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The Burning Sons/June 4,2011/Milwaukee

On Saturday night in Milwaukee, I saw local hardcore punks The Burning Sons at Jose’s. Jose’s is a barbershop, which I am a patron, is located in Milwaukee’s hipster Bay View neighborhood. This place always has good conversation, good music, beer, and hot towels to end the haircut. The Burning Sons recently released a 7-inch single on the legendary Mystic Records. In the 1980’s Mystic records was known for releasing records by southern California punk and hardcore bands like Battalion of Saints, NOFX, and Dr. Know. Mystic hadn’t released any new music for almost twenty years until drummer Dan DuChaine (owner of Rush-Mor Records) was talking to a distributor about how much Mystic Records the store sells. Mr. DuChaine was eventually connected to 80+ year old Mystic owner Doug Moody. He convinced Mr. Moody to put out a single, the first release from the band. Live and on record, the Burning Sons display their influences to those classic hardcore bands on the Mystic label. Saturday night, the Burning Sons came out swinging. These are three minute hardcore punk songs with crunchy guitars and pounding drums. Vocalist Dillon Hallen recalls the SoCal swagger of the 80’s punk bands with a little metal wail thrown in. This is heavy, hammering music reminiscent of my favorite punk bands with just enough metal to keep metal fans interested. Thirty five minutes later it was over; the band taking breaks every two or three songs to let Mr. Hallen catch his breath.