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TONIGHT (Oct. 31): Crud and Halloween at the Diesel Concert Lounge in New Baltimore

It all goes down TONIGHT (October 31, 2015) at the Diesel Concert Lounge Detroit.
Two stages featuring headlining acts Crud and Halloween!


Think Fight Club meets Clockwork Orange...Think you've seen anything like it? Think again! 
More on Crud at

The Heavy Metal Horror show returns! The band will be celebrating 33 years of history on this night. 
For more information go to

Very special guests:

BloodStone (Judas Priest Tribute Band)
The American Bushwackers!

Plus Sideshow freakery by Adam Arcana (aka The Wizard of Odd).

Costumes encouraged! Tricks and Treats all night long!

Set Times:
10:30-11:45 pm Halloween
9:00-9:40 pm Kranknine
7:30-8:10 pm American Bushwackers

12:30 am Crud
12:15 am Adam Arcana the Wizard of Odd
9:45-10:20 pm Soulstealer
8:15-8:45 pm Bloodstone

Tickets $10
Doors open at 6 pm 
All Ages

The Diesel Concert Lounge is located at 33151 23 Mile Rd, New Baltimore, MI 48047.


THE WEEKEND (Oct. 30-Nov. 1): Ghostbusters screenings hosted by Ernie Hudson live in person at Emagine Theaters

This Halloween weekend three local Emagine Theatres are showing the 1984 classic comedy/science fiction film “Ghostbusters”. The original 1984 film has been fully restored and re-mastered in 4K and Michigan native and original paranormal investigator Ernie Hudson will be hosting this throwback event.

Ernie will be available for autographs and posed photographs (for $30.00) through the entire weekend.

Ernie will be at all the following screenings
  • Rochester Hills: Friday, Oct. 30, at 5:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m. and 10 p.m. (Hudson arrives at 4pm)
  • Royal Oak: Saturday, Oct. 31, at 1 p.m., 3:15 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m. and 10 p.m. (Hudson arrives at Noon)
  • Canton: Sunday, Nov. 1, at 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Hudson arrives at Noon)

For more information visit the Emagine Theatre website HERE.

FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY for E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET screenings at The Redford Theatre on Halloween Night (OCT. 31)

Looking for something cool to do this Halloween? Look no further because The Redford Theatre has a fun filled night for you with two movie screenings.

First up for the evening at 8PM is a screening of the 1982 Steven Spielberg classic
 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.


At 11PM is a screening of Wes Craven's 1984 horror masterpiece A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Before this film they will be showing a dozen or so 70's and early 80's 35mm preview trailers of horror and exploitation titles from the Fox Theatre when it was showing grindhouse titles before its restoration.

Tickets for both shows are $5.00 with kids 12 and under getting in for FREE for the screening of E.T.

And MOTORCITYBLOG has your chance to get in for FREE 
to either the E.T. or A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET screening. 

Email us at with either the subject "E.T." or "NIGHTMARE" to be entered into the drawing to win a pair of tickets to the movie screening on your choice.
 Include your full name in the body of the e-mail.
  (Winners will be notified on later Tonight- Thursday, October 29)    

