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MCB-VIDEO: Jesus Chainsaw Massacre - playing Izzy's Raw Art Gallery Corktown Detroit - Sat May 2nd 2009

freebies freebies freebies


A 1 of a kind Hit & Remixes CD to the lucky winner

Personally mixed by -jr of The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre
CD will be autographed by band members
a $500 value for free
if winner is in state, must be at show on saturday to receive
if winner is out of state, arrangements will be made
if the winner is out of the country
you can send a self addressed stamped envelope
with $25 dollars of your own country's $$$$
and we will ship ASAP
this is a 1 of 1 cd no others will be produced
good luck
we have a winner - thanks!
5th emailer gets the goods

Other weekend materials to fill your schedule

Win this Fender Strat for Showtimes 20th anniversary. Come to the store for details.

Head on over to The Stonehouse Bar on Satuday - there are bunch of great detroit bands playing to celebrate Showtime Clothings billions of years dressing dietroit bands - and to hook it up even more they are giving away the Fender Strat guitar that has been in the store for the past few months to a lucky random shopper who entered the raffle.
If you are downriver head on over to Simon's Bar in Allen Park for another trio of good ol' detroit rock n roll bands = The Handgrenades - The Singles - The Lessmores

don't miss another great event by the Hell City Records guys including a bunch of bands and fashion show rock and roll style at everyone's favoritre Hamtramck watering hole

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FREE CDs and MP3s: Electric Six & Evil Cowards - Show in Ann Arbor May 9th 2009

Detroit's ELECTRIC SIX are on tap
to play The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
Saturday May 9th 2009
$15 Cover // 18+
We got 2 CDs for the 6th emailer
Electric Six - FLASHY
Evil Cowards - Covered in Gas
we have a winner - thanks
Evil Cowards is a new band...
If your in NYC catch them at
The Bowery Ballroom on May 5th 2009
head on over to the MOTOR CITY BAR after the show
to knock back a few cold ones

The laws of human anatomy dictate that if you squirt a stream of scalding hot water up your left nostril, two things will happen. The first thing that will happen is that you will cause permanent damage to your sinus tissue and your first line of defense against infection will be rendered useless for the rest of your life. But secondly, and most important for our purposes in this piece of propaganda, the water will exit your from your right nostril. In order for water to enter and exit your head, it takes two nostrils!!!

Like the apple falling from the mountain and hitting Isaac Newton in the face, this was a real-life, real-time event that happened to one of today’s leading rock stars – Electric Six’s Tyler Spencer. Upon cycling boiling water through his sinuses for kicks, he realized it was a metaphor for his approach to creating music.

“The water,” thought Spencer “is God’s love. And it goes in me and destroys my sinus walls and immune system and comes dangerously close to my brain. In order for God’s love to come out of me and become music, I need a second nostril. And that second nostril should be my friend William Bates from the band Fall On Your Sword. He has a studio in New York City. I live in New York City. We can do this quite easily.”

And so the two nostrils, Bates and Spencer, collaborated in the summer of 2008 in Bates’ Tribeca studio. Not because of sinus problems. Not because of God. Not because of anything we’ve established heretofore. No, they collaborated because they had something to say.

And so it was that Evil Cowards came to be.
Bates and Spencer kicked out the 13 songs that would comprise their debut CD Covered In Gas at a pace of their choosing.
The infectious album opener “Love Pigs” was borne in their first session and it was decided then that more songs had to be created. The two men, unafraid to make songs sound catchy and repetitive and formulaic, did just that.
Because those are the types of songs that stay in your head, unlike scalding water, which will exit your head via your right nostril, William Bates.

Tyler Spencer is an American.
Nowhere is his robust Americanism more pronounced than in his ode to the two most American of endeavors – love and war. In the funky “Sex Wars” we pay homage to the greatest generation, our GIs and our jarheads. Yes, they went overseas and they killed some guys, but they also liked to fuck. Somehow the two things become the same. That’s what this song is about. And it’s catchy!!!

William Bates in an Englishman. The album closer “Chopping Up the Teacher” is sung by Bates in his native tongue – English. When you are English, anything is possible. You have abandoned the Church and your toes are still tapping. But you still need to confess. Best to do it while you are pissed and hanging out with your mates at the Hawley Arms.

To summarize, Evil Cowards are releasing their debut album entitled Covered in Gas on May 19, 2009 on Metropolis Records. Every song on the album is catchy while bathing in the majesty William Bates’ unique production.
The band will do live performances over the summer
that promise to be as entertaining as the record itself.
horeography, nudity, live animals, prosthetic limbs –
all these things will feature in the Evil Cowards live show.
Neither Electric Six nor Fall On Your Sword are ceasing operations.
Evil Cowards are here to stay.

