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I Didn't Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

If you're like me, you're a fan of zombies and have probably seen a zombie flick or two, and probably wondered what it was like to be on-foot, running for your own life too. would you survive? Do you think you're fit enough? Well that's exactly what the Run for Your Lives: The Original Zombie 5k Obstacle Course Race is. It's where horror geek meets athletic. There was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up.

This race is designed to be obstructed with challenging yet fun obstacles, all while having flag-snatching zombies chasing and reaching for you, Flag Football style. Every 5k course is a little different, depending on the location. Most of it looked like a piece of cake, but there was more than meats the eye (...see what I did there?). I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned runner (mmm...seasoned runner...) and actually thought I'd be laughing my way to the finish line with all my flags intact...hahahahah...keep reading.

Race day: Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, CA - 8:30am
Myself along with two other coworkers signed up for this back in February and chose the 8:30am wave, the second wave of the day. It was perfect as we didn't want to run in the heat, we wanted the zombies to be "fresh" (so to speak) and not tired and out of it like they probably were in the middle of the day, and we also wanted to get in and out before everyone else. Low and behold, as soon as we get there, it's already packed with people signing in as runners, zombies, volunteers, etc. After we sign in and got our runner's bibs and flags, we make our way back to the car to leave our phones and stuff in the trunk and take last minute pre-race "selfies" and post them on Instagram. You know you'd do the same in a whole "in case we don't return after this, this is what we looked like!" fashion. We start making our way to the race line right around 8:30am. The three of us start pumping each other up by telling one another how completely bad ass each of us are and do a weird group hug sort of thing, and then the next thing we know, we're off!

BAM! An immediate OUTBREAK of Zombies everywhere in all directions. Not even the first minute into it, I'm down one flag out of five. These bastards were FAST. As I'm running, I'm also realizing that this is technically the desert, not some flat, paved pathway. The desert is all dirt if you haven't noticed, and hundreds of people scurrying about equals dust clouds and that's exactly what you're breathing in. GREAT. By this point, not only are my lungs both sandbags already, but this also dried the hell out of my mouth and I found myself several times, bent over on the sidelines trying to generate some saliva to spit it all out so I can keep going. Definitely didn't see that one coming, but I guess these are things that you'd run into in a real zombie invasion - also something The Walking Dead doesn't tell you! Remember to log that away, as geography is evidently crucial, not to mention the recovery period you'd need after running for your lives. If any of you reading this are writers for any zombie show, please stop mowing the grass and address the fact that the ones currently surviving are SORE!

Meanwhile back at the ranch...after the first "infected zone", we literally run into a barrier of about 4ft walls to climb over. I scratch my head for about two seconds until one of my coworkers comes behind me and gives me a boost. He was in the Navy so he has that to his advantage. I hop over and take off running again, dodging the undead, left and right, and left again, constantly slipping and twisting my ankles in the grooves and trenches of the dirt path. I'm definitely not as stealth as I had hoped I'd be for this. As this race goes on, we're finding ourselves crawling through tunnels that start out large enough to walk in without crawling, but then end up squeezing ourselves out of on our tummies at the end, only to find MORE zombies waiting for you on the other end. More running. Slow down after that sprinting up that dusty incline to catch your breath? Sure, if you don't mind losing anymore of your flags. I look down at my "belt" and see I still have about four more dangling from my sides. Sweet! That's enough confidence to keep me going even though my mouth keeps drying out from all the dirt I've been inhaling. We battled crawling through the mud several times, in freezing cold water so cold that I couldn't talk without stuttering. You were forced to crawl through it on your hands and knees unless you didn't mind being sliced up by the barbed wire cage right over your head. I look over at my coworkers, semi-laughing, semi-seriously saying "What the hell are we doing?!". It gets better.

The race track loops around where the finish line is and for a brief moment, we thought we were almost done, but oh no, not even close. We still had to brave the smoke house, which I'll have you know, was littered with wires hanging down to the ground that were actually electric. I'm as serious as the day is bright. I could hear people being zapped and heard them clutching their shoulders and legs in pain. This was the moment I was absolutely dreading. I heard about this upon review and in complete disbelief, totally suspected that the electricity part was fake and just meant to scare you, but I was absolutely horrified to discover that it was true...very, very true. I took one look at that and decided "Oh hell no!" and got on the ground and rolled my way through it. Worst part was over, or so I thought.