The Redford Theatre is located at:
17360 Lahser Road
Detroit, MI  48219

For more information or to purchase tickets please visit


The Eighth Annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

+ The Devil's Night Is Coming +

Detroit, MI - On October 29th through 31st 2015 at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings St Ballroom in Detroit comes an extraordinary assemblage of 174 artists from across this world to display 183 of their most introspective creations at the Eighth Annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness. From the infamous to the freshest of local and international talent, this prodigious congregation will allow us a glimpse within the diverse shadows of id and ego…of overall mind and encompassing soul guaranteed to intrigue, disturb, inspire or repulse. This is not Halloween-themed art but an immersion within the immeasurable realms of consciousness through an elegant ambiance of live ethereal music and cirque/butoh-inspured vignette performances.
There are 3 nights of DAMNED, each with its own distinct theme for the ambiance and performances that flourish within the exhibition:
  • 10/29 “The Darkness” – A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self. This opening night features an intimate VIP Preview/Artist Reception, a formal absinthe tasting, on-site chef-prepared hors d’oeuvres and experimental aerial and butoh-inspired performances.
  • 10/30 “The Enlightenment“ – A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal. This night features a VIP sampling of internationally-inspired tapas with flavored mead tasting courtesy of B Nektar and exotic fire, aerial and experimental performances.
  • 10/31 “The Masquerade“ – A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensual rhythms and masquerade. This closing night features the formal mask-mandatory masquerade ball, an elegant seated 6-course aphrodisiac-inspired dinner, sensuous dance performance interludes, a Masquerade Fashion Show, the dreamworld aural ambiance of DJ Mikey, Zumby and Slofu from Strangeways Radio and Happy Endings and a menagerie of strolling cirque performances all night.  This night is mask mandatory and proper attire only.
DAMNED, first and foremost, is an exhibition of the intensely personal creations that are often born from within the artist’s most darkest hours that often returns them towards the light. DAMNED then cultures an intriguing visual ambiance of art-inspired explorative performance vignettes with the region’s most creative talent including Satori Circus, Detroit Circus, Miss Pussykatt and many others. Aurally, the haunting gallery soundtracks are custom designed by Life Toward Twilight with the mesmerizing live music ambiance of Dixon's Violin and Marcus Copernicus.
Then on Saturday October 31st, DAMNED will heighten the exhibition towards a sensuous celebration of extravagant delicacies, libations and dance with a formal, mask-mandatory Masquerade Ball. Beginning at 7pm, a very intimate VIP engagement will commence as we usher you to your private seat for an elegant Six-Course Aphrodisiac-Inspired Dinner created by our own DAMNED chefs. Between courses, brief interludes of intriguing dance performances will further enhance the senses and inspire. Exotic desserts and keepsake photograph are also included.  The public doors then open at 9pm with a special Masquerade Fashion Show at 9:30 amidst the art. Then from 10pm until 2am, the evening becomes enveloped with the dreamworld aural ambiance of DJ Mikey and DJ Zumby from Strangeways Radio with DJ Slofu from Happy Endings bringing a carefully selected mix of ethereal dreampop, lush trip hop and smooth grooves all blended with alternative classics for a night that will delight your sonic senses.  All within a menagerie of exotic cirque performances throughout the venue.
Tickets are now available online and at Noir Leather in Royal Oak, Showtime Clothing in Detroit and V-Male Vintage in Dearborn Heights starting at $10. 
Visit the DAMNED website at “” to review past photos, find further detailed information and to purchase advance tickets.
The Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom is located at 715 E. Milwaukee St. in Detroit.
# # # 
DAMNED VIII - An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
Fine Art + Performance + Fine Dining + Masquerade Ball
October 29th through 31st 2015
DAMNED founders, artists and performers are available for interviews.

HELP US HELP DETROIT’S HOMELESS:  At midnight during the masquerade ball, a single winner will be chosen to win a unique and exquisite prize: The Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring© ($980 SRV) created by avant-garde fine alternative jeweler Atelier Gothique.  All proceeds from the raffle will go to benefit our favorite charity, Burners Without Borders, to help feed and clothe those in need on our city streets through the hand packing and one-on-one giving of survival backpacks.
Each year, the raffle has raised up to $1300 that went directly to our favorite charity, Burners Without Borders Detroit, whose sole mission is to help feed and clothe those in need on our city streets through the hand packing and one-on-one giving of survival backpacks.  These packs contain a variety of simple needs often taken for granted within our busy lives: toiletries, feminine products, underclothing, canned goods, water, plasticware, the back pack and more.  BWB also collects hats, gloves, coats, and blankets during our colder months to coordinate volunteer drives to find and give to those sleeping in the streets.  This is real-life grassroots community “giving” by volunteers in the true spirit of the word with no corporate management profiteering!
Be the change you wish to see in Detroit!

