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Foghat & Eddie Kirkland 1977 & 2010.mp4

Randy Newman - Sail Away

Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

The Academy Awards are over and I don’t really care. I haven’t watched a significant part of the awards since “Blame Canada” was nominated for best song and I wanted to see Robin Williams sing the song. Along with the Grammy’s, I never watch the big shows but I do like to see the results and nothing really intrigued me this year except congrats to Randy Newman (“Toy Story 3”) for winning his 2nd award in 20 nominations. This guy went from writing some of the funniest and poignant songs of the 70’s (including “Short People” and numerous songs for artists like Pat Boone, Judy Collins and Everly Brothers) into a cash cow of movie writing, esp for Disney films (his other win was for “Monster’s Inc”).

On a sad note, blues artist Eddie Kirkland was killed in a car accident yesterday at the age of 88. Kirkland toured with John Lee Hooker from 1949-1962 and got the nickname "Gypsy of the Blues" for his rigorous touring schedules which including Callahan’s. One of his daughters is a Detroit police officer. I also noticed William Nicholas Stone Courtney passed away last week. He was a British actor best known for his role as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart on Doctor Who.

Here are some shows coming out to check out.

Wednesday (3/02) – Fefe Dobson @ Hard Rock Café, Gaelic Storm @ Magic Bag, Metrotimes Blowout Pre-Party (featuring Lettercamp, Darling Imperial, Secret Twins and more) @ Magic Stick

Thursday (3/03) – Flogging Molly @ The Fillmore

Friday (3/04) – NOMO @ DIA, Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller @ Clutch Cargos

Saturday (3/05) – Gretchen Wilson @ Caesar’s Windsor, Railroad Earth @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, The Verve Pipe @ Brighton Center For The Performing Arts, Mackinaw Island’s Festival Express (w/Jill Jack and more) @ Magic Bag

Have a good weekend and see you next Monday.

UPDATE: Madhatter Masquerade is CANCELED

The Masquerade party scheduled for this weekend at the Music Hall has been canceled.

That is all.

Le Cirque Détroit, The Greatest Show on Earth! - Opens Saturday March 19th

You are invited to

Le Cirque Détroit
The Greatest Show on Earth!

Show opening March 19th
(celebrating Rebecca's Birthday)

Featuring the wonderful art of:
Designs by RebeccaMich
Michelle Lieberman
Amy Palomar
Esther Izraelewicz
Audrey Pongracz
Scharolette Kay Chappell
Cynthia Demkiw

Food - Drinks - Fun

Sideshow Acts from Vj Strokenfold and Detroit Dubstep DJ Matt Clarke!

Show begins at 8pm
$5 cover after 10pm

The Gateway Gallery
14701 W. 11 Mile Road

JUST ANNOUNCED: Electric Forest Festival









Live music pioneers The String Cheese Incident (3 performances) and the trailblazing Dutch DJ Tiësto will top the bill at the inaugural Electric Forest at the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan on June 30 through July 3, 2011. Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 5 at noon EST at


Also on the bill are Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Stephen Marley, Shpongle Presents The Shpongletron Experience, Railroad Earth, Laidback Luke, JJ Grey & Mofro, Excision, The New Deal, EOTO, Emmitt-Nershi Band, Skrillex and many more. 

Electric Forest is also excited to introduce the festival’s first annual Saturday Afternoon Special - a mid-festival event within the event - featuring very special guests, legendary American rock band REO Speedwagon. A complete list of confirmed artists follows. More acts will be announced in the coming months.

For Electric Forest’s inaugural year, the musical line-up - and in many ways, the festival itself - is an evolution of the headliner’s most spirited and theatrical past live events. With a diverse and inspired program of influential bands and artists, both established and new, in every genre, it’s evident that a similar creative force is propelling Electric Forest forward as has pulled along The String Cheese Incident for so many years. It’s the force of imagination and rectitude. As The String Cheese Incident’s Keith Moseley explains, “For SCI, we’ve always tried to honor our many musical influences, both individually and as a collective, and then do it in the most celebratory way. This festival definitely feels like the ultimate manifestation of all that energy, and the location, well, you just can’t beat it.”

Indeed, Electric Forest is graced with one of the country’s most beloved festival sites. Hosted at the one-of-a-kind Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan, the unique site offers trails, forests, fields, lakes and beach fronts, and even on-site lodging, bars and eateries. In addition, Electric Forest patrons can take advantage of the resort’s many amenities including a 60,000 square foot indoor water park, an 18-hole championship golf course, swimming pools, horseback riding, and more.

The festival’s unrivaled GOOD LIFE VIP experience promises something for all budgets and tastes, from camping and RV spots, to log cabins and homes, to resort hotel-style suites – all located on the festival grounds. 

Brought to life by Madison House Presents and Insomniac Events, Electric Forest promises to emerge as a new breed of U.S. music and camping festival. In addition to almost 60 musical performances, look for state-of-the-art, jaw-dropping light displays, intricate and earthy artful touches, and everything in between. As festival producer Jeremy Stein of Madison House Presents explains, “Our goal is to seamlessly integrate music with art, and we are proud to host a conscious and involved festival community at such an amazing festival site. The site’s Sherwood Forest will be bigger and better than ever.” Electric Forest will make sustainable practices a priority, as with all MHP events. 

Continue to visit the Electric Forest website for ongoing updates.

Electric Forest’s complete list of confirmed performers is as follows: 

The String Cheese Incident (3 Shows) 



Pretty Lights

REO Speedwagon

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Stephen Marley


Shpongle Presents The Shpongletron Experience

Railroad Earth

Laidback Luke

JJ Grey & Mofro


The New Deal


Emmitt-Nershi Band


Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

Toubab Krewe

Bonobo (DJ Set)

Beats Antique

Big Gigantic

Chiddy Bang



Eliot Lipp

Paper Diamond

The Infamous Stringdusters

Zion I & The Grouch

Greensky Bluegrass

Feed Me

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

The Beautiful Girls (Acoustic)

12th Planet

The Pimps of Joytime




Break Science

The Macpodz



The Hood Internet


Two Fresh


The Treasures



Panic Bomber

Dragon Wagon

Additional acts to be announced in the coming months.