MCB is rolling to the Ann Arbor Electric Six show for some photos and video interview
if you need a ride let us know...

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OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS: Access an Installation Art Exhibit on Belle Isle Detroit


Sicily McRaven
Louis Casinelli


As one of Detroit’s hubs, Belle Isle serves as a point of reference for the local population. The island provides a social space for the city, and is a source of inspiration for those that frequent the park. Access intends to be a reminder of the moving qualities evoked through the landscape by exhibiting artists’ works at the park.

In Collaboration with Belle Isle Parks and Recreation, Sicily McRaven & Louis Casinelli, two local artist, are co-organizing an installation art exhibition, Access, to be hosted at Belle Isle.

We invite any artist to submit a project proposal for installation/earthworks. We encourage you to use materials found at the park. However, proposals that use outside materials will also be considered. Please keep in mind all projects should be planned as temporary installations.


The exhibition is tentatively scheduled for late June/early July. The specific date and time is to be released at the end of May.

Please send proposals to by
MAY 20, 2009.

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FREE MP3: Tori Amos "Maybe California"

Now we get a lot of MP3 requests and we usually save them our weekly drop on Monday
In this case though - Tori Amos gets her own post
Download the free tunes as they might available for to long
Look for some Tori freebies hopefully soon
Tori Amos is offering a free download of her new song
off Abnormally Attracted to Sin
(out May 19)
Here’s the download page with a special message from Tori
and the “Maybe California” mp3 and 'visualette':

Check out her new video here

Catch the Night Move this weekend and head to Detroit!

MCB's Paul Hitz snapped these shots when The Night Move and MOTORCITYBLOG
made the virgin run from Royal Oak to Ferndale to Detroit last year
Reason #92 to ride the Night Move:
To get to metro D's hottest pool hall, Ferndale's The Loving Touch,
or its sister bars the WAB and Emory.
Hit Ferndale to watch the game (whatever game that may be),
play some pool, and of course, get drunk.
What's your favorite reason to Night Move?

Hola kiddos, Bus Here...Hope all is well.
If it's not, then I hope I can help you out with that by being
my lovely cheerful self and sending some merriment your way.
First up in Night Move news today: Tomorrow is Inside Detroit's Open House from 5pm to 8pm. Come see the new Welcome Center at 1253 Woodward, and make friends with some Detroit movers and shakers. Make sure you RSVP, and snag some free food from Bucharest Grill and Traffic Jam & Snug, and beer from Atwater Block Brewery. Also, check out Jeanette's (one of the founders of Inside Detroit) guest blog on Metromode this week.
The second Wings playoff series starts Friday night, against the Anaheim Ducks at the Joe at 7pm. Take the Night Move to Greektown and the People Mover to the Joe, or if you're not going to the game, take the Night Move to your favorite sports bar to watch it. Go Wings!Also Friday night, take the Night Move to watch the Tigers take on Cleveland at 7pm.
Let's hope the Tig''s don't repeat the fourth inning of yesterday's game against the Yankees... Yikes.Saturday: Continuing Inside Detroit's (Re)Discover Detroit Weekend, they have three different tours Saturday and another one Sunday. Learn more at
The Mexicantown Pub Crawl is this Saturday.
Ride the Night Move down from Royal Oak and Ferndale at 12 and 12:10, and book your spot on the crawl at Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Also Saturday, at C Pop Gallery: The opening reception for their closing show (you following?) from 6pm to11pm. C-Pop will be closing its doors after this exhibit, called "It's All About ©." Don't fret, gallery owners have hinted at a potential reopening to come at a later date as yet unknown.
Coming soon: Kick off the summer with the Downtown Hoedown, Friday, May 15, through Sunday, May 17. We'll run extended hours: Friday-Saturday: 3pm-3am, Sunday: 3pm to 11pm, unless you guys would like us to run earlier/later. Feedback welcome.For all you techno fans, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) is coming soon; it'll be here May 23 through 25.
The Night Move will be running extended hours for the event, from 2pm to 3am Saturday and Sunday, and 2pm to 3am on Monday. (We'll start earlier if there's demand -- just let us know.) It's gonna be mega.
Heading downtown for DEMF and need a place to stay?
Tell your friends and any out-of-towners you know. Includes room, board, festival tickets, food, booze, green shuttle service and MORE! Also stay tuned for details about the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF) coming your way June 25-28.
It's gonna be mega.
Coming less soon:
June 25-28, 2009. More details headed your way soon.
Recap on Taste-full Tours to come:
May 14: Downtown Detroit Markets and Artisans' Shops.
June 18: International Markets.
June 25: Beer and BBQ. (This one WILL sell out, so hurry.)
June 27: Ann Arbor. (I heart Zingerman's carrot cake -- and you will too.)
Standard closing remarks:
Looking for more reasons to ride the bus?
For ideas, hit up:
As always, flash your Night Move ticket to take advantage of this stuff:
$2 off of well drinks at Mosaic on Fridays

