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This Week In Moneypenny - Interview with Little Fish

Hope your Holiday was worth the hangover...
you may have heard how MCB rolled all weekend
Its unfortunate
its all true
and now back
to helljob

Forever checking the Eagles of Death Metal tour dates for a show near me, I see that they are busy scouring Europe. Touring with them is the new band "Little Fish", and since EODM always has such impeccable taste, I decided to check them out. I was immediately impressed with their music and wanted to find out who these two kids are that managed to chase the Devil across the UK and live to tell about it.I got to ask Juju and Nez of Little Fish a few questions,
and they graciously gave us the skinny:

MCB: Please, tell us about Little Fish - How would you describe yourselves and your sound?

Juju: We’re very upfront. We don’t hide behind the ‘trick or treat’ of music production and technology. What you see is what you get. Nez is strong, steady, technically articulate yet tribal in his drumming and me, well I’m probably an erratic yet intense front woman guitarist, singer who loves performing. Although we are predominantly known as a two-piece we have started to use Hammond on our live shows. Little Fish music is all about song, passion, delivery, melody, raw and honest rock n roll. More bone, less flesh. Little Fish songs are about wanting to justify the mess we make of our lives, about forging a firm and positive identity that is aching to respond to life and become part of it.

MCB: I hear sounds and vocals reminiscent of past "greats". Who are your influences?

Juju: I am really pleased and flattered to have a voice thought of as ‘reminiscent of past “greats” as I am not sure that I merit that compliment – maybe in time? I didn’t listen to music when I was younger as I found music all too overpowering, so it’s not something that I can say has specifically influenced me singing-wise. As I never listened to music growing up, my influences, I suppose, were more subliminal; Ray Charles being played in the kitchen and French songs at the dinner table; always music based around good songs and voice. As far as my tastes and influences now go, my person would naturally gravitate and fight to listen to rock music with voices and lyrics that either make me want to cry or throw myself against a wall; I love strong voices that have grit and character but who have also melted to them vulnerability and sadness. The songs sung need to be convincing and honest. The contemporary voices I most relate these criterions to would be that of Jeff Buckley, Brian Molko, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Jack White and Neil Young.

MCB: How long have you been at this, and how do you pull it all off with only two people?

Juju: Nez and I have been together as Little Fish for four years now. We know how to fight and we know how to struggle and both of us want to come out winners. In the time we have been together we recorded our first demo, gigged incessantly, signed to Custard/Universal Motown, and recorded our first album (Baffled And Beat) set for release early 2010. The only way we manage to pull this off is because we are both extremely high-energy, slightly insane, dreamers and drifters who love the music we play, having ultimate conviction and passion for what we do and have great fun doing it.

MCB: What music are you listening to at the moment?

Juju: I’ve been mulling around Nick Cave, Placebo, and The Raconteurs and oddly enough, I was listening to The Verve the other day. I think I needed to cry.

Nez: Led Zeppelin’s playing on the radio right now “Rock n Roll”

MCB: Before you started touring the world where did you like to play the most back in your old school stomping ground?

Juju: Little Fish sure enough stomped a lot in the old school ground! We played everywhere and anywhere, from venues with roofs falling through and stages where poles were planted right in the middle. Our favorite hangout has always been a punky-blacked-out back room where posters rip themselves off the wall in our hometown of Oxford, UK. It’s a pub called The Wheatsheaf and it’s the vibeiest venue for rock n roll bands to funk up.

MCB: Give us a short list of your favorite beers? (Feel free to deviate at will)

Juju: I don’t care. Desire is a burden we could all do without.

Nez: Old Speckled Hen is the greatest export from our hometown, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. It’s the only beer where you can’t lower the alcohol content without the taste suffering!

MCB: Eagles of Death Metal are as fun as they come. How has life on the road with the Devil been? Give us the lowdown on how LF got hooked up w/ EODM...

Juju: There’s never any time for sleep. We crawl lots on our hands and knees towards a paradise whose sky wears the color of hell’s flames; where death and truth are banned. The EODM cough out life with liquor and smoke. They are the most fun ever and we’ve had one hell of a rollercoaster ride being with them on tour! One minute we were waiting for tour support and the next minute we got a call telling us to go out with the EODM, that Josh Homme had cancelled the previous support acts and put us on instead!

