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UPCOMING: Simon Phillips & Protocol II at The Jazz Cafe at Music Hall Detroit on April 4, 2014

Simon Phillips is by far one of the world's most renowned and respected drummers, whose style not only reflects his technical gift but also his distinct musical sensibility. Whether it is rock, fusion or jazz, Simon applies the same precision and intensity to his drumming, which is never lacking in emotion and feel. Phillips is a musician’s musician, one of the UK’s most versatile drummers and a ‘first call’ for the world’s foremost musicians.

Phillips found an early prominence as the drummer on the 1976 LP 801 Live with Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno. He went onto play with a wide array of musicians including Big Jim Sullivan, Big Country, Toto, Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck, Whitesnake, Jack Bruce, Mike Oldfield, Jon Anderson, 10cc, Mick Jagger, Joe Satriani, Phil Manzanera, Asia, Stanley Clarke, and Jimmy Earl. He was the drummer for The Who in their 1989 American reunion tour, and appeared on solo recordings by band members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. He has also worked with Tears For Fears, and with heavy metal act Judas Priest. Among other co-producer credits, he also co-produced and mixed two albums by Mike Oldfield.

In 1992, Phillips was asked to fill in for Jeff Porcaro. Steve Lukather stated that he would only go on tour so shortly after Porcaro died if Toto could get Phillips to play the tour, so he was the first and only drummer that the band contacted to replace Porcaro. After the 1992/93tour Phillips was asked to join Toto as a permanent member.

In 2009, Phillips joined with keyboardist Philippe Saisse and bassist Pino Palladino in forming an instrumental jazz/funk rock trio: Phillips Saisse Palladino or PSP. As well as touring with his own Protocol II, Simon also currently tours with Hiromi and Toto.

Phillips is accompanied by Andy Timmons on guitar, Ernest Tibbs on bass, Steve Weingart on keyboards.

Simon Phillips & Protocol II / Friday April 4 at 8PM & 10PM
 ALL TICKETS $20 / Box Office 313-887-8501

SHOW REVIEW: Cherub at St. Andrews Hall

Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber make up the unlikely Nashville dance-funk duo Cherub, who brought their Blow'd Tour to St. Andrews Hall. Somewhere between 80s funk and 00s Crunk is the bandwidth in which the electropoppers operate, like a dirty south version of Chromeo that seems to speak directly to the college crowd. 
With this in mind, it was no surprise to see the instant frat party that materialized  as opener ProbCause hit the stage. Along with the second act, Carousel, the all-ages crowd was into it but waiting to turn up for the headliners. Cherub hit stage in a splash of colored lights with enough energy to power the whole city on this Friday night. 
Huber on the left came prepared with his Detriot sweatshirt, multitasking mostly on bass and drum pads as Kelley ripped through the vocals and guitar on the right. Kelley was a ball of energy, twisting and shaking while blowing on his talk box with enough fire to make Roger Troutman blush. Huber on the other hand played it cool with a funky, confident swagger. 
I've heard Cherub described as "Prince on Ecstasy," which is pretty much spot on. The tunes of the latest album, Antipasto especially are highly infectious jams that hold weight against anything on Top 40 radio right now.  But What really stands out in the live set is Kelley's guitar work. Between the synth hits and 808 beats, the dude can flat out play. Cherub set the tone for the perfect night out in the city with hits like "Doses and Mimosas" and the crowd drank it up. 