A Owen Layne (MI)
Adam Ostrowski (MI)
Aleks7 (IN)
Amber Michelle Russell (WI)
Amburr Tittle (MI)
Ana Camilo (Portugal)
Andreas Nagel (Germany)
Andy Corp (IN)
Angela Galea (MI)
Anita Schmaltz (MI)
Anna Hughes (MI)
Anna van Schaap (MI)
Annie Bertram (Switzerland)
Artina (MI)
Ash Marnich (MN)
Ash Sivils (CO)
Ayame Eaton (TX)
BP LeGault (MI)
Bahrull Marta (Indonesia)
Becky Munich (NY)
Black (MI)
Blackmoore (MI)
Brian Lewandowski (MI)
Bridgett D (MI)
Buddy James (MI)
Caitlin Penny (KS)
Cameryn Clark (United Kingdom)
Carl Demeulenaere (MI)
Carolyn Garay (MI)
Catherine Peet (MI)
Charles Alexander (MI)
Cheyanne Luna (MI)
Chris Day (KY)
Chris Fowler (NC)
Christian Correra (ME)
Clever9design (MI)
Corinne Wilger (MS)
Crystal Mielcarek (MI)
D A Shumate (PA)
Dana Gardner-Clark (MI)
Danni Stone (NY)
David Feingold (MI)
David Ragz Hanson (MI)
Debbee Lotito (MI)
Dekilah (MI)
Derek (Dominica)
Devan Horton (KY)
Devata Vindaloo (MI)
Dreamfest (MI)
Dusten Sonnon (GA)
Emilie Beadle (MI)
Eric Millikin (MI)
Erin Case (MI)
Erin Kruczek (MI)
Fantasio (Germany)
Faraz Habiballahian (Iran)
Francesca Gagliano (MI)
Francisco D (WA)
Heming (MI)
Holly Hock (MI)
J E Crum (PA)
J Vida (OH)
Jack O Summers (MI)
Jaclyn Pack (MI)
Jalexa Photography (MI)
Jason Betzing (MI)
Jason Passeno (MI)
Jean Nunez Donegan (LA)
Jean-Paul (MI)
Jeehye Shin (CA)
Jeffrey Bowman (MI)
Jenna Colby (PA)
Jenna Joyti (MI)
Jeremiah (Netherlands)
John Durkin (FL)
John Martin (MI)
John S Zielinski (MI)
John Thomason (CA)
Joseph Ferraro (MI)
Joseph Jojo Smedo (MI)
Joseph OBrien (MI)
Joseph Reyes (S Korea)
Katherine Mitchell (OH)
Keever MacLeod (MI)
Kela Robinson (MI)
Kelly Loder (MT)
Ken Paul Johnson (PA)
Kia Ix arriaga (Mexico)
Killian Skarr (OH)
Kim Hoxworth (MI)
Kimberly Meyer (MD)
Kirill Slavin (MI)
Krysta Logan (MI)
Lauren Johnson (MI)
Legerdemain (MI)
Licentious (MI)
Linda Bergerova (Slovakia)
Linden (MI)
Luke Macgilvray (MI)
Lynn Graznak (NH)
Malina Sintnicolaas (Canada)
Manda Vazquez (IN)
Mandiblez (MI)
Marcos Tedeschi Aline (Brazil)
Mark Jackson (MI)
Matt Meinhardt (CA)
Matthew Burnell (IN)
Matthew Stolzenburg (WI)
Meesha Goldberg (OR)
Mel Jarvis (MI)
Melissa Critchley (MN)
Melissa Herzog (WA)
Melissa Leeper (MI)
Michael Bugard (MI)
Michael Reedy (MI)
Miss Peggy Artist (MI)
Monique K Given (AL)
MonkeyTeeth (MI)
Mrs Empty (MI)
Natasha Wescoat (MI)
Nazanin (Iran)
Nicholas Schleif (MN)
Osvaldo Gonzalez (FL)
Ovezt (Singapore)
Pat Duff (MI)
Paula Marie Deubel (MI)
Rachel Quinlan (MI)
Rebecca M Casement (MI)
Reza (Iraq)
Rick DeForrest (OH)
Rick Cronn (MI)
Rick Davis (USA)
Robert Gilster (NE)
Robert Zurer (NY)
Roberto Patio Jr (MI)
Rosemarie Hughes (MI)
Russ Turner (MI)
Russel Cameron (NY)
Ryan LaVoisin (CA)
Samantha Bell-Koch (OH)
Sanda Cook (MI)
Sarah Dolezal (IN)
Sarah Hamski (OH)
Sarah Hill (United Kingdom)
Sarah Zielinski (MI)
Sean Killingbeck (MI)
Shannon Marie Burnett (MI)
Sharlene Welton (MI)
Silke Seybold (MI)
Stavros Chatz (Greece)
Stefania Russo (Italy)
Stella Isis Rothe (MI)
Steven Miljavac (NE)
SubQulture Studio (MI)
Sya (OH)
Talib (Indonesia)
Tara Bernth (MI)
Ted Wm Lottman (MI)
Terri Light (MI)
Think Tank Art (Germany)
Tobias Layman (AL)
Tony Miello (MI)
Tyler Darko (MI)
V Holeek (MS)
V Burtstein (MI)
Vanessa Pesch (Canada)
Vincent Trebuchet (MI)
Von Ecker (MI)
WanChuan Kesler (MI)
William H Matthews III (PA)
Zachary Meyer (MI)