Tickets on sale Saturday, March 5 at 12:00 noon EST at and at 1-888- 512-SHOW (Open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm CDT).

Breathe Owl Breathe and Yann Tiersen

February 23, Crofoot Ballroom

I first heard Breathe Owl Breathe last December. It was Noel Night, and the only thing my friend had picked out amongst the events (I was geeked out over the planetarium) was Breathe Owl Breathe at the Scarab Club. I had never heard of the band, but I'd always wanted an excuse to walk around in that building. Lucky for me, my friend wasn't one of the people who become insufferable when you say you haven't heard of a band. "You haven't heard of (band name)? How can you have possibly not heard of (band name)?". That shit gets old, doesn't it? The crowd they drew completely filled up the first floor of the Scarab Club. That kind of really tight packed in situation where you can smell at least 4 people at once. Ann Arbor was heavily represented that night, so that meant I was smelling a lot of patchouli. The band made a great impression on me, so I just had to go to The Crofoot on Wednesday for a chance to see them again.

Doors opened at 8, and the band must have started exactly at 9, because Breathe Owl Breathe was already going when got there at 9:05. What's with people being on time all of sudden? I'm not used to this. Breathe Owl Breathe were just as great as I remembered. They're able to take something as simple as the desire to swim, and turn that into a great song. Micah tends to look down at the floor with his eyes barely open, but yet he seems to really like interacting with the crowd. I'd say it's clearly a part of their regular performance. The only thing that I thought was missing was perhaps a song or two where Andrea sings lead.

If I had been told the Breathe Owl Breathe were the only band to perform that night, I wouldn't have complained a bit. To my surprise, they weren't even the headliner. They were touring with Yann Tiersen, a minimalist/avant-garde composer. He's French, but not the stuck-up kind, who knows English but pretends not to. Most of the music was instrumental, with Tiersen playing a violin. It wasn't aimless or wandering, as some instrumental music tends to be. His music always felt like it had a purpose, and that it was leading somewhere. Neither of the bands are the type that feel they have to crank everything up to 11 in order to compensate for something they lack. They leave enough room so that their crescendos have somewhere to go, and can really impact you.


FREE TICKETS: Guitar Wolf - Magic Stick fuckers! 5/18

I dont think Guitar Wolf has played the states in a while
(old post on MCB)
other than a recent showing at The Burton Theatre so without checking I am just going to go there and let you know to buy a ticketor win a pair here on MCB
you wont regret it
email for you chance to win

its a ways out so dont expect a response anytime soon

which means buy your tickets and if you win take some pals
to one of the best night of your short life


Origix & D.C. Live This Saturday The 26th with The R.O.C., Ikkurruz & More @ The Rack N Roll

Metrotimes Blowout 2011 Giveaway and Preview

Metrotimes Blowout 14 is next week, and Motorcityblog has a few admission bracelets to give away. Send an email to for your chance to win.

Now for our Blowout preview. Certain to be just as partial and uninformed as all the others:

First, I feel that I should disclose that I’m completely insufferable during the Blowout weekend. I’ll show up with a friend to see a band, and the second after they’re done I’ll say “Okay, we’ve got to leave right now so that we don’t miss the beginning of Carjack”, and their response is often “I’m only halfway through my rum and coke”. I may decide to ditch them at this point.

Second, I have to disclose that I use a lot of location bias when deciding what to see. I’m likely to skip an act I might otherwise choose to see just because they’re playing a venue that’s more on the geographical fringe of Hamtramck. I like Kelly’s Bar, and they have the best burgers around, but covering the distance to a place that isn’t near any other venue makes it harder for me to maximize my listening experience.

Third, I over-think my personal scheduling of Blowout activities. I in no way expect any one else to try to pack in as many bands as I do. My drinking for the extended weekend will be limited, if at all, so I have no qualms about driving between venues.

Fourth, for bands that I decide to take a chance on, and have never seen before, I’m often making a hasty decision based on a few songs I heard on their MySpace page or whatever. I may end up being just as turned off by them as you will.

Opening night pre-party at the Magic Stick and Garden Bowl. I completely skipped this night last year because they keep paring it down. The Majestic Theater is no longer a part of this night. This year you have to choose between a D.J. at the Garden Bowl, or bands that alternate sides of the room in the Magic Stick. You’re not forced to make any tough choices here, so I really don’t need to say a whole lot about this night. For me the best act of that night’s schedule is Lettercamp. I first saw them at the Loving Touch during the DIY Fest in 2009 and thought they were the most over-hyped thing I’d heard all year. Saw them again 6 months later at the Blowout and they were the highlight of the night. I told everyone who would listen to me rant that they should have been there for Lettercamp.

8:40 - I’m going to start by trying Over Macho Grande, at Kelly’s, with Murder in the Dark at Painted Lady as a backup. I like to have alternatives preselected in the event I’m turned off by something.
9:00 – If I can’t stand either of the two previously mentioned bands, I’ll go to Atlas to see Cheat Sheet.
9:20 – New Dodge Lounge. I once saw Prussia several years ago at Small’s on a Tuesday night. This was so long ago that one of the openers, Lightning Love, was still going by the name Minor Planets. I just happened to already be in the place because I was there for ballroom dancing lessons (yeah, that’s right, ballroom dancing, the classes were free and we should all expand our horizons, so fuck you) so I figured I’d stick around and see if anyone was any good. I thought Minor Planets were catchy, and I enjoyed hearing the father one of the guys from Murder Mystery tell me stories about the Grande Ballroom back in the day, but I just wasn’t feeling it with Prussia. Last October I saw them perform as The Pixies at The Crofoot for a Halloween show, and decided that maybe I should give them a second chance.
10:00 – Belmont. Charlie Slick revels in his goofy electro-pop and so should you. I’m glad he’s playing at this central location, close to several other venues.
10:20 – Once Charlie Slick is done, I think I might stop in at Baker’s Streetcar and check out Brian Rottar. Mostly because of convenient location and timing. No offense.
10:40 – As I kill time waiting for 11:00, I think I’ll try out Patrick Davy & The Ghosts at Whiskey in the Jar, which is located directly behind…
11:00 – Mars Bar. Banxx seems very promising.
11:20 – Baker’s Streetcar. I wasn’t all that into Sheefy McFly & The Deloreans when I saw them before, but the cosmos have also put this act in a time and place that I find convenient.
11:40 – Whiskey in the Jar. I might as well come back here and try Skeleton Birds as I wait for…
12:00 – Mars Bar. Marco Polio & The New Vaccines is band that all of you must see. I don’t think of myself as a music snob, but if this band were to call it quits, and you never got around to seeing them, I would ridicule you. They have one of my favorite lines “If I were a ghost, I wouldn’t even want to haunt you”. They know how to get a crowd engaged like nobody else. Sadly, I will have to miss out on Illy Mack, who I also really like, because they’ll be playing at the same time over at Small’s.
12:20 – Gates of Columbus. After Marco Polio has completely finished (I won’t cut them short), I’m going to check out JSB Squad. I’ve heard their name so many times, but I’ve never gotten around to checking them out.
Late night – Songs from the Moon have the distinction of being the only band with a 12:40 start time, over at Whiskey in the Jar. Entrails has the honor of being the only band starting at 1:20 over at Paycheck’s. If I’m not exhausted by the time JSB is over I might gather up the ambition to see one of these acts. How bad could a band named Entrails really be?

