18 at the Crofoot Ballroom.
Tell me about the “Fight to Unite Tour” you’re heading out on
The tour is me, Brokencyde, Blood on the Dance Floor and others like Haley Rose. I work with BotDF and Brokencyde. I’m actually going to hang with them tonight (BotDF and Brokencyde) and chill at some bar in Hollywood. It’s going to be a big tour, with a bunch of crazy people, like us!
One of tour’s sponsors is M.O.B. (Musicians Opposed to Bullying)…
Yeah, we’re all anti-bully.
We’re you ever bullied in high school?
Not really, I dropped out of high school early so I didn’t get stepped on that much. I went into the music world at 16 for recording and writing. That was more what I wanted to do. I was in Hollywood with a lot of gang members, you know crips and the like. I was never in a gang, but I was friends with guys who were in them and they always had my back if I ever had a problem.
It’s good to align yourself with people that are bigger than you.. .
Yeah, that’s what I did. I was always a skinny dude. So I always roll with people bigger than me.
How did you get the name Deuce?
 I got the name Deuce because my name before Hollywood Undead and during was “the producer” back in the day. So, Deuce is short for “the producer,” you know, the “pro – duce- a.”  Because “the  producer” was too long, so I’d just say “Deuce” and it kind of stuck.  People say Deuce is like my alter ego, all crazy and stuff, but I say I am my alter ego.
Your video “Let’s Get It Crackin” is crazy. Was there a script for that?
There was (laughs) . I was working with someone from my label, and we took a day to shoot it. It was just a whole bunch of naked girls all around us and it just came out sick, you know.
I’m surprised nobody got arrested while that was being made…
Yeah, I know, it’s crazy, but not that crazy, just a bunch of titties. People were shocked because of it, but to me it was just normal, having fun and stuff.
Are you trying to reach a wider audience now?
Yeah, Yeah, I wanna reach everybody. I have rock songs and some mainstream rock, hip hop songs and maybe like a top 40 feel to them with pop elements. I’m not stuck in one genre. I have my own style that branches into all that stuff. My old band was stuck into that metal-rap thing, but I’ve evolved, this is Deuce, where I can do anything. I feel like I can show my music to an airplane attendant and they are like “this is sick” and they are like 40-years-old, and then I’m playing it for a kid and they are like “dude I want to bump this.”
Your lyrics are let’s say “NR-17” rated but your crowd is mostly under 17…
Most of my audience is under 17, but it’s all good, I just write what I want to write. I have clean versions if it’s necessary. My writing process is to ignore any boundaries and rules and have fun.
What is a typical day for Deuce like?
We’ll be in the studio working a lot, coming up with ideas. If we accomplish something, then we’ll go out and party. But, mainly working on music. I’m working on the tour. Music and partying, talking to my fans of facebook and twitter, and talking to people like you.
What do you think the biggest myth is about being a rock star?
Well, the real rock stars work really hard and the fake ones that just have a bunch of tattoos and dye their hair are really not rock stars. Rock stars really do talk to their fans and work hard, that’s the truth of it. 
Tell me about you live show?
Live, we got a whole show with little skits in between the songs or we’ll do stuff that describes the song we’re gonna play. The band is me, and B.LaY on backing vocals he’s like a bigger dude, Jimmy Yuma on guitar, Ty Gattis on drums and Arina Chloe, she’s a DJ/Keyboardist that does backup vocals.
Is there anybody’s music you’re into right now?
I like everything right now, even that  Goyte song, (ed. “Somebody that I Used to Know”). New stuff whether its metal, rap, pop, I don’t care as long as it’s new and fresh and has something cool about it.

This Post by Mikel O.D. of

NEXT WEEK: Start Gallery and Paxahau Hosts “The Believe Show” on Saturday April 7

Start Gallery and Paxahau Hosts “The Believe Show” on Saturday April 7

Official Movement Festival Preview Event Showcases
Acclaimed Solo Artist Laura Barnhard and Exhilarating Electronic Music

Detroit’s Start Gallery hosts “The Believe Show” – showcasing the works of internationally acclaimed fine artist Laura Barnhard from Saturday, April 7 through Saturday, April 28. “The Believe Show” is Windsor, Ontario based Barnhard’s first U.S. solo exhibit, and The Start Gallery’s inaugural International art show.

