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Review: Cosmo Jarvis "Sure As Hell Not Jesus" EP

Cosmo Jarvis is an interesting 20-something artist that boasts he’s already written over 300 songs. Unfortunately, there is only 4 of them on his new ep “Sure As Hell Not Jesus”. While CJ has spend most his life in Devon, UK, he was actually born here in the US, but by listening to him, I don’t think anyone would mistake him for an American. You can hear a bit of the British accent in his singing and his topics just don’t seem to be what young American’s are singing about these days. The first track “Sure As Hell Not Jesus” about a devotional love for something that is shameful, (see video above), for a taboo subject, Cosmo sings in a mostly playful maybe even gleeful way. “What’s Wrong With Betty” is a short number with a grand opening that is one part of a 4 part epic. The next track “Road Closed” is a more somber number and the EP closes with “Why Do Angels Cry,” sporting a reggae shuffle beat changing to a rocking chorus that reminds me of some better 70’s rock.

You can look at this EP 2 ways, if you’re curious about Cosmo Jarvis, this will give you a pretty good idea what you’re in for in just 4 tracks. If you’re already in the CJ camp you may just want to wait his full length album later this year. And, if you aren't interested in either, check into his videos because he’s also a director with some good sense at telling a story in under six minutes.

FREE TICKETS: Sully Erna - Sound Board Motorcity Casino - Friday 6/3/2011

Win free tickets to see Sully Erna live on The Avalon Tour
The lead singer from Godsmack is touring in support of his solo debut Avalon.
email for your chance to win a pair of premium tickets

Sully Erna

The Avalon Tour
Friday, June 03, 2011
Sound Board @ Motorcity Casino

Get tickets here

Wild At Heart - day late, dollar short

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Monday is a day that started out great that fell apart for me. I decided to go see Hank & the Cupcakes (if my pictures came out, you'll see them later) in concert at a local venue called the Bug Jar. The show was listed as an early show and since I thought I had to be at work at 7AM, I decided to go since some online songs by the band rocked. I got there at 8PM and the show was supoosed to start at 8:30. Even the door guy told me the band would go on at 10:20 so I thought I was in good shape. 8:30 came and went and the bands were just setting up. A little after 9:30 the first band went on and at this point I was getting a bit anxious. While the first band, "The Dads" had a nice sound and the second "Stereophone" just annoyed me (probably because I wanted the headliner to hit the stage). They finally did at 11:30 and since I had to be in bed by midnight to get enough sleep, I only got to hear three songs before I had to tear out of there. The band sounded great but it is hard for me to enjoy a show that I know I can't stay until the end (or at least the encore). I wish the door guy had known they were running late because I might have just left and headed home. Things were made worse when I got to work and found I had the wrong schedule and was supposed to be here at 6:30 added insult to injury. So I missed the majority of the headliner and showed up for work (there is no way I would have done the show at all if I knew I had to be in at 6:30. I hate it when days start like this. I hope everyone else's day is going better and I'm pissed because I blew a 15 year perfect attendence record and I take pride in that (I might show up late when meeting friends, but I take pride in getting to work on time). The main thing this gets me on also is that when working in a small club, someone should know what time the band starts and if there are delays. More communication folks!

Here are some shows that you might want to check out this week (and hopefully they will be on time):

Tuesday (5/31) - 4th Street Farm Benefit feat Audra Kubat and Noman (free but ask for donation) @ Magic Stick

Wednesday (6/01) - Coco Montoya @ Callahans, Gaelic Storm @ the Ark

Thursday (6/02) - Raphael Saadiq @ St Andrews Hall, Brian Vander Ark @ Liberty Plaza (Ann Arbor)

Friday (6/03) - The Maine and Augustana @ Clutch Cargos, Amy Gore and the Fondas @ Magic Stick Lounge, Stewart Francke @ Callahans

Saturday (6/04) - Panic! At The Disco @ Fillmore, Robyn @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Detroit Derby Girls after party w/ Orbitsuns (free w/Derby Ticket) @ Magic Stick, Charlie Davis (of the Contours) and Vandellas @ Crofoot, Martina McBride @ Ceasars Windsor, Otep @ Harpos

Monday (6/06) - Ray LaMontagne and Brandi Carlile @ Meadowbrook Theatre

Detroit Movement Festival 2011


movement 2011, a set on Flickr.