No cover at Fifth Avenue, plus Night Move drink specials
20% off your fare in a Michigan Green Cab

And remember:
if you work at Moosejaw, Quicken, Google or ePrize,
use your coupon code for a discount.
Work somewhere else, but want your company to get a discount?
Let us know, and we'll work something out.

Cool. Kisses,
The Bus

"The Night Move IS DETROIT"
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reposting another reminder: MAY DAYS by Loco Gnosis this Friday @ BoHouse Detroit - May 1st 2009

get there early for some BBQ
with Woodman in the parking lot


2 NIGHTS: FRIDAY MAY 1st 2009 - SATURDAY MAY 2nd 2009

THE BOHOUSE (historically the Bohemian National Home)

SHOW: 7pm
COVER: $5 (nightly)



7:00 AHH CHARLIE *Adam Fuller from Woodman


7:55 HELL BLOWER *named by Mike from the Hentchmen for their debut show
9:40 HOT DAMN!
presented by James Semark & the DETROIT ARTIST'S WORKSHOP:

THREE PIECES BY JOHN CAGE (performance art)
JOHN SINCLAIR (poet in residence)
-sponsored by DETROIT LIFE



10:25 OBLISK
11:35 DUENDE!
12:10 PIGEON
*Leslie Hardy from the Murder City Devils
*Tony Vega from
the Hi-Fi Hand Grenades


DISPLAYING UPSTAIRS(entire weekend):
STEPHEN LIGOSKY (fine art painter)
CARL LUNDGREN (rock poster artist & fine art painter)
GARY GRIMSHAW (rock poster artist)
LENI SINCLAIR (rock photography)

ROBIN VERESH (fine art painter)
GLEN ALLEN (fine art painter)
CHRIS KENNINGTON (fine art painter)
JEN THOMPSON (fine art painter)
ALANA CARLSON (fine art painter)

"This chance meeting with Jeff Howitt had turned into a thing of great
beauty-a tremendous artistic experience deeply rooted in my own personal
geography and brought to bloom through the robust energy and intelligence
of these young musicians out of the old bohemian tradition." wrote John
Sinclair for the liner notes of
his collaboration with PINKEYE last summer.
The sessions were released through LOCO GNOSIS on Sinclair's 67th
Birthday Party held at THE BOHOUSE where he was named Poet-In-Residence
and given a key so he has an actual room of his own to live in when he is
in the United States.

"Fast forward 40 years and here I am again, in the same neighborhood with
exactly the same sort of people I'd grown up with at the(Detroit
Artist's)Workshop and doing the exact same thing!"

With that sentiment Sinclair asked Howitt to help him design an event for
"May 1st and/or 2nd". Howitt(whose inaugural event for LOCO GNOSIS at the
Masonic Temple in 2006 featured 12 bands on 2 stages volleying sets for 8
hours of unbroken music)immediately knew it had to run 2 days. Howitt
recruited band mates Jason Worden and Frank Stephens and MAY DAYS started
to take shape.
They invited the Detroit Artists Workshop and Detroit Life
to help keep one eye on lineage, another on friendship and the third on
the spirit of this city and how it reflects in it's people and culture.

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Four Hour Friends - Cliff Bell's Detroit - Sun May 3rd 2009

Treasure and GlassGhost (Brooklyn)
Sunday May 3rd 2009
Cliff Bell's Detroit
2030 Park Ave.

"We are happy to have our friends Treasure and GlassGhost come in from Brooklyn to play with us this Sunday at CliffBells. Also performing will be Dr.Doctor, a brand new band from Detroit.
Dr. Doctor is the brainchild of Michael Cianfarani (ex-TinySteps) who is currently back in Detroit after a stint in London. DaleWilson and Jeremy Stork of The Four Hour Friends will be helping out on Bass and drums. "
Check out more MCB-VIDEOs here

UPCOMING EVENT: 24 Community Spacewalk - Downtown Detroit -

June 13-14, 2009
All over Detroit
For the entire city community to come together
and bring hope to the city.

Statement of purpose
The 24 Hour Community Spacewalk is a twenty-four hour long creative adventure.