“The Believe Show” opens on Saturday April 7 from 6 pm – 1 am and also serves as Paxahau’s Official Movement Festival Preview event with electronic music by Secrets and other special guests. Admission is just $5, and ages 18 and over are welcome to attend.

Windsor born Laura Barnhard creates gorgeous, otherworldly paintings that combine elements of fantasy, Victorian era characters and Science Fiction to create scenes that transfix and mesmerize,

In 2008, Barnhard made her U.S. debut showing and the art world took notice when she unanimously won ‘best in show’ at the acclaimed C-POP Gallery in Detroit, out of over 100 artists from around the world. Barnhard’s work also caught the eye of one of the most prestigious U.S. galleries, L’Imagerie Gallery, in Los Angeles, California, where she is currently being represented. Having been touted in the press as “an autodidact of exceptional talent and vision,” Barnhard’s distinctively original work has been garnering a large fan base.

Start Gallery owner and director Jason Reed counts himself as one of Barnhard’s biggest fans explaining, “"what’s really special about this show is it will transform the viewer into believing that these beautiful paintings are from a world that actually exists. The detail and imaginativeness of the works, shown together for the first time ever, will make for an unbelievable art experience.”

With Paxahau providing the soundtrack on opening night, “The Believe Show” is one night that is sure to take attendees on a spectacular visual and aural journey!

Visit her web site:
Visit or call 313-909-2845
Start Gallery is located in Detroit’s Harmonie Park at 206 E. Grand River (at Broadway).

Paxahau presents the Movement Electronic Music Festival on May 26-28, 2012.
Visit or

FREE VINYLS: Phantom Shakers - New Dodge Lounge Hamtramck 4/21

MCB has a few copies of the fresh off the press 7" from Phantom Shakers ready to roll
hit us up for your shot and get to this show when they return from VEGAS!!


The modern face of rockabilly, Detroit's Phantom Shakers, represent the Motor City at Viva Las Vegas

Detroit's best kept secret,The Phantom Shakers’ mix of rebel twang and female finesse, has been gaining international attention since their debut in June, 2008. The group will introduce material from their new 7-inch vinyl Easter weekend at the 15th Annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, a festival known in the rockabilly/roots circle for drawing fans from all over the globe. The band hits the stage Friday, April 6, at 8:30 P.M. This performance will anticipate the record's official release on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at Hamtramck's New Dodge Lounge.

Band members Mark Longsdorf (guitar), Rayce Ribble (upright bass), and Nick Thibodeau (drums) have the perfect front-woman in the fiery Elle Mae (vocals), whose spirited renditions of rockabilly classics like "Fujiyama Mama" has changed the face of the male dominated Detroit rockabilly scene and quickly earned her the nickname “The Wanda Jackson of Detroit.” Their first EP "The Ghetto Session" was introduced at the 2011 Metro Times-Hamtramck Blowout and quietly won over rockabilly fans worldwide.

"It is an honor to be invited to represent Detroit at Viva Las Vegas, and we want to celebrate by showcasing other talented Detroit gals who have emerged since we began doing this at our Record Release,” says Elle Mae. “We have been working non-stop and are very humbled and touched at how Detroit’s creative community has come together in support of us, each other, and this very special occasion.”

The Phantom Shakers cordially invite you to celebrate their debut on the international stage and the release of their new 7-inch at Hamtramck's New Dodge Lounge. The release party on April 21st will be a night of appreciation and thanks to fellow performers, friends and music lovers silver and gold. This event has evolved into a refreshing collaboration of Detroit’s finest rockabilly/roots musicians, artists, designers and local businesses. Detroit is alive and kickin’ with its roots rockin’ women!

