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Social Media Day Detroit 2013

This year Social Media Day Detroit was actually held in the evening, Thursday, June 27 at Motor City Casino. But, maybe the later the better, because this was one well attended event! Hundreds sprawled about through the Soundboard with drinks and business or social cards in hand. There was great food from Little Caesars and info tables were slinging swag. I took some pics and made a few new friends. If you missed out on the fun here are some pics from the event:


MCB at NXNE 2013! by Sue Static; photos by Peter Schorn/

The 19th North By Northeast (NXNE) Festival is known as the "Music, Film, Comedy, Art and Interactive Festival" and this year was the biggest festival yet! The ever-expanding festival has now included Art to its' many offerings, making it a complete audio/visual event!

The Canadian version of sister festival South By Southwest, NXNE was held June 10-16 in over 60 clubs and venues in downtown Toronto. The week of live music featured over 1000 bands, a dozen of independent films, 65 interactive seminars, the second year of comedy showcases, and for the first time ever-art showcases held at various locations around town. And that wasn't all, other features included an indie label record and zine show and a boat cruise. Free concerts in the Yonge - Dundas Square featured music by such eclectic acts as Social Distortion, The National, Billy Talent and Ludacris. Yonge Street, the busiest street in the city, was closed off to accommodate the crowds.

We arrived on Thursday in the nick of time to see the band Social Distortion rock the enthusiastic crowd that braved the rainy weather to watch these early '80s punks play their hits in the Yonge – Dundas Square.

It was then off to bar hop and catch as many bands as possible each night. We checked out the area of Spadina Street, where four clubs were located within walking distance. The first band we saw was local natives the Pow Wows, who played rockabillyish twang at the Silver Dollar, popped next door into the Comfort Zone for a brief minute to witness Blue Hawaii, who performed dark techno in front of a screen flashing video images to the packed club.

Around the corner at Rancho Relaxo, we caught the end of the set by James and Blackburn, another Toronto rock trio that the locals seemed to enjoy, but were a little too prog rock for our tastes. Caught the beginning of the set by The Cheap Speakers whose set unfortunately suffered from a bad sound mix, but the pop quartet soldiered thru it.

Friday night's standouts were the Japanese power trio RoundFace. Led by the awesome guitarist/vocalist Miyuki Hinuma, formerly of the all-female trio Megababe, RoundFace rocked the small crowd at club May. It was too bad more people didn't attend this showcase as RoundFace brought the rock and even delighted the audience with their cover of the Beastie Boys' "You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party)" that had them singing along.

Next up at May was the local band Drugs In Japan who sounded vaguely Fugazish (which is not a bad thing!) with their jazzy guitar-driven tunes.

Traveled over to the Hideout to check out the band Ramona, a power-pop, '80s throwback that had the crowd dancing. Spotted in the audience was Edward Scissorhands(?!) who seemed to be enjoying the music, too.

Upon exiting the club, noticed a few promotional CDs left on the table and snatched one up. The Deadly Hopefuls was the band that played earlier that night, and too bad we missed them as we enjoyed the music we heard. We were surprised at the lack of sampler discs at the shows, conference as even though CDs are passé, it is still a good promotional tool to have.

On the way back to the car, we bumped into another street performance by the band the Lemon Bucket Orkestra (who we stumbled over in the same club two years ago) who emptied the bar onto the street, blocking traffic, while they played their gypsy jazz jams to the many pedestrians who gathered to watch the spectacle.

The night was far from over as the 3am slot at the BLK BOX club was Toronto's premiere Spice Girls tribute act, Wannabe. They delighted the late, late night buzzed crowd with their costumes and choreography and spot-on performances of the pop songs that the Girls made famous in the '90s. I thought it would've been even better if the band were made up of drag queens…

On Saturday we headed down to the Kensington Market area which is now full of clubs and trendy restaurants - a far cry from the desolate, funky little area off of Chinatown that I first visited many years ago. We found the tiny Detour bar where RoundFace from Japan was starting their second set of the festival. With only a few people inside at the start of their set, the small room quickly became crowded as the trio blew away the people that ventured in to see them.

