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FREE TICKETS: Mitten Movie Project on Tuesday

The Mitten Movie Project is a monthly film festival dedicated to screening independent films. Begining in 2005, it has evolved into a great venue, outlet, and incubator for independent shorts, trailers, student films, documentaries, music videos, experimental shorts, and animations. It regularly attracts 100-150 moviegoers each month.

Tuesday, June 7th
Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, MI - 7:30 p.m.
Pre-sale tickets $8 by e-mailing, Door $10

We have several pairs of tickets to give away for this event
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FINAL LINEUP. Total running time: 1 hour, 21 minutes. In order of screening:

HAND OF GOD [cell phone PSA] – Directed by Michael Pfaendtner (00:14) (Michigan) (2004) You better turn off that cell phone, or there will be consequences.

THE WORLD OF ART [narrative trailer] - Written and Directed by Mike Allore (02:22) (Michigan) (2011) Arthur has not been very inspired lately, and doesn’t know why. It takes being locked up in a jail cell with living famous art works where he finally discovers that he is more than just an artist, but art itself. He has been letting the world of art down, and now must confront what has been preventing him from reaching his full potential to make the world of art strong again. Starring Jonny Victor, Marisa Stober, John Dale Kampsen, and Tiren Jhames.,

PROTANGELINE [narrative trailer] – Uranium City Films and Ring of Fire Entertainment (02:01) (Michigan) (2010) A one-day journey through the lives of downriver Detroit residents as seen through the eyes of a new employee of Stan's Bar, a gritty little hole-in-the-wall establishment. This journey will take the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and in the end realize that love comes in many different forms. Starring James Buttson and Timothy A. King. Written and produced by Scott A. Galeski. Score written and performed by Daniel Galeski, Jr. Directed by Joseph Johnston with cinematography by Peter Johnston.

URBAN ROOTS [documentary trailer] – Tree Media (03:24) (Michigan) (2011) “Urban Roots” follows the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit. A timely, moving and inspiring film that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future. Produced by Leila Conners and Mathew Schmid. Directed by Mark MacInnis.

CERTAIN ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS [narrative trailer] – Knagen Films (00:57) (Michigan) (2011) Written and directed by Jeffery T. Schultz. Produced by Jennifer Atanasovski. Starring Axel Harney, Michelle Butler, Alex Safi, and Lauren Mae Shafer. "Certain Essential Elements" cleverly intersects the evening of two couples who find themselves at a crossroads in their lives and relationships.

CHUCK’S FOUND FILM [experimental] – Animated by Lydia Modica Rochon, Jason Flowers and Denver Rochon (04:24) (Michigan) (2000) Non-narrative, experimental film made completely from digitally manipulated 16mm film leader and “found” ephemeral footage from the 1950s and 60s.

ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS [documentary] - A Michigan State University Student Production (06:24) (Michigan) (2010) A documentary featuring the historic music shop, Elderly Instruments, in Lansing, Michigan. Produced by Mike Tesch, Craig Massie, Louis Katz, and Mike Hilliker.

“ALL SHE WANTED” by Swigz [music video] – Directed by Ski, Swigz & J-Bone (03:20) (Michigan) (2010) A music video about the different lives two girls could have lived if they had a little more love in their lives.

THE REAL FIGHT CLUB [documentary] - A Michigan State University Student Production (06:24) (Michigan) (2010) A stage combat documentary filmed at Lansing Community College. Produced and directed by Nate Mooty, Justin Martin, Betsy Deuman, and RJ Haughton.

DETROIT NIGGA THE REALITY SHOW [animation] - Electric Otto’s Funk Factory (01:10) (Michigan) (2011) If you ain’t negro noir black, using the “N” word will get you an @$$whooping in the hood.

WAITER FROM HELL [narrative] - Rebel Pictures (13:43) (Michigan) (2008) A short comedy revolving around a couple's romantic night and their encounter with the worst waiter they could imagine. Written and directed by Michael McCallum. Starring Michael McCallum, Alex Sedrowski, and Chad Hines.

WHY DANCE? [documentary] – Directed by Marcus Ingram (03:19) (Michigan/Georgia) (2011) In this documentary, Paula Wallace discusses how she became a modern dancer. Shot on location at The Beach at International Park in Jonesboro, Georgia.

EMMA [animation] – Directed by Morgan Lawrence (03:41) (Michigan) The touching story of Emma and her relationship with Nobody. Also written and animated by Morgan Lawrence.

ASSHOLE WIND [documentary] – Uranium Films (01:25) (Michigan/Illinois) (2010) Concerning an especially windy night in the Windy City. Directed by Joseph Johnston. Written by C.M. Sienko.

“CREO” by Ricardo Naipes [music video] - JB Studios and RIBA Multimedia (03:24) (Michigan) (2010) Official music video for the song, “Creo.” Also featuring Mexicantown’s coffeehouse, CafĂ© Con Leche.

REGIONAL ROOTS: THE BIRTH AND EVOLUTION OF DETROIT AND ITS PEOPLE [documentary] – One of Us Films (26:14) (Michigan) (2010) Covering 300 years of history, Regional Roots uses the immigrant experience as an introduction to the diverse landscape of Detroit. From the earliest French and German settlers to today’s growing communities, immigrants continue to shape the region in pursuit of the American Dream.