Detroit Movement Festival back this year with acts like
Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Hudson Mohawke, Daedelus and Little Dragon

See ya next year!

Via Flickr:
Detroit Electronic Festival at Hart Plaza in Downtown Detroit,MI

Performances by:
Flying Lotus
Little Dragon


LISTEN LIVE : Movement 2011 - For FREE from Resident Advisor

In case you can't make it, or just didn't feel like melting away in the rain, you can catch the live stream of MOVEMENT 2011 on Resident Advisor:

Click Here

Or copy paste this link into your browser:


ALL WEEKEND FIGHT CLUB - Main Art Theatre Royal Oak Fri Sat Sun 5/27,28,29


Finally the holiday weekend is here and what better way to fill in the gaps between MEMF and Nico Vega and your BBQ Pool Parties than a little bit of late night FIGHT CLUB

Catch the classic underground break all the rules flick on the big screen all weekend
at The Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak

118 North Main Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 263-2111


FREE TICKETS & VINYLs: Nick 13 (Tiger Army) - new album + Magic Bag gig

Hi there MCB reader - sorry but I have been distracted by the devils of our world....lets talk about about a good thing Nick 13 (Tiger Army) is gigging at the Magic Bag on June 18 in support of his solo self-titled debut (June 7, Sugar Hill Records).

Nick 13 is the frontman for the psychobilly LA-based Tiger Army, but his solo work recalls the vintage American sounds of honky-tonk and classic California country from the middle of the last century with a modern twist. He's already performed at Stagecoach, Hootenanny (right before Chuck Berry) and South By Southwest.

This is some badass shit so get to the Magic Bag and check this show

FREE TICKETS can be won by you now by emailing
FREE VINYL of your choice will be duley awarded to the ticket winner

see you at the show for some nice tunes hot chicks and cold beers!


Wild At Heart movie review - The First Grader

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Director Justin Chadwick (known mainly for directing episodes of MI-5 and the Bleak House mini-series) showcases his talents in this little must-see film, "The First Grader" about the true story of an 84 year-old Kenyan villager and ex-Mau Mau freedom fighter Maruge who desires to go to school to learn to read. He shows persistence to gain acceptance into the overcrowded school of six-graders. One teacher, played wonderfully by Naomie Harris, brings a nice spirit that makes learning seem exciting (can we clone her and bring her to the US to teach our children).

Things heat up with a mix of flashbacks of the horrors of war with the British by Maruge, distrust by some of the adults of the school children and a head of the school board who takes a personal dislike to Maruge. Maruge shows a strong desire to learn and forms a bond with the teacher and the students that transcends all barriers.

This is the first film I have seen this year that has gotten me thinking about next year’s Oscar race and it weaves a wonderfully told story about setting oneself a goal and not letting anyone squash it. In real life, Maruge, recognized by Guiness as the oldest person to start their primary education, eventually becomes a symbol of the education system and it’s power to improve life and gets invited to the US for a major conference. Not bad for someone who didn’t know how to read until he was 84. The only thing that kind of took away was a radio bit by an African DJ talking about seeing a Kenyan in the White House and I could just hear the damn birthers picking that up and trying to use it in their warped thinking.

Besides that, this is the first must-see film in the theatres in my opinion and will definately be a crowd pleaser for those that take the time to find it. This film is full of heart and deserves a strong showing in theatres. Please get your friends together and make plans to see this movie.

My grade is an A.

The movie opens this Friday at the Maple Arts Theatre.

Wild At Heart movie review - L’Amour Fou

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Yves Saint Laurent was a famous French fashion designer and regarded as one of the most influential designers in recent times. He was an assistant to Christian Dior and eventually replaced him upon his death. After being let go from Dior, he went on to fame as an independent designer and beginning his long reign as a top designer. He was known for helping couture’s post-60’s rebirth, making ready-to-wear reputable, introducing tuxedo suits for women, acknowledging non-European cultures in his work and being the first designer to use ethnic models in his shows.