This is not your mother's Gary Numan | The Crofoot, Pontiac MI by LAWRENCECREATIVE

Gary Numan wsg. Roman Remains & Big Black Delta
The Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac MI

I tend to speak through the pixels that I steal since too oftentimes words fail to express what I want to put across.  In the case of attending the Gary Numan 'Splinter Tour' Show at The Crofoot last Friday, it still holds true.  The night started out with Roman Remains, an ass-kicking Bjork-esque beauty whom I fell in love with, continued with Big Black Delta, a space-techno-muther-effer with major stage presence and culminated with the arrival of Gary Numan.  And NOT the Gary Numan that you're mother had a crush on as a young girl seeing him for the first time on Saturday Night Live.  This Gary Numan is less about the androgenous character he portrayed for so many years and more about the multi-layered, industrialist that he has created with his newest CD, 'Splinter'.  So much so that during the entire set, he is almost hidden entirely in the shadows of the stage lighting while dancing around.  The focus is the atmosphere he creates...the tracks...the music.  It simply blew everyone included.

[To see ALL the images from the show, CLICK HERE.]

(All images are copyrighted by Brett J Lawrence | LAWRENCECREATIVE.
No reproduction without consent.

Roman Remains

Roman Remains

Big Black Delta

Big Black Delta

Gary Numan

Gary Numan

Gary Numan

Gary Numan

Gary Numan

Gary Numan

An Interview with Liela Moss from Roman Remains

Roman Romains were here last Friday opening for Gary Numan with an electric set that started the night off just right. The band is comprised of 2 members from The Duke Spirit, Liela Moss and Toby Butler, along with a drummer. They recently released their first album Zeal. Their music is a combination of dance with industrial and goth touches with the centerpiece being Liela’s vocals that could be compared to Bjork coupled with the menace of the Knife. Their set was a rousing experience with Leila dancing around at times striking boxer poses, looking fierce and beautiful in the same moment. Before the show Liela filled me in on the forming of Roman Remains and how the tour has been going thus far.

MCB: Were either of you involved in synth-oriented projects before Duke Spirit?
Liela: Toby remixed some songs for friends and labels we are buddies with - you can find them if you look up Bad For Lazarus from Brighton, UK. He also did stuff for a fave UK label Heavenly so the last Mark Lanegan project called Black Pudding! Then the Gary Numan mix, which led to the tour...

MCB:I hear a lot of post punk/industrial elements with Roman Remains, tell me about some bands you love that may have some impact on Roman Romains sound?
Liela: SUNNS, NIN, The Knife, Major Lazer, Bjork, Depeche Mode, FuckButtons, Caribou

MCB: When you were first developing Roman Romains songs did you think you would tour with it?
Liela: We had zero expectations! We weren't sure how it would work logistically! Toby spent a long time thinking out how to make it viable and actually keep lots of live elements truly live and organic despite the programmed foundation to it.

MCB: You have played the Detroit/Pontiac area a couple times – how have those gone for you?  
Liela: I can't really remember! I guess that means they were fun

MCB: What do you like most about touring in America compared to other countries?
Liela: Big Horizons, crossing Desert then mountains then woodland - basically the geography keeps changing and startling us with its beauty...the food can be pretty delicious too, when you drive off the beaten track...

MCB: What’s been surprising for you so far on the Gary Numan tour?
Liela: How hilarious and humble he and his band are. How articulate he is when discussing music. Very interesting and inspiring - he works so hard he literally doesn't stop. He's very generous with his energy to fans.

MCB: With social media and an ongoing internet presence, do you think fashion is becoming a more important aspect to the visual representation of music?
Liela:  I'm not sure. It's always had an importance for people that connect costume and style with performance.

MCB: Do you spend a lot of time on the internet while on tour?
Liela: Not as much as my band mates! I am addicted to looking at property on an app as I go in and out of cities. Last week I wanted to move to Austin. Now maybe Nashville or New Hampshire where I had a good breakfast in an idyllic little town. If people but the album maybe I can live in all of them, haha!

MCB: There’s a lot of nice balance with the elements of Roman Romains – it’s all noisy, sensual, fun and dark. Was there a lot of intentional thought about the balance of sound or was it more organic?
Liela: There was lots of attention to detail and to keeping things evocative all the way through.