Walked around the corner to the Handlebar which was not conducive to watch a live band at all, it had me wondering if this restaurant/club even hosted bands there. The tiny stage was set way in the back of the restaurant with no decent sight lines at all. The Florida band, Beach Day was taking their time setting up - which left no time to go anywhere else - so we stayed to hear them anyway. This mixed trio played Sixties pop with a Neko Case-sounding vocalist who was being annoyingly coy, so we left to seek out other musical fare.

Headed over to The Painted Lady and were greeted with a packed house, but not for the band. There was plenty of room up front for another Florida band called The Pinz. Their band description was correct in that they played pop punk meets sixties British Invasion bands like The Kinks and The Who. They even played a rousing rendition of "The Kids Are Alright" which made people look up from their smartphones for a moment. It even had one young clueless customer say, "That sounds like a Green Day song!" which made me want to turn around and clock her. They ended their set with another cover of The Beatles "Revolution" that while done well, it's not the best idea to do two covers in your set at any showcase for your band unless you ARE a cover band.

Back to club May, and the second band cancellation of the night, we were assaulted by the one-man band that they called to fill-in. The Rollins meets Iggy wannabe screamed and had a conniption fit over musical backing tapes that had him rolling on tables and pretty much driving the few people either outside or inside to witness his performance. Gotta admit, he gave it his all, whoever he was!

Closed out the night at the Silver Dollar to see The Lost Babies and what a great band to close the night with! This local Toronto act featured a fierce female lead singer and her staunch rock and roll cohorts that rocked the house and even scared a few men in the audience while doing it!

Sunday was spent checking out the new Art showcases that were presented around town. Performance artists and exhibits were going on throughout the festival at Ryerson University Quad, local parks, and at the AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario. Started out viewing rocker Patti Smith's photography exhibit "Camera Solo," a collection of black & white photos she took throughout the years on her Polaroid camera. The photos of gravestones, statues, and various objects and people were hauntingly beautiful and captured her intenseness, much like her music. The exhibit is at the AGO until December 8, 2013. If you are a fan of Smith's or photography you should definitely check it out!

Next up was the multi-media works of Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller called "Lost In The Memory Palace" that took up the entire fourth floor gallery. Each piece of the 'palace' was presented in a different room and the pieces ranged from a soundroom full of speakers, a short film, a slide show, a "storm" room, an opera room, a lost room, and even a "Killing Machine." The works were an audio-visual feast that made me think this is what it must be like inside director David Lynch's head. It had some viewers of 'traditional' art shaking their heads in wonderment and others in awe of every detail and what the artists put forth. In conclusion, the new addition of art to the festival is one I and others will look forward to and catch more of in the years to come.

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of NXNE and will take Toronto one step further in becoming one of the greatest music cities in the world, a campaign they launched at NXNE this year. NXNE 2014 artist and film submissions open in September 2013. Visit NXNE year-round at

Detroit Songbirds


Blakdog and Gurr @JUMBO's Saturday 29th

Blakdog would like to welcome their German friends, Gurr, to Detroit! They are embarking on a rust belt city tour, and what city could they choose that is rustier?!?!?! So we're gonna bring the best rock acts this side of the river and show them how we do in the D!

$5 at the door for touring band. Cheap drinks and loud sounds for your Saturday night --- AT JUMBO'S, SATURDAY 29th (Tomorrow)

Blakdog-River rat rock and roll

Gurr-Buffalo, NY/Berlin, GER counterparts. Femm-rock of the best kind.

Lowest-Detroit acoustic act to open our hearts

Go Tiger, Go!-Poppy punkers from Dearborn Heights!!


Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Fillmore

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
w/Maximum Hedrum
Tommorrow, June 28th, at the Fillmore Theater
$30-45, doors at 7

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an American indie rock band formed in New York City in 2000. The group is composed of vocalist and pianist Karen O, guitarist and keyboardist Nick Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase. They are complemented in live performances by second guitarist David Pajo, who joined as a touring member in 2009 and replaced Imaad Wasif who had previously held this role. According to an interview that aired during the ABC network's Live from Central Park SummerStage series, the band's name was taken from modern New York City vernacular.