L’Amour Fou” is a an uneven attempt to capture a bit of what his life was like using numerous photos and interviews with his business partner and lover Pierre Berge. The movie is bookended with scenes from the famous Christies auction of their extensive art collection. The movie moves on touching on his meeting celebrities (Warhol, Mick Jagger) and his dipping into moods of drugs and despair. Unfortunately, this makes the film sort of uneven. One wishes the director would have spent more time spinning tales of the art in his collection since that is what bookends the movie. Or maybe telling a more complete tale of his influence to the fashion industry and place it is an historic or stylistic manner. However the movie could have been organized, director Pierre Thoretton falls shy of making a film about Laurent that really appeals to those who don’t know anything about the world of designer clothes or Laurent.

After seeing some of his more unique styles, I would love to have more information on how to really look as the works as art like the paintings and sculptures in his collection. We don’t even have enough time to look at his three beautiful houses in in Paris, Normandy and Marrakech in any detail which would be nice (like those travel shows my dad watches on PBS). All said and done, the documentary isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t feel finished but when one had a Howard Hughes seeming life, maybe that is appropriate.

My grade is a C-.

The movie opens at Landmark’s Maple Art Theatre this Friday


It's a No Cover friday at Mario's of Troy.
Come see some local legends.

Friday Night 9:00pm-2:00am
John R just south of 15 Mile.

Square Pegz Play It Up At Bayside Sports Grille

Hello there, I'm Mikel O.D., a new regular contributor at MCB, you might know me from my Most People Are DJs podcast, if you don't you should check it out! Last night, after the great flood of 2011 had dissipated, I made my way out to Bayside Grille in Walled Lake to check out The Square Pegz. As somebody who actually grew up in the 80s, my love for everything 80s runs deep, especially the music. The Square Pegz have been playing around the area for the past couple years but something always came up that kept me from making their show. Which may have also been the case for a lot of others last night because it was a pretty scant crowd. I'm glad I made it, because the Square Pegz put on a great and entertaining show. With a versatile vocalist, Cindy Lish goes from my favorite new wave tracks like Nena's "99 Red Balloons" to more mainstream dance tracks like Madonna's "Vogue". They played three sets with each one upping the party vibe. The surprise for me was a loud but competent cover of the Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey" featuring Keyboardist "Ruby Red" doing her best Mike D. impression. The good news for those who missed it is the Square Pegz are playing Bayside every Wednesday night, if you want a preview of their show just check out the video.

DEMF Weekend - Party Guide

Good Morning All

Though the electronic music and dance parties have already begun, this is the official weekend of the
Detroit Electronic Music Festival
DEMF, MEMF or whatever you still call the fest is now in its 11th year of showcasing the performances by musicians and DJs and emphasizing the progressive qualities of the culture surrounding electronic music.

In case you didn’t know, techno is a form of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in Detroit during the mid to late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno, in reference to a genre of music, was in 1988. Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit Techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built.

Whether you love the music or not, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival is always a huge weekend of fun, a time to check out some new local music as well as some pioneers of the scene – and of course, the PARTIES!

Here is a little guide to some of what is happening this weekend, in and outside of the fest.


For many of you, tonight might be the last night of decent sleep you get until Monday or Tuesday. For the rest of you, like myself, it all begins tonight!

Myself along with some other great local talent are hosting a FREE pre-party in Hamtramck at The Mars Bar on Joseph Campau. (Nice plug?) But really, there aren’t many FREE parties going on, and since you’ve already dropped a few bills for your Movement tickets and gas is still expensive, if you want to kick things off with us and practice your dance moves – come hang out tonight!


Facebook Event Info


Movement 2011 Official Opening Party

Rusko/Z-tripwith in the State Bar
Discounted presales available here!

Physical Tickets are available at the following stores:
Detroit Threads – Hamtramck10238 Joseph Campau St(313) 872-1777
Hybrid Moments – Ferndale22730 Woodward Ave(248) 408-4596

All ages event
Doors at 6:30pm
At the Fillmore Detroit
2115 Woodward Ave.

After Party at St Andrews Hall
w/ Skulltrane, MattClarke, Serax, Laceration Selekta, and Calico
$5 w/ Rusko Ticket, $8 without 18+
RSVP on Facebook


FRI. MAY 27th


Big City Grooves

mobilee Loves Detroit
Presented by VOLATL and alias.