9:20 – Paycheck’s for Phantasmagoria. Or Eleanora at Baker’s. Whichever one I see, it’ll be the first time I’ve seen them. Probably Phantasmagoria though.
9:40 – Belmont. Kelly Jean Caldwell.
10:20 – Baker’s Streetcar for Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment. Psych-rock that manages to keep up the pace.
10:40 – Belmont for Aran Ruth. Trippy mellow music that even the most discerning stoner will appreciate. Not that you have to be stoned to appreciate Aran Ruth, but you’ll take it in better when you’re relaxed.
11:20 – Kelly’s. I’m willing to hop in my car and drive to Kelly’s in order to witness the awesome spectacle of Carjack. You should be too.
12:00 – Columbus. Odd Hours, which I believe has one of the members from Sex Ghost, plays in the lounge, while Kickstand Band plays in the hall. I’ll go back and forth. I really don’t understand why the start times for the hall and lounge at Gates of Columbus aren’t staggered for this night. Without that I’m less likely to be spending time there all together. It’s nice knowing that between acts on one stage, you can walk down the hall and see an act going on in another.
12:20 – Skipper’s. I have no idea who the Mythics are, but they’re playing across the street from Gates of Columbus, so I’ll check in on them while I wait for…
1:00 – The Hard Lessons at Columbus Hall. This is supposed to be their last show for a while. I’ve seen them play several times, and they’ve never given a half-assed performance.

9:20 – Kelly’s for Golden. Sounds like they have a trippy folk thing going on. Worth a try.
9:40 – Belmont. If I leave Kelly’s a bit early, I’ll over to The Belmont to try out Atacama. They consider themselves to be progressive rock. Normally when a band describes themselves like that, it typically means they’re in love with the smell of their own farts. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. If I don’t like it, I’ll go a block over to Whiskey in the Jar to see Roofbeam Rye.
10:20 – Back to Kelly’s to take a chance on The Ashleys.
10:40 – Mars Bar to see Robin Parrent for the first time. Jeremy Porter & The Tucos play 20 yards away at Whiskey in the Jar, providing a convenient alternative.
11:20 – Old Empire at Columbus Lounge. I think from this point on I’ll probably be spending the rest of the night cris-crossing Conant.
11:40 – The Perennials at Skipper’s. Another band I’ll be hearing for the first time.
12:00 – The Parting Gifts at Columbus Hall. I’ve never heard of them, but they’re getting the big room, so they must have impressed somebody.
12:20 – Columbus Lounge. Electric Fire Babies. They’re a high energy act that I refuse to miss out on.
12:40 – Skipper’s. I’ll run across the street to see a few minutes of Rogue Satellite. I won’t leave Fire Babies early, and I don’t want to miss…(although if you’re in the vicinity of Mars Bar around this time, you should see Fur. Saw them for the first time at last year’s Blowout at Atlas Bar.)
1:00 – Columbus Hall. The Detroit Cobras. I’ll never get sick of them. A certain friend who’s not from around here (you know who you are) is getting dragged to this. Friends don’t let friends miss out on The Gories, and they also don’t let them miss out on The Detroit Cobras. If it wasn’t for the Cobras, I would probably be at Baker’s to see Macrame Tiger. Last year they played at an unofficial Blowout afterparty over at Sparklewood. A great time.
1:20 – Paycheck’s. If the Detroit Cobras are unplugged before 2, I might try to make it to Paycheck’s in time to see Lord Scrummage. They’re one of those groups that we all had to hear about so many times, to the point that many of us just avoided the band because we were so sick of hearing about them. Maybe I should finally get around to giving them a chance.

THIS WEEK at the Burton Theater

Here is what you can catch at The Burton Theatre this week!

Monday, Feb 28 · 8:00 PM

A very special screening of the classic films ROBOCOP I and II to celebrate our coming statue. There will be a limited edition custom designed poster on hand as well.

Recommended donation of $5 -- all proceeds go to the awesome Alternatives for Girls who help at-risk girls in New Detroit.

Also showing:
(1989/MEXICO/ITALY. Dir: Alejandro Jodorowsky.  HD Digital)

A young man is confined in a mental hospital. Through a flashback we see that he was traumatized as a child, when he and his family were circus performers: he saw his father cut off the arms of his mother, a religious fanatic and leader of the heretical church of Santa Sangre.