It takes place in a participating area of a city and incorporates the local community, artists, restaurants, non-profits, and churches. The Spacewalk festival begins at noon in a designated location with a collective event. Then, with program and map in hand, Spacewalkers begin their own odyssey. Spacewalks conclude with another collective event in a particular location with the focus on contributions, for example in-kind donations by restaurants to feed the local needy, or cleaning the streets where needed.

The Spacewalk creates an opportunity for individuals to work, create, collaborate, organize and celebrate as a community team. It encourages the individual to take on the responsibility for their own ideas and how they can interact within and affect their community.

Spacewalk events have already occurred in San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Spacewalk potential has been sited in London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

In 1997 and 1998 Spacewalk collaborated with the San Francisco Arts Commission. In 1999 the Hollywood Arts Council fiscally sponsored the event.

Spacewalk's future includes travel to art schools, organizations, community groups, and businesses giving talks and teaching collaboration workshops.

The Spacewalk will involve various events throughout the Detroit City Area. This is a "leaderless event." Imagine one of those art festivals out in the middle of nowhere, except in the city, and with a community flair. You create your art piece, your group, and you produce your event through out the downtown-midtown-eastern market area of the city.

Your event could be 1 minute, 1 hour, 1/2 a day or the full 24 hours.

Projects want to be interactive, performative, sculptural, or whatever you can imagine. The idea is to beautify the city with creativity for people who intentionally come to the event, or happen upon it by walking by. This concept lasts for 24 hours, and hopes to spread out all over the city. Everything must coincide with the law, and avoid creating violence. We promote peace, and will be invoking the feeling of Happiness, Abundance, and Radiance throughout the city.We hope to cross promote with Metro Area churches, spiritual organizations, events, and venues. Community Outreach is the primary reason for this event. The morning and finale of the event is a large feast for the homeless and needy.We also want to beautify the city, with residual art pieces that will be left over after the event.

Can you create a mural in 24 Hours, and have an audience watch you do it?
Can you sculpt limestone in a vacant lot and have a group help you do it?

How about a temporary performance that happens in a park, or on the sidewalk, and leave people with the impression of beauty for the rest of their lives? We are looking for volunteers so join us!! please send an email to get involved. You can be an artist, you can be an organizer, or you can simply come and experience this crazy evolutionary happenin.Official Information:
The potential of doing a Spacewalk in Detroit is here!

What we do!
Spacewalk provides an opportunity to bridge class, gender and racial boundaries through interaction and creation. This is not just another art opening, festival or carnival, or projects teach and demand communication, teamwork, imagination, and organization. Through the support of local organizations each individual, business or non-profit group works together to produce the festival.

These unique adventures are comprised of mobile art, performance, theatre, life-sized interactive games, non-motorized vehicle parades, theme camp headquarters, late night silent parades, and anything else you can possibly imagine.


Check out more MCB-VIDEOs here

Meet Your Best Friend at The Detroit Zoo - Sat Sun May 2nd 3rd 2009

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo is brought to you by the
Michigan Humane Society and the Detroit Zoo

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) and the Detroit Zoo will host the 17th annual spring “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo,” presented by Pedigree® Food for Dogs, on Saturday and Sunday, May 2 & 3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak. Hundreds of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits will be available for immediate adoption at the largest off-site adoption event in the country.

There is no charge for admission to the event or for parking.

Because puppies are often in high demand, “puppy passes” will be given each morning to the first 25 adoption event guests who are looking specifically to adopt a puppy. Those with puppy passes will be allowed to enter the adoption tents at 9:45 a.m., with the remainder of guests allowed to enter at 10 a.m. Doing so will prevent a “puppy rush” and ensure that all adopters - and the adoptable animals - will have a wonderful experience. A “get acquainted” area will be available to give guests an opportunity to spend time with an animal before adopting.

The participating organizations, in addition to the Michigan Humane Society, include: Adopt-A-Pet, Animal Rescue Connection, Animal Welfare Society, AuSable Valley Animal Shelter, Faerie Tales Cat Rescue, Feline Friends, Greater Hillsdale Humane Society, Home Fur-Ever, K-9 Stray Rescue, Last Chance for Animals, Metro Area Animal Adoption Association, Michigan Greyhound Connection, Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, Midwest Small Breed Rescue, Oakland County Animal Care Center, Precious Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S.), Roofs for Woofs Animal Rescue, Roscommon County Animal Shelter, Sanilac County Humane Society, Tigerlily Cat Rescue and WAG Animal Rescue.

Adoption fees and policies are set by each participating group and not by event sponsors. Animals will be adopted only to qualified homes. Adopters must present a driver’s license or state ID card. All dogs and cats will have received a medical check-up and age-appropriate vaccinations. For health and safety reasons, please leave current companion animals at home.