MCB: I love your song titles, but my focus leans towards the musical and vocal textures of your songs, so much so, I really have no idea what you songs are about! Can you explain a couple for me like “Tachycardia” and “Thirsty As A Truck”?
Liela: “Tachycardia” is really a mantra for myself to remind me to move through life spontaneously in the spirit of non-attachment or concern with who stands beside you in life.  “Thirsty as a Truck” is a collage of lyrics about trying to satisfy desires by misusing alcohol or misusing people's generosity. It's some observations on craving, greed and how isolating that can be...

MCB: Does this time away from Duke Spirit re-invigorate you for what lies ahead for Duke Spirit?
Liela: Yes definitely! I have Duke spirit ideas on these journeys.

MCB: Do you think any of Roman Romains sound will creep its way into future Duke Spirit?

Liela: No idea!

More picks can be see at the Most People Are DJs Flickr page

Interview and pics from the show by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Not sure about you guys but we were about a day or so from having all the snow in my yard melting to about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow falling and covering everything. Just when I thought winter might be over, we got hit one last time. I'm hoping the 60 degree weather can melt some of this stuff because I am tired of seeing and want to start doing some yard work which is now delayed another week or so. Guess that new edge trimmer will have to stay in the box a bit before it can be used.

I am keeping it short this week because Yahoo is not working that well right now and I got to go through some emails. Have to go back to classic mode to even get close to reading them. So to keep it short, here are some cool shows coming up:

Tuesday (4/1) - Carmen Souza @ the Ark

Wednesday (4/2) - Mindless Self Indulgence @ St Andrews Hall

Thursday (4/3) - Chick Corea and Bela Fleck @ Motorcity Sound Board, "Experience Hendrix" feat Billy Cox w/Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang (also Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Dweezil Zappa, Doyle Bramhall II, Ana Popovic, Bootsy Collins, etc)

Friday (4/4) - 1592 @ Smalls, Blood Sweat and Tears @ Macomb Center For Performing Arts

Saturday (4/5) - Sonny Landreth @ Callahans

Sunday (4/6) - St Vincent @ Majestic Theatre, Taking Back Sunday and the Used @ the Fillmore

Monday (4/7) - Emmylou Harris w/Daniel Lanois @ Royal Oak Music Theatre

I saw Carmen at the Rochester Jazz Fest last year and was very impressed. Born in Lisbon to Cape Verde parents, she starting singing at 17 in a gospel choir and later got introduced to jazz and other genre which she has blended well into an exciting mix. A wonderful talent to catch in such a nice and intimate venue.

MORE FREE TICKETS: Detroit Film Theatre Tickets - The Sword of Doom, 13 Assassins, A Story of Floating Weeds and Yojimbo running in conjunction with Samurai: Beyond the Sword @ The DIA

we posted this giveaway last week and it was so popular 
we got another batch of tickets to giveaway

Calling All Samurai Movie Fans—April at the Detroit Institute of Arts is for You
Enjoy classic samurai movies, including a rare silent film with live musical accompaniment

for your chance to win
a pair of passes to the movie of your choice!

The Detroit Film Theatre (DFT) at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) features a samurai movie smorgasbord in April, in conjunction with the hit exhibition Samurai: Beyond the Sword, on view through June 1. 

The samurai warrior is a revered figure in Japanese culture, and movies about the samurai have long been popular around the world. Most samurai films are set in the late 19th century, when warfare restarted after Japan’s mostly peaceful Edo period. The main characters are usually rōnin, masterless, unemployed samurai who were social outcasts and often destitute. Epic displays of swordsmanship were the primary appeal of samurai films, but rōnin were often depicted as tragic, solitary figures who hid their samurai swords until forced to use them. 

Saturday, April 5, 3 p.m.
The Sword of Doom (Japan/1965—directed by Kihachi Okamoto)
In the 1860s, the merciless behavior of an outcast samurai leaves him little choice other than to make his living as a paid assassin. His fearsome authority is challenged and his life placed in jeopardy when he makes an enemy of the only samurai who is his equal as a swordsman. In Japanese with English subtitles. Tickets are $8.50 and $6.50 for DIA members, seniors and students.