Featured Acts & Special Guests include:
New music by The Phantom Shakers
Burly Q Cameo Introduction by Ma Belle & Her Hell's Belles Girlie Revue
Hot Female Surf Trio, The Aquanettes led by Amber Von Doom
New Rockabilly byThe Motor Inns led by Cindy Lou
Detroit's Motor City Rah-Rahs

Sponsored by:
Dj Del Villarreal-Motorbilly Radio & WCBN-88.3 FM
The Berkley Chop Shop
Vanity Vixen
V-Male Vintage
Noir Leather
Tom Lawrence Photography

New Dodge Lounge-8850 Jos Campau, Hamtramck, MI 48212, 313-874-5963
Doors open at 8p.m. 18+

Purchase Discount Advance Tickets and automatically get entered to win the Grand Door Prize!!!

 $10 adv/$12 door (Ages 18-20 yrs. pay $5 additional at the door)

Celebrate Record Store Day Saturday, April 21, 2012! Buy a record!
Show your receipt get $1 off admission at the door! Be there or be square!

DO NOT MISS THE RETURN OF Xiao Dong Wei - Steinway Piano Gallery Commerce - Saturday March 31st 7:30pm

Saturday March 31st 7:30pm
Steinway Piano Gallery
2700 E. West Maple Road, Commerce
Xiao Dong Wei will be playing chinese and western classical.
Tickets are ( $20. $15 for student and senior)
(248)560-9200 or (248)624-8111 to reserve your tickets


FREE TICKETS: Chairlift - Magic Stick Detroit - TONIGHT!!

Looking for a fun show tonight? 

Check out Chairlift for free on the MCB...

email for your shot at a pair of tickets for tonights show starting at 8pm

Chairlift / Nite Jewel / Bell

Chairlift is Caroline Please and patrickWhat. Chairlift's songs pivot around a hazily romantic, fragmented, psychedelic sense of humor and love for pop music.
NITE JEWEL - On her epic debut Good Evening L.A. based Ramona Gonzales aka Nite Jewel beautifully mumbled words nobody could understand. Still, everybody liked her DIY approach to New Disco. Last autumn in Lausanne we spend some minutes with her. This marvellous student of philosophies led us from Ariel Pink to Arthur Russell, from spiritualism to synthesizers and from Martin Heidegger to herself.


Friday: Hunx & His Punx at PJ's Lager House

Hunx & His Punx
Friday, March 30th, at PJ's Lager House
$10, 9PM

Hunx and His Punx might be the first ever "girl group" fronted by a flamboyant gay male whose dream in life is to sound like a girl. They have created a unique new sound they refer to as "Young Oldies," a mixture of 50s teenage rock ‘n’ roll, 60s girl groups and bubblegum pop.

Hunx is that boy you just wanna kiss—maybe after sharing a triple scoop ice cream cone, then roller skating with the Shangri-Las and Redd Kross rotating on a never-ending loop. He’s the boy in that picture from your high school yearbook—the one you pasted sparkly red heart stickers all over, then taped inside your locker. He’s the boy you fantasize about because he always saves you from your broken heart. You’ve never met him—but you love him… because you know he believes in love.

Heavy Cream's aura is the color bad. They are three girls and one guy from Nashville, Tennessee that play rock and roll Stonehenge punk. Their music is youth incarnate; fast and loud and exuberant. Ripping through their set with the ferociousness of a mountain lion, their primal beats, catchy riffs and bewitching drones leave you wondering when Joey Ramone and Suzie Quattro had a love child. Their full length LP "Danny" was released in on Infinity Cat Recordings.

UPCOMING: Easy Action with Rock and Rummage- March 30 at Woodruff's

This Friday (March 30th)
Easy Action
Jehovah's Witness Protection Program
Golden Torso
Scared To Death
With Rock And Rummage!

at Woodruff's (
36 East Cross Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

18 and over welcome
doors at 9pm
music at 10pm

NEW PHOTOS: Andre Williams 'Hoods and Shades' CD Release 03.24.12 by LAWRENCECREATIVE

To see the entire set of images, click HERE.

Andre Williams and the Goldstars at the Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI

"Rockabilly, psychedelic funk and twisted, swampy soul/blues combine with Williams’ salty, baritone vocals for a riveting collection that’s a wonderful example of music m...ade for the love of it by a been there/done that journeyman arguably just reaching his prime." - American Songwriter Magazine.

