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VANS TOUR hits Modern Skate and Surf - Sun 6/12

I think I jumped on my first skateboard in was a skinny blue plastic flimsy that quickly prompted me to bug the shit out of my old man to get me a wood board (still skinny) but with a titanium plate on the inside...I was hooked.

From that point on I was always skating and for sure always buying the latest skate rags to see what the fuck was happening outside of the time it was ACTION NOW and this was where I became aware of the likes of the Tony Alva and all the other soon to be Powell-Peralta youngsters ripping it up in Southern Cal.

This Sunday you can catch Alva and old school street hero and Detroit shredder Bill Danforth over at Modern Skate in Royal Oak

see all the details below and SK8TUF

Vans Tour Featuring Tony Alva Comes to Modern Skate Park

World renowned skateboarder, Tony Alva will make an appearance at Modern Skate Park in Royal Oak on Sunday, June 12 at 4 p.m. The Vans sponsored tour also features Bill Danforth. This free event will feature live local bands, barbecue and other special surprises. There is a $10 and a canned good donation for admission for those who want to skate at the park with Alva. Gleaners Food Bank will be taking donations of canned goods.

Alva, 53, is the world’s first professional skateboarding champion. He won the title in 1977. Alva is also the first professional skateboarder to successfully market himself as a brand name. He owns and operates Alva Skateboard Company in Oceanside, Calif. Alva was featured in the award-winning documentary, “Dogtown and the Z-Boys.” He also served as a consultant and stunt coordinator for the movie, “Lords of Dogtown” which is based on his life. Alva is considered to be the originator of vertical skateboarding. He continues to develop new technology to advance the sport he loves.

Danforth, 41, is a Detroit native. He started skating in 1976. Alva was one of his idols when he was growing up. Danforth became a member of the infamous “Alva Posse” in the late 1980s. His first skate deck was released in 1986. Younger skaters look up to Danforth and call him “Old Man Danforth.”