Pre-sale tickets are going quickly on RA

VOLATL & alias. present the first-ever "mobilee Loves Detroit” label showcase at the 2011 Detroit Electronic Music Festival. The mobilee Records label night will feature the heart of the imprint’s roster: label boss/DJ superstar Anja Schneider, standout production team Pan-Pot, the unstoppable Sebo K, and the lone American on the mobilee ro...ster, Dan Curtin.

This exclusive event, featuring the Detroit debuts of mobilee’s European artists, will not only showcase one of the most influential and prolific labels in dance music, it will also serve to invigorate the American EDM scene. Only blocks away from the festival grounds, Premium Lounge will play host to this all night music extravaganza powered by VOID and Tactile Audio.


Saturday, May 28th
10 pm – 6 am

mobilee Loves Detroit featuring
Anja Schneider
Sebo K
Dan Curtin
Jason Patrick
Mike Khoury

Venue location is just a few minutes walking from Festival:

Serato, Liaison & Detek Present:
I ♥ You But I've Chosen Techno

Movement 2011 Official Afterparty
Robag Wruhme (Exclusive) - Justin MartinMaceo Plex (Live / Exclusive) - Matt Tolfrey - Catz 'N Dogz ft. Paul Randolph - ThreeNo Regular Play (DJ Set) - Lazaro Casanova - Thugfucker vs. Pillow Talk (Life and Death Tag-Team Set) - Nikola Baytala - Gina Turner - Clint Stewart - Ataxia (Live+DJ) - EloraStone Owl (Live+DJ) - Laszlo Sandor - Francois Dillinger - Funk Shui - StuxNet - YOS -

9 Hour Event
3 Rooms & Patio
Visuals: VGER
Sound: Source Audio
LED Lighting: Eye Cue

$15 Limited Early Bird Special - SOLD OUT!
$20 Limited Advance - SOLD OUT!
$25 Advance Until - SOLD OUT!
$30 Advance Until 5/27


MAY 28 2011



11-12 Red Pill Blue pill
12-1 Seoul & Linder
1-230 Ronni Size FT Mc Messinian
4-6 Dave Clarke
6-7 Godfather


11-12 -Jay Biggs





Detox presents Home Cookin'

Detox Recordings puts together a live showcase of house and hip hop from their upcoming artists...if u missed our parties in Miami make sure u make it out to this one.

live performances from
La Veda
Eva Soul
RasStereo Boyz w/ DJ Sicariplus
djsA.D. Cruze
DJ Tom T
Stephen Lograsso
DJ XFader
$5 cover
Detox cd & swag giveways
for more info

Pulse Lounge
156 Monroe


Detroit meets DWORLD

10pm til 4am (breakfast at 2am!)
at the historic Music Hall
350 Madison Street

Claude VonStroke presents Dirtybird Detroit

Doors @ 10pm

Tickets go on sale Friday April 15th at: &

For booth reservations contact:

1540 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

vitaminwater uncapped LIVE and ESD present Heisenberg and Sheila

Inside the Historic Schwankovsky Temple of Music
FREE EVENT? YES....With so many things to pay for during an amazing weekend of music, vitaminwater and element source detroit present Detroit with a free party.
Excitement is building on who the special guests will be and the surprise will be disclosed during the Movement Festival.
This is how we say Thank You Detroit for being our music playground!


Detek & Teksupport Present:/deteksupport/
Movement 2011 Official Afterparty
Featuring: Heartthrob vs Butane (Live +DJ / Exclusive)
Clink Showcase:
Alexi Delano (Exclusive)
Camea (Exclusive)
Cesare vs Disorder (Exclusive)
Tim Xavier (Exclusive)
Resolute Presents:KiNK (Live / Exclusive)
Sammy DeeMaetrik (DJ Set / Exclusive)
Kate SimkoElon (Exclusive)
Connie (Exclusive)
DetekSupport:Monty Luke (Exclusive)
Amyn (Live / Exclusive)
MEANS and ENDS (Live)
Laszlo Sandor
Dave Rosario
Gabe Real
JD Harrington
Ray Nicholes
Kirk Jon
Justin James
Jenna Brown
Dru Ruiz
10 Hour Event
3 Rooms & Patio
Visuals By: VGER
Sound By: Source Audio
LED Lighting By: Eye Cue
Tickets Available Online at:

Get Physical Detroit + Leftroom vs. Culprit

Sunday May 29th
Spybar & 2 Red Belts present
Get Physical Detroit & Leftroom Vs. Culprit

Leland City Club

Get Physical Room
Guy Gerber (JUST ADDED!)
Dino Gardiakos
Garret B
Leftroom vs. Culprit
feat.Craig Richards
Matt Tolfrey vs. John Johr w/Kevin Knapp Live
Lazaro Casanova
Early Bird Tickets will sell out fast so act now!