MCB: You have also been opening for Alice in have you been received differently by the two crowds? Is there a real difference?

Juju: For us, this year has been the year of support. We’re out there fighting for new fans and to us, whoever we play with, our attitude is to go out there, believe in what we do and deliver it the best we can. We have supported Placebo, The Dave Matthews Band, The Doves, Juliette Lewis, and Spinnerette and all the time we would have no idea what people’s reaction to the music might be. The fact that we have had positive reactions from all has come as a surprise and a really pleasant one at that. It is only from having a reaction at all, that we have come to realise how vulnerable we as musicians or artists make ourselves. When you don’t gig, you are not exposed and therefore, cannot be judged. You are safe. When you do start to expose yourself, that is when the reality of being part of a band starts. It’s exciting. It makes us nervous. So when the reaction is good, it is a huge relief to know that there are other people who also feel what you do towards your music. People are forming a real sense of unity around Little Fish. This is more rewarding than anything.

MCB: Have you ever been to the Motor City? What comes to mind if you think of Detroit?

Juju: Detroit to me, is the home to Motown music where some beautiful love songs have been penned. “What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye, “My Girl" by The Temptations and ‘Living for the City’ by Stevie Wonder. These songs speak for themselves. And breathe.

Nez: I’m a big boxing fan so for me Detroit is “Tommy Hearns” He was raised in Detroit and was the first boxer to win four world titles in four different weight divisions. Heroic I would say.

MCB: Your tour dates are all across the pond. When can we expect to see you around these parts?

Juju: Oh! We are surely hoping to come to Detroit some time next year to support the release of our first record, Baffled And Beat. We hope to see you at a show, come say hi and thanks very much for taking time to interview us. Appreciated.

Well then, I can add these guys to my vigil!

I won't miss this show.

And neither should you!

See you there... and be the 5th emailer


to win a copy of the latest 7" vinyl from LF

thanks to your favorite MCB peep

Cheers, Moneypenny

FREE TICKETS: Best of The Mitten Movie Project -Main Art Theatre Royal Oak - Tues 12/1/09 7:30pm

MCB has a few sets of tickets to this year end movie event

Mitten Movie Project

Tuesday December, 1 2009 - 7:30P

Best of the Mitten Movie Project 2009

Main Art Theatre

118 N. Main Street

Royal Oak , Michigan 48067

Cost: Presale $8, Door $10

This night will be stocked with audience choice award winners.

Past winners will be pitted against each other to compete

for the Best of the Mitten Movie Project honor (and prizes).

The audience will choose the overall winner.
The lineup will be announced in November so hold tight!

RIC OPEN HOUSE this weekend Sat/Sun 12/5 - 12/6

The Winter Gallery Openings @ The Russell Industrial Center
Saturday and Sunday
Dec 5th & Dec 6th 2009

RIC is located at Clay and I75 Freeway

UPCOMING: PURE DETROIT 11 Year Party Concert @ Magic Stick Detroit Friday 12/11

Pure Detroit Celebrates 11 Years In Downtown Detroit,

Celebrates With "PURE 11" Concert Anniversary Bash On Friday,

December 11 At The Magic Stick


As the heart of Detroit rhythmically raps in urban intervals, Pure Detroit methodically measures each beat by keeping two fingers on the city's concrete pulse. The duo behind Pure Detroit, Kevin Borsay and Shawn Santo, are not only legal business partners who share a duo of urban planning and design degrees, but are also legal lovers — a marriage brought to life the summer before Pure Detroit's first store opened in 1998.


Eleven years later, Pure Detroit has continued to grow. The Whitney location has since closed, but Borsay and Santo now see over a Vera Jane outlet, three Pure Detroit stores (located in the Renaissance, Fisher and Guardian buildings) and three coffee shops and eateries — Rowland Café and Stella International Café (carry-out and catering), both located in the Guardian building, while another Stella International (full espresso bar) rests in the Fisher. "As we grew, we wanted to reinvest in the city," explains Borsay. "We want the city to grow and blossom, to be more vital and bustling." The Pure Detroit stores offer a wide selection of accessories, from purses made entirely of seatbelts to the highly successful "Detroit Funk" and "Detroit Soul" t-shirt lines. On Friday, December 11, that same retail force that brought you "Detroit Funk" will be celebrating 11 years of success with the sort of anniversary bash most businesses dream of. PURE 11 — 11 bands on two stages along with 11 artists on display for $11.