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo is presented by Pedigree® Food for Dogs and sponsored by Fetch Pet Care, PetSmart, Pet Suite Retreat, VCA Animal Hospitals and 104.3 WOMC.

The event will be held outdoors under tents in the Detroit Zoo front parking lot, located at 8450 W. 10 Mile Road in Royal Oak.

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FREE CDs FROM TRIPLE DOWN RECORDS - upcoming shows at Lager House Detroit and Crofoot Pontiac


we have a winner and another winner - thanks
Gigantic Hand will be on tour in support of
their debut release Permanent Skin.
Check them when they play with
JSB Squad and The Satin Peaches

May 8, 2009
Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot

ADAM’S CASTLE, an instrumental, psychedelic art-rock trio from Brooklyn, is embarking on a U.S. tour of the East coast and Midwest beginning May 7th and continuing through May 24th. The band has recently re-united after a four-year hiatus and intends to tour in support of their recent release of the “lost LP”, DEATHLESS, recorded in 2003,
and now available from Triple Down Records.
Check them out if you can!

May 13 2009 - Lager House
Detroit, Michigan

May 14 2009 - Blind Pig
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mega Art Openings this weekend - Check this list and get out to support local Detroit artists!

Friday May 1st 2009
A slew of exhibition openings...

** Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center presents:
"The New Geometry" curated by Sally Schluter Tardella,
including work by: Luke Buffenmyer, Kevin Hogan,
Valerie Parks, David Rubello, and Henry Samelson.
Opening 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
1516 S. Cranbrook Rd. Bloomfield Hills.

** Epiphany Glass Studio presents: "Spring Open Studio" Epiphany is open only twice per year for the public to watch live glassblowing demonstrations by master glassblowers APRIL WAGNER and JASON RUFF. Enjoy snacks, libations, demonstrations and fun (and buy works too!). Friday, 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. 770 Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac.

** Detroit Artists Market presents: "2009 All Media Exhibition"
Over 50 artists show their new work juried by art critic Roger Green.
Opening 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. 4719 Woodward Avenue, Detroit.

** Russell Industrial Center presents: "Ground Control (to Major Pels)"
An exhibition of installations by the CCS students of sculpture Professor Marsha Pels.
Opening 7:00 to midnight.
1600 Clay Avenue, Building 4, Third floor. Detroit.

** Design Within Reach presents: "New Classics"
An exhibition of interpretations of classic chairs designed
by students from the CCS Product Design department.
Opening 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. 168 W. Maple Road, Birmingham. 248.593.9640.

** Artspace II presents: "Vidvuds Zviedris: New Works"
An exhibition, by this CCS alumnus, of new paintings
inspired by the poems of Arthur Rimbaud.
Exhibition continues through May 24.
Artspace II is open late on Thursdays in May...
stop by for a glass of wine and great art.
303 E. Maple, Birmingham. T: 248.258.1540.

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PHOTOS: Design for Life: Denim/Fundraiser for Michigan AIDS Coalition April 2009

MOTORCITYBLOG was asked to come down to MOCAD Detroit for a fundraiser called Design for Life: Denim thrown by the Michigan AIDS Coalition - April 2009

Photography by Sue Antosh

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FREE MUSIC: Check out pretty lights @ Rothbury Reminder - 2 Day Tickets available


Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, accompanied in the live setting by drummer, Cory Eberhard. Together these two achieve a raw energy rarely reached in the realm of electronic music.

At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin' beats, Pretty Lights is giving the people what they want; electro organic cutting-edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. What makes Pretty Lights truly different though, is that these beats have serious soul.

Derek's most recent album, Filling Up The City Skies, is a two-disc, 26 track journey through past, present, and future. He juxtaposes collages of beautiful vintage samples against backdrops of futuristic synthesis and dirty broken beats, creating a sound that can snap your neck while simultaneously shedding your tears.
Check out two of the songs below from Filling Up The City Skies.
Filling Up The City Skies is available for

"Hot Like Sauce" MP3
"The Time Has Come" MP3

Look for a new album in May for free download and catch a show over the next few months including a show as part of the Rothbury lineup in July here in MI
ROTHBURY Weekend Tickets
ROTHBURY’s general admission Weekend Ticket includes a four day festival pass
(Thursday through Sunday) and onsite camping/parking.

