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FIGMENT DETROIT on Belle Isle- Call for Art & Participation (8.6.11)

Figment Detroit is an experiential event happening on Belle Isle Saturday August 6th, 2011.

Figment is an art event that is 100% participation ...all interactive art created by the people who submit art projects.

This project is for the community, by the community. It is what We Make It. We create it by making it and engaging with and in it! It is an experience and opportunity for artists to guide others through art, either their own pieces they have created that are interactive or in making art with participants...helping people realized they are artists by encouraging then and giving them to space to be one. 

We really like the fact that this is an art event that levels the playing field, it encourages the promotion that we are All artists, because we are. It helps to promote social equality as everyone one of us is an artist of some form or another and Figment pushes you to discover that and share it. The fact that it is for people of all ages helps as well by letting people who would otherwise think they are too young, or too old and also those who think they are not trained or whatever to get involved. I love the idea of children and students esp, thinking creatively and collaborating to build something outside of the norm what many of us consider art.

We personally love the idea of making art more approachable, moving it from white walls to a place where it can come life by the people creating it and the participants engaging in it! 
August 6th, 2011  12pm-6pm
@  Belle Isle, Detroit MI

CALL FOR ART & PARTICIPATION:  Deadline July 1st.  Fill out the submission form here:  Project Submission Form

(What is FIGMENT?  Check out this video:  FIGMENT project)
Figment is a 100% free, volunteer run, participatory, interactive and experimental Arts Event. It started in NYC in 2007 on Governors island. This event has spread to Boston, Jackson and now Detroit!
So what are YOU bringing?  FIGMENT Detroit is an event for the community, our community, all of the communities, it's what We Make It!  

Here is a blog about why Figment was brought to Detroit; "Why FIGMENT is coming to Detroit"

We have our list of curators all confirmed:
Evan Bradish - local street artist 
Mariann Burrows- a local Detroit curator at large
Anthony DVS - artist and curator of the DAMNED exhibitions 
Billy Hunter- co-owner Mosaic Productions
George N'namdi-  Owner of the N'namdi Center for Contemporary Art
Aaron Timlin- Executive Director of the CAID