· Fri · Feb 25 · 7:00 PM
· Fri · Feb 25 · 9:30 PM
· Fri · Feb 25 · 11:59 PM
· Sat · Feb 26 · 6:00 PM
· Sat · Feb 26 · 8:30 PM
· Sat · Feb 26 · 11:00 PM
· Sun · Feb 27 · 4:00 PM
· Sun · Feb 27 · 6:30 PM
· Sun · Feb 27 · 9:00 PM
· Wed · Mar 2 · 8:00 PM

Wild At Heart movie review = Housemaid

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Here in the US, it is hard to really find Korean cinema but the 1960 film “The Housemaid” by director Kim Kiyoung is considered one of the top 3 Korean films of all time so it only makes sense that someone would try to remake it in a more contemporary setting. The original deals with a middle class composer who hires a housemaid when his wife gets pregnant. So after her hiring, she starts showing erratic behavior and eventually is pregnant with the composer’s baby. Things start to get to the point where lives are at stake. The ending is one of those is wonderful 60’s fashion that states “this is just the sort of thing could happen to anyone”. In the 2010 remake, director Im Sang-soo (famous for the controversial “The President's Last Bang”) tries to recapture what made the original so wonderful.

Like so many remakes, sometimes the setting is what makes something so special. While the original takes place in a middle class setting, Sang-soo decided to set his remake in an upper class family which detracts just a bit from the power of the story. After all, there are many films of how the super rich treat their servants badly (I just watched the Japanese film “In The Realm Of The Senses” which is a more sexual and over-exaggerated version of this type of story but has a similar feel). I think the middle class setting of the original makes this a more interesting story since it is closer to the average person’s life.

That is not to say this film doesn’t have its merits. The remake puts the film more on the housemaid role (played by Jeon Doyeon) as a naive woman who gets the opportunity to put her studies in child development into the practical use as maid/nanny for a wealthy family. We have a senior maid who gives her advice but doesn’t fully warm up to her, the pregnant trophy wife who doesn’t fulfill her husband’s sexual needs, the young female child who the young maid bonds with and the husband with wandering eyes. As expected, the husband makes advances on the housemaid who responds favorably and becomes obsessed with him sexually, eventually getting pregnant and refusing to get an abortion. After being fired, she can’t let go and problems ensue.

The weak part of the film is with the poor character development. Doyeon is a great actress but her character transformation doesn’t seem to follow a logical progression from struggling student to demented housemaid and could use a little more development at the start of the film so we can really get a good grasp of who she is and why she might transform to who she is by film’s end. The film’s secondary characters, esp Yoon Yeo-jeong as the elder maid, are very good and the stylized look of the cinematography is excellent (something the young filmmaker has showcased in his few films so far) but the film really leaves you wanted more.

I would definitely say you are better off with the original 60’s version of the film, but the remake is good enough to let you appreciate what it tries to do. Im Sang-soo is setting himself up, along with Bong Joon-ho (The Host), Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Thirst) and Kim Ki-duk (3-Iron) as one of the Korean film directors that are putting out stylized Korean films that are getting noticed in the West and showing their cinema is just as fresh as Japan and China.

My grade for this film is a C+.

FREE SHOW: Parachute - Winter Icebreaker AfterParty at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit - Sat 2/26

looking for some free music and fun this weekend?

Hard Rock Cafe Detroit Hosts 93.9 The River's Winter Icebreaker After Party
Featuring Parachute Feb. 26th 2011
After Party will offer FREE performance by Parachute

Parachute will perform live at Hard Rock Café Detroit for 93.9 The River's
Official Winter Ice Breaker After Party.
The party immediately follows 93.9 The River's Winter Icebreaker concert
performance by David Gray at the Detroit Opera House.

Saturday, Feb. 26
10:30 p.m.
FREE and open to all ages.
Parking is also FREE at the Compuware Parking Garage on Farmer.

Hard Rock Cafe Detroit
45 Monroe
Detroit, MI

Sketch Session - Scarab CLub Detroit - Saturdays 10am

Popularly known at the club as “sketch classes”, these non-instructional, drop-in opportunities for artists to draw and paint from live models welcome all artists. Drop in and join us!
Bring a pad of drawing paper or stretched canvas
and your favorite drawing and/or painting supplies.

Costume Model
Free to members &
students with current ID.
Non-members $7

Model: Delphine

MORE FREE TICKETS: Aaron Lewis Solo Acoustic Tour - SOUNDBOARD Motorcity Casino - 3/3/2011

man we love fridays here at MCB - we come in late and leave early and almost always have a great ticket giveaway for you before we split for the weekend
email to enter to win a pair of tickets for the upcoming Aaron Lewis show over at the SoundBoard who really takes care of the MCB winners with top notch killer seats

include full name and tele#
SoundBoard has a number of interesting show on the horizon including
The Ultimate Girls Night Out which we will be hooking up the ladies on soon
Aaron Lewis
Thursday, March 03, 2011
8:00 PM
Buy tickets online

LIMITED TIME OFFER - $10 OFF Aaron Lewis Tickets!
Follow the ticket link and use code word "Lewis"


DWMC [Detroit Winter Music Conference] - March 25 - 28

The Detroit Winter Music Conference is a three day event being held at the White Star Night Club in Hamtramck March 25th-27th.
Still considering spending hundreds of dollars to go to Ultra? Consider no further! Why spend $200-$500 plus travel expenses to hear good music when you can stay local and do the same? Can't afford Ultra? We got your need to party covered! Stay ...local and check out Detroit's own Winter Music Conference! Just as much fun and a fraction of the cost of Ultra! With a sick line up and an amazing venue, D.W.M.C. is guaranteed to satisfy your EDM needs covering an eclectic spectrum of genres such as Fidget House, Jungle, Dubstep, DnB, Electro, Techno, IDM, Trip Hop, Industrial, Experimental, Nu Disco, Classic House, Drumstep, Trance, & all other forms of electronic music!

Advance 3 day $20.00 Presales avalible at Detroit Threads , Zoologic, Rob Messerschmidt, Toad & Doc Colony! Limited time only!

Presented By: DAT SLIK, PLURfect, Division X Records, Sucker Punch, & AV Entertainment.

100% Legit Venue with 2 full bars and proper permits and licenses.

3 nights, 2 Rooms, & 60 DJ's & Live acts! Lasers, Lights, & Video graphics!

$25.00 18+

Also at Threads Detroit & Record Time Roseville (Available Soon)

$10.00 18+

Do not miss this festival!