The band has recorded four studio albums; the first, Fever to Tell, was released in 2003. The second, Show Your Bones, was released in 2006 and was named the second best album of the year by NME. Their third studio album, It's Blitz!, was released on March 31, 2009 in the US and on April 6, 2009 elsewhere. Their fourth album, Mosquito, was released on April 15, 2013.

Upcoming: Saturday, June 29 at the Corktown Tavern in Detroit- Motor City Shakedown! with White Shag, Circus Boy, The Living Deads, Loudmouth Baby, and Rock N' Rummage

The Motor City Shakedown takes place this Saturday, June 29 in Detroit !
 Featuring performances by:

CIRCUS BOY - Unpredictable punk rock mayhem from these four Detroit rock veterans from the motor city of course! (1:00 am)

WHITE SHAG - This powerhouse rock trio won the award for "Outstanding Hard Rock/Metal Group"at the Detroit Music Awards this year. They have been rocking local stages, kicking ass and taking names with every show they play. (12:00 am)
THE LIVING DEADS - Hailing from Denver, Colorado, this dynamic duo bring their non-traditional rockabilly madness to Detroit on their summer U.S. tour. The duo of Randee McKnight on drums/vocals and Symphony Tidwell on upright bass/vocals (11:00 pm)

LOUDMOUTH BABY - This is the debut show of this all-female Ramones tribute band jamming all your favorite Ramones tunes. Join Titskreig, Cee Cee, Roxy and Tawny Ramone as they sing Gabba Gabba Hey! (10:00 pm)

The local roaming rock n' roll flea market, Rock N' Rummage also joins the fracas in the downstairs bar. Come browse and score some vinyl, a pin-up print, or a cool concert t-shirt amongst hundreds of other items.

The shakedown commences on Saturday, June 29 at 9 p.m. 

at The Corktown Tavern located at 1716 Michigan Avenue in Detroit, 313-964-5103, 
21 & over are welcome and cover is only $5.

Happy Friday Jr! & Weekend Flyer Dump: Betty Cooper - Bootsey X - The Hounds Below - SLAW ART - The Bobby Electric - The Afterburners - Detroit Songbirds


Off and running on yet another MCB vacation starting later today so see you in a few weeks and lets hope the group of slackers we call the MCB crew actually does some work while we are away
Happy Friday Jr!

The Funhouse Gallery presents, The Black White and Red Show - RIC Detroit - Opening Reception June 29th 7-11pm

The Funhouse Gallery presents, The Black White and Red show, a large group show where artists use three colors only to create their works. Similar to old propaganda posters featuring this combination they can create very powerful images. See what this bevy of local and national artists will do with this palette.
Featuring new work by Paolo Pedini

Opening Reception June 29th 7-11pm live music by:
Chad Roberts 8:30pm
Velveteen Rabbit 9:30pm
Volcano & the New Radio Standard 10:30pm

No cover, food and libations available, donation only

Show runs through July, gallery hours Fri 5-9, Sat 2-6, & every third thursday 5-9

The Funhouse Gallery
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay St. Detroit
Building 2, third floor 


Words: Sue Static and Peter Schorn. Photos: Peter Schorn/

MCB was in the audience for the Summer tour of two of the '80s best party bands, the B-52's and The Go-Go's on Tuesday, June 25th at Detroit's Chene Park. The riverfront amphitheater is a great setting for concerts with its backdrop of the Detroit River and Windsor skyline. The venue and staff were great and hopefully the theater will bring more shows like this to the city.