Saturday, April 12, 3 p.m.
13 Assassins (Japan/2009—directed by Takashi Miike) 
Set near the end of the feudal era, 13 Assassins is the story of a group of unemployed samurai recruited to bring down a sadistic lord and prevent him from ascending to the throne, which would plunge the country into a bitter, war-saturated future. In Japanese with English subtitles. Tickets are $8.50 and $6.50 for DIA members, seniors and students.

Friday, April 18, 7 p.m.
A Story of Floating Weeds (Japan/1934—directed by Yasujiro Ozu),
A Story of Floating Weeds is the deceptively simple tale of an aging, travelling actor who returns to a small town with his troupe where he reunites with his former lover and their illegitimate son. This does not sit well with his current mistress, who accompanies him, and the flood of repressed emotions takes a profound toll on all. Accompanied by Alex de Grassi, playing his original score, commissioned by the New York Guitar Festival, for this silent classic. Free admission.

Saturday, April 19, 3 p.m.
Yojimbo (Japan/1961—directed by Akira Kurosawa)
A masterless samurai wanders into a village terrorized by two warring factions. Seeing a way to turn the situation to his advantage, he secretly sells his services as a master sworsdsman to both sides, resulting in a tidal wave of apocalyptic swordplay and a satisfying conclusion. A darkly funny, deeply cynical adventure,Yojimbo (The Bodyguard) is a blend of violence and wit, remade by Sergio Leone as A Fistful of Dollars. In Japanese with English subtitles. Tickets are $8.50 and $6.50 for DIA members, seniors and students.

Hours and Admission

Museum hours are 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Tuesdays–Thursdays, 9 a.m.–10 p.m. Fridays, and 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. General admission (excludes ticketed exhibitions) is free for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county residents and DIA members. For all others, $8 for adults, $6 for seniors ages 62+, $4 for ages 6–17. For membership information, call 313-833-7971

"Detritus: The Work of Tom Thewes " - Exciting April Exhibit at Northville Art House April 4 – 26, 2014


"Detritus: The Work of Tom Thewes "

April 4 – 26, 2014


CONTACT:        Joanne Bandoni – or 734-678-9881

                            Northville Art House, 215 W. Cady Street, Northville, MI 48167


The Northville Art House is proud to present its April, 2014 exhibit, "Detritus,"

an exciting solo artist show featuring the work of Detroit cultural icon and acknowledged airbrush master, Tom Thewes. 


Thewes' compelling artwork has been described as masterful firestorms of line and color--still images that are anything but still. Painted facets and planes, the visual impact of tectonic plates that shift and collide, capture pop cultural insights from the artist's own underground experiences and brave influences.


Thewes is a partner of SUUMO Street Art Reproductions as well as the Executive Director at Contra Projects, a select group of respected, established artists who have gained global recognition by using the street as their canvas, and CEO of world-renowned ©POP Gallery, which forever changed the vibe of Midtown's Woodward corridor, launching careers of some of the world's most influential and important visual artists of the last 20 years. A graduate of the College For Creative Studies, Thewes has worked as an Art Director and Designer for Commercial Art Studio Graphic House, as well as for Compuware. He has illustrated for Playboy, Guitar World, Juxtapoz, The New York Rangers, Vibe, Ride Snowboards, Ford, How and Blue Canvas magazines, every major Detroit publication, and more.  He's also known as the last der Lärm boy - what's left of a 1990's formed renegade band of Detroit-based graphic designers and painters, modeled after the art re-defining, modernist movements of the early 20th century. 


"Detritus" will open First Friday, April 4, with an artist reception, sponsored by Edwards Cafe and Caterer and Bandoni Creative,  from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. and an artist talk at 8:00 p.m.