Need I Say More 6

7am-7pm at the Old Miami

Visionquest + Friends Featuring:
Benoit & Sergio
Tale Of Us
Craig Richards
Ryan Elliott+ more

Industrial Movement

Dark Course is proud to announce the return of INDUSTRIAL MOVEMENT.

Monday May 30
[Detroit Electronic Music Festival Afterparty]

Vancouver Canada
Front Line Assembly was the best known of the various electronic music projects undertaken by the prolific Vancouver-based duo of Bill Leeb (vocals, synthesizers) and Rhys Fulber (synthesizers, samplers). After working in the mid-'80s under the pseudonym Wilhelm Schroeder with SKINNY PUPPY, the Austrian-born Leeb formed the industrial/techno-based Front Line Assembly in 1986 with Fulber --and synth player Michael Balch. Get ready for an intimate performance by these Industrial greats.

Dusseldorf Germany
Critics worldwide hail them alongside KRAFTWERK and EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN as pioneers of Electronic and Industrial music. Bands such as FRONT 242 and NITZER EBB called them their inspiration, and their musical ideas found their way into the sound of a wide spectrum of music, from DEPECHE MODE to the innovative pioneers of Detroit Techno. Over 30 years and many internationally successful albums, DIE KRUPPS have developed an unmistakable signature sound that is meant to stay. This is the Rare appearance
you NEVER get to see in Detroit. Make sure you're there.

Cyanotic - LIVE
Chicago USA


Doors 8pm.
$20 in advance.
Presale ticket available at Noir Leather, Detroit Threads, St. Andrews Hall Box Office and

The Shelter
431 E. Congress
Beneath St Andrews Hall
Detroit MI


Well folks, we're back and ready to fuck.


2-3am SOREN
3-430am DETHLAB
430-6am MR JOSHOOA
730-9am ATAXIA
9-1030am BIG BULLY
1030-12am DEAD SEAL
12-1pm DEASTRO
2-330pm WAAJEED
330-430pm ZE DARK PARK
730-9pm CTRL_ALT_DLT
9-1030pm DARKCUBE
1030-12pm MIKE SERVITO

6-730am K ATOU
730-9am SECRETS
9-1030am SLOW HANDS
1030-1230am METRO AREA
1230-2pm EDDIE C
2-330pm RECLOOSE
330-5pm LE LOUP
11-1230pm E SPLEECE

2 rooms + 24 horrifying hours.
Brought to you by Gary Springs Hunting Club LLC & Random Reason

presale tickets available at GSHCUSA.ORG in the merch section

Monday, May 30th
3am-2am (following the Movement Festival on Sunday night, through until Tuesday night)




June 25: Slutwalk Detroit

Saturday, June 25th
2-5 P.M.
Starting at Hart Plaza

From the organizer:
We are going to march down Woodward Avenue in efforts to bring awareness and to stop slut-shaming, no one deserves to be raped, assaulted, or harassed.

Note that this event isn't just for women, and isn't just for women dressed as sluts. We want all Sluts AND Allies there-- dress as you please, whether it's a corset and fishnets or sweatpants and a t-shirt. Because victim-blaming affects people of all genders, and no matter wha...t you're wearing, you don't deserve to be targeted for it.

Inspired by our friends and allies in Toronto, Michiganders are ready to stand up, fight the sexist social acceptance of rape in our culture, and reclaim the word "slut."

SlutWalk began after a Toronto police officer said, "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Sadly, this mentality of blaming the victim, instead of the perpetrator of the crime, has become all too common.

SlutWalk Detroit will be held on June 25, 2011, from 2 to 5. Location is Downtown Detroit

We are seeking volunteers to help with logo and flyer design. Spread the word! Reblog us, retweet us, and tell your friends, families, classmates, and coworkers!