By this time, I had lost a few more flags and had about two left. As I made my way near the finish line, there was another hoard to battle before the last obstacle, which was the blood bath. I lost my flags somewhere in there, the last one being unfairly, I felt. I chose to be among the ones who didn't cheat, because honestly, what's the point? I was kneeled over, choking on dirt and had absolutely no spit. I was off to the side in a personal time out, which you were allowed to do. One of the zombies walked over and mugged me of my last flag. I'm thinking to myself, "Really? You're going to be that kind of team player?" I wasn't going to put up a fight like other sore losers did, so after I collected myself, I decided to keep on truckin' and finish this damn thing for myself. I waited for coworkers to catch up to the blood bath obstacle, where you had to climb monster-truck-sized tires and jump into a dumpster filled with red water. Yes, a dumpster filled with freezing cold red water, and you had to swim across it and climb out. After that, you had one more final run for it, uphill, and then crawl under another fence with a 3ft clearance, only this time I didn't see the "electric" sign and zapped a good one in the shoulder. Yep, definitely real. I crawled out, covered in mud and "infected", but totally finished and feeling like a bad ass!

After the three of us finished, we met up and found each other and made our way to the water station to clean our filthy mouths out and collect our free shit which included an ice cold Newcastle. We were donned with medals, either "INFECTED" or "SURVIVOR" and cheers'd each other a race well done. After we chugged our beers, and then changed clothes in the parking lot (wetsuit-on-the-beach style), we then walked back to the Apocalypse Party "safe zone" area to donate our muddy shoes to Project Sole. This event wasn't entirely a charity event, but offered opportunities to donate, including to the Kennedy Krieger Institute which gave you an extra "life" flag.

This whole event was worth every penny and I've decided to do it again in March. Only this time, I'm going to try and double as a runner AND an in-the-field photographer of some kind, getting the down and dirty shots! That being said, this is actually something I don't mind setting my camera down for and actually experiencing from a runner's point of view, but I'd also love to capture the moments not all the photographers are willing to do; get their equipment wet and muddy! Time to shop for water-proof casing.

If I could add or take away anything, I would definitely suggest RFYL to add speakers along the course playing loud and fast rock and metal music to somewhat pump you up with adrenaline as you're hauling ass. It was weird how quiet it was out there. Not eerie and spooky, but kinda weird.

If any of you in the D are into the dismal world of zombies, give this a second look. Feed the hungry! -Zombies or the living.

*Photos from the event NOT taken by me. Credit:

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

It has been a long day staring at a computer screen all day. We are going through some major changes at work with a whole new computer set up and I spent all day inputing data that got held up on a mail server for 2 days, thus making a job hopefully ending today as being basically started today and just over half done. With all this technology, I am still always amazed when something doesn't go as planned and instead of making my life easier, it becomes more difficult (or at least annoying). I sometimes pine for the days before computers because it seemed like more got done back then. Because of all that screen time today, I'm going to keep this week's blog kind of short because my eyes are starting to hurt.

I will put out a good shout out to Lions fans first after watching the game this week. I hope we can keep Bush healthy and make a serious run at the playoffs.

If sports are not your thing, here are some musical delights to take in this week.

Tuesday (10/01) - Nick Lowe @ the Ark

Wednesday (10/02) - Rebirth Brass Band @ the Ark

Thursday (10/03) - Meat Puppets w/Girl In A Coma @ Pike Room

Friday (10/04) - Switchfoot @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, A Day To Remember w/All Time Low and Pierce The Veil @ Freedom Hill

Saturday (10/05) - Trivium @ Harpos

Monday (10/07) - Nine Inch Nails @ Palace of Auburn Hills


is back with another sordid tale of rock 'n' roll debauchery in the form of a brand new EP entitled "I Get Even". The EP will be released October 1st via Mickey Avalon's own label Rag Top Records and feature five previously unreleased tracks. The EP captures the energy of Avalon's legendary live show and mixes it with the raw honesty and intense rhymes that have become a trademark of his unique sound. Avalon will head out onto the road in support of the effort with a full tour across the country, as well as headlining tours of Australia and Canada before the end of the year.
Mickey Avalon’s life story plays out like an episode of VH1's ‘Behind The Music,” marred by personal tragedy, triumphs and immense pain. Using his life experiences as fuel for his intense rhymes, Mickey Avalon is now inviting listeners to step into his world of debauchery with the release of his new "I Get Even" EP.