Price includes a two day Festival pass (Saturday and Sunday only)
and onsite camping and parking for Saturday and Sunday.
Tour kicks off tomorrow
04.30.09 – Light Bar – Austin, TX **
05.01.09 – One Eyed Jack’s – New Orleans, LA **
05.02.09 – Lizard Lounge – Dallas, TX **
05.09.09 – Aggie Theatre w/ Lyrics Born – Fort Collins, CO **
05.13.09 – The Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY **
05.14.09 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA **
05.15.09 – Valarium – Knoxville, TN **
05.16.09 – Visulite Theatre – Charlotte, NC **
05.22.09 – The Music Farm – Charleston, SC
05.23.09 – KEFI – Wilmington, NC
05.24.09 – The Norva – Norfolk, VA
05.30.09 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
06.04.09 – Wakarusa Music Festival – Ozark, AR
06.12.09 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN
07.02.09 – High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, CA
07.03.09 – High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, CA
07.04.09 – Rothbury Music Festival – Rothbury, MI
07.10.09 – Forecastle Festival – Louisville, KY
07.17.09 – Camp Bisco – Mariaville, NY
07.22.09 – 10K Lakes Festival – Detroit Lakes, MN
07.25.09 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO ##

** Co-Headlining with Dieselboy
## Supporting STS9

This Week in Art @ MCBW Detroit - Bryant Tillman

Wednesday April 29th
MCBW presents:
This Week in Art with Bryant Tillman

Motor City Brewing Works
470 West Canfield
T: 313.832.2700

The Nolan Factor - April 29th 2009

JeffNolan - one of MCB's longtime contributors will be dropping a few posts from time to time about music / art / state of the economy / women / food / car repair / laundry tips

"The Nolan Factor"

I spent this last week painting a pair of mannequin legs for a Harley Davidson dealership and working day and night on a small pile of logo designs and as a result of this excessive freelancing
I didn't do shit this week.
I basically did nothing fun outside of drink gallons of coffee
in my tiny house in Royal Oak.
You may notice that my usual Tuesday column is appearing on a day that is not Tuesday, this is a side-effect of me not having any fun for a week, as my column is typically about me having fun.
So this week instead of hot chicks puking in the streets, rock & rolling around Detroit, and general debauchery I am writing about the old Michigan Central Station, graffiti writers, and Nikki DeSautelle in addition to a grab bag of CD reviews.

I am not yet sure how I feel about the supposed impending doom of the iconic train station. Although it is a total cliché of Detroit, it is not without a certain charm. I first visited with a few graffiti writing friends (efes who wrote camp20 at the time and Slut) who showed me how to get in with out having to climb any fences. It basically involved crawling through a hole in the basement and navigating around gaping holes in near total darkness to a stairway that led to the main lobby.

Inside the train station I have met several photographers, none of whom ever seem to leave the main lobby, a few homeless, and a few writers, most notably Porab.
Porab is a small-statured twenty something of an indeterminate ethnicity. When asked about his name he clarified his heritage, Po for Polish, Rab for Arab.

Less known than the old Michigan Central but more impressive are the train tracks that run through eastern market. You merely have to climb under a bridge or hop a fence in most cases to get down and you are surrounded by towering grafs, homeless digs, and miles and miles of endless tags with no authority figures to be seen- even in the middle of the day, just watch out for the occasional construction crew or train, not that I would ever advocate anyone break the law...

If you already make a past time of vandalizing public buildings and trespassing on private property, why not steal shit too? This is the rationale of nah brah aka dracula who explained to me how he and several other detroit taggers obtain their paint. This is done by walking into Home Depot with a shopping cart, scoping out heavy things that are right in the entrance (bags of salt, dirt, paving stones, cumbersome gardening tools) and then immediately walking to the spray paint isle and filling the cart to the brim.
Then they walk straight out the door with it. In the event that a vigilant employee spot them they claim that they were just taking the cart to the front to put in previously spied heavy object:
“Oh no sir- Of course I wasn't about to leave without paying!
I was just taking this cart full of paint to the front to safely pick up this bag of dirt.”

APRIL 27 2009
Nikki's DeSautelle Solo show

Nikki DeSautelle is a Detroit based illustrator just finishing her final year at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Her solo show held in the U-245 gallery was a tribute to all things small: 42 tiny paintings lined the walls of the one room gallery, a very small book (no larger than a business card) adorned a corner pedestal, and miniature tacos served with mini cupcakes (“minifood” according to her facebook page). Her naïve line work and non-committal washes capture the minute details of her subjects. A particularly striking piece was of a pair of high contrast Michael Jackson-esque dance shoes on their points in a setting that hinted at a lighted stage without putting it directly. Her tiny compositions imply a sense of space beyond the miniature confines of her work by means of her careful cropping and attention to the details that most of the world simply overlook. Her illustrative style of painting is based in drawing and consists primarily of line drawings that define the forms and are essentially painted in.