The Go-Go's opened the show and played a set comprised half of songs from their seminal debut album, Beauty and the Beat; a trio from their second release, Vacation; and relegating Talk Show and God Bless The Go-Go's to token status with a mere one tune apiece ("Head Over Heels" and "Unforgiven" respectively). Whether it was the downbeat selection of tunes, heavy on slower, moodier numbers like "Automatic," "Fading Fast," and "Lust To Love, or the tensions within the group which led to bassist Kathy Valentine being booted in March and her suing them accusing of them conspiring to deprive her of her share, it was a surprisingly low-energy show. (I have seen them five times going back to 1984 and this was the first time I'd been disappointed. - PS)

That said, the light early crowd didn't seem bothered and were on their feet dancing to the hits, some even getting invited onstage to twist and frug to "Cool Jerk," their cover of The Capitols' Sixties chestnut. Belinda Carlisle's first solo hit, "Mad About You," and Jane Wiedlin's duet hit with Sparks, "Cool Places," were also played along with The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black." (Purely solo Wiedlin hits like "Rush Hour" or "Blue Kiss" and material from Charlotte Caffey's band The Graces or Gina Schock's House of Schock were also MIA.) The only truly rocking moment was when they whipped into a muscular version of "Rock and Roll All Night" in the middle of the show-closing "We Got The Beat," but by then it was too late. Some more peppy numbers like "Can't Stop The World" (whoops, Kathy Valentine was the sole writer of that), "Turn To You," "I'm The Only One," "The Whole World's Lost Its Head," and "La La Land" would've made for a set with more go-go.

Fill-in bassist Abby Travis was capable in her efforts to fill Valentine's spot, but her hired gun status was subtly illustrated by the weird (and petty) lighting setup which managed to leave her in near-darkness despite being situated on the front line between Belinda and Jane. Tacky and disappointing. And after all these years Carlisle still can't dance as America witnessed after she was eliminated after the first round of the dance competition show Dancing With The Stars.

"The World's Greatest Party Band," the B-52's brought the party to Detroit after a quick stage change-overs. They launched right into their set with "Planet Claire" off their debut album and followed it with their ancient hit "Mesopotamia," that debuted on local airwaves in 1982 by The Electrifying Mojo on his radio show on WGPR. Other hits that had the crowd dancing and singing along included "Private Idaho," "Love Shack," and an encore of "Party Out of Bounds" and their finale of "Rock Lobster" that had the audience in a frenzy.

Unlike The Go-Go's lackluster set, the B-52's after 35 years of performing these campy songs together still looked like they were enjoying themselves up there. The three core members (Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson) look good - especially the GILFtastic Kate Pierson, who at 65 could challenge Helen Mirren for the Miss AARP Senior Cougar crown - and sounded great with the exception of a slightly pitchy "Roam." The crack backing band featuring drummer Sterling Campbell (who also played for David Bowie and Soul Asylum) and bassist Tracy Wormworth (if you've seen the video for The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like," that's her) laid down a rich backing for the set.

A fun time was had by all, despite the downpour that ended the evening and made running back to the distant parking lots a damp dash.

More concerts are scheduled throughout the Summer at Chene Park for ticket information and to view the upcoming summer schedule check out the Chene Park website.


Static presents…Manic Pixie Dream Show! A Night of Burlesque, Music, & Mayhem!

 Join us on Friday, July 12 at 9 pm for a variety show featuring burlesque performances, music and general mayhem when Static welcomes back "The Manic Pixie ShowGirl" Hayley Jane on this special night. Also co-headlining the show is the infamous eclectic performance artist Satori Circus!
Hayley Jane returns to Detroit for her first performance since The Dirty Show last February. This tantalizing performer mixes burlesque and her original music together for a scintillating show. Originally from a tiny town in Pennsylvania, Hayley is "Made in Detroit" and considers the Motor City her adopted home. Her friends and fellow burlesque ladies, Polly Glamorous and Chloe Bowie, along with comedian John Wray will be sharing the stage with her at this show.

Detroit icon Satori Circus - celebrating his 25th Anniversary of performing this September - will be a highlight of the night as well.  Satori Circus is a nationally acclaimed performance artist and recipient of the "Outstanding Live Performance" award in the 2012 Detroit Music Awards. Combining and weaving a myriad of the arts together - music, poetry (lyrics), film, theatre (German Weimer Republic & the absurd), slapstick, vaudeville, cabaret and movement - Satori Circus has carved an interdisciplinary niche out of the Detroit’s underground. Recently SC has been on America’s Got Talent and voted as Detroit’s #1 Theatre Group by Channel 4’s ‘Best of Detroit.’
The show takes place on Friday, July 12 at 10 pm, (9 pm doors) at The Corktown Tavern located at 1716 Michigan Avenue in Detroit; 313-964-5103; $8 cover; 21 & over are welcome.
For more information on Hayley Jane, check out:
For more information on Satori Circus, check out:

Gentle Reminder: Rogue Wave at the Magic Stick

Rogue Wave
Today, at the Magic Stick

Nightingale Floors is the band's fifth studio album.  It's full of the melodic indie-pop that Rogue Wave does best, and this time sees the band exploring meditations on live and death – largely influenced by the loss of frontman Zach Schwartz's father during the writing of the LP.  May sound heavy, but it's not: Zach used the experience to more deeply appreciate life, and Rogue Wave is sounding more confident than ever.


Metric at The Fillmore

June 13th, 2013

Metric made a tour stop in Detroit, and it was part of local radio station 93.9's "Riverfest" at the Fillmore. Shows here start earlier then I'm used to, and are rarely late, so Family of the Year was the only opening act I saw. Their music is sickeningly oversweet, intending to be so nice that even your grandmother would like it. "You bring the ocean / I bring emotion / together we make a love potion / you bring the ocean / I bring emotion / dancing all night in slow motion". The only noteworthy thing to happen in that performance was when the drummer gave his tambourines away to people in the crowd. I hope the band has a big tambourine budget.

Metric took the stage and opened with Artificial Nocturne, the first track from their most recent album. I'm so glad that their new stuff is as good their old stuff. There have been situations where I'd be willing to pay more for a concert just so that I didn't have to hear any awful new material.

Greg the Giant Surfer was there holding up his "This Is A Good Sign" sign. I remember him holding up that sign at the Rustbelt Market during the Ferndale Blowout. I guess that's kind of his thing. Wouldn't the good vibes that sign is supposed to give off be more needed at a place like Detroit City Council meetings? Everyone at a big concert is already in a good mood. (Also, his real name might be Kevin)

The lowest point of the night was having to stand near some Jersey Shore reject. His incessant fist pumping resulted in bringing his elbow down on some poor girl's head.

Every song Metric did sounded crisp and clear. So crisp you might have thought there was lip-synching going on. After leaving the stage the band came back after just a minute for an encore. The performance ended with the acoustic version of Gimme Sympathy. It was just the right song to end everything with a mellow feeling.

Outside people were giving away cans of 10 calorie 7-UP. It tasted sickeningly oversweet, and made me immediately think of Family of the Year.

This post by:
I'm a dork, I live in the Detroit area, and sometimes I take blurry photos on an outdated camera

Coming Thursday is Social Media Day Detroit!

It’s that time of year again when the virtually social part of us gets physical and heads out this Thursday to Motor City Casino for Social Media Day Detroit (SMDD). The theme for this year is “Generation D”  in celebration of the ” "entrepreneurial spirit and personal sense of responsibility Detroiters have taken on," according to organizers.  Guest speakers will include Twitter’s Greg Myrick, Google’s Zafar Razzacki and Mashable’s Neha Shah. The event also brings several local companies informing you on how and why they are connected to Social Media. These companies range from the Fathead, Livio and ePrize to the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings and several others. There will be food,  music and around 1,500 great people to meet and hang out with. Be sure to bring your tablet, there’s free wifi and this is an event you will want to spread the word about.

Social Media Day Detroit is a free event, but you must register here, attendees must be 21 and over to attend. Doors are at 6pm and are planned to wrap up around 10pm. 

The B-52'S and The Go-Go's Summer Tour Lands at Chene Park TONIGHT!

Detroit's premiere Riverfront concert venue, Chene Park kicked off their 2013 concert series in June with a full schedule of music events that will last all summer long! One of the highlights of their series is the co-headline Summer tour of two of the '80s best party bands, the B-52's and The Go-Go's who will perform on Tuesday, June 25th at 8 pm. 