◄◄◄ Line Up ►►►

*** N-TER ***
Electro / Ghettotech / Techno

Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia is the world's leading force in Electro. Born in 1981 in a small town named Osijek, Bojan Jascur aka N-ter has been producing hit after hit since 1999 and is a true Electro Activist. His debut release "Egoboo Bits" was the first record of its type to come out of Croatia and led to the creation of the Crobot Crew. Originally formed with his partner DJ Xed, the Crobot Crew and Crobot Muzik were founded by N-ter to promote the Electro and Ghettotech sounds throughout Eastern Europe.

Crobot Muzik found immediate success through their critically acclaimed releases and garnered the attention of the Heavyweights in the industry who continuously play and chart their music. Since then, N-ter has released his original music on some of the world's leading record labels. From his A.U.X. 88 remixes on Puzzlebox Records to his original selections on Twilight 76, Databass, Diggarama, Sonic Walker, Drivecom and Subsonic Device, N-ter's production work is in high demand. He has done remixes for A.U.X.88, DJ Godfather, Exzact, Paul Blackford and the Autonomous Bassheads to name a few. His latest release "This is my Life" is one of the feature tracks on the world renown Street Sounds Record label out of the UK and has been topping the Electro Charts as the number one Electro song on the airwaves.

As a DJ, Bojan's skills on the turntables are unmatched and have risen him to international status. Since 2003, N-ter has had toured Europe and Asia continuously while still finding time to Headline major Events in Detroit and Miami as both a DJ and as a Live Act performing his distinct sound on stage for all to see. To expand on future projects, N-ter has created the Electro duoTellefunk as well as starting the new record label Elecrtro bass. These 2 projects give him an even larger ability to focus on Electro music and his mission of spreading Electro to all four corners of the planet.
Jimmy Edgar / !K7 / WARP

Jimmy Edgar's music is like the aural equivalent of those mid-'80s "sexy robot" airbrushed pop art posters by Hajime Sorayama -- the sound of a sleek digital future when machines have the same erotic desires as human beings. A postmodern polymath who also built a successful career as a graphic artist, photographer, and fashion designer, Edgar was born on August 10, 1983 in Detroit and manifested a love for music at an early age, learning to play saxophone and drums, gigging in local bands, and experimenting with making electronic music. His elder brother was a music promoter, and at the tender age of 15 he found himself DJing in strip clubs and "whorehouses" alongside techno legends Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May. His first track was released by the respected German label Poker Flat in 2002, when he was just 19 years old.

Cozmic Spore (LIVE) / Cozmic Spore Records

The Cozmic Spore alter ego was created in 1996 and a new dimension in techno began. Evil frequencies were born and bred by the Cozmic Spore on the famous Seismic Records Detroit record label in 1998 to the year 2007 but is now no longer alive and kicking.
So starts a new era. With the creation of Cozmic Spore Records in 2008, alien soundwaves will once again grace this planet.

T.Linder / DTM/ Bang tech 12

A veteran DJ with more than ten years of experience under his belt; Detroit native, T.Linder has done his homework and paid his dues.


Dan Guzman / DonJuanDaBoogie

Sub_Urban feat. The Nyhylist (LIVE) / Division X Records

Donald Whan / 313 Hardcore

Gusto (LIVE/DJ) / NightSneak / Division X Records

Hady Basha / Spin Detroit

C Phear / Dubatomic /

Jehf Banks / Hijacked Records/Cultured Citizens/LP Events

Jesse James / NightSneak

Zoologic DAT SLIK / Division X Records / PLURfect


S.P.Chase ( Grand Rapids )

Satta Don Dada / Snake Pillage Records

Vince Piascik / LP Events

3ggh3ad Hardcore 313 / Tear Drop Productions

A Plain White Wrapper (LIVE) / Division X Records

Audible / PLURfect

Beat Bakery (LIVE) / Division X Records

Brian Grimes / Illicit Detroit

Impulse / AV Entertainment


Danny K / Hardcore 313

Schizometric / Monster Club Records / Division X Records

DJ Beaver / PLURfect

John B / Detroit Exposure


Ekem / SuckerPunch! Productions / DDP

Enjoi / SuckerPunch! Productions / DDP

EPROM Colony (LIVE) / Division X Records

Ethan Stevens / PLURfect


Frizzil / Sonic Synergy Productions (Battle Creek)

Function 13 (LIVE) / Division X Records

Gh0sT / AV Entertainment / Detroit House Collective

House Bears / DAT SLIK

Hypnothesis (LIVE) / Division X Records

ImOnAsid / Way Too Tangy Productions

StyluSoul (Soul:R Sound System - Akron, OH) - DnB

INDSCY4 (LIVE) / Division X Records / Cozmic Spore Records

Item9 / Illegal Subs (Lansing)

Jay Biggs / Cultured Citizens

Messerschmidt (LIVE) / Division X Records

Mikodin DAT SLIK / Bullet Proof DJs

Minor State / Dirty Beatz Productions (GRAND RAPIDS)

Mirash Gojcaj & Ross Regits / Spin Detroit

Mr. Shed (Kalamazoo Destruct / Bumpcafe)

Nunca Duerma (K-Zoo)

Nyarlathotep (LIVE) / Division X Records / Placenta Recordings

Pontoon Joe / LP Events


DJ A sharp/Jase 1 (Tag Set) 313 VINYL TECHNICIANS

Richrock DAT SLIK / Bullet Proof DJs

Ryan Village / DDP

Tony Lamar ( Hardcore 313/ Sucker punch)

Zak Alcodray / Spin Detroit

Abrol / lMINTEC/Livio Radio

Sierra/ Night Sneak

Additional Sound/Lasers/Lighting: DAT SLIK, Division X Records

Cupcake Photography will Be capturing all the Greatness

Live Recording By: Division X Records

Time Slots:

Friday – Room 1
8 PM – Audible
9 PM – House Bears
10 PM – Vince Piascik
11 PM – Gusto
12 AM – Jimmy Edgar
1 AM – Satta Don Dada
2 AM – Donald Whan
3 AM – Schizometric

Friday – Room 2
8 PM – Fauxtron
9 PM – DJ Beaver
10 PM – Minor State
11 PM – DJ A Sharp/Jase 1
12 AM – Brian Scott
1 AM – Jesse James
2 AM- Danny K.
3 AM – C Phear

