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Lenka, Pike Room, Thursday, June 16 8pm

I was introduced to Lenka with her song "The Show" which was used in the trailer for Easy A. Then, I heard "The Show" again on several other prominent movie or TV spots. It was one of the hummable, instantly catchy songs, like the songs used in iTunes commercials (it may have been in of of those as well). However, with her latest record "Two," Lenka doesn't settle for just the simple buzz track as she in fuses more electronics into her melodies. She explain in her bio, " “I never really liked electronic music when I was a teenager. Bj√∂rk was the first artist that made me realize it wasn’t illegal to have a computer beat in a song and that it can still be beautiful and emotional." On"Two" Lenka stacks the electronics next to optimistic love songs with the result being instant smiles poured directly on the brain. Lenka played on Jay Leno last week and while I didn't see it (I'm not in the "Leno" stage of life yet), I am going to be sure and check out her show this Thursday at the Pike Room. Playing first is the acoustic and folksy Elizabeth and the Catapult.

Be sure to check back next week as I'll have a video interview with Lenka.

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