PURE 11 will bring together everything Pure Detroit has stood for over the past decade plus — diversity in sound, culture and the arts in a city that is boiling over with vibrant talent. By following this philosophy, PURE 11 will bridge the gap between punk, folk, alternative indie, rock 'n' roll and hip-hop by hosting headliners The Silent Years, Phat Kat Big Band and Black Lodge along with supporting acts Prussia, Charlie Slick, Sisters Lucas, Ohtis, the Great Fiction, Catfish Mafia, The Juliets and Scarlet Oaks. Visually, PURE 11 will bring together the youngest and most promising artistic talent in the form of Gwen Joy, Tony Roko, Tracey Nawrot, William Juice Singer, Michael Segal, Cedric Tai, Justin Ames, Jesse Jacobi, Kill Taupe and Marianne Audrey Burrows for one exciting evening of sound and culture curated by local art critic Robert del Valle.


Pre-sale tickets are available through, and at the door.


New Video from Brendon Benson - "A Whole Lot Better"

Check out Brendan Benson’s new music video for the track “A Whole Lot Better.”

It’s a psychedelic, slightly trippy three and a half minute performance video that makes very cool use of a kaleidoscope effect and really emphasizes Brendan’s high energy live show.

It also features his touring band-mates Brad Pemberton on drums (Ryan Adams), Jared Reynolds on bass (Ben Folds) and Mark Watrous on guitar and keys (The Raconteurs).

KRESGE ARTIST FELLOWSHIPS - Information Sessions to help you get the grant you deserve for MUSIC and ART

Pretty much anyone that has been promoted on this website
is eligible to apply for a Kresge Artist Fellowship
please read below and get to an info session
they want to help us
its up to you to sell yourself
as a talented detroit artist
DO IT!!!
Information Sessions are for those interested in applying
for a 2010 Kresge Artist Fellowship in the Literary and Performing Arts.
Information Sessions provide an overview of the application process, an opportunity for questions and answers, and information about customized professional development opportunities offered to the awarded fellows by ArtServe Michigan.
Please RSVP on their website to reserve your space.
Monday, December 7, 2009 at 7 p.m.
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 7 p.m.

College for Creative Studies,
Wendell W. Anderson, Jr. Auditorium,
Walter B. Ford II Building.
Please see Map and Directions.

Fellowship applications are only
available online at

February 26, 2010
Kresge Arts in Detroit, funded by The Kresge Foundation and administered by the College for Creative Studies, is providing significant financial support for eighteen Kresge Artist Fellowships annually, each consisting of a $25,000 award and customized professional development opportunities for metropolitan Detroit artists in the Literary, Performing and Visual Arts.
Thank you for your interest in Kresge Arts in Detroit.
Art criticism
(in all disciplines -
including visual,literary and performing arts)
Creative non-fiction
Interdisciplinary work
(within the above arts disciplines)

Music composition
(in all genres - classical, country,
electronic, experimental, folk, hip-hop,
jazz, rap, rock, etc.)
Performance art
Spoken word
Sound art
Interdisciplinary work
(within the above arts disciplines)

MCB-VIDEO & PHOTOS: Electric Six @ St. Andrews 11.27.09 by LAWRENCEcreative

If you missed the E6 MoBz show this weekend well you missed out
keep your eyes peeled for a MoneyPenny post tomorrow where she will be giving away the new MoBz vinyl 7" and the latest CD from E6 called KILL

LEZ ZEPPELIN - Magic Bag Ferndale - Fri 12/4

Friday December 4th 2009
Magic Bag
22920 Woodward
Ferndale MI

Mitch Ryder @ Alvins Detroit - Sat 12/5

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
wsg Radar Pilot
and Super Soul DJ Richie Wohlfeil
12/5/09 - showtime 8:00
$30 advance tickets at the bar
Please feel free to email  
for any additional details or click here