Having seen this master of entertainment at the Park Bar in 2010, there is no way I would pass up an opportunity to cover him again, especially in the intimate venue of the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. This man has more swagger and style than The Rolling Stones could ever hope for! And as expected, he outperformed all my expectations, laying down infamous tracks like "Agile", "Bacon Fat", "Pussy Stank" and "Mustang Sally" while mixing in his new release from 'Hoods and Shades' - "Dirt".

Thank you to MOTORCITYBLOG for trusting me with this, and to Josh Z. at Bloodshot Records for the opportunity. You guys rock!

©2012 LAWRENCECREATIVE/Brett J Lawrence All rights reserved.

UPCOMING: Seth Meyers for Forgotten Harvest, 27 April

Forgotten Harvest presents
20th Annual Comedy Night
Featuring Seth Meyers

Friday, April 27, 2012
Orchestra Hall
3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich

Join us for our 20th Annual Comedy Night celebration at Orchestra Hall in The Max M. Fisher Music Center on Friday, April 27, 2012. Seth Meyers, star of Saturday Night Live, is coming to Detroit to help Forgotten Harvest fight hunger. This promises to be one of the best Comedy Night performances in our history.

Parking is available for free in The Orchestra Place Parking Deck on Parsons. Valet parking is also available for $12 on Woodward Ave.

Doors for general seating will open at 7:00 p.m. The show will begin promptly at 8:00 p.m.

UPCOMING: Steel Panther @ ROMT 26 April

Love 'em satirically or genuinely, just love 'em.


Thursday Apr 26 - 8:00PM

UPCOMING: Cinematic Titanic @ Ann Arbor Summer Fest

I've seen CT perform twice now, and I can honestly say that each live show was better than the last -- all of them! It'll be super-cool to see them in Ann Arbor as part of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival's Main Stage program at one of my all-time-favorite movie theaters the state, the Michigan on Liberty. And hey, that's my birthday week, hint hint!

Live at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival
Cinematic Titanic
Featuring the Original Cast & Creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000
July 5 @ 6:00 pm
July 5 @ 9:00 pm
Michigan Theater
603 E. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, Mich
titles tba
Laugh along with the non-stop riffing on some of the absolute cheesiest movies ever made as the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 flanks the jumbo screen at the Michigan Theater for a live stage show.

Cinematic Titanic is the feature-length movie riffing show from the creator and original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Like the television series, the live stage show features the same team that first brought the cult-classic series to life: MST3K creators Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu (Crow, Dr. Forrester); J. Elvis Weinstein (Tom Servo, Dr. Erhardt); Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) and Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester).

FREE TICKETS: All American Rejects - Sound Board Motorcity Casino - Wed 4/11

All American Rejects will be playing Sound Board MCC on April 11th and MCB has a few pairs of awesome premium seats ready to roll to a few lucky winners - hit us up  

Get tickets here



Show Review: ANDREW W.K. at Saint Andrews Hall

Saint Andrews Hall was packed to the brink for the homecoming of Andrew W.K. It's been 10 years since his debut full length album "I Get Wet" was released and his stop this past Saturday in Detroit saw the Michigan native perform the classic album in it's entirety for this 2012 anniversary tour.

I was quite anxious to see who would turn out to see Andrew in 2012. I was around for the original "I Get Wet" tour and saw Andrew start out at the Shelter and then slowly build momentum and a highly energetic and devoted fan base that took him from St. Andrews Hall, to Clutch Cargos, and then eventually to the Ozzfest stage. The second half of this past decade Andrew has faced legal disputes,album release issues, and even the departure of him performing with a live band. These are just a few factors that have taken him out of the live concert touring spotlight.

But it was apparent as I walked through the doors on Saturday night that nothing has changed in regards to his rapid fan base. His fans have not forgotten and now most of the people in the crowd were old enough to drink, which wasn't the case in 2002, so the level of party mode was extremely high. People lined up at the merch booth, and as they did back the day, were donning their own homemade "party" shirts.