The B-52's earned their title as “The World's Greatest Party Band” after over three decades of creating fun, party pop music and entertaining the masses across the globe, the band celebrated 35 years together in 2011. They have sold over twenty million albums and continue to delight audiences whenever they play with their many hit songs that are still radio staples to this day. Songs such as “Love Shack” and “Rock Lobster” were just two of their quirky dance hits. Expect to dance this mess around when Kate, Cindy and fabulous Fred bring the party to Chene Park.

One of the most successful girl groups ever, The Go-Go's took the pop music world by storm with their hook-filled songs that climbed the charts in the early '80s. Despite parting with bassist Kathy Valentine in March, citing irreconcilable differences, the rest of the lineup, original since 1979 (Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock and Jane Wiedlin) remains intact and continues the celebration, begun last year, marking 30 years since the release of their seminal album Beauty and the Beat, the first Platinum-selling album written and performed by an all-female band. Now in their fifth decade, these ladies still have the beat!

For ticket information and to view the upcoming summer schedule check out the Chene Park website at


Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

It is a big musical week where I am in Rochester, NY as we are 1/3 the way through our Jazzfest. It is a more international and experimental affair that Detroit, for better or worse, but I am having a great time. So far I have seen about 20 different performers including Dr John and Delbert McClinton. Today was a very international day for me seeing artists from Japan (guitarist Hiroya Tsukamoto), Canada (multi-instrumentalist Courtney Pine), Cuba (pianist Alfredo Rodriguez), UK/Sierra Leone (vocalist Michael Mwenso) and Sweden (singer Lina Nyberg) which truly made for a diverse night. I'm looking forward to seeing the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on Thursday which should be a rocking show with that Louisiana flair. I hope you guys have a great week and here are some shows you might want to check out. I am wondering what the Stars and Stripes Festival will be like at Freedom Hill instead of it's usual haunt. Enjoy.

Tuesday (6/25) – B-52’s and Go-Go’s @ Chene Park, The Maine w/A Rocket To The Moon @ the Crofoot

Wednesday (6/26) – David Sanborn @ Chene Park

Thursday (6/27) – Say Anything w/Eisley @ St Andrews Hall, George Benson @ Meadowbrook, Three Dog Night and WAR @ Chene Park, Rascal Flatts w/The Band Perry @ Pine Knob

Friday (6/28) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Fillmore, Collective Soul w/Randy Travis, Amy Gore and King’s X @ Freedom Hill Stars and Stripes Festival

Saturday (6/29) – The Tubes @ Trenton Summer Festival, Emily Rose and Bricktown Station @ PJs Lager House, Puddle Of Mudd and Drowning Pool @ Freedom Hill Stars and Stripes Festival

Sunday (6/30) – O.A.R. @ Meadowbrook, Kool and the Gang @ Freedom Hill Stars and Stripes Festival

Monday (7/01) – She and Him w/Camera Obscura @ Hill Auditorium (Ann Arbor)

Show Preview: CSS and IO Echo Magic Stick Thursday, June 27

After a little hiatus and a lineup change CSS in all their Brazilian glory are headed back to Detroit to play a show that is sure to playfully dazzling. Known in the past for some of their risque songs like "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above," CSS songs contain bits of reggae, punk and dance. Their latest album is Planta was just released a little over a week ago. Included on the album is their single "Hangover," a song that features Tim Armstrong from Rancid.

Warming up the show is IO Echo who have been getting exposure for their song "Outsiders". The band is fronted by Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross who also played in the indie psych band Big Pink. They played here just a few months ago opening for Garbage. I missed that show so I'll definitely be going to this one.

You can catch both bands at the Magic Stick on Thursday, doors are at 8pm.   


One of Detroit's finest singer-songwriters, Audra Kubat recently launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to record and release her new album this Fall. Kubat has been an essential voice in Detroit's folk/acoustic music scene since the '90s. She has released five albums independently to international acclaim and is in the process of finessing songs for her first release in over six years.