FREE X RECORDS VINYL: Frustrations and more this Friday @ Lager House Detroit

Wow...what a killer holiday weekend right? 
Did you get enough turkey and booze?
Are you ready for the rough full 5 day work week ahead?
No - didn't think so....
so we have some free goodies for you to help ease the pain
It all started last Wednesday as the MCB machine made its way through various detroit events in celebratory manner and with little regard for anything other than drinking and driving...of course we were late on our scheduled stops so since we missed Johnny Ill Band and Terrible Twos at Lager House we picked up a few 7" vinyls from X Records (thanks for the donation guys!!) and are now offering them to you as we promote another great band on the label
The Frustrations
who play a show this coming Friday night with a few other touring bands---
get to this show and support local dietroit music -
read below for the scoop
and be the 5th emailer to pick up these soon to be classics
(local detroit winners only - no internationals need apply)
Friday, December 4
Frustrations w/Night of Pleasure, CoCoComa, The Hollows, Bad Rhythm

Headlining this early December night are X! Records leaders Frustrations, featuring label founder Scott X!, who is also in Timmy Vulgar's Human Eye, and Colin Fontana of Fontana.  Night of Pleasure is some white dudes from Jamaica, or so they'd like you to believe.  Fuzz, loud noise and that which comes from the hearts of every Thurston Moorey eternal teenager abounds.  NoP will be an excellent fit for Detroit.  Especially with song names like "Hipster Downgrade."  Goner Records' CoCoComa hails from Chicago.  The band started in the summer of 2005 as the husband & wife duo of Bill & Lisa Roe, with keyboardist/bassist Mike Fitzpatrick joining a short time after. A buncha shows, 2 singles, 3 split 7" and an LP/CD on Goner Records later they still don't practice much and should probably start wearing ear plugs. Seriously. This show is in support of their brand new Goner album, "Things Are Not All Right."  Of Chicago group Hollows, Matt Pais of Metromix says they're "The sort of band you hope to be playing when Scooby-Doo and the gang burst into a haunted rock club, Hollows are a mostly-girl group (with a dude drummer) that turn '60s sounds into a vicious blend of soft harmonies and wheezing organ."  They arrive with their debut LP in tow; out just this week!  Bad Rhythm is a new art noise band featuring members of Druid Perfume and The Dead Bodies.  Sounds good to me!  This is one of their first shows ever.  You know what that means.

Double Donation Day @ Gleaners Food Bank Detroit

The holiday season is no time to be hungry.
That is why today's – "Double Your Donation" Day – is so important.

All donations received before midnight tonight will be matched dollar for dollar by PNC Foundation,

Gleaners board members and other generous donors.

That means every dollar you give today, before midnight,

provides 6 meals instead of 3 to help feed our hungry neighbors.

Won't you please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to do twice as
much to help feed hungry men, women and children in southeast Michigan?

Please make a generous gift.

Help double our efforts to reduce hunger this holiday season!

will not only make you a Hunger Hero but can also be claimed on your tax return.

If you give $200 on Double Your Donation Day, you can receive a $100 credit on your Michigan taxes.

If you are filing jointly, you can receive a credit of $200 on your gift of $400.

CLICK HERE TO Make your donation today 

FREE FREE FREE: BAAR BAZAAR - Majestic Theatre Detroit - Sat 12/5

Forget the big box stores when you are buying your holiday gifts
get on over to BAAR BAZAAR at The Majestic Theatre for cool handmade goods made by
local detroiters - BIRDGANG is playing live and you can get cold beer while you shop
Get all the info here

Something Like A War (SLAW) by John Kalogerakos

Enjoy this weeks edition of SLAW with your new cartoon favorites

Arab Film Fest in Dearborn Dec. 3-5 2009


They originated in Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria and the U.S.A. They've won dozens of awards in festivals in the Arab World, Europe and the U.S. And they won't be popping up on the marquee at your local multiplex anytime soon.

The 2009 Arab Film Festival at the Arab American National Museum, Thursday, December 3 through Saturday, December 5, presents a wide-ranging and thought-provoking selection of feature-length and short films made by Arabs and Arab Americans.

