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Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

How come every time I talk about Devo, I want to start talking like Bizarro? Maybe it’s just because they are out of this world. Devo definitely ranks as one of the oddest Top 40 bands of all time. At Sounds Of Music, I was in the pit for 2 songs and listened to 2 others as I was heading over to get Creepshow. I had the pleasure of seeing Devo in Cleveland a couple of years ago in what was one of my favorite all time shows. Devo and Cleveland go together like Kid Rock and Detroit and seeing them in their home town is magical. I remember the tear-away outfits and hundreds of super balls rocking Nautica as the sun was setting. Pure magic as Modern English opened up the night. A couple years later, and here they are touring again and just as visually stunning as musically magical. One of the best bands to see live and here are some of my pictures of them at the Burlington Sounds Of Music Festival. Am I not a man? I am Wild!

Devo crowd shot

Devo twosome

Devo drummer

Devo guitar serious face

Devo lead close up

Devo peekaboo

Hands up Devo

Devo guitarist rocks

Devo fans

Devo keyboard


Devo duo

Devo hands up guitarist

Devo strut

Devo rapture

Hope you enjoyed these shots and tune in tomorrow for an interview with the Salads and pictures of Creepshow from the Burlington Sound Of Music Festival.