Saturday – Room 1
12 PM – Function 13
2 PM – Nyarlathotep
3 PM – Gh0sT
4 PM – Ekem
5 PM – Mikodin
6 PM – S.P. Chase
7 PM – Enjoi
8 PM – Jehf Banks
9 PM – Messerschmidt
10 PM – Sub_Urban feat. The Nyhylist
11 PM – T. Linder
12 AM – N-Ter
1 AM – Zoologic
2 AM – StyluSoul
3 AM – Tony Lamar

Saturday – Room 2
12 PM – Hypnothesis
1 PM – A Plain White Wrapper
2 PM – Jay Biggs
3 PM – Zak Alcodray
4 PM – Mirash Gojcaj & Ross Regits
5 PM – Ethan Stevens
6 PM – ImOnAsid
7 PM – Frizzil
8 PM – Richrock
10 PM – Nunca Duerma
11 PM – Mr. Shed
12 AM – Dan Guzman
1 AM – Item9
2 AM – Impulse
3 AM – Hady Basha

Sunday – Room 1
2 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
3 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
4 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
5 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
6 PM – Rob Lloyd
7 PM - EPROM Colony
8 PM – Joe Gize
9 PM – John B.
11 AM – Cozmic Spore
12 AM – Abrol
1 AM – Pontoon Joe

Sunday – Room 2
2 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
3 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
4 PM – Open ½ Hour Set
5 PM – Zoologic
6 PM – Dr. Disko Dust
7 PM – Beat Bakery
8 PM – 3ggh3ad
9 PM – Ryan Village
10 PM – Sierra
11 AM – Dj RaWWave - Disko Raw
12 AM – Dublee
1 AM - Brian Grimes

Detroit Artists Market Annual Scholarship and Exhibition Program - Friday 3/4/2011

Detroit Artists Market announces its Annual Scholarship and Exhibition Program, this year honoring Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate students.

The exhibition will present works by nine finalists, three of which will receive scholarship awards. Along with the student finalists, the exhibit will feature artwork by select alumni.

Members Preview: Friday, March 4, 2011 6pm – 7pm

Public Reception: Friday, March 4, 2011 7pm – 10pm

Scholarship Exhibition will run through Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gallery Talk: Saturday, April 9, 2pm – 4pm

Gallery Hours: Tues. – Sat., 11am – 6pm

Student Finalists:

Celia Butler

Sara Holweda

Younghee Hong

Jae Yun Hwang

Eui Kyung Lee

June Lee

Rustin McCann

Shanna Merola

James Payne

Detroit Artists Market

4719 Woodward Ave.

Detroit, MI 48201


You missed the FREE VINYL from The Witches? Catch them Live at Smalls Hamtramck tomorrow Friday 2/25/2011

The Witches
wsg/ Hi Speed Dubbing & The Make
Friday Feb 25th 2011

Get to this show and pick up a copy of the just released new yellow vinyl

Glenn Barr Art Opening at Flip, Saturday 2/26/2011

Flip Salon in Ferndale is hosting an exhibition of selected works by Glenn Barr this Saturday. They've promised to serve wine and tidbits for the occasion. Whatever tidbits are...

7-10 P.M.
251 W. 9 Mile Rd.
Ferndale MI 48220

Ferndale Library Reopens

After being closed since a flood on Thanksgiving weekend, the Ferndale Public Library finally reopened this week.

I don't say this because I think that Ferndale is the capital of all that is hip in Michigan. This is noteworthy because the Ferndale Public Library has the best collection of local music that I know of. What other library would have The Silent Years, The Hard Lessons, Great Lakes Myth Society, Lightning Love, The Oscillating Fan Club, Old Empire, Darling Imperial, Deastro, and Zoos of Berlin?

In related news, they're offering a general amnesty for any overdue material until March 7.  So now would be a good time to return that copy of Clockwork Orange that you failed to bring back when you were 15.

Nicole Atkins & The Black Sea, Sunday 2/27/2011, at the Magic Stick

Another touring act has been nice enough to not neglect Detroit. Nicole Atkins & The Black Sea play the Magic Stick this Sunday. Cotton Jones opens.

$10 in advance, $12 at the door. Doors open at 8. All ages.

(She really starts to belt it out at 1:05)

The Way It Is - Nicole Atkins


For just $5 a whole night of Punk Rock fun. If you're not there, you'll be missing out.

The Ritz in Warren
23000 Hoover rd.
Just South of 10 mile
Warren, MI


FREE TICKETS: Glassjaw - Majestic Theatre Detroit - 3/5

email to enter to win a pair of tickets to Glassjaw

Tidal Arms & These People
Saturday, March 5, 2011
Majestic Theatre Detroit
8PM * $20/25 * AA

THIS WKEND: Motor City Tattoo Expo

16th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo
Feburary 25th - 27th 2011

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Renaissance Center Downtown Detroit Mi. 48265
Phone 313 568-8000 for room reservations
Web address:
more info:

Hours of Convention
Friday: Noon - 11:00pm
Saturday 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM

1 day pass - $20
2 day pass - $30
weekend pass - $40
kids 14 and younger no charge

Welcome to the 16th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo.This year if you haven't already checked out our artists list please do and you will see once again we have brought in the best of the best tattoo artists in the industry. Also by clicking on the artists names you will be hyperlinked to their web site so you can view there work and also get a contact number or email address if you would like to contact them to pre book an appointment with them. We also have a special guest artist attending this years convention. Corey Miller formely from LA Ink will be attending and working this years convention so be sure to stop by Corey's booth and check him out. We hope all of you attending our convention  enjoy it and find the right artist you are looking for and thank all of you for attending and making the Motor City Tattoo Expo  one of the best tattoo conventions in the USA.

Any comments or questions please send to

Check the website for guest artists, seminar info and more.

Haste The Day - Magic Stick Detroit - Sat 2/26 ALL AGES SHOW


Dum Dum Girls at the Magic Stick, Friday 2/25/2011 with Minks and Dirty Beaches

The Dum Dum Girls chose not to believe what everyone says about Detroit, and they've made it a part of their current tour.

Named in honor of the Vaselines' album Dum-Dum, and the Iggy Pop song Dum Dum Boys. They're currently signed with Sub Pop.