Some of the many items that are offered are hand-made limited edition box sets of her previous recordings, guitar lessons, original paintings and exclusive concerts. A ten dollar donation gets you a digital download of the new album once it's released. You can help make this album happen by checking out the project page and sharing it at

UPCOMING: CARAVAN PALACE at The Crofoot Ballroom - Sunday, June 30

“Imagine sashaying into a night club, looking to get down to some thumping electro, only to hear swing music from the 1930s. That's just what you'd hear if you happen into a club where the band Caravan Palace is playing. And if you hang for just a moment ... you'll be dancing.”NPR

The sprawling musical collective known as Caravan Palace are celebrated worldwide for pioneering the sound of electro swing. From their 2009 eponymous debut album, which sold over 150,000 copies (and made them a surprise breakout band from France that year) to their latest album Panic, they have always combined their trademark studio technology with incredible musicianship and infectious onstage energy. This seamless and thrilling fusion of Django Reinhardt / Stephane Grapelli-inspired gypsy jazz with Daft Punk-inspired dance beats and crisp production has justly won them a legion of loyal fans.

This summer Caravan Palace will once again ignite dance floors across the country when they return to North America for a 29-date tour that is not to be missed. To celebrate the tour, the band is also re-releasing their last album, Panic, along with a FREE MP3 of “Clash” (Jupiter Remix), available for download here.
Check them out at the Crofoot Ballroom on Sunday night!

Caravan Palace on Tour this Summer

6/20     Stratton Mountain, VT @ Wanderlust
6/21     Stratton Mountain, VT @ Wanderlust
6/22     Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
6/24     Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
6/25     Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
6/26     New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
6/27     Montreal, PQ @ Montreal Jazz / Club Soda
6/28     Toronto, ONT @ Mod Club

6/29     Detroit, MI @ Crofoot

6/30     Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
7/1       Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar's
7/3       Denver, CO @ Bluebird
7/4       Copper Mountain, CO @ Wanderlust
7/5       Copper Mountain, CO @ Wanderlust
7/14     Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory
7/15     San Diego, CA @ Belly UP
7/16     Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda
7/17     Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theater
7/18     Lake Tahoe, CA @ Wanderlust
7/19     Lake Tahoe, CA @ Wanderlust
7/21     San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's
7/23     Portland, OR @ Star Theater
7/24     Seattle, WA  @ Neumo'e
7/25     Vancouver, BC            @ Rickshaw
7/27     Calgary, ALB @ Calgary Folk Festival
7/30     Edmonton, ALB @ Pawn Shop
8/1       Whistler, BC @ Wanderlust
8/2       Whistler, BC @ Wanderlust

Check out more Caravan Palace right here:


Upcoming: Saturday, June 22- The Ton-Up Music and Motorcycle Festival in Ypsilanti


The Ton-Up Music and Motorcycle Festival is taking place Saturday, June 22 at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti. It's a Bike show for all years, makes, and models. The event is all ages and will include live Bands, Wrestlers, Vendors of all kinds, Door prizes, Food/Ice Cream/Beer, and more !

The festival takes place from 12PM-11PM.

For more information please visit The Ton-Up website HERE.

MCB FLYER DUMP: Bars of Gold, TromaDance Film Festival, Anastasia Gold, LEGGZ by Jackie Rines, NYCHOS and MotorCity Bike Ride

Saturday June 22nd 2013

Snowden at The Loving Touch 6/24

Snowden return in support of a highly anticipated LP, No One In Control, available on Serpents and Snakes.

check out the new video for "So Red" which debuted over at MTV Buzzworthy

Monday June 24th at The Loving Touch in Ferndale Mi.
Doors 8pm

With Special guests The Salt & The Sea
and Jet Rodriguez

FLYER of the WEEK and a few more 10,000th post giveaways - FREE VINYLS FREE TICKETS


Happy summer to you!..we got a few more freebies to roll your way celebrating our 10,000th post on MCB so have a look and email for your chance to win

Alive Natural Sounds kicked in a couple killer vinyls 
from Raw Spitt and Lightnin' Slim

Free tickets and vinyl for the upcoming 
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds 
show at Majestic Detroit on 10/25

Rare double vinyl from our pals over at Goner Records 
from Quintron and Miss Pussycat 
who are heading to Lager House on 10/4

Free tickets and vinyls from Sallie Ford & The Found Sound Outside 
who will playing Magic Stick Detroit on 7/15

Check out theawesome bar fight scene in their video for "Party Kids":