The show will run through Saturday, April 26 during regular Art House hours, Wed-Sat, 1-5 p.m.



Thewes' Exhibit Statement is as follows: 



Detroit is my inspiration. Its massively hulking industrial structures and barely populated, overgrown and dilapidated residential areas are a gorgeously bleak, expansive wasteland of urban decay that stubbornly refuses to die or be forgotten. Until recently, living here felt like surviving outside the fringes of civilization, yet now it feels like the center of the universe. People here who used to see detritus blown around by the wind are now fuel for the transformation of the city. Despite a history of racial tension, governmental corruption, and industrial waste, the pioneering courage of its business and artistic communities are finally forcing a true rebirth. It is a powerful and important story. In "Detritus", I want to show my impressions of some of the people around me who make up my personal little chapter in that grand epic.



[ di trtəss ]


1.   debris: debris or discarded material

2.   rock fragments: fragments of rock that have been worn away

3.   organic matter: organic debris formed by the decomposition of plants or animals


      synonyms: debris · litter · waste · trash · rubbish · flotsam and jetsam · leftovers





"Detritus: The Work of Tom Thewes"

Opening Reception: First Friday, April 4, 6-9 p.m., Sponsored by Edwards Cafe and Caterer and Bandoni Creative. Artist Talk at 8:00 p.m.

Dates of Exhibit:  Friday, April 4 through Saturday, April 26.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 1-5 p.m. (First Fridays only, 1-9 p.m.)

Location:  Northville Art House, 215 W. Cady Street, Northville, MI  48167

Admission:  Free

More Information:  Northville Art House (248) 344-0497



Images:       "Brass" by Tom Thewes

                   "TRUBLgrrl" by Tom Thewes





Show Review: Warpaint at The Magic Stick, March 26, 2014

Years from now we’ll still be talking to our friends who were there about it. Decades from now we’ll be telling our grandchildren about it. And after the next apocalypse we’ll find inner city scrawlings about the time Warpaint played a kickass show at the Magic Stick. 

Word of mouth travelled far and wide for the show as the club was packed in as early as 9pm. Which is a good thing because the opener, Cate LeBon, started her set a little before 9pm as I was walking in and trying figure out a way to get to a spot I could take pictures from. Cate’s set had a bit of a retro jangle pop feel to it that featured a drummer that was just killing it by the end of the set. Warpaint took the stage at 10:30pm and were quite a site behold with brilliant lighting pouring over the four dazzling female members. Their songs were lush with mid tempo rhythms and shared vocals. Most of the songs came from their latest and so far under appreciated latest album with the eponymous title.  The songs blended into one another and you could catch a bit more energy and groove in their live versions. They could feel the appreciation and excitement emanating from the audience which reflected back from them with gracious thank you's and smiles all around.  

This post by Mikel OD of MPAD Media

Tonight: Dum Dum Girls and Blouse at The Loving Touch

Doors at 8pm
The Loving Touch is located 22634 Woodward Ave, in Ferndale
18 and up are welcome


NEXT SATURDAY: DIA to offer free bus transport to/from Wayne County locations April 5

Detroit Institute of Arts says 
“Leave the Driving to Us” 
for Wayne County Day
Free bus transportation to DIA from several Wayne County locations 
Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is providing free bus transportation to and from the museum on Saturday, April 5 for Wayne County residents. Visitors can browse the collection, take part in an art-making activity, view two free exhibitions, or see the Samurai: Beyond the Sword exhibition at the discounted group rate of $12 per person.

In addition to the great art, the DIA has two restaurants: Café DIA and Kresge Court. The museum shop has a variety of gifts, many of which cannot be found in other area stores. A special Samurai: Beyond the Sword shop is also available, with many objects imported from Japan (no visit to the exhibition necessary).

The special Wayne County Day is provided thanks to Wayne County residents, who voted to support the DIA through last year’s millage.