Avalon’s back-story begins on the streets of Hollywood, California.  Raised by his heroin-addicted father, he began selling pot at a young age, a trade he acquired from his mother. In an attempt to clean up his act, Mickey converted to Orthodox Judaism in his late teens, an effort that didn’t last due to constant family tragedy, such as his father’s death in a tragic drunk driving accident.

By his early 20s, Mickey had married, had a daughter, and moved out of California, relocating to Portland, Oregon.  The serine surroundings of the Pacific Northwest couldn’t hide Mickey from his past for long, as his drug addled Hollywood lifestyle caught up with him in the form of an uncontrollable heroin addiction.  As his life neared rock bottom, Mickey found himself broke, divorced, and turning to prostitution, just to support his smack habit. With a desire to once again get his life back on track, Avalon moved in with his sister, and the pair set out on the road to recovery. Tragedy struck again when his sister relapsed, and died from a heroin overdose.

After the deaths of both his father and sister, Mickey decided that he wanted more out of life, moved back to Los Angeles, and chose to make one final attempt to clean up his act.  Shortly after his return, Mickey was befriended by ex-MTV VJ Simon Rex (aka Dirt Nasty), who encouraged Avalon to pursue his passion of hip-hop and even collaborated with him on some tracks. At the time, Avalon was staying in a sober living facility and had a strict curfew, so Dirt Nasty began passing out Mickey’s demo at Hollywood clubs, which helped Mickey develop a following among fans of the Los Angeles nightclub scene.

As Mickey’s popularity grew, he began to sell out clubs throughout California with his legendary live show. Soon after Interscope Records took notice of the guerilla promotions tactics and signed Avalon to the label in 2005. Through Interscope, Avalon released his now classic self-titled debut album, which showcased his unique rhyming style and indulgent lyrics. Inspired by his experiences on the streets with drugs and prostitution, the raw honesty of his songs immediately resonated with audiences. Fan favorites "Jane Fonda," "Mr. Right" and "My Dick" quickly spread across the internet and mainstream radio, turning Mickey Avalon into a household name. Avalon quickly took to the road and was performing sold-out shows alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis Barker and DJ AM, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Marley and Slightly Stoopid.

Mickey’s contagious demeanor and unique writing style has made him a hot commodity in the music industry as hip-hop artist Young Jeezy and producer Jermaine Dupri jumped at the chance to collaborate with him for a Boost Mobile commercial.  Avalon then joined forces with rock acts the Happy Mondays, and Unwritten Law, with whom he co-wrote the radio hit “Shoulda Known Better”. His music has been featured in countless movies and television series including the HBO’s series Hung, the animated series American Dad, the Duke Nukem Forever video game, “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” and in the Cameron Diaz film “Bad Teacher.” Most recently, Mickey Avalon's "Stroke Me" was featured in the new R-rated comedy ‘We’re The Millers’, where viewers got an eyeful of Jennifer Aniston doing a sexy striptease to the song.

For the new album, Mickey Avalon turned the spotlight on his hometown to record his new single "Hollywood" feat. Paul Oakenfold... 

Track Listing for "I Get Even" EP is:

1. I Get Even
2. Rodeo
3. Pretty Woman
4. Oh Baby
5. Hollywood

It can be purchased by visiting Mickey Avalon's website at

Quintron & Miss Pussycat This Week At PJs Lager House / New Single / New Puppets!


Quintron & Miss Pussycat


Quintron & Miss Pussycat Fall Tour Starts This Week At Gonerfest 10!
Shows With ZZZ, Cave, Jane Jane
Longtime staples of the New Orleans scene, Quintron & Miss Pussycat bring a little flavor (and madness) of the deep South on the road this fall. Balancing Quintron's organ mincing explosions with Miss Pussycat's quivering maraca accompanied wailing, not to mention her inimitable puppet show, the duo fashions songs that are pure insane exuberance. Swampy and explosive, not to mention charming and delightful, Q & P are here to destroy yet again with a set of barely controlled chaos. 