Opening for them are Minks and Dirty Beaches.

Friday, 02/25/2011 at the Magic Stick. Doors at 8. $10 advance, $12 at the door. All ages.

Finnish Metal! by DC-in-Detroit

DC is a longtime contributor to the MCB.
She can be reached at [at]

Finnish Metal Tour 2011
20 February 2011
Blondies Detroit

When I saw the lineup for the Finnish Metal Tour, I knew I wanted in. I admit I don't know much about metal in general, and even less about the Finnish subgenre, but the way I see it, when Finntroll invites you to a party, you GO.

The show was relatively early, 6pm on a Sunday, and I was occupied in the house all day anyway, knowing I'd have plenty of time to get there. And then it happened. At about 2.30 in the afternoon, the snow started falling. And it just. Never. Stopped. By the time I stepped outside at 7, I went *poof* up to my knees.

My MCB photog of choice had already informed me that he wouldn't be making the trek – and I didn't blame him! – so I gamely packed up my slow old digital camera to attempt to break into a new career. Oh yeah, that went really well.

My camera was in no way prepared for this experience. I have about 200 shots that all look something like this.
At the same time, I was getting phone calls from both sides of town with a similar message: "Don't go out there, that's crazy!" But they fell on deaf (possibly frozen) ears.

After all, I may be a slave to fashion, and I'm definitely a slave to love, but I refuse to be a slave to the weather. Besides, these bands were from the original land of ice and snow; I had to represent for the midwest.

Seventy minutes later, I'd driven the 15 miles to Blondies. My last experience there wasn't that great, but I had higher hopes since it wasn't 95F outside. The attendant at their on-site (paid) parking lot had me nose the tank right up to the building, so maybe I WAS looking kinda cute, even though I'd decided against wearing my troll ears. (No no, I really don't have troll ears. As far as you know.)

I popped inside at about 8.15 and told the fella at the door that I was on Finntroll's list. "List? What list?" He got the attention of another guy working there. "Do we have a list?" "I think there was one around here somewhere, if it didn't blow away..." Now I'm just laughing, because it's comical how often this happens. He asked me who put me on the list, and I gave him the name of Finntroll's tour manager – or at least I tried to, his name has a remarkable number of vowels in it and I'm glad he wasn't there to hear it brutalized with his own ears. Door guy grinned and said, "Yeah, that'd be him. I believe ya," and sent me upstairs.

Blondies is an interesting room; small, with no real division of space. The first thing I noticed when I had fully entered the room is that I'd forgotten my ear plugs. Again. And I'd gotten them out and everything! I set them on the table while I was doing something else, and there they sat until I came home. I swear I need to just hang them around my neck and leave them there permanently.

By the time I got there, I'd already missed the two local bands that were warming up for the Finns. In a strange moment of serendipity, I ran into one of the local band members in the ladies' room (for she were a lady) and gave her my info, so I anticipate being able to see them play at a later date. Maybe I'll know something about metal by then.

A carefully-framed shot to make it appear that there were more than 15 people at the show.
When the first of the touring bands (Barren Earth) hit the stage, the crowd was, I'd guess, quarter-capacity. I'd heard that they'd presold more tickets than attendance suggested, so at least the bands still get paid. I took in the young, white, male crowd, and noticed that they could largely be divided into two camps: The long-hairs and the bald-heads. If you know me, you'd know in which camp I'd be pitching my tent.

Sidestepped over to the bar, hoping the bartenders were good at lipreading, because dognose there was no way they were hearing me. "Vodka cranberry?" she mouthed back to me, exaggeratedly. Bingo. At least I knew this part of my night was going to go well.

Just watching this gave me whiplash.
I watched all four bands, with all my attention. It's hard enough to tell what's being sung/growled/screamed in your average metal tune, and that's when they're in English. When the lyrics are, presumably, in Finnish, it actually... improves it somewhat. More often than not, I don't want to know what dudes are singing about. Since I can't really competently speak to the music or the lyrics, I'll just share with you what my notes were for each band:

Barren Earth: Oh I guess it's too early for moshing.
Rotten Sound: This band makes me feel like I should start a fight.
Ensiferum: Hmm, nice legs. Come ON, Detroit! Don't just STAND there looking lethargic!
Finntroll: OMG it's Skwisgaar and Toki!

Finally, halfway through Finntroll's set, the (small) pit set in. To be fair, it was a sparse crowd, and moshing with, like, three people tends to look a lot like skipping around in a circle. But me, oh, for whatever reason, I wanted to make a good impression on the Finns, so I was throwing long-haired boys into the fray left and right. I guess I felt like I needed to make up for the impression that we're afraid of snow. I mean, two feet of snow? Pfff, that's a spring day in, erm, Rovaniemi. Lest you think otherwise, I got mine in the pit, too, and I've got a couple of nice juicy thigh bruises to prove it.

This one is apparently when I set the people in front of me aflame.
Ultimately, this was a lot of sound in one long night. I think next time, if I have the chance, I'd love to see this kind of lineup in an outdoor festival. You just know these guys would be in heaven, surrounded by fresh air and sunshine. Or, you know, mud and thunderstorms. But next time, I'm definitely wearing my troll ears.

Easy Action, Mazinga, JWPP, Scotch Bonnet and Rock & Rummage - Woodruff's Ypsi - Sat 2/26/11

Saturday, February 26th 2011
EASY ACTION (John Brannon from Negative Approach/Laughing Hyenas)

MAZINGA (Long standing maximum cosmic punk)


SCOTCH BONNET (Scotty Karate rocks yer pantsoff)

ROCK AND RUMMAGE (Traveling Rock And Roll inspired flea market)

$5.00 Cover
Doors @ 9:00
Music @ 10:00
35 East Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI USA


Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

Sci-fi fans - 1, Mayor Bing – 0. While Robocop is not the first major film set in Detroit (Beverly Hills Cop holds that distinction), it is probably the most famous depiction of Detroit on the big screen. Coming from upstate New York, we felt that this might be a pretty accurate depiction of the city (of course that changed once I moved here). Despite that, Robocop was one of my favorite movies during that time period. How can you not love an armor-wearing cop? And what about that scene where the guy is melting as he gets hit by a car? And that last scene where Jones gets fired from OCP by the President so Robocop can shoot him? Talk about a tear jerk ending when at the end he replies to being asked his name with just his name, “Murphy”. This is definitely one of the best sci-fi/action films ever though we will try and forget the sequels.