Each night of DAMNED begins with a varying feast of finely prepared fare created specifically for our patrons. The 2015 menus are as follows:
  • Albondigas, Salsa Verde
  • Arancini, Salsa Arrabbiata
  • Trout Dumplings, Sriracha Aioli
  • Samosas, Curry Sauce
  • Crispy Pork Belly, Smoked Gouda Grits, Onion Mostardo
  • Grilled Shrimp, Sticky Rice, Hot Chili Paste
  • Chicken Satay, Hot Peanut Sauce
  • Tempura Zucchini and Scallions, Lime Salt, Sugarcane Sauce
  • 1st Course: Chilled Shrimp, Tomato-HabaƱero Jam
  • 2nd Course: Potato Croquette, Malt Vinegar Aioli, Pickled Red Onion
  • 3rd Course: Hot Noodle Bowl: Mushroom broth, Cremini Mushrooms, Asparagus Tips, Sweet Peppers, Cellophane Rice Noodles
  • 4th Course: Arugula, Red Onion, Fennel Bulb, Lemon Vinaigrette, Shaved Pecorino
  • 5th Course: Roast Pork Loin, Onion Mostardo, Roasted Garlic Risotto, Asparagus Pesto
  • 6th Course: Amaretto-Poached Pear, Chili-Chocolate Ganache, Candied Ginger
The DAMNED chefs will be preparing the first two menus live during the exhibition and vegetarian versions will be made on request.

Steven Kempner and Aaron Egan
DAMNED also uses compostable and biodegradable serving products from Green Safe.

Creating random acts of kindness and service to Detroit's homeless
one supply-filled backpack at a time.”
As we all know, Detroit is on hard economic times and it’s getting harder. This is when community-led grassroots organization and networking is needed to help address gaping needs where existing cultural and societal systems are failing. Burners without Borders Detroit (BWBD) is a local chapter of a worldwide volunteer-based outreach organization coalesced from a collective instinct to serve and assist those in need on our streets with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Over the past seven winters, BWBD has collected thousands of items generously donated by the community and organized hundreds of volunteers to create supply-filled backpacks to give directly to those who do not or are unable to go to shelters during the cold months. Since 2009, the DAMNED Exhibition and fine alternative jeweler Atelier Gothique have collaborated annually with BWBD to coordinate collections of needed canned food and financial donations through admission discount offerings and fine jewelry raffles. Through this, we have been able to purchase hundreds of new backpacks each year and fill them not only with the donated canned goods, but with purchased items such as hand warmers, blankets and toiletries. We hope to continue with the goal of giving over 300 backpacks this year, perhaps with a gift certificate to a participating local restaurant so the homeless are able to escape the extreme weather and find some comfort.

As we begin this year's campaign in collaboration with DAMNED and Atelier Gothique, we thank each of you for your past donations and for any future assistance you give to Burners without Borders Detroit. Please know that we can not do what we do without the generous help of people like you.

Danielle ~doxie Kaltz
Burners without Borders Detroit

DAMNED Exhibition

Atelier Gothique