Only two of his Andrew's original "I Get Wet" band members are taking part in this tour, but that hasn't stopped the current members from dressing and styling themselves after the original members to give it that reunion feel. In addition to the new players they also have Andrews wife Cherie Lily joining them on stage. She supplied backup vocals and a mass amount of energy on stage.
The entire "I Get Wet" album was performed in chronological order. The crowd erupted with the first track "It's Time To Party" and I was knocked off my filming perch for the first time that night instantly. I believe the final tally of me getting knocked off my perch totaled about a dozen times during the show. The floor was just that packed with movement. The crowd never lost it's intensity for the songs and were often seen jumping on stage to sing with Andrew which was accepted and well received by him. The stage diving was quite impressive as well considering St. Andrews Hall had the barricade much farther from the stage then I have every remember seeing in the past.
One fan was spotted with a pretty bad cut above his eye which was dripping with blood. I caught wind of it when his friends got my attention so it could be documented with my camera as the fan was smiling and was proud to continue rockin' out despite the wound.

Andrew would improvise songs on his keyboard between the "I Get Wet" songs that would amount to keyboard solos. Andrew had many kind words to say about his home state of Michigan throughout the set and even changed the lyrics to his "I Love NYC" song to "I Love The Motor City".
After the entire "I Get Wet" album was performed, the show continued with tracks off later albums including "The Wolf" and "Close Calls With Brick Walls" as well as a new song entitled "headbang".

You don't get many shows with as much energy as a Andrew W.K. come around much anymore so don't skip out if he comes back around which I sure hope he does.
I felt nostalgic entering the show that night and walked out feeling good that 10 years can still feel like yesterday. Thank you Andrew W.K. ! LONG LIVE THE PARTY !

Pics:Rachel Lazere
Video:Casey Schwochow (Ambervillain Films)

FREE LIMITED EDITION VINYL: School of Seven Bells - Majestic Detroit -

School of Seven Bells is coming to town soon (April 30th)
now we have a few limited edition 7" white vinyls to offer up
thanks to our pals over at Vagrant

 Check them out now

And get tickets to the show here

FREE CDs and Tshirts: Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown - Pike Room Crofoot - Sat 3/31

MCB has a handful of CDs and awesome tees to giveaway from Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - email  for your shot to win

The hottest, young rock act to hit the road, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, will be in Pontiac on Saturday, March 31 to play The Pike Room. If you aren't familiar with their immense talent, I swear you'll be blown away. 20-year-old musical genius frontman, Tyler Bryant, has instant charisma on stage. This past summer, he toured with Jeff Beck and Tyler played every encore with Beck on stage.

The veritable band features Tyler Bryant (guitar, vocals), Caleb Crosby (drums), Calvin Webster (bass) and Graham Whitford (guitar) and is currently putting the finishing touches on their first full-length album, which comes out later this year on Carved Records.

Tyler, currently 20 years old, has won the acclaim of many well-respected musicians in the industry, including Vince Gill, who had this to say about Bryant when he saw him play a few years ago: “To be 18 and play like this kid is the rarest of the rare. Hands down a future guitar god.”

For more information on Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, please go to

UPCOMING DO NOT MISS: Michigan Chefs Harvest Detroit Party - Sat., Apr. 14, 2012

Look for a review from our MCB foodies after this great fundraising event from Matt Prentice Group

Michigan Chefs Harvest Detroit Party
hosted by Matt Prentice Restaurant Group
& The American Culinary Federation - Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association
Saturday, April 14, 2012

6 p.m. VIP Reception
7 p.m. General Reception
at Coach Insignia atop the GM Renaissance Center

Don't miss an incredible evening of great culinary expertise, tremendous entertainment, and fantastic cuisine. Corporate Executive Chef Travis Waynick will take guests on an international culinary exploration with an eight-station strolling dinner offering an array of cuisines; from Escoffier-influenced classic French and traditional garde manger to a carving station and more modernistic approaches segregated by land, sea and air. Premium wines and craft beers will also be served. 

Entertainment includes Detroit Music Hall of Fame R&B artist Thornetta Davis, who has opened for such legendary greats as Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, Etta James and Smokey Robinson.
General Admission Tickets: $200


All ticket proceeds benefit Gleaners' Cooking Matters Program, a curriculum that empowers families at risk of hunger with skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy, delicious and affordable meals. Proceeds from the silent auction support HAVEN, a nonprofit organization providing support and programming to promote violence-free homes and communities.