A book of her work as well as some of her classmates'
is available as a FREE download
or about $28 if you would like a physical copy at

After a few weeks of reviewing albums in my column I have decided on a slight amendment which will hopefully add clarity to my overall liking (or disliking) of a CD: a 1 to 5 star rating which will accompany each review. It will break down like this:

* = unlistenable
** = not so good, kind of bad
*** = tolerably alright
**** = pretty damn good
***** = phenomenally awesome

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon is a deviously trendy electro-dance composer who has been crisscrossing the world playing at every place that asks him to. He has been on some of the largest stages in the world (an the smallest) and has become a leader of the current generation of electronic musicians for his incredibly inventive and intelligent use of samples and noise, subtlety, and above all his wild live performances.
Previous shows in Detroit were hosted by the rambunctious Scrummage kids, in which he placed his folding table of homebrew electronic gizmos and flashing lights in the crowd and fought off the crushing circle of hipsters with his elbows. His newest release is if anything more mature and carefully crafted than previous installments, all available for free from .
It is a departure from his previous work in that he is now supported by a full band consisting of 8 percussionists, 5 synthesizers, and 2 guitarists instead of playing along to an ipod.

Pete Doherty
Grace / Wastelands

Until I had listened to this album Pete Doherty was just that guy who was dating Kate Moss and taking drugs. Evidently he also makes music. His solo album is something like a youthful Bob Dylan knockoff. It features stripped down compositions primarily featuring just he and a guitar. It is dreary and melodramatic with a british accent.
It sounds at times like another mopey English export, the Verve. Winding from spacey tunes to neo-psychedelic folk the album is slow paced and reflective. It maintains a consistent pensive mood with subject matter that varies from Pete Doherty's heroin use, rainstorms, and lost love.
Good music to take a nap to.

"The Nolan Factor IS DETROIT"
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Mastodon - Crofoot Ballroom Pontiac - Fri May 1st 2009

1 S. Saginaw St.
Pontiac MI

Friday May 1st 2009
doors at 7PM

Grand Opening of Club Sound Board @ Motor City Casino - Sat May 9th - 9pm

Grand Opening:
Club Sound Board
Featuring DJ Samantha Ronson
wsg DJ LaFemme
Motor City Casino Hotel

MotorCity Casino Hotel and Vital Productions are proud to announce the Grand Opening of Club Sound Board; featuring DJ Samantha Ronson and DJ Jenny LaFemme on Saturday, May 9th.
Doors open at 9pm

Club Sound Board is a state of the art, world -class nightclub. The Club includes VIP areas, dance floor, stage, extensive lighting, cutting edge sound equipment, and world renowned DJs.International sensation, DJ Samantha Ronson will be spinning to celebrate the Grand Opening. As a DJ, Ronson performs some of the most high profile gigs around the country. Appearances include Jessica Simpson's Birthday Party, the American Music Awards, ElleGirl Prom, Blender, Maxim, IFC Awards, Playstation at the Super Bowl, Sundance and the VMA's in Miami.Opening this event will be DJ Jenny LaFemme, a Detroit based/Russian born House Music tour de force, who also a successful music producer and songwriter whose latest collaboration with Euro-pop sensation, In-Grid, resulted in 3 of her songs featured on her soon to be released, 2009 album.

is an intimate live performance venue,
located at MotorCity Casino Hotel.

The venue features four bars and several private suites that are available to create an unforgettable live entertainment experience. Complimentary valet and convenient self-parking is also available.

Tickets (General Admission $20) are on sale
at all Ticketmaster locations and
Tickets are also available through
the MotorCity Casino Hotel Box Office

Limited VIP accommodations
contact 248.566.4499

Sound Board
MotorCity Casino Hotel
2901 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201

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SikSik Nation - Lager House Detroit - Fri May 1st

Friday, May 1
SikSik Nation
w/Wicked Hemlocks, Carradine, Qualia
PJ's Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave.
Corktown Detroit MI

SikSik Nation portrays a blue collar solemnity mixed with Brit-pop sensibility and heavy feedback. Many of their songs are socially conscious but avoid coming across as preachy. Self-described "beer fueled rock'n'roll"—I think we know how to deal with that!

Thunders is here from Indianapolis with great songs, musicianship and outstanding stage presence. The group combines garage-rock punch and power with the more wistful and feedback-laden elements of late 80s/early 90s combos like The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Of Wicked Hemlocks, NPR says: "[They] experiment wildly with a number of sounds, from funk to chaotic, noisy rock. On their latest CD — the appropriately-titled Quill of the Mad — the group uses heavy effects to bend and warp songs into '60s-flavored psychedelia, similar Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd or the Silver Apples."

