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Video from Matt&Kim, The Thermals and the Hood Internet Majestic Theater 6/24/2011

For me each summer there is a show that signifies the beginning of summer and good times in Detroit. This year that show was Friday, June 24 Majestic Theater with the SOLD OUT Matt & Kim show with the Thermals and the Hood Internet. I think there's another MCB story coming up on the show with photos, so I'll be brief and give you videos, just in you missed the show or want to re-experience some of it again.

Stv Slv of theHoodInternet kicked off the show with a body movin' mash up set that pulled from all their great tracks you can download from their website. Some may have had the misconception that having a DJ warm up the show might be boring. However, Stv proved them wrong amping up the show with special effects and bringing in crowd shout outs. I talked to Stv before the show and he said he loved playing shows with different crowds and exposing them to THI tracks.

The Thermals played next with a fast paced set of their punky pop. While there was some sound issues during the set, there are certainly worse ways to fill the middle of the show. Besides I loved watching Kathy Foster slappin' the bass.

Matt & Kim were the band that everyone came to see and they didn't disappoint. Hell, they elevated their game by encouraging tons of crowd involvement, expressing their true love for Detroit fans and kicking ass onstage with surprise moments like grooving into "Push It" and "Seven Nation Army."

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