After Bing rejected a request for a Robocop statue, probably because he doesn’t think it will represent a positive image, a group of local artists and fans of the 1987 cult classic exceeded the fund-raising goal of $50,000 to build a larger-than-life sculpture of the crime-fighting cyborg. If you would like to be a part of the process, you too can make a donation at as the group plans to continue raising money until the March 29 deadline. While I do agree it might not be exactly in line with the image that Detroit proper wants people to see as they look at Detroit, this is exactly the type of things that would get someone like me to come to the city and check out. That being the same type of person that travels to Detroit to see ICP, or the Movement Festival (or whatever it is calling itself this year), a Kid Rock concert and the like.

I hope this gets made and gets put in an area were people can get to it easily to see and with a small as possible chance of vandalism. I also hope that Dave Bing would come to the unveiling and make a short speech. My hat goes off to the fun people who are making this happen. Maybe you can get the DIA, or someone, to sell mini-Robocop statues to tourists. Long Live Detroit!!!

This Sunday marks the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and I usually put out a Top 10 movies of the year but I still haven’t seen a lot of last year’s top movies so a list is out of the question but I will talk about three films that should be on your radar. Jackie Weaver got the only nod for “Animal Kingdom”, an Australian crime film about a young boy whose mother dies of an overdose and he goes to live with his criminal family and things go downhill for him from there. This film won best film at the Australian equivalent of the Oscars and is a very powerful film for those that love crime dramas. Not to be confused with the live action film, “The Illusionist” is a French animated film (by the same team that did Triplets Of Belleville) which revolves around a struggling illusionist who visits an isolated community in Scotland and meets a young lady who is convinced that he is a real magician. The story is basically a father/daughter relationship story and is very touching in respects to the portrayal of their unique friendship. The documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” is one of those it might be real or it might not be. It depends on whether you take street artist Banksy at his word. Whether real or not, it is a fun film to watch as a fan of street art starts to make a documentary about the art form and after meeting the mysterious Banksy, decides to try and be a street artist himself by the name of “Mr Brainwash”. The film does a good job at looking at what is art and what isn’t. Some of the stuff you see looks like crap but sells for thousands of dollars. So is that truly art because of the price? Watch this film and make the decision for yourself. I also think that “Kick-Ass” is the one must see film of the year so if you missed it, get to your library, video store, retail store or Netflix and get a copy.

For those looking for a concert this week, here are my picks for the week:

Tuesday (2/22) – Fishbone @ Magic Bag

Wednesday (2/23)- Motorhead @ Royal Oak Music Theatre

Thursday (2/24) - Dropkick Murphys @ Fillmore Theatre

Friday (2/25) - Pistol Day Parade and 60 Second Crush @ Motorcity Soundboard, Atavan (last show) @ Pike Room, funk brother Dennis Coffey @ Majestic Cafe

Saturday (2/26) - CJ Chenier and Red Hot Louisiana Band @ Dream (Ann Arbor), Ke$ha @ Fillmore, Melissa Etheridge and Serena Ryder @ Caesar's Windsor, Plain White T’s w/Parachute @ Clutch Cargos, Super 70’s Soul Jam (featuring Stylistics, the Dramatics, the Manhattans and Harold Melvin's Bluenotes) @ Fox Theatre

Sunday (2/27) - Scissor Sisters @ Royal Oak Music Theatre

Have a good weekend.

The Pretty Reckless - Pike Room - Thursday 2/24

Pike Room Crofoot
1 S Saginaw St
Pontiac USA


The 24th Erotic Poetry & Music Festival - Corktown Tavern - 2/26

Static Network presents…


"An eclectic celebration of the erotic arts!"

The infamous event known as the "Erotic Poetry & Music Festival" is one of
the oldest community arts festivals in Detroit. The festival is "An eclectic
celebration of the erotic arts!" It features provocative poetry, dirty
spoken word, erotic art, music and dance performances by some of the city's
top performers. It promises to be an evening you won't forget!

The date is: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 9 pm, 21 & over are welcome. Admission
is $8. Partial proceeds benefit the Michigan based non-profit organization
"Paws with a Cause," who provide and train leader dogs for the disabled. The
event will be held at THE CORKTOWN TAVERN located at 1716 Michigan Avenue in
Corktown. (313.964.5103)

This year we are pleased to have Detroit's premier performance artist,
Satori Circus. Other highlights will be Dizzy Dames Burlesque, Hayley Jane
and Audra Kubat, poetry by Blue Dogma Poet-Dena Luckett and more. A special
out of town guest is erotic talk show host, author and founder of , Kristie LeVangie. The visual art portion of the show
will feature artists Chopper Peshkepia and Julie Fournier who will exhibit
their works.

Poetry & Music performances by:
Satori Circus
Hayley Jane
Audra Kubat
Dizzy Dames Burlesque & Varietease
Jimmy Doom
Blue Dogma Poet-Dena Luckett
Lisa Vicious & Steffie Loveless
Abida Blaze & Blazing Belly Dance
Kristie LeVangie
Tara Lazaroff
Chris Dellas
Scott Boman
Jaye Thomas

Art by: Chopper Peshkepia-Julie Fournier
Hosted by: The Impaler & Peter Schorn

FREE TICKETS: MOBSTEEL Annual Autorama Afterparty - Soundboard Motorcity Casino - Fri 2/25/11 9pm

Ok - so you finally dug your car out from that white wintery blanket of fresh snow and you are thinking "what a shite way to start your week"....well how about a pair of tickets to check out the killer rides from MOBSTEEL who will be throwing another Autorama afterparty over at SoundBoard MCC this Friday night...just email for your chance to win a pair of guest list spots

2011 MOBSTEEL Annual Autorama After Party
Friday, February 25, 2011
9:00 PM
Sound Board

Motorcity Casino
Detroit USA

The featured band will be Detroit’s’ own Pistol Day Parade.