Wayne County locations and schedule:

Dearborn Heights City Hall, 6045 Fenton St. Dearborn Heights
Bus departs city hall at 9:30 a.m.; bus departs DIA at 2 p.m.

Belleville Area District Library, 167 Fourth Street, Belleville
Bus departs library at 9:30 a.m.; bus departs DIA at 2 p.m.

Livonia Community Recreation Center, 15100 Hubbard, Livonia (use 5 Mile parking lot entrance, corner of 5 Mile and Berwick)
Bus departs recreation center at 10 a.m.; bus departs DIA at 2:30 p.m.

Focus: HOPE, 1400 Oakman Blvd. Detroit (CAT parking lot)
Bus departs Focus: HOPE at 10 a.m.; bus departs DIA at 2:30 p.m.

Patton Park Community Center, 2301 Woodmere, Detroit
Bus departs community center at 10 a.m.; bus departs DIA at 2:30 p.m.

Woodhaven Community Center, 23101 Hall Rd. Woodhaven
Bus departs community center at 9:30 a.m.; bus departs DIA at 2 p.m.

Reservations for free bus transportation are required. Please call 313-833-4005 or register online at

Hours and Admission
Museum hours are 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Tuesdays–Thursdays, 9 a.m.–10 p.m. Fridays, and 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. General admission (excludes ticketed exhibitions) is free for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county residents and DIA members. For all others, $8 for adults, $6 for seniors ages 62+, $4 for ages 6–17. For membership information, call 313-833-7971.

TONIGHT- Listening party for Making an album called: DETROIT -

The Listening Party will be at The Store Front Gallery 477 West Marshall in Ferndale
Admission is free
here's an FB event page:

Stream the teaser:

"DETROIT" The Album
40 Detroit Musicians
9 Groups
9 Original Songs
1 Album called “DETROIT”

Wild At Heart - Breathe In review

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

"Breathe In" is Drake Doremus' third film to play at Sundance and stars Guy Pierce as a high school music teacher Keith Reynolds who desperately wants to land a job in a symphony and is feeling he is not living up to his potential. He loves his wife and daughter but the undercurrent of unrealized dreams does hover over his life and threatened to tear apart his marriage. Entering into their life is British foreign exchange student Sophie (Felicity Jones), a piano prodigy that ignites a spark in Mr Reynolds life.

The movie doesn't really have a character to root for as everyone seems flawed in some way but Doremus makes up for this getting great performances from the cast, esp Pierce and the use of close ups and a nice pace to draw us into the characters emotions. The relationship between Mr Reynolds and Sophie grows slowly through passing glances and moments of sharing that build as both characters have been bereft of these type of contact with another person for a long time. They are like two moths being puled towards the same flame and we wonder when they will burn.

This films doesn't hit us over the head with overdone emotions or loud conflicts and this might be hard for some viewers to deal with. It is nice to have a film that just allows the actors to carefully bring us into this affair and lets us feel like we are part of the emotions. The film does lack a lot in the actual story and sometimes can feel it is losing itself, but that doesn't prevent it from being an engaging piece. Given time and effort, this film delivers a compelling, emotional piece of life story and Pierce shows why he is such a wonderfully under-rated actor.

This is not for everyone but if you enjoy films like "Elephant"by Van Sant, this is right up your alley so take the time to see this film which opened at the Uptown Palladium 12 today. It feels like a movie that could take place with someone you know.

I give it a B.

In other movie news, on monday, March 31st, outside the lovely Detroit Opera House, from 11AM-1PM, you can check out the Firebreather Car from the upcoming supernatural adventure film "jinn". So celebrate Tigers opening day filmmaker/director.designer Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad will also be on site. There will be an opportunity to win tickets to the North American premiere.

Firebreather Car photo image001_zpse2a03dc8.png


Detroit Bike City Expo

A day to celebrate everything that is bicycles. Saturday March 29th come down to Cobo Center and be ready to have your eyes opened. Detroit Bike City is the largest consumer based bike expo around. Not only can you see whats coming out, but you can actually buy one off the floor. Old or new, many to choose from. This year we bring you...