Quintron & Miss Pussycat Official Site

THU 9/26 -  Goner Fest 10 - Memphis, TN
FRI 9/27 - Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
SAT 9/28 - Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ The Milkstains, Nervous Ticks, Mutwawa
SUN 9/29 - Comet Ping Pong - Washington, DC w/ zZz
TUE 10/1 - Happy Dog - Cleveland, OH w/ zZz
WED 10/2 - Ace Of Cups - Columbus, OH w/ zZz
THU 10/3 - The Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI w/ zZz
FRI 10/4 - Lager House - Detroit, MI w/ zZz
SAT 10/5 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL w/ zZz
SUN 10/6 - The Mill - Iowa City, IA w/ zZz
TUE 10/8 - First Avenue & 7th St. Entry - Minneapolis, MN w/ zZz
FRI 10/11 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA w/ zZz
SAT 10/12 - Dante's - Portland, OR w/ zZz
SUN 10/13 w/ The Shanty - Eureka, CA w/ zZz
TUE 10/15 - Roxy Theatre - San Francisco, CA - *The Mystery in Old Bathbath* Screening
WED 10/16 - Elbo Room - San Francisco, CA w/ zZz, Cave
THU 10/17 - Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA w/ zZz
FRI 10/18 - The Satellite - Los Angeles, CA w/ zZz
SAT 10/19 - The Casbah - San Diego, CA w/ zZz, Beehive and the Cudas
TUE 10/22 - Trunk Space - Phoenix, AZ w/ zZz
WED 10/23 - Sister Bar - Albuquerque, NM w/ zZz
THU 10/24 - O-bar - Lubbock, TX w/ zZz
FRI 10/25 - Red 7 - Austin, TX w/ zZz
SAT 10/26 - Lola's Saloon - Fort Worth, TX - The Good Show Live and Friends Of Friends Present
SUN 10/27 - Mango's - Houston, TX w/ zZZ
TUE 10/29 - Blue Moon Saloon - Lafayette, LA w/ zZz
WED 10/30 - Mud and Water - Baton Rouge, LA w/ zZz
THU 10/31 - One Eyed Jack's - New Orleans, LA w/ zZz
FRI 11/1 - Alabama Music Box - Mobile, AL w/ zZz
TUE 11/12 - Rehab - Tallahassee, FL w/ Jane Jane
WED 11/13 - Will's Pub - Orlando, FL w/ Jane Jane
THU 11/14 - Elestial Sound Headquarters - Gainesville, FL w/ Jane Jane
FRI 11/15 - The Jinx - Savannah, GA w/ Jane Jane
SAT 11/16 - Little Kings - Athens, GA w/ Jane Jane
SUN 11/17 - The Stone Fox - Nashville, TN


Less is/and More at PCCA


Less is and More

Joyce Brienza and Matthew De Genaro

October 4 – November 1, 2013

Opening Reception Friday, October 4, 7 – 9 pm

Gallery Talk Saturday, October 5, 2:00 pm



There are as many approaches to art making as there are artists. There are those who are inspired by a wealth of imagery, pattern, color, symbols, cultural and historical reference, and draw on all these elements to create drawings, paintings, collages or objects. Others are moved to simplify and refine their works, drawing on the Modernist interest in material and process. The one samples from any number of sources and seeks a means of unifying them to create a satisfying whole and convey meaning. The other works and reworks an idea, driven sometimes by the material at hand, sometimes by a working process, applying both to a generalized form that lends itself to repeated exploration and experimentation and abstraction. For this show, we have selected two very different artists who use their own individual approaches to create works that are unmistakably their own.


Joyce Brienza is the "more" of this Less/More equation. She uses a collage technique to sample a rich variety of images, patterns and other elements that carry personal associations that resonate for her, creating her "peculiar brand of hip hop." The critical element for her is pattern, which serves multiple purposes. In the artist's words, pattern " a reference to traditional "women's" handiwork and questions the duality of high and low art.  It provides a grid formation that connects the floating elements (information) together.   And finally, it works to disrupt the continuity of the image, placing roadblocks in the way of logic and control."


Matthew De Genaro produces work that is deceptively simple. He creates endless variations on the human figure, abstracting the essential form. He says, "...sometimes the nature of the material defines the figure, at other times it's the process of working the material that defines it, and sometimes, the figure dictates the use of material and process." He has explored his figures in every scale and in every material imaginable, including cast bronze, cast resin, carved wood, stone, fabricated wood and metal, inflated fabric, stacked rubber inner tubes, cardboard, even manipulated living grasses.


Joyce Brienza earned her MFA at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She has exhibited her work in gallery and museum shows all over the United States and in Germany, Argentina and The Netherlands. She teaches art at several schools in the Detroit area, and has participated in artist residencies in New Jersey and at Children's Hospital in Detroit.


Matthew De Genaro earned his MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums since 1980.