The 5th annual festival opens with two short films about women in Palestine – the 2009 documentary Thorns and Silk and the fascinating 3-D animation Fatenah. It continues with an official selection from the 2008 Cannes Film Festival that also received 2008 Academy Award consideration, Salt of This Sea, the feature-film directorial debut of noted poet/filmmaker Annemarie Jacir, starring poet/actress Suheir Hammad.

The festival closes with the highly acclaimed new documentary Garbage Dreams, the story of the Zaballeen or "garbage people" of Cairo who recycle trash in order to survive. Garbage Dreams caught the attention of Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore, who honored the film with his REEL Current Award at this year's Nashville Film Festival. It also snagged awards at festivals this year in Phoenix, Vail and Bermuda.

Detroit-area director Sam Kadi will lead a question & answer session with festival audiences following the screening of his short film, Raised Alone (Package E, Saturday, Dec. 5). Kadi is the first Michigan-based director to be granted a 43% tax rebate on production costs by the State of Michigan under its film tax incentive program.

Among the other well-known performers featured in this year's festival films are Algerian TV star Biyouna (Paloma Delight, Package B, Friday, Dec. 4); Tunisian actress Hend Sabri (Rise and Shine, Package D, Saturday, Dec. 5); and Hiam Abbass (The Visitor; The Lemon Tree) who costars in the war drama Dawn of the World (Package D, Saturday, Dec. 5).

The festive Opening Night Reception at 6 p.m. Thursday, December 3, is a benefit for the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute; a breast cancer survivor will speak just prior to that evening's screening of Fatenah, in which cancer plays a role. The reception features a strolling halal dinner under the dome in the dramatic AANM Community Courtyard, plus admission to the screening of Fatenah and Thorns and Silk.

The complete schedule and information about buying tickets and weekend passes appears below. Single "package" tickets (two films each) are $6 AANM Members; $8 non-members. Tickets for the December 3 Opening Night Reception are $14 AANM Members; $16 non-members. A Festival Weekend Pass is just $25 for AANM Members; get the pass plus a 12-month extension of your Membership for just $35. Non-members may purchase a Festival Weekend Pass, which includes an individual one-year Museum Membership, for just $35. Festival Weekend Passes do not include admission to the Opening Night Reception.

The Arab American National Museum documents, preserves, celebrates, and educates the public on the history, life, culture, and contributions of Arab Americans. It serves as a resource to enhance knowledge and understanding about Arab Americans and their presence in this country. The Arab American National Museum is a project of ACCESS, a Dearborn, Michigan-based nonprofit human services and cultural organization. Learn more at and

The Arab American National Museum is a proud Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Read about the Affiliations program at

The Museum is located at 13624 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI, 48126. Museum hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday. Closed Monday, Tuesday; Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Admission is $6 for adults; $3 for students, seniors and children 6-12; ages 5 and under, free. Call 313.582.2266 for further information.


Happy Birthday Amy Palomar!!

Amy is #1



Photo by Paul Hitz

take a look / listen

Gorevette Drops "Lustfully Yours" MP3 and Video
Some things are just meant to be. When the legendary Nikki Corvette arrived with equally revered rock critic Robert Matheu at a Gore Gore Girls show in Los Angeles, he instinctively knew that she and bandleader Amy Gore would be natural compatriots. Both women have toured the world, rejecting trends and gimmickry to play the authentic, powerful rock n’ roll they’ve made their religion. They became friends that night, not industry associates but real pals. When Corvette relocated to her native Detroit for family reasons, she and Gore began to spend time together, spending hours talking about music while hanging out by the record player. With members of each woman’s bands in different cities, they originally conceived the idea of doing a punk cover band, playing their favorite songs from bands like the Buzzcocks and the Damned. That soon changed when Nikki brought her tune “Lustfully Yours” to the table. Amy Gore, a formidable guitarist and writer, began writing songs specifically for Nikki that carry on the ‘Shangri-Las meets Ramones’ v sound she is famous for while incorporating lyrics rejecting the artificiality of current feminine ideals (“Fake It”) and making stand for the hedonistic fun of dancing, cars and staying up all night. “Rock n’ roll, above all else, should be fun,” said Gore.
The new tracks are compiled for The Lustfully Yours EP on Strange Girl Recordings, available Tuesday, January 26th on itunes USA and Internationally, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, LimeWire Store, Amazon MP3 & Amazon on Demand.
The video for “Lustfully Yours” has just been unveiled as well! Watch it here:

Groove Armada Is Back!