Email us at slutwalkdetroit[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: @slutwalkdet

Recently I did an interview with Lena, the organizer of Slutwalk Detroit:

Detroit Area Dork: Who is the #1 intended recipient of the message of the Slutwalk?

Lena: I believe that if I had to choose who the first recipient would be, I would chose the victims and specifically women, because their percentage is higher. A lot of sexual assaults are never reported because women feel shameful and are afraid of being blamed or branded with the word of "slut". Slutwalk is to show and support women with the message that it doesn't matter what you wear, if you’re flirtatious, if you like sex, if you're a stripper or a prostitute. If you say no, that means no. It’s okay to like sex. It’s not ok to force sex with someone. In our society we tend to blame the victims when it comes to sexual assault. What were they wearing, were they drinking, etc. Women need to know it’s okay, you weren't in the wrong, and that your voices should be heard.

D: Do you know whatever happened to the Toronto cop who said "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized"?

L: I heard that the police officer was "disciplined internally". I’m not sure what that entails. He also wrote a letter of apology to York University.

D: People are often told that they should buy the Club to prevent having their car stolen, or that they should have a lamp set to a timer before they leave for vacation in order to prevent having their house broken in to. Are there any rape and sexual assault prevention measures that you feel are appropriate for law enforcement to recommend to women?

L: Yes, I would recommend for women to not invite people into their home if they don't know them well. If you are out, it is best to hang out with a group of friends and don't go off alone. When out late at night, walk and park in well lit areas. When drinking make sure you watch each others’ back, don't let your friend leave with people they don't know, and don't accept drinks from someone unless it’s given directly from the bartender or server to prevent it being spiked with a date rape drug. Just basically be alert and listen to your gut.

D: Would you rather see the word slut be buried, or reclaimed and redefined?

L: I would love to see all hateful words gone from existence, but that’s not possible. The word slut has been used for years to scorn women and make them feel ashamed, but I feel by redefining it and reclaiming it we are giving power to the word in a positive sense.

D: Do you think there is a possibility that "traditional family values" advocates will turn their attention to movements like yours and become your opponents?

L: There is a possibility, yes. We have had negative feedback over Slutwalk, but we have also had an outstanding amount of positive feedback. We are not promoting promiscuous activity or sex, we are trying to prove our point in that it shouldn't matter what a victim's behavior is, or what they wear. There is no miniskirt or short top that permits rape. This walk is to educate and inform. Traditional family values or not, these girls aren't given a choice. Whether they were sexually active or a virgin, instead of them feeling ashamed that they may have did something to provoke this, we need to stop blaming the victims and start looking at the assaulter, because a rapist is a rapist and there really is no excuse for the assaulter's actions.

D: In regards to that, I've recently seen some rather offensive criticism of the Slutwalk on the facebook event page (they've since been deleted) from what I'm guessing are guys on the younger side. Do you think they're trying to be ironically offensive (like tosh.0), or do they truly oppose the message of this event?

L: I can’t honestly say that I know what these people are thinking. Obviously people have different views on the matter. A lot of the negative comments I've seen do seem to be more on the ironically offensive side, and like you said, they appear to be younger males who don't take the issue of sexual assault seriously. Which further justifies why we think there should be more education geared towards sexual assault prevention and its wrongful nature, not what steps should be taken to not be a victim.

D: What do you think are the motives for those who commit slut shaming?

L: What are the motives for anyone that is trying to hurt another person? Low self-esteem, wanting to be "cool", mis-informed. I don't really know.

D: Do you think that sexual mores at large need to change in order to put an end to slut shaming?

L: If you’re speaking of double-standards, yes. There has always been the double standard between men and women. Men can have multiple sexual partners and that’s cool, and if a women does the same she is branded by derogatory names.

D: I was thinking along the lines of something like the book The Ethical Slut, the idea that new sexual mores can be practiced with honor and integrity. With that maybe we can move past the "slut paradox" (I like to think that I came up with that term), where men want easy sexual access to women, but resent those that give it to them (like the Jersey Shore guys, not that I admit to ever watching that show). Since I'm just an amateur, and this really isn't a professional interview, I could also go on a rant about this book I just read call Sex Before Dawn, which argues that monogamy only started after the advent of agriculture, and cites a lot of examples pre-agriculture tribes, but then I'd just be book-naming-dropping.