The works of these two artists complement each other, even as their methods and finished artworks are so divergent. They are two long-time Detroit area residents who have applied themselves for many years with a singular dedication to their methods and materials. They both explore their various media with a purpose and confidence that come from long experience and a willingness to experiment with everything at hand. What perhaps joins them, even with all their difference, is a sense of humor and a playful approach. They share the gift of being serious about their work, without taking themselves too seriously.


Please join us in welcoming these two artists at an opening reception on Friday, October 4th at 7:00 pm. We will host a gallery talk with the artists on Saturday, October 5th at 2:00 pm. The opening reception and gallery talk are free and open to the public. Visitors will enjoy an opportunity to meet the artists and gain some insight into their works.




This exhibit is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs,

the National Endowment for the Arts and the Kresge Foundation.








PCCA exhibitions are sponsored by

Dokka Fasteners, the International Academy of Design & Technology,

Rochester Hills Spine Care, Whims Insurance Agency and  WiT.


The mission of Paint Creek Center for the Arts is to enhance life in the region by promoting, encouraging and creating opportunities to participate in and appreciate the arts. Paint Creek Center for the Arts is open Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 7:00pm, Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm, and Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm. PCCA is located at 407 Pine Street in downtown Rochester at the intersection of Pine and Fourth Streets. For information on exhibits, classes, the Art & Apples Festival, special events or volunteer opportunities, call 248-651-4110 or visit





Shark Club Howell Pinball Party! Jersey Jack Pinball "Wizard of Oz LE" Official release/Costume Party!

The Shark Club Howell Proudly presents: the Jersey Jack Pinball "Wizard of Oz LE" Official release/Costume Party!

Pinball Machines - Video Games - FREEPLAY - Costume Contest - Raffles - FUN tournaments where anyone can win! - Food and Drink SPECIALS - Free GOODIE BAGS for all kids!

We will have multiple "Wizard of Oz LE's" on FREEPLAY for everyone to play and enjoy as well as 50+ pinball machines and 30+ Classic Video games!!!


METALLICA "Through The Never" - Concert Film Review

METALLICA "Through The Never" - Concert Film Review

We attended the Detroit media pre-screening of METALLICA "Through The Never" at the 3D-IMAX theatre in Sterling Heights, MI. This epic concert film Directed by Nimrod Antel and written by Metallica themselves, stars young actor Dane DeHaan as "Trip", a sort of honorary roadie sent on a mission to pick up and deliver some goods for the band.

Join MOTORCITYBLOG and George Morris and The Gypsy Chorus on the Garden Bowl lanes this Saturday 9/28 7pm - 9pm to help celebrate "100 years of knocking em down!"

As you heard from MCB back in February the Garden Bowl has turned 100 years young and is still going strong...MCB will have a couple of the lanes so come on down and meet up with George Morris and The Gypsy Chorus who will be throwing a few back while they throw a few down the lanes before heading upstairs to the Magic Stick opening for Snowmine.

We will be awarding a pair of Mazzy Star tickets as well as a pair of tickets to The Kills
PLUS we have a top secret prize to give out for one lucky bowler!

check out the long history of the Garden Bowl here
and come on out to celebrate a detroit classic with the ol MCB

Garden Bowl 100th Anniversary Bash
Saturday, September 28th 11am-1am

11-4pm / Family Fun Bash on the Lanes!:
·        Children’s Cartoons on the flat screens
  • Bouncy House on the lanes!  
  • COST: $10 per person (4yrs old & older) for 2 hrs of bowling, shoes, 2 slices of pizza, soda and cookies (or) $8 per person for 4 or more guests
  • Giveaways!
  • Craft Table: coloring books

5-8pm / Retro Bowl:
·        COST: $5 per person for 1 hour of  bowling, slice of pizza, soda & giveaways
·        Bowling instructor present
·        Happy Hour Drink Specials
·        Complimentary Cookies

7-9pm / Meet & Greet on the lanes w/ George Morris - MOTORCITYBLOG:
·        Bowl with the amazing staff from MOTORCITYBLOG
·        Meet and greet with Detroit superstar George Morris before he performs live
·        Ticket giveaways for Mazzy Star / The Kills plus cool surprise giveaway

8pm – 1am / Big Lebowski  & King Pin Costume Contest:
·        Film screening of the Big Lembowski & King Pin
·        Cocktail Specials - White Russians for $2.50, $3 Bud Draft Special & more!
·        Complimentary Appetizers
·        Best Big Lembowski & King Pin Costume Contest –
     1ST Prize wins an IPAD! Win a bowling party & more!
·        DJ & Live Bands  - Kenny Tudrick in the Lounge
Cost to bowl: $22 an hour, per lane + $2.50 shoe rental – maximum of 6 bowlers per lane (or) Book a Rock N’ Bowl in advance with a minimum of 10 bowlers

FREE TICKETS: The Hounds Below / Family of The Year - St Andrews Hall Detroit - Thursday October 3rd 2013

win free tickets by emailing

Family of The Year
The Hounds Below

Thursday October 3rd 2013

St Andrews Hall Detroit

Every First Wednesday of the Month @ The Loving Touch

Art Detroit Now September 26


Your online guide to great contemporary art in Detroit.