-Rise Above BMX team with the bike swing
-Ask Dr. Nandi live show
-An introduction to Cargo bikes
-Custom bike fitting seminar with Rob West
-The Bike Shop Show with Scott Dedenbach live blog
-Seminars from Mode Shift, The Detroit Greenways Coalition and Challenge Detroit.

100+ Vendors, Swap Section, Custom Builders, Best in Shows, The Detroit Marketplace, Bike Shops, Bike Clubs and MUCH,MUCH,MORE!!!

$12 Admission
Kids 12 and under are FREE

Special thanks to our sponsors:
96.3 WDVD
American Cycle and Fitness
Bern Unlimited
Bicycle Times
Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop
Great Lakes Coffee
League of Michigan Bicycles
New Belgium Brewinf
Real Detroit
Source Audio
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Whole Foods

Ill Itches, Cheetajs, Radio Burns & YUM - Detroit Bike City Expo 2014 - The Rose Cult Single Release Show

with summer just around the corner we are leaving the MCB office early today but we wanted to mini dump a few more flyers on you before we hit the pub

Happy weekend!

FREE VINYL FRIDAY: Gangstagrass - Magic Bag Ferndale - Sunday 3/30/14

We got some freshly pressed vinyls AND
some tickets to the show for you ready to roll

Ralph Stanley meets Jay Z! Gangstagrass (you might remember their Emmy nominated theme song to television series Justified) are one of the hottest new live acts on the road! The band will be making a rare small club appearance at the Bag as part of their Quickdraw world tour. As the band says, “country rap sucks”, so get your behind to the Magic Bag for some Gangstrass! As a special treat, AudioLogical opens the show. Tickets are still available!

Gangstagrass with AudioLogical
Sunday, March 30 – Doors 8pm - $10 adv.

FREE VINYL FRIDAY: The Blue Squares soon to release new record on fresh cool blue vinyl

email for your chance to win
a fresh vinyl from The Blue Squares

They are going to be releasing the new album on vinyl in the coming days, and they are sharing the stream to two tracks available now on the bandcamp page

FREE VINYL FRIDAY: Carsick Cars - Berkley Front - Saturday 3/29/14

Are you ready for a wonderful weekend?  Well let's kick it off with some free vinyl and swag from an absolute killer band called Carsick Cars, a revolutionary noise/punk/indie band coming all the way from Beijing, China, who will be playing in Detroit on 3/29 at The Berkley Front.

email for your chance to win

They're promoting their new album, 3, which will be released Feb 28th on Maybe Mars.

Formed in 2005, almost from the very beginning Carsick Cars has been at the center of the musical explosion in Beijing and has received a mixture of snarling opprobrium, especially from some of their elders, and near-fanatic enthusiasm from their rapidly growing fan base among culturally sophisticated but alienated young Chinese around the country.

Their 20-city tour of China in March 2009 with label-mates The Gar has already passed into Chinese musical history as one of the key events in the development of the Chinese independent music scene, and their shows indicate how for many in the young audience Carsick Cars “belongs” to them as much as the young Bob Dylan “belonged” to his fans in the mid 1960s. Besides being one of the most admired and written-about bands in China, they have also received a huge amount of attention from musicians and critics in Europe and North America, having played in numerous festivals, most notably All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK and the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, and toured with Sonic Youth in Europe.

Their second studio album was the long-awaited You Can Listen, You Can Talk a follow up of two years of explosive and almost joyful anger evoked in their first album, Panda Noise. Produced by P.K.14 frontman Yang Haisong, their first CD threw out into the Chinese indie scene some of its most iconic songs, including “Zhongnanhai”, widely seen as the anthem of disenfranchised Chinese youth, and “Rock and Roll Hero”, a standard for younger bands.