Of course we don't have to change that much in order to change perceptions about rape victims, do we? Can we change people's outlook on rape victims without drastically changing our outlook on sex?

L: Those seem like some interesting books that I will definitely check out. I don't know if I’m fully understanding the depth of your question, but I don't think people’s outlook on sex needs to be changed. People participate in sex for pleasure, but no one should equate enjoying sex with attracting sexual assault.

D: In all likelihood, I don't know what I'm asking either. Let me try to come at it another way. Is it possible to end slut shaming while still holding on to some of the last vestiges of traditional sexual mores?

L: Traditional sexual mores, the issue of sex in black and white, there really isn’t a gray area in that subject. For the people who still live avidly by these values, no I don’t believe there will be an end of slut-shaming on their end. But who exactly is branded a slut? People use the word slut in so many different situations. It seems the definition has gone outside the boundaries of just sexual activity and is now used to brand people by the way they express themselves through clothing, body piercings, dancing, etc. The current fashion trends are skinny jeans and high heels, slimmer fitting clothes are in, low cut tops are in, low rider jeans are in, and these styles have been given the term "slutty", giving no justification by the person wearing the clothes who could very well be a virgin and saving herself for marriage. The word is used very loosely and has parted from its original definition of -individuals of any gender who have and enjoy frequent consensual sex, especially with multiple partners.

D: As for why men get the benefit from the double standard regarding gender and promiscuity, do you think it stems more from women not devaluing a promiscuous man to the same degree that men do in the opposite situation, or from men just not caring if a woman thinks a man is devalued for being promiscuous?

L: It’s a common double standard of society, I don’t think it roots from just the opinion of women as a whole, or men as a whole not valuing the opinion of women. This stigma has been around for hundreds of years and stretches across the world. I used to live in Korea and it was common over there for men to cheat on their wives, they have special bars, hair salons, coffee girls, etc. to cater to men, and women just turned the other cheek. Or look at the Islamic culture where it is strictly enforced that women must remain pure until they are married or they could be killed for disgracing their family. When we speak of a virgin, it is mostly women who are represented by this word. Society doesn't question the virginity and pureness of males. I think this also has to do with the balance of power between men and women, we live in a male dominated society and because of this men aren't looked at in the same light as women, and a lot of women don’t devalue a promiscuous male because we've learned through our society that a promiscuous man is socially acceptable.

D: Are you worried your message could be misinterpreted, or all together ignored when it's being delivered in the midst of titillating imagery?

L: People may interpret the message in different ways. I hope people understand that this walk is about sexual assault awareness, and about victim rights. We don’t want people to feel ashamed to use their voice and we would like to change the outlook of how people view victims. We accept constructive criticism and opposing views. We are constantly learning from what people have to comment.

D: If the parade route ends up being lined with lecherous onlookers gleefully snapping photos, would that discourage you from holding an event like this again?

L: No, it wouldn’t. Obviously you can’t prevent things like that, but the cause is greater than this, and the amount of people that are willing to participate and the fact that we can possibly change some people’s opinions on slut-shaming and victim blaming and stop using the way people dress as an excuse allowing them to be sexually assaulted is what we are trying to do. This may turn into an annual thing, who knows.

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Todd Alsup Detroit CD Release Party - Bakers Keyboard Lounge Detroit - Sat 5/28

Saturday, May 28th - 8pm
Baker's Keyboard Lounge
20510 Livernois - Detroit
ALL AGES Welcome!
$10 Cover
Seating is limited, so make your reservation today by calling (313)

FREE TICKETS: DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN - Magic Stick Detroit - Wed 6/8/2011

Lets look forward to early June with a ticket contest

for some old school put on a grin on your face hip hop

this one is a permanent top 20 on my play lists

win a pair of tix - email


Wed June 8th 2011

Magic Stick Detroit


TONIGHT at Small's - Call It Karma 8pm

Call It Karma
W/ Special Guest-Call It Fiction( OH)
A Hero's Fate (FL)
Swing For The Fences

Doors- 8pm
Tix- $6.00 at door
All Ages!

