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Get Nerdy and Webby with Chris Hardwick at Magic Bag 6/10/2011

The latest trend in podcasting is comedians with their own podcast to promote themselves. Andy Dick, Tom Green and Doug Benson all have podcasts where they promote themselves through laughs and entertainment. Well, in Andy's Dick's case it's more like shock and dismay. At the top of the throne of comedian podcasters sits Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist podcast. While Chris proclaims it's a podcast to talk about all things nerdy -- scifi, video games and technology, it's much more as Chris always seems to be interviewing people nerds like myself want to hear from. Just a few days ago he was chatting with Robert Kirkman on all things zombie, including The Walking Dead. In addition to his Nerdist podcast, he's got his Web Soup show where he skewers the latest web videos.

So, why am I giving you the lowdown on Chris Hardwick? Well, he's bringing his comedy act to the Magic Bag for two shows on June 10th. I'm not exactly sure what his comedy act involves, honestly, I'd rather be surprised, as I'm sure it will include a lot of smart quips, web humor and nerd talk.