New CD, Black Light, Drops Feb 2010,

featuring Bryan Ferry,

Nick Littlemore, SaintSaviour and Others

Check out their amazing video for "I Won't Kneel" HERE

Andy Cato and Tom Findlay, better known together as Groove Armada, will release their sixth studio album,Black Light, February 23, 2010 in the U.S. The album, which features an impressive list of guest artists, represents a bold new phase in the duo’s artistic evolution, while maintaining a signature Groove Armada style that fans have come to know and love.

The Willowz Announce First Tour ForEveryone (Available Digitally Now, In Stores December 15th on Dim Mak/Downtown Records)

Band Gives a Sneak Peak Into The Making of New Album

Soulful garage rockers The Willowz are hitting the road in support of their latest full-length,Everyone, which is available digitally now and hits stores on December 15th via Dim Mak Records/Downtown Records. The band’s 2007 album, Chautauqua, made Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of the Year list, was OC Weekly’s #1 Rock Album of the Year, and was Nominated for LA Weekly’s Rock Band of the Year. The Willowz have also been featured on the soundtracks to Michel Gondry’s award-winning films Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep.

The bands also pulls back the curtain for a taste of how Everyone was made in a ‘Making Of’ featurette about the album.

Watch it on YouTube here

Check out the mp3 for “Repetition,” which Blurt describes as a “mash-up of White Stripes, Yardbirds, and Talking Heads” here

The Willowz Tour Dates:

12/11: Columbus, OH @ Bourbon St.

12/12: Indianapolis, IN @ Radio Radio

12/13: Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

12/14: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East

12/15: Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace

12/17: Philadelphia, PA @ M Room

12/19: Providence, RI @ Jerky’s Live Music Hall

12/20: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

UPCOMING SHOW: They Never Sleep - Circus Boy - Margaret Dollrod - SMALLS BAR Hamtramck - Sat Dec 12th

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you are thinking about all the great Detroit music that you took in over a 5 day period - stop - and think again about this lineup that is going to destroy Small's Bar on Saturday December 12th 2009

(solo show!!)
MCB heard about this show a few weeks ago and decided to head over to the Stone House Bar in Detroit to try and get an interview with the amazing Margaret Dollrod who plays guitar every so often for Detroit's Circus Boy....after a few beers with our main man Mike we made our way around back to strike up a conversation with MD.

It turned out that in between the "Hey how have you been?"'s and the "See you on the 12th at Smalls"'s was a bunch of drinking and bullshitting so we got back in touch with Margaret who then did a mini interview with herself via her pal Karen Brown (original drummer from Dollrods)
Check it here and get to this killer detroit show!

MCB-Karen: What's the spirit of Margaret Doll Rod
MDR: I'm like the Energizer Rabbit. I just keep on keepin' on.

MCB-Karen: What keeps you keepin' on?
MDR: The voices inside my head and the eye's in front of my face, and the hearts that are poundin' the same rythm as mine.

MCB-Karen: What was your defining moment in Detroit Rock 'n' Roll?
MDR: My defining moment is every moment that no matter where I am or what it is that I am doing I feel the love and strength of every Detroit soul I've ever touched.

MCB-Karen: What about the souls that have touched you?
MDR: Touched??? They're still touching me.

MCB-Karen: What are you currently working on?
MDR: I'm currently recording my third album and preparing for a tour.

MCB-Karen: Where are you recording?
MDR: I'm recording at a studio in the South of Italy...which origionally was a pressing plant for Bergamont oil.

MCB-Karen: Are there any differences between recording in Detroit and Italy?
MDR: Not really regardless of what language any one speaks they all seem to understand me.

MCB-Karen: Is there anything you miss about Detroit.
MDR: Whenever I start to miss anything I just come back and get me some.