September 26, 2013 - News, exhibitions, openings and events.


It's in the Water: Malt, Tead & Ellen Rutt
Inner State Gallery is showcasing an entirely new body of work from three of Detroit's most progressive up and coming local artists.  An exploration of vibrant color palettes and textural layers of paint and mixed media, each of these multifaceted artists brings a unique style to "It's In The Water", showing what makes them a creative force to be reckoned with in the City of Detroit.   

Opening Friday, September 27, 7-10pm. 


College for Creative Studies                                                        

Laura Kuhn is a renowned writer, performer, director, arts administrator and music and performance scholar. In 1986 upon completion of her M.A. degree from the University California, Los Angeles, she began working with the American composer, poet, visual artist and philosopher John Cage in New York on a variety of large-scale projects including his six "mesostic" lectures written for Harvard University.  Upon Cage's death in 1992, she worked with Merce Cunningham, Anne d'Harnoncourt, and David Vaughan to found the John Cage Trusts. In this capacity, she travels extensively, lecturing, and conducting performance workshops.


Thursday, September 26, 7pm.

An after-lecture reception inside Center Galleries - meet Laura Kuhn, view "Nothingtoseeness: The Visual Art of John Cage" and enjoy a light supper.



Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series and MOCAD present: "Long Live the Dead Queen". Rising young South African artist Mary Sibande constructs elaborate visual narratives to consider race, gender, and class in post-colonial South Africa. Rooted in her own family's history of three generations of women as domestic servants, Sibande's larger-than-life figures clothed in yards of fabric confront the viewer with the stark limits of cultural heritage as well as the possibility of transformation. While her work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, and throughout South Africa, Brazil, Germany, and France, Sibande's exhibitions at the University of Michigan mark only the second time her work has been shown in the U.S. 
Friday, September 27, 7pm. 

Admission: Free for members (Suggested Museum donation $5 for non-members)


Cranbrook Academy of Art

This lecture will focus on Ralph Rapson's education at Cranbrook Academy of Art, his involvement with the Saarinen architectural practice, and his subsequent career, as told by his son Rip. From the friendships and working relationships he developed while at Cranbrook (with Charles and Ray Eames, Eliel and Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Harry Weese, Benjamin Baldwin, and Florence Knoll, among others), to designing the first contemporary American embassies in Europe and leading the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture, this lecture will cover Rapson's early career and how the Cranbrook influence shaped his later architectural work and infallible design technique.  


Lecture Sunday, September 29, 4pm.


Signal Return & CCS Woodward Lecture Series                                                        

Laura Kuhn will lead a workshop at Signal-Return where students will emulate
John Cage's working methods to create their own drawings, exploring the 
useful distinctions that can be made between choice and chance in the artistic process.  Their drawings will be unveiled at the reception. 


Reception Friday, September 27, 5:30-7pm.



Popps Packing         


After travelling Detroit for three years via the Google Street View camera, German artist Anna Jander has finally been able to discover the town with her partner, Klaus Jordan. During their 5 week residency at Popps Packing, they have cycled about 500 miles and collected a variety of detritus that has now found a place in some monotypes and collages.  Please come and meet our new friends.  Drinks and snacks wil be served.
Open studios with Anna Jander Saturday, September 28, 3-7pm.



Sanford Hirsch, curator of Adolph Gottlieb: Sculptor (on view at UMMA September 21, 2013-January 5, 2014), and Director of the Gottlieb Foundation in New York will give a free public lecture exploring the contributions of Adolph Gottlieb in shaping twentieth century art. Along with his friends, fellow Abstract Expressionist artists Mark Rothko, Milton Avery, Barnett Newman and David Smith, Gottlieb embodied this art movement's relentless striving for new forms of expression to which people could respond in a direct, sensory and emotional way. 


Lecture Friday, September 27, 5:30pm.