Detroit's Qualia operates in the same vein; psychedelic out there space out freak out turn on drop out-- featuring former members of Friends of Dennis Wilson and Ghostcity.

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Live Mexican Wrestling FREE May 2nd/3rd

International Big Time Wrestling returns to action & presents
"Fiesta de lucha libre 2009"

2pm Sunday afternoon, May 3rd, from the Las Brisas mexican resturant, 8445 W.Vernor Ave. SouthWest Detroit with a FREE! .. thats right, a Free wrestling event immediately following IBW's appearance in Southwest Detroit's annual Cinco De Mayo parade.
This is our way of saying thank you and that we do care, to all our great fans for there support through out the year despite, the tough economic struggles this country is facing with so many good hardworking men & women losing more jobs by the day in this time of need,We do thank you that for without you, the fans, there would be NO us.

In your MAIN EVENT!! International Big Time Wrestling is proud to announce for the very first time in Pro Wrestling History, Hardcore Legends will meet in a one-on-one match of the ages. Hardcore Icon vs.Hardcore Icon, as Mexico's Own, longtime NWA great, "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez makes his IBW debut as he takes on the former multi-time JCW & IBW champion, Big Japan & IWA great "Mad Man" Pondo in a NO disqualification, NO count out, SouthWest Detroit street fight.

Don't Miss this epic confrontation as these 2 Hardcore Legends collide on the biggest holiday weekend & grandest stage of all in Southwest Detroit!!

For The International Big Time Wrestling Heavyweight Championship..the challenger, who came off with a big win at our last show "The Battle of SouthWest Detroit" being the sole survivor & securing the future of IBW thus being rewarded with a title shot is the Jackson state penatentry evil resident and former 3 time IBW Heavyweight champion, Alcatraz as he takes on the current IBW Heavyweight Champion & former WCW superstar Lenny Lane in his very first IBW heavyweight title defense.

But can the prisoner make it lane's last defense as well??
Or will Lenny Lane make Alcatraz wish he was going Awol??

For the International Big Time Wrestling Tag Team Championship, The newly crowned champions "The Suicycos", Slasher & Overkill along with there manager Slick Rick take on them red-necked rebels "Dixie Muscle" JD Mason & Johnny Rebel. Dixie Muscle made their intentions known with a vicious attack on the Suicycos just a mere seconds after the Suicycos captured the tag team gold at "The Battle of SouthWest Detroit".

Can the Suicycos avenge that despicable sneak attack & retain the tag team titles??? OR will Dixie Muscle hit there patient "Slam-Slop-Drop" and become the new tag team champions??

PLUS.. In a Special Attraction Grudge Match, "The Human Amplifire" Anthony Rivera will step in the ring with his former friend, now bitter enemy "The Richie Boy" Breyer Wellington to avenge his loss from "The Battle Of SouthWest Detroit" when Wellington decided to turn on Rivera, to join the IBW and putting an end to the PWA for good!

ALSO.. All Your Favorite International BigTime Wrestling Superstars including...former JCW hardcore champion & SW Detroit's own "The RudeBoy", former TNA superstar D Ray 3000, The NEW IBW Great Lakes Regional Champion The Aztek Warrior, Oblivion with his manager "The Modfather", El Tejano, El Tigre De San Juan, "Mad Dragon", The Masked Mechanic Rusty Baddwrench, Mr.Main Event AND much, much more..

Wrestling Fans Don't Miss Out!! As International Big Time Wrestling once again sets the tone for the Michigan Area Independent with a FREE Mega Super Show!! and proves that we are the REAL DEAL in town!!! the One & ONLY Hispanic owned and operated wrestling company from Southwest Detroit, and the ONLY wrestling company that gives back to all our great fans with a FREE wrestling show on this holiday weekend! PLUS, Don't miss out on the other great events sponsored by a brother promotions, SOUTH WEST DETROIT BOXING on May 2nd at 3PM, from the Cesar Chavez Academy High School, 1761 Waterman st. Detroit, 48209 followed by The International Big Time Wrestling Fan Fest from Las Brisas Mexican Resturant at 9pm. More Info in the coming days.
See you May 2nd & 3rd!!!

FREE CD: The Bronx ~ "White Drugs" - Date of Detroit show TBD

LA band The Bronx has a new record out
and they want to give a copy to you
the readers of MCB
be the 3rd emailer at gone!
and check them out underwater below
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to get your own special copy of
White Drugs

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