MCB-Karen: Why do you think Detroit musicians eat their own?
MDR: It's crazy what people think so I generally try not to put a whole lot of thought in to what others are doing. I generally go for experiences and I've had some great ones. So I gotta say something nice, about Detroit, cause I'm thankful for all the amazing experiences, and people who have been here for me, supported me gave me some love, and shared their music with me, and I've never seen them eating each other.

MCB-Karen: What was the best moment in Detroit Rock History for you?
MDR: They're all so good, and just when I think it was the best something better happens, well it could be happening any minute.

MCB-Karen: Why did you photograph yourself on top of the Joe Louis Fist?
MDR: To get a better look at the Detroit River.

MCB-Karen: If you were a Motor City Hot Rod what kind of Hot Rod would you be?
MDR: I am a Motor City Hot Rod!
And I'll be revvving my engine early December 12th at Small's

PHOENIX is COMING TO DETROIT 12.08.2009 - Clutch Cargos Pontiac

For those of you that have never heard of Phoenix ...
Here is yer chance to see this amazing band from France
on December 8th at Clutch Cargo's!

Get yer tickets here! ---->


BAD PARTY Tonight at Detroit Eagle





Especially Good


1501 Holden St, Dietroit

MCB-VIDEO / PHOTOS: The Return of The Sights - Magic Stick Detroit - 11-25-2009

The Sights wowed a capacity crowd at The Magic Stick this past Wednesday night as they returned to the stage with a voracious blend of old and new classics
you are probably out of luck

Look for the full length new record out in early 2010
check all the details at

Photos by MCB's Dan Sultana


2 nights only!! - TODD’S REUNION NIGHTS - 11/28 & 12/23


Travel back in time to the decade of decadence- the'80s-this holiday season to revisit a Detroit dance club that was the epitome of '80s glory. Todd's, formally known as Todd's Sway Lounge, was a gay nightclub on Detroit's far eastside that was on the cutting edge of the new wave of eighties music and lifestyle.

Detroit club impresario- Stirling, first approached the owners of the venue in 1983 and convinced them to try out a dance music night on Monday evenings to cater to a growing subculture of club kids. The owners welcomed this idea, and a new dance party, "Modern Dance Mondays" was launched. Stirling hired the eclectic DJ Charles English to spin the latest in dance music, Euro-pop, new wave and even some punk classics and funk gems thrown into the explosive mix of music that had the patrons up and dancing the night away. When Monday nights became thee popular weekly destination, they expanded to Thursday nights as well. The nightclub was one-of-a-kind as it featured more than just a dance floor. A basement theater was dubbed "the video coffin" that showed cult films and videos and was first hosted by Kory Clarke (later of the band Warrior Soul) and then hosted by film auteur/bartender-the fabulous Marla for 6 years, upstairs featured Benson's couture clothing boutique called "Transvestia Dementia" (and later turned into a record store "Blitz Records" run by Michael Fiscus) and the vintage clothing/record store/ art gallery called "Chaos," run by promoter Sue Static. Todd's also became a premiere concert venue and hosted many bands on its stage. A variety of acts such as The Alarm, Violent Femmes, Screamin Jay Hawkins and later The Pogues with guest guitarist Joe Strummer performed there. The Todd's dance parties became a main component of '80s subculture here in the city. The party lasted for almost a decade, up until the club changed ownership in the early '90s.

There will be two Todd's reunion nights coming up on Saturday, November 28 and Wednesday, December 23 for patrons of the club to revisit the music and friends of this era. The reunions are hosted by Stirling and Sue Static and feature DJ Charles English spinning the familiar tunes that had you dancing decades ago. The nights will feature drink specials of the drinks that the bar made famous, photo collages from that era and online access to chat with Todd's fans across the country. One special out of town guest returning for the reunion is Benson. A portion of the proceeds will also benefit MAPP (Midwest AIDS Prevention Project) in honor of the many Todd's employees.

The reunions will be at The Corktown Tavern
located at 1716 Michigan Ave. in Detroit. (313-964-5103)
8pm doors, 21 & over welcome and $7 cover.
For more information check out