Call It Karma and A Hero's Fate are on a mine tour through Michigan- So come and check them out
A Hero's Fate- (check them out on comcast on demand- Bury Your Dead video)
Biography: We're A Hero's Fate from Orlando, Florida. We're not rockstars, saints, martyrs, or heroes, despite our name. We're just regular guys navigating the sea of life and trying to understand it all through music, making friends and enemies along the way. Since late 2007 we've been writing songs to keep us together, crafting our message of friendship, betrayal, self-doubt, and zombies. Over the years we've made new friends around the good old U.S. of A., from packed rooms in Illinois, to three people in a smoky Knoxville bar and countless nights of nobody but our close friends. It doesn't matter to us, we still fight the good fight on stage with every note, kick, and strum. Sometimes we fight each other, sometimes we throw things, slam fists, and run off in fits of rage, but we always forgive and move on because we've got work to do bringing you new songs day after day. After all, keeping you entertained is what keeps us sane and we love you for that. That's right, we love you a whole lot. So let's cut the crap, slap a couple of high-fives and go have some fun before we die.


Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

It has been a rainy week up here but luckily there was some sunshine so I went out and planted my garden as pictured here:

Corner garden

Spent a couple of more days at the Lilac Festival which struggled along with the rain but got clear skies for Joan Osbourne who is wonderful live:

Joan Osbourne Trio

Joan @ Lilac Festival

I did do some indoor shows like Australian artist Harper @ Dinosaur Barbecue. He mixes a blend of rock and Aboriginal music for this powerful bluesy, rocking world music mix. He is a big fan of Muddy Waters and Stevie Wonder and he plays a mean harmonica and didgeridoo. I highly recommend seeing him when he comes through town. He will be at Scooter’s in Flint on June 5th and will return a few times for the London Blues Festival and Guy Hollerins in Ann Arbor in July. To check his schedule, go to for more info. His back up band he played with in Rochester including three guys from the Detroit area. Check out the song below.

Harper @ Dinosaurs

As I’m recommending shows, here a few cools shows that should entertain you this week:

Tuesday (5/24) – Empty Orchestra opens for Two Car Garage @ Magic Stick

Wednesday (5/25) – Doobie Brothers @ Pine Knob, Man Man @ Eagle Theatre, Neon Trees @ St Andrews Hall, Silverstein & Bayside @ Crofoot

Thursday (5/26) – Arctic Monkeys @ Clutch Cargos, Robin Trower @ Royal oak Music Theatre, Crash Test Dummies @ the Ark

Friday (5/27) – Nico Vega @ St Andrews Hall

Saturday (5/28) – Peace In The Middle East Rally featuring Electric Lion, Daestro, Mick Bassett, ect @ Magic Stick, Movement Electronic Music Festival w/ Richie Hawtin, etc @ Hart Plaza

Sunday (5/29) – Brett Dennen w/ Dawes @ St Andrews Hall, Movement Electronic Music Festival w/ 69 (Carl Craig), etc @ Hart Plaza

Monday (5/30) - Movement Electronic Music Festival w/ Dirtbombs, Flying Lotus, etc @ Hart Plaza

The Peace in The Middle East Rally will have representatives from several local and national political activism groups handing out free literature, petitions to sign and educational information regarding activism opportunities to create change in US policies regarding the War on Terror abroad and at home. With all that is happening in Libya and Egypt along with Osama’s death, this might be a good time to try to actually learn something important as well as checking out some good local music.

I had a good time at The Main Street Armory here in Rochester for fans of classic rock. This concert hall is an old training facility for the army and my dada was stationed there back in the day. You know when you had to walk up hill to and from school! The show featured the Orleans, Robbie Dupree, John Cafferty, Joe Bouchard and Joe Lynn Turner (who is still rocking hard doing both Rainbow and Deep Purple hits) and had New Zealand singer Anita Prime (make me miss the KIwi girls) opening up. Unfortunately, the show is not coming to Detroit. The closest it is scheduled is Reading, PA on August 26th. Road trip? Hearing either Turner belt out “Woman From Tokyo” and “Smoke On The Water” or Cafferty doing “On The Dark Side” might make it worth it. Here are a few shots:

Anita Prime @ Waterstreet


John Cafferty in audience

the band rocks

Have a great week. I’ll have a couple of movie reviews coming up for “L’Amour Fou” and “The First Grader” later in the week. Until then, rock on!!